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We Couldn't Bring the Columns Down by ladyspirit

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 59,752
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/OC

First Published: 05/21/2007
Last Chapter: 06/23/2011
Last Updated: 06/23/2011


“STOP THE MADNESS!” James was screaming, his face glowing with mirth. Apparently his groin was recovering. Sirius rolled onto his back,  he had his wand out and it was pointed at Lily.
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Chapter 21: They Choked on Tears


A/N the end of this chapter is on the risqué side, so if you’re offended by a slight sex scene then it’s probably best to skim over it! If not... enjoy you rascal ;)  

The classroom had been empty as had the entire corridor. The beauty of asking her to meet him on a Saturday was that no students would have any need to come to this particular section of the castle; aside from lessons it led nowhere, not to the kitchens, not to the owlery... They would have a perfect, private space.

Lucius sat very still on a straight backed wooden chair trying to dispel the itchiness behind his eyes. He was so very tired and yet he knew the moment he lay down to sleep his mind would become plagued with terror and deny him slumber’s embrace. Insomnia was not long in becoming a tedious experience. Still, it was time to be proactive. He had to make a decision as time was swiftly running out.  

He glanced at his watch, she should be here any moment and then they could talk; he could try to figure things out. It was madness to consider this; he hadn’t spoken to her properly in so long and after all that had happened... Nevertheless he had to try.

Sighing he stood up and cracked his neck back and forth trying to rejuvenate himself, trying to stay as sharp as he would need to be.

The classroom door creaked open and he arranged his face into what he hoped was a strong, sure expression. Still at the sight of her blonde hair and wide eyes it was all he could do not to lose his nerve completely.


 “What’s wrong? Are you alright?” Delilah bundled her sobbing sister into her arms feeling completely terrified, “Jess, stop crying you have to speak to me!”

“It’s not fair,” Jessica gasped, her face was red and tear tracked, her hair mussed and her eyes wild, “It’s just not fair,” She was curled on the Owlery floor amongst the sawdust and owl dung looking all but distracted. Nearby Ted Tonk’s sat on the edge of the battlements his expression miserable.

“What’s happened?” Delilah asked him desperately as her sister continued to rock back and forth crying so hard there was a very real danger she might choke.

“I didn’t know what to do... I found her here standing on the edge...” He looked helpless, “I didn’t want to get the teachers, and you were the only person I could think to owl,”

 “Yes, yes I’m glad you did but Tonk’s- it is Tonk’s?” She asked and he nodded, “Do you know what’s happened to her? Has someone hurt her? I-,” She looked despairingly at her sobbing sister with real rage flashing in her eyes, “I’ll kill them if they’ve hurt her.”

“I really don’t know if it’s my place to say-,”

“Well you’ve got to,” Delilah definitely looked mad now, “Tell me Tonk’s or I swear to god-,”

“Seriously Delilah, it’s not my place.” He got up from the wall to crouch down before Jessica, “Jess,” He urged pushing her hair, wet from her tears, away from her face, “Jess you’ve got to tell her what’s going on, she won’t be angry, she’s your sister,”

“Why would I be angry?” Delilah asked feeling very wrong-footed, “What have you done Jess?”

“I-I-I,” But a fresh onslaught of tears left Jessica unable to finish. Frustrated Delilah had to resist the urge to shake her weeping twin.

“You already know what she’s done,” Ted said quietly when it became clear that Jessica wouldn’t be speaking any time soon. Delilah shrugged her shoulders at him and he closed his eyes to think, “Delilah you already know what she’s done... it’s what... it’s what has happened as a consequence.”

Delilah’s expression was flummoxed, she looked from Ted’s serious eyes to her howling sister and back again feeling as though she was missing something huge and then, with shock that was enough to send her sliding down the castle wall, she knew.

Narcissa was silent when Lucius had finished speaking; her pale hands were trembling as she lifted the small velvet box he had set in front of her “So this is it?” She asked surprised at the heaviness of the box and how despite how thrilling his proposition was she felt nothing but ill as she pushed back the boxes lid and admired the large diamond nestled amongst black velvet within.

“That’s it,” He told her his face as hard as it always was when he spoke with her, “You call your sister off and I’ll marry you,” His back was stiff and his expression stoic, “That’s my grandmother’s ring, you’ll get your extravagant wedding and I’ll be a good husband. I am sorry I hurt you before and promise never to do it again if you just write to Bellatrix and do what you can to stop what is happening.”

Narcissa plucked the ring from its casing and held it up, admiring how even in the dim light of the classroom it managed to glitter and shine, as beautiful as any gem could be. Fingers still shaking she slid the ring onto her wedding finger which it hugged snugly; a perfect fit. She held her hand out and examined it, the fruit of her labour; her reward for everything she had had to go through.

“So we are engaged?” Narcissa asked gazing up at him, her eyes so bright that he wanted to scream at her but he didn’t, he simply nodded and removed a quill and sheet of parchment from the inside pocket of his robes.

“Write to your sister,” He set the quill and parchment before her, his eyes empty of any emotion she could decipher.

She took the quill into her hand, her eyes still dancing on the diamond that shone like a trophy on her left hand.

“Write to her,” Lucius said again, turning his back on his fiancé to hide his devastation, “And tell her the good news,”


The day was fading when Ted made it to the library, he found Andromeda amongst the furthest shelves cross-legged amongst a stack of Healer’s Digests and medical books. She smiled at him when he arrived and, without much care that someone might stumble upon them, Ted sat down next to her and kissed her cheek.

“I feel very fortunate to have you in my life,” He told and she beamed at him, looking more beautiful than he had ever known her to be, “You know we’ll work this all out right? My mum says you can stay at our house after the birth and... Well I’ve been thinking. Let’s not hide, eh? We’re safe at Hogwarts as much as anywhere else, finish your education Andy become a Healer and a mother, be everything you want to be,” He smiled as she took his hand in hers and squeezed it.

“I don’t know if that’ll be possible,”

“Why not? We’ll speak to Dumbledore see if you can study for your NEWT’s at home; maybe even see if we can get you an extension to sit your exams in August with the repeaters.” His eyes were very intense, very hard to ignore, “If needs be I’ll home school too, we can take turns looking after our son or daughter whilst the other studies. It’ll be hard but it’s not impossible,”  

“Ted this baby is coming! A new person in our lives, there’s no way-,”

“It’s different for us,” He told her adamantly, “I want to be with you, I want to be with our child and I have every belief that we can do everything we’ve always wanted as a family. Trust me Andy, give this a try,”

She smiled at him, “What’s brought all this on?”

“I got a little perspective today that’s all,”


“Yeah; perspective. Don’t you ever think that all this crap we worry about is actually so small and pointless? Your parents, your sisters, my blood? What is it all really? It’s nothing, it’s small and what we have, this,” He motioned between them, “This is so much bigger,”

“You know I was just saying the same thing earlier today,” Andromeda laughed, “This baby is making us very wise it would seem,” She sighed, “I was thinking that Cissy should have her own baby, she is in desperate need of a little wisdom.”

“A lot of people are,”

“True. Anyway there must be other ways to inspire wisdom. I don’t know how the Black family are going to handle one illegitimate love child never mind if there were two,” She laughed but Ted didn’t join her.

“Andy I’m about to tell you something, but don’t tell anyone, OK?”


She was perched on the edge of the battlements, her legs spread along the wall and her back pressed against a stone column. Her face was pale and her eyes troubled as she inhaled deeply on a cigarette, her hair was unkempt, her t-shirt stained with black yet still he had never seen anything so wondrous.

Lucius stood at the Owlery entrance the letter from Narcissa clutched in his hand and tried to figure out what cruel twist of fate had brought her here. Was it a sign? And even if it was what was it supposed to mean.

Cowardice told him to turn around, to leave and return later when she would be gone but greed urged him to move forward. It wasn’t fair of him to see her, it wasn’t fair of him to push himself into her life anymore and he knew it but still he wanted nothing more than to touch her one more time.

It had been dawn on the Quiddich pitch when Lucius had realised what he needed to do and that was to marry respectfully. What he wanted was a perfect solution but all he had were flawed options. To ask Delilah to forgive him was appealing, dangerous and risky. Whether or not she had ever loved him was debatable now, or even if she had loved him perhaps she didn’t anymore; she was with Black loving him now. Still, that didn’t deter from the fact that he loved her, deeply, irrevocably and so he knew he couldn’t harm her no matter how much simpler life could be if he did.

He stared at her as she took a final drag from her cigarette before flicking it off the battlements and knew that if anything ever happened to her he would be beyond devastated, it would be better to live miserably in a world where she existed rather than in one she did not.

So his plan was hatched; marry Narcissa. It’d been the girls plan in the first place and so, he assumed, once he had given in things could return to normal. After all, that letter had come from her sister not from the Dark Lord; perhaps he was unaware of it even being sent. Maybe, and the thought made his stomach twist in hope, maybe it was all a Black sisters’ scheme and if he just let them win Delilah would be left alone. Even if he couldn’t betray his family for her, he could do this. He could be selfless even if it was just once.

“Maybe you should go get your girl and runaway too?”

Andromeda’s words ran through his head and he tried to push them back, they were useless. This wasn’t like what she had with her mudblood, this was more complicated. Maybe if he was braver he could risk it, maybe if he wasn’t so damned terrified he could decide what to do. But surely there was only one option and that was to leave? He’d promised to marry Narcissa Black; it was the only way out...

“You could never love me! You can want to but you can’t because you hate who I am. You don’t like Narcissa Black but you’ll hold her hand in public because she’s like you, she’s rich and pure blooded. It doesn’t matter about the personality or the emotions; it’s about blood and money for you.”

“How can you say that? How can you not know that I love you? How can you not know?”

How could she know? He wouldn’t even come out of the shadows and greet her. She deserved more than him, more than a coward who would bring her nothing but danger and ridicule.

His head ached, his chest constricted and he worried momentarily that he might collapse. Whether from exhaustion, stress or simply love he couldn’t stop memories of Delilah flooding through his mind; the softness of her skin, the cackle of her laugh, the way she felt so small under his hands, their first kiss outside Honeydukes, their last kiss in the potions corridor, the night he’d hidden in a classroom while another man led her away...

His feet began to move and for a moment he was outside his body, no longer thinking just responding to what he needed, what every fibre of his being was screaming out for.  

She looked shocked to see him, jumping from the battlements as though they had scalded her, her mouth open in surprise. She looked ready to speak but he didn’t give her time, there was no more time for talking or arguing or explaining; that could be done later, right now he just needed to have her.  

He bundled her into his arms, engulfed by her fragrance, set on fire by their proximity; his mouth found hers hungrily, his hands losing themselves in her hair and he kissed her hard aware that it might be the very last time.

After a moment’s hesitation she kissed him back, her body melting against his and for the first time in weeks he found solace. The world seemed to fade into insubstantial nonsense, his cruelty to Narcissa, the tangled web with Bellatrix, his family, his status; it all leaked into the background as the softness of her lips consumed him.

She was shuddering under his touch and he realised she was crying, that her tears were soaking his cheeks and he began to cry too pulling her tighter, trying to fight back the misery with kisses.

“I love you,” The words poured out of him in a hot rush, barely more than a whisper against her lips and she nodded kissing him harder, her tiny hands pushing his robes from his shoulders to the ground, “I really fucking love you,”

Her hands fumbled with his belt buckle undoing it with a quick, shaking haste. He grabbed her t-shirt by the hem and pulled it over her head vaguely aware that someone could walk in at any moment and yet he couldn’t find it within himself to care.  She returned the favour, frantically unbuttoning his shirt as she pressed her warm lips to his neck, the wetness of her mouth and tears nearly driving him to his knees.

His hands unsnapped her bra and once she’d finished with his shirt she allowed it to fall down her arms and to the floor. Their torso’s brushed against each other and she stared up at him with wide, almost frightened eyes. He reached for her lips, brushing his thumb along their smoothness before replacing them with his lips, once more feeding with something close to desperation

He could feel her hands again, pushing down his trousers and underwear, he moved forward and realised she’d already removed hers. Stumbling he pushed her against the battlements then using his hands on her waist he set her on the castles edge and pressed himself between her legs.  

With something close to a sob Delilah dug her nails into his back and buried her face in his neck as he moved over her.

 “I love you,” She told him clutching so tightly to his shoulders that he was sure he would bleed, “I love you so much,”

With a cry that was almost animalistic Lucius pulled her flush against before his mind flashed white and lightning bolts shot through his veins.

“I love you,” He was murmuring it over and over as she hugged him close and once more started to cry heavily, “I love you, I love you,”

Neither of them noticed the person standing by the owlery door.  

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