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The POV of Candela Xochitl Lovegood by Carol78y

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 16,770
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Luna, Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 02/15/2011
Last Chapter: 05/24/2013
Last Updated: 05/24/2013


Candela Xochitl Lovegood is Lunas Cousin. She stars Hogwarts durring the order of the phinex and in Slytherin! This is a story through her P.O.V.This girl is going to change heads and make a teacher blow her head(figuratively). "i will enjoy breaking every single observed rule they have" i told Luna when we were on top of Whomping Willow.

You know you want to read it!

Chapter 5: Rage and Umbridge



It was late September now. I had been in Hogwarts for nearly a month. I have gotten better along with the Slytherins, thanks to Blaise on that one, but some of them still didn’t like me. Oh well, screw them. I have started a friendship with the golden trio, the Weasley twins, and a few other Gryffindors. Out of the Ravenclaws I had only meet well with Cho Chang, Michael Corner and Marietta EdgecombeI.

Walking from the great hall to the Astronomy Tower, It was my favorite place to be in the entire castle. Sometimes I was there with Luna and just gazed upon the stars, and also talking to them was a joy of life. I ever so quietly opened the door of the tower; if there is anyone in there I don’t want to bother them, taking of my shoes and walked up the stairs as silent as a mouse. I felt the cool steeps absorb the warmth of my feet as I kept getting higher up the tower. When I could just get my eyes to look for anyone I saw them. Them. THEM!!!!!!!

“Luna,” he whispered to her covering her cheeks with his hands and lowering his head till his touched as he leaned in to kiss her. Draco Malfoy’s forehead was touching Luna’s! What the FUCK? I was here biting my lips and flapping my arms like a duck while those two were kissing??!! Oh My Gosh, Oh My GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!!

I rushed down the stair case and closed the door with a full BANG! Looking from left to right till I saw a pillar and hid behind it. I saw Draco steep out of the tower and back in.

A few seconds later the two lovebirds came out looking from left to right before they started walking. From pillar to pillar I followed those two to the Ravenclaw tower. I watched the two kiss again. I almost screamed.

Swiftly I headed to a full run. My feet somehow made it to the common room and to near an empty caldron. I took the lid off and screamed my lungs out. When I was done screaming I placed the lid back to hear the one, the only… Draco Malfoy.

“What is wrong with her?”

“You!” I walked over to him and grabbed him by his collar, walked to my room, and closed the door. Locked it! I noticed because Pansy was trying to open at the same time that she was screamin’.

“What is it with you?”


“I just saw were you were! Don’t you dare play dumb with me?”

“Look I was in the court yard thinking”

“Ha! No you weren’t! You paid a first year, gave him a polyjuice potion, so you could go to the Astronomy Tower!” When I yelled the last part he looked at me astonished. I know that nothing was happening to me, I wasn’t changing, but his face was in an astounded expression.

“How did you know I paid a first year?”

“I didn’t I guessed!”

“Did you go inside the tower?” ha finally managed to say.

“Yes!! If I hadn’t would I be screaming at you right now? Do you think I would want to squeeze your head and make it look like a raisin? Why do you think I’m so furious for? If you are playing with her you’ve got another thing coming!”

“No! No, I promise I’m not. We just didn’t want to anyone to find out!”

“Not even me?! The one who is in the middle?”

“What do you mean?”I looked over at him while I was pacing in my room.

“I’m her cousin remember! And your room is next door!” I yelled the last part.

“Be quiet!”

“Quiet, you expect me to be quiet???” I could feel my blood warming up and my nails getting longer. CALM DOWN CANDELA. CALM YOUR ASS DOWN.

“Yes, you don’t want anyone to know do you??” At this I put my foot down. Stopping to think a million questions like; was he ashamed of Luna? Was he playing with her? Do I want many people to know?

I’m getting a head start into transforming into a lion in front of him and in the front of many Slytherins to witness. Think Candela, Think!

“After dinner tomorrow I want the both of you there by the lake. No questions asked! Now leave” I watched as Pansy threw herself at him asking what has happened. He brushed her off. Pansy decided to walk in the room and ask in a demanding center.

“What did you do to him? You’re the cause of him not wanting me!”Oh goodness gracious!

“If he doesn’t want you that his business. Or maybe you’re doing something wrong. Now leave so I can relax in peace!” Before I finished pushing her away from the room, I picked up a book and aimed the blonde mushroom cut headed boy, but I wasn’t going to be that mean… at least not yet. “Hey mushroom cut, catch! Read it, look through it, and then return it tomorrow after dinner. It might help you a lot.” He just blinked at me as in saying “okay” and steeped inside his chamber. I looked towards the left. “Blaise can you come here for a moment??” Once he steeped in he assaulted me with questions.

“What was that about? What did you do? What happened before you came in here??”

“Blaise! Shut your face for a moment! Now I need you to do me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”

“Pee in this bottle” his face was enough for me to laugh out loud. 


The morning passed by and before I knew it Umbridge class was up. I had Blaise’s urine in my pocket ready for the plan. I walked with Blaise to Umbridge class so he could see what I was plotting. As I entered the class I noticed that Umbridge wasn’t in her desk (even better for me). I walked over to her steaming tea. I was so going to enjoy this. I placed the urine the tea pot and watched the light brown color turn even darker. Note so self: tell Blaise to drink more water. At a distance heels were making themselves audible. I made a run to my seat next to Neville who was looking at me in disbelief. Honestly, I liked this look, mainly because I like the fact that I no one will expect what I’ll be doing next.

Umbridge walked in and ordered us to read the next book that came to order. Great, at least this will be an easy class to pass. I sneaked glances up towards Umbrages’ direction as she poured herself a new cup of tea. I pocked Neville’s shoulder direction to look up as Umbridge began to drink her “special tea” five seconds later Umbridge was spitting her tea.

“What is this?” I watched as she stood up in horror. It will be fun to keep messing with her mind. A half smile was slowly spreading across my face. (I looked like the evil joker from batman without the paint and without crazy hair.)

“Who did this? I demand to know who did this little caper! Caper! Of course no one else but a Weasley, but of course it must run in the family!” Oh no. What could I say now? I surely wasn’t going to let Ron take the blame, especially when I needed to get closer to him and Harry!

“I don’t think so”

“You don’t think so, Miss Lovegood?”

“No I don’t”

“And why not Miss Lovegood, do you not believe that these motives run in the family?”

“No because his other older brothers have well positions in the wizzarding world, and you work with Percy Weasley. Unless if you have something against him and want to take it out on Ron…”

“Well, you are a smart mouth aren’t you?”

“Well, a smart mouth is someone who knows what he/she is saying without any mistakes, and defends themselves with confidence and without lie. So yes, I am a smart mouth. Also a smart mouth is only called a smart mouth when his/her accuser wants to be correct or have their way at any matter or time” Does everyone really have to look at me?

“You surely have a way with words don’t you Miss Lovegood. As much as I you can talk maybe you can tell me who actually did this to my tea?”

“Maybe an elf that works here? Maybe it was someone who brought the tea? It also could have been a student that distracted whoever was bringing your tea here?” I watched as Umbridge set her face in irritated mode.

 “I didn’t see anyone go from their seat and to your desk, and I was the last one to come in.” and it was settled. I watched victoriously as Umbridge walked away to the front of the classroom. When she was far from Neville’s whisper…

“That was genius! But you lied”

“No Neville. I didn’t lie. I didn’t see anyone from this class by her desk. How was I going to see myself by her desk when I was looking at her tea?” and after class…

“That was genius, and thanks for not letting me or someone else take the blame” Ron Weasley was actually thanking a Slytherin!

“Oh, My Goodness” I said in my “accent” “Is Ronald Weasley, No! A Gryffindor actually thankin’ a Slytherin?” I watched in fascination in how the tips of his ears turned pink, but then Hermione Granger stood behind him.“I’m joking! Don’t sweat it! I don’t let someone else take the blame for something I do, unless if a person helped me then, I will bring them down with me.”