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Truth, or Dare? by MeltingSnow

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 34,343

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Narcissa, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna

First Published: 09/25/2010
Last Chapter: 02/12/2012
Last Updated: 02/12/2012


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When one loves another, but find out they've been lied to, what will they do? But what will the third person do when he finds out the others still love each other?

Chapter 13: War, and A Diadem

Thank you to all my lovely readers/reviewers. I’ll keep up the good work, this chapter is dedicated to my first ever reviewer, Aidenk77.
Chapter 13: War and A Diadem

Harry, Ron and Hermione walked out of the Ravenclaw Common Room, stopped and looked at each other.

“Have any of you got any idea whatsoever where we are going to find the diadem thing?” Harry asked.

“Nup!” Ron and Hermione said in unison.

“What help do we have, if we know what it is and what it looks like?” Ron asked.

“Well it would help. At least we know what it is we are actually looking for. I mean if I tell you to go and find the Gurston Cupmore right now, would you have any idea about what I’m talking about?” Hermione asked Ron.

“No,” Ron said truthfully.

“So, what exactly is a Gurston Cupmore?” Harry asked.

“The Gurston Cupmortoria, more commonly known as Gurston Cupmore, is-“

“Hermione, we’re not in class,” Ron interrupted rudely.

“Whatever. It’s a special herb that’s filled with juice which can make a deadly poison, or any potion that isn’t friendly into clear water.”

“Cool, if only I had some of that, I wouldn’t have to check any drink I get sent from ‘admirers’.” Harry held two fingers, making quotation marks.

“They’re really rare though.” She smirked at Harry’s sarcastic falling face. “Can we get back to the important topic?”

“Yes we can!” Harry said as if nothing happened.

“First of all, we need to think back, and see if we’ve ever seen a tiara like object at Hogwarts,” Hermione told the other two.

Harry obeyed. He started from his first year. No, nothing of that sort. Second year. No, it couldn’t be in the Chamber of Secrets. Chamber of Secrets? The Basilisk? Harry suddenly remembered Dumbledore telling him what could destroy horcurxes.

“Not many things can destroy horcruxes, but there are a few rare things that can destroy them. For example, Fiend Fire- the most dangerous fire in the whole world. Basilisk Fangs- the poison in the fang, seeps the ‘container’, and kills the horcruxe. And, Godric Gryffindor’s Sword.

“Gryffindor’s Sword? How?” Harry asked, flabbergasted.

“You see Harry, Godric Gryffindor was a very powerful wizard. Much more powerful than the Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. He knew that one day, evil would spread across the world. Knowing this, he put some powerful spells that can break anything onto his sword. These spells could also make sure nothing evil could penetrate it; such as horcruxes. The spells would only be broken when there is no truly worthy Gryffindor left in Great Britain.”

“I’ve got it!” Harry exclaimed.

“You know where the diadem is?” Ron asked, excited.

“No, but I know what can destroy it. Come on!”

Hermione and Ron followed behind Harry. He seemed to be leading them to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Sure enough, they ran along the newly painted wall that bore the messages five years ago and into the bathroom. Moaning Myrtle was absent. They supposed the ghosts were taking part in the battle too. Harry walked to the sink that held the entry to the Chamber of Secrets.

“Open,” Harry said in parseltongue.

After a few minutes, the deep tunnel was once more in front of Harry.

“Let’s go in,” Harry said hurriedly.

Hermione nodded and walked up to the tunnel, but Ron stopped her.

“Harry, have you ever thought about how we are going to go back up? We had Fawkes five years ago, but we’ve got nothing here this time.”

“Good point. Accio brooms! ” After a few seconds Harry chanted the spell, Harry and Ron’s brooms flew through air, and stopped at their owners.

“And may I ask, how am I supposed to get back up?” Hermione asked.

“You can come on the back of my broom,” Harry told her. “Come on, lets get down there now.”

Harry and Ron clambered onto their broom, but Hermione stared at Harry.

“Harry, I’m going to fall of the broom if you sit right in the middle.”

“Oh right sorry.” Harry moved forwards a few inches, and Hermione clambered on the back.

“All set? Let’s go!” Harry and Ron kicked off from the ground, and dived into the tunnel.

“Arghhhh!” Hermione clutched onto Harry so tightly, that he could hardly breath. Partly because Harry was already a bit breathless. He and Hermione and never been so close…

The ground came into view, and they were going to fast, if they didn’t jump right now, they would crash.

“Ron, Hermione! We have to jump, or else we’re going to crash!” Harry called to the other two.

“What!” Hermione exclaimed, thinking that she had heard wrong.

“Just do it!”

Harry and Ron jumped at the same time. Harry landed perfectly, but Ron stumbled slightly. Hermione still hadn’t jumped.

“Jump Hermione! Jump!”

Hermione closed her eyes, and jumped. It would have been alright if she hadn’t accidently pushed over an unaware Harry and landed on top of him. They stayed in that position, blinking at each other, slightly bewildered about what had happened, until…

“Oi! Are you going to stand up, or stay like that forever?” Ron’s voice called from the corner.

Harry and Hermione came back to presence, and Hermione quickly clambered off Harry.

“I’m really sorry.”

Harry opened his mouth but before he had chance to speak, Ron told them to hurry up. They walked in silence, but when they arrived at the Chamber, Hermione let out a gasp. The Basilisk looked just as frightening as five years ago. They quickly went over to the Basilisk and attempted to pull out some of it’s fangs. Unfortunately, the fang’s seemed to harden, and was extremely hard to pull out.

Ron stepped into the mouth, and pulled with all his might.

“This damn thing just won’t move!”

Hermione pulled out her wand and pointed it to a fang.

Relashio! ” Nothing happened. She tried several more spells, but none of them worked. “ Bombarda! The spell collided with the fang, and it exploded with such force, that Hermione backed into Harry, who was busy with another fang. “I’m so sorry Harry! It was the spell.” She looked at the scattered pieces of the fang. “ Reparo! ” The pieces moved together, and closed up the cracks.

“Well done Hermione!” Ron called from ‘his’ fang.

“Will it still work though?” Harry asked.

“It should,” Hermione said, frowning slightly. “Because the Basilisk fang is filled with poison, and it is enclosed in every part of the fang. It only seeps out when the tip of it hits something. So that’s how it kills the soul in the container.”

“How did you know that Hermione?” Harry asked.

“Well, I read don’t I?”


Harry, Ron and Hermione flew back up through the Chamber fifteen minutes later, loud crashes could be heard from inside the toilet. This only meant one thing. The battle had begun.

“Now our problem is- where are we going to find the basilisk fang?” Ron asked Harry and Hermione.

“I think we need to ‘think back’ again,” Hermione stated.

“Yeah good idea. I remembered about the basilisk fangs, so maybe I can remember if I’ve ever seen a diadem!” Harry alleged.

“Yeah, let’s see if you can get lucky. Maybe you can be the lucky person who can get an old, useful potions book again,” Ron smirked.

Harry scowled at Ron, but a light bulb suddenly clicked in his head.

“The old potions book!” he exclaimed.

“What about it? I was just joking,” Ron said, taken aback.

“Where I hid my old potions book! A statue of an ugly warlock with a dusty tiara on his head! It’s there!”

“Harry, calm down,” Hermione said, getting excited. “Are you saying that where you hid your old potions book has a statue of an ugly warlock with a dusty tiara on his head nearby?”

“Yes! I hid it in a cabinet, and I put the statue on top of the cabinet so I could find it again!”

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go to the Room of Requirement now!”

They ran along the staircases to the seventh floor, dodging the flying spells. Finally they managed to get to the picture of Boris the Bewildered. I need to open the place where everything is hidden. I need to open the place where everything is hidden. I have to open the place where everything is hidden! Harry thought desperately. A door evolved slowly on the blank wall, and Harry, Ron and Hermione bounded in.

“I think we should go in different directions, it’ll be quicker. When you find the statue, set up orange sparks,” Harry said to Ron and Hermione.

Hermione and Ron nodded to Harry, but just as they were about to move their feet, a voice called from the shadows.

“Who’s there?” Draco Malfoy stood out from the shadows. “Hermione?”

“Draco!” She ran up to him, and tackled his mouth with hers. Draco was a little bit surprised, but soon he was in spirit too, and dove his tongue into her mouth.

“Hem, hem,” Harry ‘coughed’ to try and get them back to presence. When nothing happened, but Draco just clutched onto Hermione even tighter, Harry lost his patience. “OI! THERE’S A WAR HAPPENING OUT THERE RIGHT NOW! SO IF YOU DON’T MIND, LEAVE TO SHARE YOUR EMOTIONS TO AFTER!”

Draco and Hermione detached themselves from each other.


“So, what are you doing here Malfoy?

“The Dark Lord told me to stay here. He wouldn’t tell me why though. Now can you tell me why you are here?”

“Well, we’re looking for a diadem actually,” Harry and Ron stared at Hermione disbelieving that she had just told Draco Malfoy about the diadem.

“When are you two going to believe that Draco is trustworthy?” Hermione asked, seeing the looks on their faces.

“When we die,” Ron replied.

Hermione gave them a non-approving look and turned back to Draco.

“Draco, are you alright? Have you been hurt?”

“Nah, I’ve been waiting in this room since the start of the battle. What about you Hermione, are you hurt?”

“Well, we met Antonin Dolohov on the way. He gave me this cut here,” she pointed to a cut on her arm, “but he was stunned by Harry before he could do anything else.”

“Hermione, we need to find the diadem. Now,” Harry impatiently said.

“Oh, right.”

“Um, if you must know, I was rather bored when I was in here, and I explored the room a bit-“

“Thought you technically lived here last year,” Ron said scathingly.

“But I really paid attention to the Vanishing Cabinet. Anyways, I was exploring, and I saw a statue with a tiara like object on his head behind that wall over there,” he pointed towards a wall with a hole just as big as a normal house door.

Harry walked through the ‘door’, and after a few minutes, there came an excited call behind the wall. “I found it! I found it!”

He came running back with a dusty tiara looped around his arm. Ron walked over, and dusted of some dust.

“Wit beyond measure, is man’s greatest treasure. That’s it! Yes!”

“Thank you so much Draco! Thank you!” Hermione said to Draco.

“So why exactly do you want a diadem?” He asked, completely bewildered.

“Voldemort split his soul into seven pieces, each by murder. That’s called a horcruxe, and unless all of the horcruxes are destroyed, he’ll never die. Dumbeldore told Harry, that Voldemort loved historical objects. So we believe, and so does Dumbledore, that Voldemort tracked down where Hufflepuff’s Cup, Ravenclaw’s Diadem and Slytherin’s locket was, and made them each, a horcruxe; because they are defiantly, priceless, historical objects. Dumbledore destroyed some of them, and now he wants us to destroy this one,” Hermione said knowledgeably.

“So! How would like to do the honers?” Harry asked.

“Well, if you don’t mind me saying, I think I should do it. After all, if I hadn’t said my word, you might not even have it right now,” Draco piped up.

“Excuse me, but this is concerning about killing Voldemort, in other words, your master,” Ron particularly emphasised the ‘killing’.

“My master?” Draco laughed. “You still don’t get do you? I’m not a Death Eater, no matter how much people think I am. The Dark Lord, only orders me around, because of my father. Who says,” Draco snorted, “that I should be ordered around now, so I can know the feeling of being a Death Eater.”

“Being a Death Eater?” Harry said quizzically.

“When I’ve graduated from Hogwarts, I have to be branded with the Dark Mark. Which, I’m not looking forward to,’ he added. “So, how do I destroy this thing?”

“After a sudden flashback of my memory, we’ve worked out that only three things can destroy a horcruxe. One of them, is hard to produce, another one of them is currently unavailable, and the last one I here.” Harry picked up a Basilisk fang that Hermione had dropped, and handed it to Draco. “On the count of three, you’ll stab the diadem with that,” he pointed to the fang. “Okay. Three, Two, One, Stab!”

Draco moved to stab the diadem, but a new, but familiar voice spoke. “I never know you’ll betray the Dark Lord for a Mudblood Draco.” Blaise Zabini walked through the door.

“Blaise! What are you doing here?”

“To keep an eye on you. The Dark Lord knew you couldn’t be trusted anymore. Heshma Esfiend! ” Great balls of fire erupted from the tip of his wand.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco dodged the fire, but the diadem that none of them where quick enough to pick up, was hit by the flames. They could see the diadem slowly crunching up, and finally burst with an ear-piercing scream. They all stared at the place where the diadem stood for a few minutes, dazed, not knowing what had happened. Finally Hermione realized what had happened.

“Fiend Fire! The second thing that destroys horcruxes! That’s why the horcruxe was destroyed !”

Draco laughed out loud. “Well, who’s the traitor now?”

Blaise imitated Draco and laughed out loud. “You’re saying I’m the traitor?”

“Well I suppose you know what horcruxes are? Seeing that you know how to produce Fiend Fire,” Hermione said scathingly.

“As a matter of fact, yes I do. What does that have to do with anything?”

“That diadem you just destroyed is one of Voldemort’s horcruxes. Get the message?”

Blaise backed into a table littered with old belongings of previous Hogwarts students. He looked terrified, and Draco had his usual smirk plastered on his face. At the moment, the scene was very odd. Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini had been best friends for many years, but now they were like enemies for years. Blaise was shaking, scared at the fact that he just destroyed a part of his master’s soul. And Draco was smirking so much, his eyes were reduced to slits, or if possible, even smaller.

None of them noticed that the Fiend Fire was expanding, from the size of a palm, it was now to the size of an small table. Ron was the only one who noticed this and let out a strangled yelp. Everyone looked to where he was pointing, and panicked. Harry thought fast, and grabbed the his and Ron’s broom from the floor. Harry, Draco and Hermione hopped onto Harry’s broom, whilst Ron and Blaise hooped onto Ron’s broom.

They quickly pushed off from the ground and escaped from the room filled with giant flames. Hermione could feel Draco’s hot breath on her neck, he was breathing deeply, due to his fear of getting hit by the flames. Hermione looked down, and saw they were far from the ground, she shivered slightly, but didn’t feel as scared as she used to be. She felt oddly relaxed with Draco and Harry around her.


Draco finally felt fresh air up his nostrils; they finally escaped the smoky atmosphere. He quickly hopped off Potter’s broom, and dusted off some dust of his robes. The others followed suite.

“You do a poor job Potter, if I was flying the broom, I’m sure I wouldn’t get all this dust on our rob-“

“Draco,” Hermione said raising her eyebrows. “Do you really want to fini-“

She was cut off by a cry coming from down the corridor.

“Let’s go and see. Someone might be hurt!”

They all ran down the hall and saw Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, Ernie MacMillian and Seamus Finnigan fighting two tall Death Eaters. I spell flew right over Luna’s shoulder, and left a sing there. Ron gave a cry of fury, and bounded forwards to help them. Harry and Hermione also joined in to help them. Draco stood at the sides watching anxiously (Blaise had run off ages ago), not knowing whether to join them.

He was still making up his mind when one of the Death Eaters slashed his wand over her arm, and left a red, shiny burn. Hermione dropped her wand in pain, and fell to the ground. The Death Eater walked towards her, but before he could make his second step, he was stunned by Draco. Every wand stopped, and stared at him (especially Luna, Dean, Ernie and Seamus).

“I knew you would betray the Dark Lord one day Draco,” an icy, familiar voice said from underneath the Death Eater mask. “A hand gripped the mask, and pulled of his mask. It was Antonin Dolohov. Obviously, Harry’s stunning spell had been lifted. “When Lucius said to the Dark Lord, that you shall serve him like your master, I knew that you won’t last long. You are too much of a coward.”

“I am not a coward,” Draco said, clenching his fists tightly around his wand.

“You are not a coward? Then why are you helping these filthy Mudbloods? You should let me finish her off.”

“Never-call-Hermione-a-mudblood-in-front-of-me,” Draco said every word clearly.

“On first name terms are we?” Dolohov laughed out loud.

Stupefy! ” Dolohov dodged the unexpected spell just in time.

Crucio! ” Draco, with the excellent reflexes of a seeker, dodged the spell nicely.

Now, it was just a battle between the two, and everyone was watching cautiously. At one point, Harry tried to help, but was stopped by Draco. He wanted to do this alone.

Petrificous Totalus!


Avada Kedavra!

Draco moved to avoid the deadly curse, but he didn’t even have the chance to move his wand, and was hit by a second spell. The last thing Draco heard before falling to the ground was Hermione calling his name.
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