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Lost Potters 2: Birth Rights by HP lookalike

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 26,492

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Percy, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/28/2011
Last Chapter: 07/24/2011
Last Updated: 07/24/2011

The Lost Potters are back. James Jacob Remus Black is now 16, heading into his penultimate year at Hogwarts. Along with him is Amy Hunt, daughter of Jake and Hayley Hunt and the love of his life. But she doesn't know that. And also joining them at Hogwarts? Remus Lupin. The werewolf who killed his mother. Plus, his dad has broken out of prison. And, closer to home, Penelope Clearwater and her boyfriend Percy are determined to cause them problems. Can James find a way to be happy?

Sequel to Through Thick and Thin

Set during Prisoner of Azkaban.

Chapter 11: Bright sunny days, Beautiful girlfriends and Bombarda

 James woke up, his eyes flickering up. It was a bright sunny day and they had had their final exam the day before. He tried to shift his body, which was aching but he couldn’t. The sleeping, practically naked girl lying on top of him ensured that. Smiling, James stroked Amy’s blonde locks which were sprayed over his chest, with her head embedded in his rib cage. It was funny how boys never mentioned how painful that was when they talked about their girlfriends. They all brag about how good the girls were in bed but the way they crushed your lungs was something they never brought up. James smiled as he remembered the other reason today was so special. Not only did it signify the end of their education as they knew it, but also the four monthaversary of him and Amy getting together. That was their other reason behind the excessive drinking the night before, and why James knew if he woke Amy up, he was going to get a lecture, no matter how fun the previous night had been. Luckily, James was saved by the entrance of Ali, who practically burst into the dorm, the door slamming behind him and dragging Amy out of her dreamland.

“Fuck off!” she muttered, grabbing James’ pillow and hurling it at Ali before embedding herself back in James’ ribs, taking away his moment of freedom to breathe.

“But it’s a beautiful sunny morning and we have no more exams,” Ali announced, enunciating the last word.

“And I have the biggest hangover, ever!” Amy spat, copying Ali’s tone on the ‘ever’. “Remind me never to drink tequila again, or at least not straight from the bottle. I’ll stick to vodka and firewhiskey from now on.”

“Yeah and I’m going celibate in order to sustain me and Macey’s relationship,” Ali snorted sarcastically.

“I fucking well hope not,” Macey replied, appearing behind Ali with a huge grin on her face.

“Would people please stop talking?” came a voice from several beds down. Laura’s frazzled head popped out from under a bed cover.

“Whose bed are you sleeping in?” Ali exclaimed.

“Less talk, more sleep,” Laura groaned.

“I agree,” James concurred.

It was gone noon by the time James and Amy were out of bed. Laura, it transpired, had got almost as drunk as Amy (which was no mean feat) and passed out in a random bed, as the rest of the Gryffindor lads who had finished their exams hadn’t even made it up to their dorm they were that drunk. The idea to head up before they got off their heads (as James and Amy had done) had never occurred to them. Ali and Macey had been a drink-free zone the night before, with the exception of butterbeer, because they had a potions exam later that afternoon; then they were done with exams. James yawned heavily as Amy sat up. She smiled flirtatiously and James grinned despite his exhaustion.

“You must be kidding Amy, we’ve only just got up,” he said.

“I know that James,” Amy retorted. “I was merely thinking we could grab a shower then head down to the lake.”

“Well that sounds like a wonderful afternoon my dear Amy but first I simply must get some lunch. It’ll help with my hangover.”

“You don’t even have a hangover,” Amy teased. “You drank almost nothing!”

“Ten shots of vodka, three shots of tequila and over half a bottle of firewhiskey,” James pointed out.

“Wimp,” Amy joked. “We Potters can drink til the cows come home and still be sober enough to greet them in a civilized fashion.”

“Okay,” James responded, raising his eyebrow. “Grab your shower and then we’ll head down to lunch.”

“You’re coming too idiot!” Amy replied, pulling James with her as she headed into the bathroom.

The sun was engulfing them in warmth, its brightness radiating down and enlightening the pair. James smiled at Amy as he cuddled up closer to her, feeling her happiness drift through to him.

“You really are beautiful, you know that, right Amy?” he whispered into her ear, before kissing her neck and making her shiver.

“If you say so James,” she replied, nestling her face into his shoulder.

They sat in their comfortable pose for a few more minutes, enjoying the peaceful silence between them. Then, Amy adjusted her position slightly and her lips met James’. She could feel him smile through the soft kiss. It was one of those ‘I will always love you’ kisses, gentle and warm but still passionate. It was only when James decided to speed things up that this changed. Amy was used to this. For a while, they’d kiss softly until one of them upped the tempo and the kisses became more passionate, burning with fierce lust. They were in broad daylight so they had to contain themselves but James still slipped his hand up her top, causing Amy to gasp with pleasure. She rolled over so she was sitting on top of him and then kissed him again. James smiled at her and ran his hands through her hair, playing with it gently and then as the kiss intensified, so did his toying, until he was practically ripping it off her head. She groaned again and James bit her lip playfully. Amy smiled and their kiss slowed towards a gentle stop. She rolled off him and sighed contentedly.

“I love you, James Jacob Remus Black.”

“And I love you Amy Lily Hunt. My beautiful, amazing girlfriend.”

It was Laura’s entrance that ruined the tranquillity in the common room. It was getting late and Amy had fallen asleep in James’ arms. Macey and Ali were snoozing on the other sofa and the room was otherwise abandoned. So as Laura burst in, panting frantically and gesturing wildly, James did his best to calm her before she woke up the others.

“Laura, what’s wrong?” he asked urgently.

“Your dad,” Laura gasped, her face as red as her hair which was flying around her head.

“Sirius Black?” James whispered.

“He’s been captured,” Laura explained. “He’s going to be given the Dementor’s Kiss.”

“What?” James exploded, waking Amy, Macey and Ali in the process. He stormed towards the portrait hole but Laura stepped in his way.

“James, think this through.”

“Think what through?” he yelled. “I’m going to save him.”

“Not alone you aren’t,” Amy snapped, leaping to her feet.

“You don’t even know what I’m going to do,” James pointed out.

“We don’t care,” Macey replied calmly. “We’re in.”

Sirius Black was being held in Flitwick’s office in the 7th floor. Every entrance was guarded. Getting past the Dementors was the easy part; any of the five could produce a patronus. The hard part was getting from the common room to the seventh floor corridor just a few metres away as the whole castle was filled to the brim with Aurors. James reckoned that their safest bet was windows. Whilst he was certain the windows to Flitwick’s office were both bolted and charmed, the other windows wouldn’t be. And, they had a secret weapon. Disillusionment charms were extremely difficult to perform but James reckoned he could cast an effective one on himself and Amy. The plan was simple, Ali and Laura would create a diversion to drag the Aurors away from the entrance to the corridors whilst Macey slipped in behind and opened the door from the inside to let James and Amy in. From there, Amy and James would split up and surround the Dementors and produce a Patronus from both sides, crushing them between the two. Macey would give Black her broom and he would fly to safety. The only problem would be getting out without getting caught. Laura and Ali could easily slip into the common room, problem solved but the other three had bigger problems…

The two Aurors guarding the entrance to the 7th floor corridor were highly experienced and confident. The capture of Sirius Black was an excellent addition to their CVs and all they had to do was stand there. It wasn’t as if anyone would try to break him out and if he did escape, he’d have to get past the Dementors. Which wasn’t going to happen. So essentially, their job was easy. Or so they thought… Inside the common room, James had just finished the disillusionment charms on himself and Amy. They weren’t invisible but the Aurors wouldn’t spot them unless they were focusing on them which wasn’t going to happen. Ali lit the filibusters as Laura brought her and Ali’s shadows to life using a complicated spell. James and Amy slipped out the portrait hole and at the same moment, the filibusters launched, colliding with the wall behind the two men, who ducked. They spotted the shadows Laura had sent and went running after them, leaving James and Amy free to slip over to the door to the corridor. With magical timing, Macey pushed it open from the inside, letting them through.

“Well done Mace, now get back to the common room before they get back,” James whispered as he and Amy entered the 7th floor corridor.

James swore under his breath. There were more than just a few Dementors. No less than twenty were filling the corridor and quickly bearing down on the pair. James was already feeling faint as he summoned his wits.

“Expecto patronum!” he muttered, failing to present more than a wisp of white.

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Amy screamed, a huge white dolphin erupting from her wand and forcing back the Dementors. They moved back with speed, allowing James to stumble to his feet and summon his own patronus, a dog. His dad’s Animagus form. The two patronus’ swept around the Dementors, obliterating the creatures between them. The corridor was clear but James knew something was wrong. As the two patronus’ vanished, the door behind them began to rattle. Spinning on their heels, James and Amy both yelled: “Stupefy!” The door opened and the two men on the other side didn’t have time to notice the pair before they were blasted back by the spells, knocking them out.

“Shit,” James hissed. “Let’s just free Sirius and get out of here.”

“What if he’s not innocent?” Amy asked for what seemed like the millionth time.

“He is!” James snapped. “He has to be!”

“Ok James, your call…”

James cursed slightly as they attempted to open the door to Flitwick’s office. He hadn’t expected this to be easy but he had been hoping that it wouldn’t be locked.

“Alohamora!” he hissed. Nothing.

“Bombarda maxima!” Amy yelled. The door was blasted off its hinges and the pair ran in, only to find that Sirius Black wasn’t there. Amy gasped and pointed out the window. James smiled as he saw his father flying off on the back of a hippogriff. The smile vanished when they heard footsteps outside the door. James grabbed Amy and dived out the open window. Upon reflection, this wasn’t the smartest move but the only one he could think off.

“Needed an escape route?” asked Macey who was poised directly beneath the window as Amy and James jumped. They had landed right on the back and Macey sped round the corner and out of sight. The trio landed in the 7th year boys dorm and Amy pulled James into a huge, relaxed hug.

“Looks like someone beat us to it,” she said, as Macey left to give them some privacy.

“Yeah, obviously dad has friends in this place.”


“Maybe. More likely his godson, Potter.”

“The stuff that happens in this place, eh James?” Amy smiled, kissing him.

“I love you Amy Hunt. Thank you for helping me tonight, even though we could have been expelled.”

“Expelled?” Amy laughed. “We attacked two Aurors, I think expelled was the least of our worries. But I did it because I’d do anything for you. Anything James. And you know that.”


“Anything,” Amy stated.

“Well in that case…” James started kissing her again, pushing her back onto his bed, their love complete.

Platform 9 and ¾ was always packed. As James stepped off the train, Amy in hand, he realised it was unlikely he’d be on the historic platform ever again. This saddened him for a moment, before Ali give him a gentle shove to move him so he and Macey could get off the train. Amy smiled and ran over to the group of three brunettes waiting for her, smiles on their faces. James was about to follow them but found a hand on his arm. He turned to see Laura, who was blushing.

“You weren’t going to leave without saying goodbye were you?” she asked, tears falling down her cheeks slightly.

“This isn’t goodbye Laura, we’ll see each again soon, I promise,” James replied, wiping her cheek with his hand.

“Don’t lie James, we both know that chances are we won’t meet for a long time. Enjoy your life James Black, love Amy well and hopefully we’ll meet again. And who knows, if things don’t work out with her, you know I’ll always love you.”

Laura kissed James gently and he hugged her. Aware Amy was watching, James released her and said goodbye one last time before heading over.

“What was that about?” Lucy asked, as James put his arm around Amy.

“Just saying goodbye to my ex,” James explained. “And a good friend.”

And with that, he kissed Amy, causing the Hunt’s jaws to drop. As they left King’s Cross, unbeknownst to the others, Hayley whispered to Jake: “You owe me ten galleons.”

A/N: Well folks, that's all he wrote. For now anyway. James and Amy may have reached the reach the end of their time at Hogwarts, but there's still a few stories to come. Lost Potters 3 is on its way soon, but for now, enjoy a One-Shot set 5 years on called One Starry Night... HP

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