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Remembering You by pinayflava90

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 19,032
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 02/16/2011
Last Chapter: 04/17/2011
Last Updated: 04/17/2011


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Draco's trying to remember a certain girl he met when he was five. Hermione kept dismissing the idea that Draco looked like this boy she met before. How are they going to realize the person they're looking for is near, when the mind is stuck with hatred?

Chapter 5: First Year: Trouble Makers

Disclaimer: noo i dont own harry potter and co

Chapter 5

"What's the next lesson, Hermione?" Neville asked, leaning towards to look at her schedule.

Hermione muttered nervously, "Flying lessons"

Neville paled and gulped, "Flying?"

Hermione noticed his uneasiness, and tried to reassure him. "I went to the library to do some reading about flying. It's a fascinating book, Quidditch through The Ages."

Neville looked at her, feeling hopeful. She gave him tips on how to use the broom when you're in the air, and tips of how to fly smoother. She looked just as nervous as Neville, but she tried to look brave by giving everyone a lecture of what she learned through Quidditch Through The Ages. Her lecture was interrupted because owls started flying everywhere in the Great Hall, dropping letters to students below them.

Hermione smiled when she ripped open her letter from her parents. "I miss them." She mumbled.

She looked over at Neville and noticed him holding a glass ball the size of a large marble, with white smoke inside it.

"What is that?" She asked with curiosity.

"It's a Remembrall!" Neville exclaimed. He explained that this object in his hand would him if there was something he had forgotten. "Look, you hold it tight like this and if it turns red, it means - - Oh... " The Remembrall had suddenly glowed scarlet, "... you've forgotten something..."

He looked like he was trying to remember what he had forgotten when out of no where, Draco Malfoy came by and snatched the Remembrall out of his hands.

"Hey!" Harry and Ron yelled, getting up from their feet.

Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but heard a stern voice.

"What's going on?" Professor McGonagall asked, staring at them.

Hermione closed her mouth and stared at Draco and her two Gryffindor class mates.

Don't cause any trouble, don't cause any trouble, don't cause any trouble! She pleaded to herself, glancing nervously between the boys and Professor McGonagall.

Draco scowled and glared at Harry, Ron, and Neville before dropping it back on the table. "Just looking."

He continued to walk away, with Crabbe and Goyle following him, and paused when his eyes fixed on Hermione.

Her cheeks turned slightly pink, but she was determined to stare back at him.

Draco cocked in eyebrow up, but continued walking away.

"That bloody jerk" Ron grunted, sitting back down. "It's a good thing you turned down his friendship, Harry."

Harry nodded, "He reminds me a lot of my cousin."

"Malfoy asked to be friends with you?" Hermione asked him, folding her letter back neatly.

Harry turned to her, an eyebrow raised. "Yeah."

Why does she have to be so nosy all the time? Harry asked himself.

Ron must have read his mind and turned to Hermione, "Why were you listening to our conversation?" He asked, feeling annoyed.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Excuse me? But, I couldn't help it if I can hear what you guys are saying. I sit next to you guys, after all."

Ron glared at her, "Well then sit away from us then." He muttered, before continuing his conversation with Harry.

She gave him a look and tucked her letter inside the envelope. She glanced at the Slytherin table and noticed Draco Malfoy opening a box of sweets his parents sent him. He offered some to Crabbe and Goyle and shoved some inside his mouth.

Hermione grunted in disgust and shook her head disapprovingly. She didn't know she was being loud, until Draco snapped his head in her direction.

Silver meeting brown.

He gave her an unattractive snarl and looking down to open the other sweets he received. Hermione turned back to whatever Neville was saying, but couldn't help glancing back at Draco. There was something about him that was really familiar, but she couldn't really decide what it was.

Her thoughts suddenly shifted to Drake, and felt uneasy. She glanced back at Draco again and frowned. She kind of forgotten how Drake looked like, because it's been so many years since they made contact.

Besides, they were young at the time. She doesn't know how much he's physically changed or if he even looked the same. She only remembered his silver eyes and blond hair. But anyone in the world can have blond hair and silver eyes. She glanced back at Draco and felt her heart beating oddly faster than before. As she continued studying him, she couldn't help but notice he have nearly the same hair and eyes as the Drake she remembers. But couldn't that just be coincidence?

That's impossible! Hermione thought to herself, shaking her head to remove the idiotic thoughts. I haven't seen Drake nearly six years. He's a muggle!

Draco wiped his mouth clean and lifted his face, catching Hermione's stare. He cocked an eyebrow up and glared back at her.

Blushing, she dropped her gaze and took a deep breath. Drake was sweet, and Malfoy's a git. She frowned when another thought came to mind. "But I remembered we had a fight about something... Ugh, how could I forgot what it was about?" She groaned.

Neville looked at her in a confused way, "Hermione, what are you talking about?"

She snapped her head up and shook her head. "Sorry. I just forgot I left something in my bed." She lied, packing her things and getting up. "I'll see you in flying lessons."

"I don't know if I can do this" Hermione muttered to herself, staring at the broom in her hands.

"Hermione don't say that!" Neville gasped, feeling just as nervous as her.

They watched as their teacher Madam Hooch, arrived. She barked orders at them, and walked in front to show them how to mount their brooms without sliding off the end. Hermione, Harry, and Ron watched with satisfaction as Madam Hooch told Draco how wrong he's been doing it all these years.

"Now, when I blow my whistle, you kick off from the ground hard," She continued on, "Keep your brooms steady, rise a few feet, and then come straight back down by leaning forward slightly. On my whistle... Three... Two..."

Hermione watched in horror as Neville pushed off hard before the whistle had touched Madam Hooch's lips.

"Neville! What are you doing!" She yelled, watching him fly high and higher.

The whole class started yelling for Neville to get down, but it only made him nervous. He flew higher and higher, and made the mistake to look down. He gasped, slipped sideways off the broom, and plummeted down to the grass face down.

Madam Hooch immediately rushed to his side, and helped him up. She turned to the students and warned them to remain where they are and not to go flying. She lifted Neville up, and clutched his wrists tenderly which helped the pain.

The students suddenly roared with excitement, as they went over with what just happened. But nobody was as loud and obnoxious as Draco.

"Did you see his face, the great lump!" He smirked, turning towards his Slytherin classmates.

Hermione fought the urge to throw her broomstick at him. She watched as Parvati and Pansy started throwing insults at each other, and hoped they wouldn't get all of them into trouble.

"Look!" Draco suddenly said, snatching something out of the grass. "It's that stupid thing Longbottom's gran sent him."

"Give that here, Malfoy." Harry said, walking towards him.

Hermione felt her stomach tightened, as Draco gave Harry a nasty smile.

"I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbotoom to find. How about up a tree?" Draco said, leaping onto his broomstick.

Harry could feel the blood pounding in his ear. "Give it here!"

"Come get it Potter" Draco taunted Harry, already in the air.

"No!" Hermione shouted. "Madam Hooch told us not to move! You'll get us all into trouble!"

Harry ignored her and kicked hard against the ground, going up and up until he was leveled with Draco.

"Get him Harry!" Ron shouted above him.

Hermione glared at the boy next to her, "They're going to get into trouble!"

Ron ignored her and kept yelling to Harry, not knowing he can't even hear him. He suddenly gasped, forcing Hermione too look up also.

Draco had threw the the glass ball towards the ground, and Harry flying towards it with such speed. He stretched his hand out and caught it before it could hit the floor. He grinned to himself, and landed on the ground.


The students all turned around and saw Professor McGonagall running towards them, muttering words like "Never" and "All my time at Hogwarts" and "How dare you". She ordered everyone who was trying to defend Harry, to be quiet.

"Potter, follow me now." She barked at him.

Harry caught Draco smirking at him, and felt his anger rising up.

Hermione sighed, and crossed her arms. "Hate to say 'I told you so'."

Ron glared at her, "Shut up." He hissed at her.

Hermione narrowed her eyes and walked away from him, not wanting to cause anymore trouble.

Hermione walked inside the Great Hall, and narrowed her eyes when she caught sight of Harry and Ron. She decided to give them the silent treatment, for acting like fools. She sat a few feet away from them, and started placing food on top of her plate. She caught sight of a blond color and automatically looked up.

Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle were talking to Harry and Ron.

Oh, great. Not again. Hermione thought to herself, rolling her eyes.

She ate her meal, listening to them setting up a meeting to do a wizards duel. She heard Ron say he's Harry' second, and asked Draco who's his.

He's not actually going to agree is he? She groaned to herself.

Draco looked at Crabbe and Goyle and said, "Crabbe. Midnight all right? We'll meet you in the trophy room; that's always unlocked."

Hermione glared as Draco left with his two heavy set body guards. Great. More trouble.

She turned her attention back to Harry and Ron with disappointment. She got up and walked towards them, clearing her throat. "Excuse me?"

Ron looked up at her and groaned, "Can't a person eat in peace in this place?"

Hermione glared at him, but turned to Harry. "I couldn't help but overhearing what you and Malfoy were saying..."

"Bet you could" Ron muttered, shaking his head.

She ignored him and continue, "And you mustn't go wandering around the school at night. Think of the points you'll lose Gryffindor if you're caught. It's really very selfish of you."

"And it's really none of your business." Harry said, turning around so his back is facing her.

"Good-bye" Ron said, also turning back.

Hermione glared at their backs before storming back to her seat. "Picking a fight with Malfoy." Hermione muttered to herself, shaking her head. "Stupid idiots."

She continued grumbling to herself along the corridors and accidentally collided into a tall figure.

"Ouch!" Hermione groaned, finding herself in the ground and her bag landing on her stomach.

The figure on the ground groaned as well.

Hermione quickly sat up, and grabbed her books off the floor. "Sorry." She muttered. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Obviously" The person she bumped into spat.

Hermione stiffened, hearing the masculine familiarity of the voice. She continued stuffing her bag with the books, not daring to look up.

She got up and cleared her throat, letting her hair cover her face. "Right. Well, good-bye."

The boy smirked and blocked her way. "Well, if it isn't Granger."

She shot her head up and glared at him, "You better not meet those two, Malfoy! You'll get Gryffindor into trouble!"

Draco's smirk widened, "All the more reason's to go."

Hermione gave him a dirty look and crossed her arms. "Go and I'll tell a prefect."

He rolled his eyes, "Go ahead, Granger. You'll get your house trouble that way too."

She narrowed her eyes, but didn't say anything. What a stupid jerk.

"I'm warning you, Malfoy." Hermione spat at him, squaring her bag with her shoulders and shoving past him.

She continued walking away from him, glancing back one time. Stupid trouble maker. She thought to herself, glaring at his silhouette.

By the end of the day, she tried to stop Harry and Ron from going, but ended up going with them. They stayed at the place for a long time, and bumped into Neville. He also tagged along with them.

Hermione warned them that Draco wasn't going to show up, but they remained where they are. That is, until they heard the hissing sound of Filches cat. They ended up getting away from them, but was caught by Peeves the poltergeist.

"STUDENTS OUT OF BED! STUDENT'S OUT OF BED!" Peeves shouted with glee.

They quickly ran towards an empty room and paused. They heard Peeves tip Filch off, and sighed with relief. They turned around and found a creature with three heads, standing in the middle. Hermione could have sworn it was standing on a trap door. They quickly left the place and entered back into the safety of their common room.

Once Hermione caught her breath, she explained to them about the trap door. She refrained from telling them that Draco indeed tricked them. She gave them one last glare, before stomping off to her bedroom.

She thrust herself into bed and glared at the ceiling, feeling annoyed and angry at the two boys.

At least Malfoy took my warning, and didn't show up. She smiled to herself, turning to her side. She closed her eyes, and let her mind drift away.

The reason why they don't notice each other right away, is because Hermione and Draco saw each other when they were young. So of course, they're bound to have some physical changes.

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