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Lost Potters 2: Birth Rights by HP lookalike

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 26,492

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Percy, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/28/2011
Last Chapter: 07/24/2011
Last Updated: 07/24/2011

The Lost Potters are back. James Jacob Remus Black is now 16, heading into his penultimate year at Hogwarts. Along with him is Amy Hunt, daughter of Jake and Hayley Hunt and the love of his life. But she doesn't know that. And also joining them at Hogwarts? Remus Lupin. The werewolf who killed his mother. Plus, his dad has broken out of prison. And, closer to home, Penelope Clearwater and her boyfriend Percy are determined to cause them problems. Can James find a way to be happy?

Sequel to Through Thick and Thin

Set during Prisoner of Azkaban.

Chapter 8: Breaking up, Breaking and entering and Breaking bones

 Laura was staring at her reflection. Well, she wasn’t, she was staring at the mirror, thinking about her boyfriend. As she did so, she also absorbed her own reflection. She hadn’t slept a wink and it showed. Her hair had grown to almost shoulder length (she was going to have to get it cut) and was unruly. She had massive bags under her eyes and her lack of makeup made her face look tired. Her clothes were miss-matched and baggy, trackies and a tank top. She was worried. James hadn’t spoken to either him or Amy since their discussion following his announcement for revenge. Both Laura and Amy had offered to help but he had insisted it was personal and that he didn’t want them getting into trouble. Amy had known him longer and better but they were good friends so Laura wasn’t jealous. Amy told her not to bother trying to change James’ mind and if she felt there was nothing they could do, there probably wasn’t anything. Hence, they’d gone to bed, neither of them able to rest knowing their best friend/boyfriend was going to probably get himself into serious shit. Amy smiled at her from across the room and Laura turned and smiled. 



“Just get through today,” Amy told her. “He’ll be fine, trust me. James has always been the perfect mix of Sirius Black and Amelia Kingston. Mischievous but kind at heart.”




“I wouldn’t know,” Laura replied slightly tearfully. “I know nothing about his parents, basically.”




“Hey, I only know because my parents told me and him stories,” Amy replied. “He never talks about it unless I make him. He really loves you, you know.”




“Of course I know that,” Laura reassured her. “I’m just worried about him. What happens if he gets expelled?”




“My parents never finished school,” Amy revealed. “They’ve done just fine in their lives with their OWLs and their own magic.”




“Thanks for the reassurance Amy but trust me; nothing you say is going to make me worry about him less.”




“There’s nothing more we can do. Even if we stop him today, he’ll just do it tomorrow. I’m sorry Laura.”




“Don’t be. None of this is your fault.”






James knew that what he was about to do was stupid. Dangerous. Border line crazy. If Lupin turned werewolf on him then suicidal was a word he could add to the list. Still, it almost certainly wouldn’t come to that. Lupin couldn’t turn into a wolf because it wasn’t the full moon. However, whatever the circumstances, messing with a monster was not a clever idea. He approached the DADA office. It was Sunday so he had no idea where on earth Lupin would be. That made what he was about to do not only incredibly risky but also incredibly stupid. He slipped closer, highly aware that every move he made was one step closer to chaos…






Amy giggled as David pulled another funny face. The pair were at breakfast and were in remarkably good spirits, all things considered. David sipped his pumpkin juice, which was about to become his downfall. Two seats down, Macey eyed up her target with disdain. Ali sat uncomfortably beside her, with Laura off with her friends. There was no sign of James. Macey leaned across in an attempt to talk to Amy and whilst she did so, was quietly able to slip the small vial into David’s drink. Luckily, it was colourless so it didn’t appear in his juice. David drank from the cup as Macey sat back, a huge smirk evident on her face. Amy blinked in horror as her boyfriend’s face began to shift. It contorted and twisted into a hideously ugly boy, covered in warts and spots. He was very fat and had short stumpy legs. When he spoke, spit flew everywhere.




“What’s wrong babe?” he slurred his voice uncontrollable. 




“Uh, David, what’s wrong with you?” Amy stuttered. 




“Nothing, why?” David asked, confused. 




“You look uh, ugly!” Amy exclaimed. “Why?”




“Oh fuck!” he wheeled round to face Macey and Ali. “What the hell did you do?”




“Well, we just exposed you for who you really are to Amy,” Macey retorted. “He’s been using a charm potion to hide who he really is.”




“Is that true David?” Amy gasped.




“No, of course it isn’t,” he snapped. “They’re lying to you.”




“Who are you going to believe Amy? This pile of shit or your best friends? Even James knows it, he’s the one who found the charm potion under his bed in the first place!” Macey snapped.




Amy looked at David. If there was ever a doubt in her mind that Macey was truthful it vanished when she used James’ name. Amy knew they were telling her the truth.




“Get the fuck outta my sight Summersby!”






Ali strolled down the corridor in a good mood. Amy was finally done with that pile of crap Summersby, him and Macey were looking good and the world appeared to be his oyster. Stepping out round the corner, Ali had the wind knocked out of him as a fist collided with his face. He stumbled back and reached for his wand, only to be disarmed the moment he had it in his wand. His wand went tumbling to the floor and the he was lifted into the air by his ankles. Summersby stepped out of the shadows. 




“Hello there Franks,” he snarled, as Ali struggled against the vice grip of the spell. 




“Let me go Summersby. Everything that happened with Amy was a lie and it’s your fault. Nothing you do to me is going to make things any better,” Ali reasoned.




“I may have lost Amy but I don’t intend to let you get away with it,” David snapped, flicking a curse towards the suspended Ali, who could do nothing to avoid it. It smashed into his face, distorting his vision and splitting his nose. Ali groaned in pain as David laughed triumphantly.




“You see how weak you are without Jones around to save you?” David sneered, before releasing the Levicorpus. Ali hit the floor hard and groaned, desperately reaching for his wand. Summersby stood on his hand and crushed it, making him yelp in pain. 




“You ruined my life Franks, let’s call this payback. For now…”




And with that, he kicked Ali in the face and strolled away, leaving Ali to try and crawl away…






“Laura, honey? Are you okay?”




Laura looked up and smiled. Her best friend: Violet Manning, was always concerned. She was eternally caring and never let anything go.




“Yeah Vi. I’m just worried about my boyfriend.”




Violet wrinkled her nose. Laura smiled knowingly. Violet hated talking about relationships. She was a sweet girl but she was useless when it came to boys.




“What’s he doing now?” Violet asked timidly.




“It doesn’t matter Vi, I’ll see him soon enough and make sure that he’s alright,” Laura reassured her. Violet smiled slightly.




“You’re a mess today Laura. Both physically and emotionally. Now you may think that everything’s okay, but it clearly isn’t, or you wouldn’t be stressed. I get you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong but I’m here if you need me.”




Laura smiled wearily and hugged her.




“Look Violet, I’ll be fine. Just let me brood for now, okay?” Laura replied gently, hoping to goodness that James was okay.






Macey stormed into the hospital wing. If looks could kill, everyone in the room would be dead. Amy was two steps behind her, worrying. Worrying about everything if she was honest with herself. She was worried about James, worried about Ali and worried about Macey, who looked like she might explode.




“Are you okay Ali?” she cried, charging over to his bedside.




“Fine thanks Mace. That bastard Summersby just caught me off-guard,” Ali wheezed.




Macey hugged him gently as he winced from the pain in his face. Amy pulled up to the bed and Ali tried to smile at her, only to wince at the pain in his face. Amy sat on his bed opposite Macey. 




“Hang in there Ali,” she reassured him. “We’re gonna go find Summersby and beat the shit out of him.”




“No!” Ali snapped painfully. “Leave him alone, he’s got what he wants. If you guys go  after him, then it’s only going to make things worse. I’ve already told Dumbledore, he’s going to sort it out, okay?”




“Fine, whatever you say!” Macey groaned.




Ali smiled at her and rested his head on her shoulder. Macey smiled contentedly and Amy went to back away. She turned, only to see a tearful Laura standing there. Her heart skipped a beat as she grabbed Laura and pulled her over to one side so they weren’t overheard.




“Have you heard anything about James, is he okay?” Amy asked panicked. 




“No, not yet,” Laura tried to smile. “Sorry Amy, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m just so damn worried about him and it’s not even lunchtime yet. I’m a wreck Amy.”




“Come here,” Amy said, pulling Laura into a hug. “We’re going to get through this, alright?”




Laura nodded tearfully and Amy smiled at her. Amy led Laura to their dorm to get some rest, knowing full well she wouldn’t get a wink of sleep. But at least she could lie back and be comfortable while she worried. Amy allowed a tear to fall. She was just as worried and she knew James wasn’t going to be the same again but she at least had to be strong, even if Laura couldn’t.




“Thank you Amy,” Laura called from her bed. “For everything.”




“Don’t worry about it Laura,” Amy muttered in reply.




“No but really. If it wasn’t for you, we’d never have gone out in the first place.”




Don’t fucking remind me!




“I was just looking out for my best friend,” Amy replied, shrugging, ignoring her voice.




“Well we both appreciate it Amy, James is a lucky guy to have you as his best friend,” Laura said, smiling at her.




Amy hated herself at times like this. The love of her life was off probably getting him expelled, she’d set him up with another girl, her best friend was probably going to get herself killed going after the other guy she’d liked, who’d turned out to be a lying prick who had cursed her other best friend and put him in the hospital. At least there was no sign of Clearwater showing her ugly head again.




“Oi!! Bitch!! This ends now!!” 




Why did Amy have to go and think that?






James sneaked right up to the door of the classroom. After checking for what seemed like the millionth time that no-one was around, he used alohamora to flick open the door. He slipped through and shut the door quietly behind him. The fact that the door was a good sign. The room was eerily quiet for a classroom. He moved almost silently, arriving on the far side at the room stealthily and then creeping up towards the office. He opened the door with another flick of his wand. He crept inside. The room was strange, dotted with strange ornaments. The large trunk up against a wall was what James was interested in. Flicking through several bits of it, he came across exactly what he was looking for. A rack of potions. Smiling inwardly, James opened a vial and smelled it. Wolfsbane, exactly what he had expected. With this, he could clearly expose Lupin, and ensure his full moon was as painful as possible. James levitated every vial except one with his wand and hurled them into the fire. The one he had examined, he slipped into his pocket, as evidence. He turned to leave, but was distracted by a photo on the desk. It was of Lupin with his parents, Amy’s parents, James and Lily Potter and another blonde girl. She had her arms around Remus. Anger welled up inside James as he remembered what Lupin had done. He punched the picture hard and it shattered. He grabbed it and kicked it straight out the window. He then turned and blasted Lupin’s office repeatedly with his wand. Then he fell to his knees and cried. Cried for his lost parents and because of what Lupin had done to him. At which point the man himself entered his office and surveyed the damage.




“Hello James, maybe you can tell me what the hell is going on here?” he asked…




A/N: Sorry about the cliffhanger guys :) What the hell is Clearwater up to now? What will James do? And is that the end for Summersby? So guys, who's your favourite characters? What are your predictions and favourite moments so far? Please please leave a review and let me know :) HP