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The POV of Candela Xochitl Lovegood by Carol78y

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 16,770
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Luna, Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 02/15/2011
Last Chapter: 05/24/2013
Last Updated: 05/24/2013


Candela Xochitl Lovegood is Lunas Cousin. She stars Hogwarts durring the order of the phinex and in Slytherin! This is a story through her P.O.V.This girl is going to change heads and make a teacher blow her head(figuratively). "i will enjoy breaking every single observed rule they have" i told Luna when we were on top of Whomping Willow.

You know you want to read it!

Chapter 1: Meeting

Character belongs to J.K. Rowling except for the few changes that I will add which are…

Luna Xochitl Lovegood; A warrior. Luna is a warrior descendent from her Aztec roots. (Why do you think her dad has a slight tan?) Meaning that she has many more powers that just any wizard.

Candela Xochitl Lovegood: Is Luna’s cousin, and best friend. She will attend Hogwarts at the start of the Order of the Phoenix. Though Luna will be in her fourth year Candela will be in her fifth. Candela is sweet, loving, and caring, but she has a risky temper and her punch is stronger the Second time. Candela is also a warrior and posses the power to bend air and fire. She is going to bring people together, protect Luna, and is guardian of Harry Potter. She knows her dreadful end in this life.

Chalchiuitl Citlali Lovegood: is Candela’s mother, and Luna’s aunt. She will be appearing a lot in this story.


“Well, looks like people are arriving, man I will enjoy breaking every single one of their observed rules” I said as I was sitting next to Luna on top of Whomping Willow. How did we get on this tree without it doing anything to us… we just sang to it. I’m not joking. All you have to do is sing to this thing-of-a-bober and you’re good.
“Great another year of people teasing me and taking my shoes,” said Luna with a sign.

“Hey I have gotten back some of those people even though you asked me not to. Plus it was fun using the invisibility spell, ha,” I said remembering the faces of the people I pranked. They still don’t know what got them.

“We better get down from this tree and make the dragons smaller”


We left Whomping Willow and headed towards the school. Dumbledore knew why I was there this year. During the two days that I have been here, I already know the school’s every corner, and I have a good friendship with the headmaster.

Walking towards the great hall I noticed that a lot of eyes were on us, but I guess mostly me. Oh, well. Apparently these people haven’t seen a girl dressed in skinny jeans with western decorations, a horseshoe necklace, a leather jacket, cowboy boots, and a t-shirt that says “Southern Rebel: Texas”. Goodness Merlin! I am so going to enjoy twisting heads in this school. I walked with the rest of the first years who looked up at me like “aren’t you too old for first year” and “you’re so pretty”.

“Candela Xochitl Lovegood,” said professor McGroudle. I heard people whispering as I walked up the stairs and sat on the stool. She placed the hat on me and it spoke…

“Let’s see… you’re a difficult one. I can put you in any house and you’ll be alright. You seem to have qualities from every house. Yes, this is the first time that you study from across the pond. What house would you like to be placed in?

“I really don’t give a care (yes people gasped at this) I just want a place to sleep comfortably. I would prefer to have my own room though. What do you think?”

“I know where to put you now…Slytherin!” I saw the last table on the right cheer and clap their hands. Hey! That must be Slytherin! Before going to the table though, I walked over to Luna and gave her a hug.

“You were right!” Then I walked through the quiet Great hall to the other end. I was satisfied; you see I had made this entire place quiet as I sat down with the rest at green and silver table.
As the hat continued…

“You! What is your name?” asked a girl with a pug face. At that moment I was thanking God that I didn’t have a bulldog.

“Didn’t you hear the woman with the pointy hat?” I replied. Apparently I had surprised her with my answer. I looked in front of me and saw sapphire eyes that captured my pure blue ones.
“Blaise Zabini,”

“Candela Xochitl Lovegood” I said smiling at him. I was glad that he smiled back.” You see here? Here is a nice gentleman who just told me him name in a calm manor, and without a hesitation. Maybe you should take lessons from him in how to get to know people properly before you think you’re in all authority” I responded in my southern accent. This dependently had surprised her and also made her uncomfortable. Taken totally aback she turned to focus the girl in front of her. Oh, yeas I am surely going to enjoy twisting their “rules”.

As Dinner went on I found was comfortable with the gazes of people on me. Not just from the Slytherin, but also from the other tables. I looked up to see Luna was in a “why are these people suddenly talking to me” situation. Note to self; going to have to deal with that later. When we were leaving I saw that Luna was waiting for me at the doors.
“Our tower is this way,” said a platinum blond boy.

“Oh I know, but right now I’m going to spend some time with my cousin,” I said to him. His face was in shock as if he wasn’t used to anyone rejecting his orders. I walked with Luna to the Ravenclaw tower speaking in Spanish so no one could understand us. I was so thrilled to how people just bumping into each other as they turned to just glance at us. Man, English people we not hard to impress. Unless it its vogue.

As I walked toward the Slytherin tower, the first thing I saw was a huge painting of a snake what it did was what startled me half to death.

“What is sharp at one end, has speed, and this thin as a feather”

“Hmmm. This is definitely my kind of question. An arrow”
“Well said”

“Thank you” As I walked in every single head turned. Okay now it was getting old.

“How did you get in?” asked the platinum haired boy

“Same as you did. Solved the riddle.”

“How did you solve it so quickly?” asked a boy that I would guess weight around 250 lb, maybe more.

“Hmm. Maybe the fact that I am trained in how to used arrows, spears, and guns” as I said this people looked at me a little bit frightened.

“Sure you are… and you’re also a Lovegood relative.” Now I sat down in a sofa and responded his question.

“Yes, I am. Luna’s father is my uncle from her father’s side, and you are?”I looked at his facial features. He was startled at this question.

“Who am I? You have got to be joking me? Hasn’t Looney told you who I am?”

At the sound of that nickname I narrowed my eyes at him, I wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction, or at least I wasn’t going to make it last that long. I smiled slowly and his smirk began to disappear. I must admit I did look devious doing it. (Ha ha)

You know Luna and her father always spend time with my family back in Texas every summer and Christmas. There are things that can’t be seen by a veil of clarity, but I bet that your brain doesn’t have enough room to understand this because it’s full of ego. Out of all the things that we did and talked about I’m afraid that nothing of you or anything out of Howards has come out of her lips. I am sorry if you weren’t satisfied with beating me in this duel of who’s better in response. You know what I’ve realized?” I leaned in, “I realized that me and Luna have one more thing in common”

“And what is that” his eyes now piercing.

“We are not afraid to give a response of nothing but the truth in our point of view” Ouch! I stood up and walked towards the two doors. That led to the dormitories. I turned around to see everyone’s astonished faces. Including of the pug faced girl who was seating next to the platinum boy. “I’m sorry, but I you still didn’t know who you are.”

“Draco Malfoy”

“Malfoy, Malfoy… Nope doesn’t ring a bell sorry and you girl? You didn’t bother to tell me yours during dinner.”

“Pansy Parkinson”

I Looked up to see Liberty (my eagle) coming with a bunch of letters that were for me. I looked down at them I had a howler from mother, letters from my sisters, and a letter from the headmaster.

“Candela I had a feeling the hat would put you here. All of your belongings are in the prefect room that is for you. You are a Prefect I will inform you what that is tomorrow. The room is the Third door to the left. I hope you have a pleasant goodnight sleep Miss Lovegood.”
I looked up to see Liberty was still flying around not wanting to land on anything or anyone. Some people were still staring at me and others at the Liberty.

“What? Can’t have an eagle instead of an Owl? Gee-whiz. Liberty come on.” I opened the door and looked at the room. It was beautiful! I have a canopy! The bed spread was green and silver. There was a rug the color of grass in the middle. And almost next to the door were my belongings! I placed my belongings in their proper spaces as soon as I entered. When I was done I noticed that my howler was missing. I looked out my door to see a tall boy with black hair sitting down with it next to Malfoy and the people surrounding him. Awesome!

“Go on open it. It’s from my mother anyway.” Shameless people they were. He opened the howler and my mother’s voice came out.

“Candela I’m so glad that Luna and you made it to Hogwarts and are nice and safe. We are already missing the two of you terribly. My daughter protect yourself and your mission. I don’t want to even think about it right now all I know is that you must do this. Either way I love you. Get along with others, but don’t let your guard down. They should accept you for who you are my darling. Have a good semester.
Your mother, Chalchiuitl Citlali Lovegood “

I was pleased when I saw their faces. I am so glad that none of them know Spanish.