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Lost Potters 2: Birth Rights by HP lookalike

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 26,492

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Percy, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/28/2011
Last Chapter: 07/24/2011
Last Updated: 07/24/2011

The Lost Potters are back. James Jacob Remus Black is now 16, heading into his penultimate year at Hogwarts. Along with him is Amy Hunt, daughter of Jake and Hayley Hunt and the love of his life. But she doesn't know that. And also joining them at Hogwarts? Remus Lupin. The werewolf who killed his mother. Plus, his dad has broken out of prison. And, closer to home, Penelope Clearwater and her boyfriend Percy are determined to cause them problems. Can James find a way to be happy?

Sequel to Through Thick and Thin

Set during Prisoner of Azkaban.

Chapter 5: Blackmail, Bottled Emotions and Banter

 What the bloody hell is wrong with you?



The voice in the back of Amy’s head was kicking itself into overdrive. She’d spent the whole day attempting to avoid the flirtatious advances of Ravenclaw David Summersby for no real reason. Even now, she was walking down the corridor to dinner where she knew he’d be, determined to get some sort of response from her. The boy was persistent she had to give him that. He had called her gorgeous at breakfast, played with her hair for almost half of Charms before she eventually got tired and pushed him off, asked her to join him for lunch and deliberately joined her table in Herbology. James found it highly amusing and did nothing to dissuade him from his efforts. Even as she reached the Great Hall, she saw an empty seat next to David, who had parked himself almost right next to Macey, who was currently staring down a terrified second year. Sighing, Amy plonked herself next to Macey and asked her what the second year had done to piss her off.




“Stole the last bloody waffle,” Macey growled, as the second year squealed and ran away, leaving Macey free to steal his plate and dig into his uneaten food. 




“Your friend is quite the character,” David said, sliding along the seat so he was facing Amy.




“I know, she’s a bit of a nutcase,” Amy replied, eyeing Macey suspiciously as she locked in on a fourth year’s unfinished mash potatoes. 




“I know what you mean, who has waffles for dinner?”




Despite herself, Amy laughed at David’s comment. He was a nice guy, funny and charming. Not too bad looking either. So why was she so determined not to fall for his advances? He didn’t relent (typically) and leant across the table to push Amy’s hair out of her eyes.




“You really are beautiful Amy, you know that right?” he said, his voice all of a sudden shifting from flirtatious to caring. Amy felt herself blush. The one thing she noticed was a lack of butterflies in her stomach and this made her hesitate.




“I’m really not David. Unless my hair magically straightened itself since I looked in the morning then I doubt I look anything other than messy.”




“Maybe, but you make messy look good Amy,” David replied smoothly. 




Amy struggled for a reply and was very thankful when Macey stepped in.




“Mate, unless you have some sort of death wish, then believe me, you really don’t want to fuck with Amy. She happens to have the toughest chick in the school as a best friend.”




“I’ll bear that in mind,” David smiled at Macey, unnerved by her threats. “I’ll see you later Amy, I’ve got to meet up with some guys from my dorm.”




And with that he stood up and left. Macey stabbed her waffle and rammed it in her mouth. “What an absolute douche bag!” she mumbled.




“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” was all Amy could manage in reply.






Laura’s lips danced along James’ and he pulled her closer. It was exactly three months since they had started going out and he was enjoying every second of it. So was she. Well if she wasn’t then she was very good at pretending she was. They lay on the common room sofa, snug under a blanket. It was a Saturday night so they were under no obligation to go to bed any time soon. 




“3 months…” Laura murmured.




“Yeah, hard to believe we’ve been together so long. It seems like only yesterday I first asked you out in Ancient Runes…” James grinned, kissing her gently.




“Yeah. We’ve had such a good time together. And the best bit is we’ve avoided all that relationship drama that you usually get. It’s nice to finally have a boyfriend who isn’t a cheater, a liar or just in it for sex.”




“I know what you mean,” James smiled. “And neither of us have any crazy exes hunting the other down either.”




“Yet anyway, I’d watch your back if I were you…”




James went slightly pale at this. “What?”




Laura burst out laughing and James relaxed. “I’m just kidding you. None of my ex-boyfriends give a shit anymore. They’ve all moved on to their next slag.”




“You’re not a slag,” James replied, holding her closer to him.




“Aren’t I?” Laura was starting to tear up. “I went out with 10 guys last year, slept with 4 of them and none of them gave two shits about me. I kept telling myself that each boy would be the one, that I could stop searching but then each one just treated me like shit. I should’ve realised that I’m just easy, that’s all. Little old me, letting my guard down and letting every guy have a shot at me.”




“Hey,” James kissed her forehead and squeezed her shoulder. “It’s not your fault. Sometimes in life you take chances and guys turn out to be dicks. But I’m not like that and you know that. If you don’t want to sleep with me, I’ll wait until you’re ready.”




“Did I say that?” Laura questioned, sniffing. “Slaggy old me will sleep with anyone.”




“Hey!” James was firmer this time. “You are not a slag, you understand? Nothing you say is going to convince me otherwise and right now is about you and me, not what we’ve done in the past. So just relax and stop being so hard on yourself. I love you, okay?”




Laura paused, staring deeply into his eyes. “I love you too,” she whispered, pulling him into a long kiss.






James woke up the next morning and slipped off the sofa, trying hard not to wake the sleeping Laura. He found himself face to face with Ali who was glaring at him. James was taken aback and cast a silencing charm around Laura so not to wake her. He had a nervous feeling this was going to get ugly. 




“What’s up Ali?” he asked, concerned.




“Don’t you feel bad, lying to her like that?” he snapped. 




“What are you talking about Ali?” James retorted.




“You never told her you’re completely in love with Amy. Don’t you think she deserves to know?”




“Why, so it can ruin our relationship?” James growled. “She trusts me and loves me and I’m not gonna blow all that to tell her I love someone I never have a chance with. Laura’s the perfect girlfriend and I’d be mad to screw with her.”




“What about Amy? Don’t you care about her at all?” Ali snapped.




James took a step towards him, hoping he was intimidating. 




“Don’t you dare suggest I don’t care about her,” he said in the hardest voice he could muster. “She’s got that guy David chasing after her, she doesn’t love me.”




“You’re an idiot James.”




“Oh, I’m an idiot?” James yelled. “What about you man? How come you haven’t had the balls to tell Macey you like her?”




“I have!” Ali roared. “We’ve been getting together for about two months now. But we didn’t know how to tell you because you’ve been so absorbed in your new ‘girlfriend’. When was the last time we talked, eh?”




“That’s not true…” James protested, his voice losing strength. “I’ve worked hard to stay friends with you guys as well as be the best boyfriend I can.”




“No,” Ali corrected. “You’ve worked hard to stay friends with Amy. Because you think you have some sort of chance while you screw around with Laura and as soon as you realize Amy loves you, you’re going to throw Laura away like a piece of food you’re done with and break her heart.”




This pushed James over the edge. He stepped forward and Ali’s head snapped back as James’ fist connected with it. Ali was stunned for a few seconds and James kicked him in the stomach and he collapsed, groaning and holding his stomach. 




“Admit it, Laura isn’t right for you! You need to go out with Amy and she’s just some temporary fix!” Ali groaned, earning him another kick from James. Before James could reply, Macey and Amy charged into the room, having heard the raised voices. They took in the scene and it was Amy who spoke first.




“What the hell happened?” she cried, as Macey helped Ali to his feet. The chaos had broken James’ silencing charm and Laura was waking up. 




“Me and James were talking,” Ali said through  gritted teeth. “And I pissed him off.”




“Evidently, what did you say?” Amy asked, putting her arms around James in case he tried to attack Ali again, despite the fact he’d calmed down. 




“It doesn’t matter,” James replied through equally gritted teeth. “I just lost my temper. Won’t happen again.”




Amy pulled him away from everyone else. She looked straight into his eyes, which were fiery and put her arms around him and whispered so no one else could hear. 




“What’s going on with you?”




“Ali seems to think I’ve spent no time with him at all this year and he also seems to think that Laura isn’t right for me,” James snapped. He’d replied selectively, choosing to ignore the bits about him being in love with Amy. “Oh and apparently he didn’t tell me about him and Macey.” Amy bit her lip and James raised his eyebrow. “You knew?”




“I caught them kissing during the last Hogsmeade trip. I wanted to tell you but they didn’t want anyone knowing.”




“Amy, I’m your best friend, you could’ve told me…” James replied.




“I know but they didn’t want me to. I’m sorry James…”




“Whatever, I guess this is what happens when you bottle up your emotions,” James snapped.




And with that he stormed off, Laura two steps behind him.






“Fuck off Summersby I’m not in the mood,” Amy snapped, barely looking up from her meal.




“What’s wrong?” David asked, sliding in alongside her and putting his arm around her. Amy ignored the arm gesture but decided to answer his question.




“My best friend and one of my other best mates decided to get into a fight and beat the crap out of each other.”




“Well that’s not your fault, is it?” David replied, moving his head forward so she could see his face. “And that shouldn’t ruin your chances of having a good weekend.”




“Oh,” Amy raised her eyebrows. “What are you suggesting? I abandon my best friends and all their problems and wander off with you to who knows where?”




“Basically. But you make it sound so much less romantic.”




“Whatever Summersby. I’m not coming. As much as I love the idea of whatever you’ve got planned, I need to find Macey and Ali, talk to James, finish my homework and find time to get a boyfriend. I’m kidding about the last part,” she added after noticing a flash of horror in his face quickly replaced by composure.




“You know how to banter Hunt, I’ll give you that,” David replied as Amy sidled out of her seat and left the Great Hall.






Macey found herself wandering Hogwarts’ hallowed halls. It was very easy to get lost in the castle, especially when no one was around and there was no telling where Ali was hiding out. After she had tried to ask him about what had happened, he didn’t want to talk about and had left the common room, though she had no idea where to. She heard a giggling sound from inside a nearby closet and smirked. Whatever little brats were having fun in there were about to get a nasty shock. She pulled out her wand and whispered: “Alohamora.” The door swung upon, revealing a very forlorn looking Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater, their clothes strewn around them.




“I think I’m going to be sick,” Macey groaned.




“Yes…Well…we uh…” Percy stammered. 




“She wouldn’t dare tell anyone, would you Jones?” Clearwater replied, attempting to be intimidating. 




“No, of course not,” Macey choked. “But of course if I keep my mouth shut, you should relinquish your head-girl ship to my good friend Amy Hunt.”




Clearwater’s face in that moment was priceless.






“Hey,” Laura shouted, grabbing James as she chased after him. “What was that about?”




“Nothing,” James lied. “Ali just said some things.”




“Some things? Wow that’s massively helpful,” Laura replied sarcastically.




“Look Laura, I know you’re just looking out for me but I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll sort it out when we’ve both had some time to cool down, that’s all there is to it.”




“If this is about me James…” 




“What?” James shook his head disbelievingly.




“We don’t have to go out if it’s hurting your best guy friend. I don’t want to drag you away from anyone.”




James pulled her in and kissed her. He pushed her hair out of her eye and whispered something in her ear that made her grin. Then he walked off, pulling her along after him. But even as they embraced again, James couldn’t escape the feeling in his stomach. The worst bit wasn’t Ali’s accusations or the fact he wasn’t telling Laura the whole truth. The fact was, every word Ali had spoken had been true. He knew it and he hadn’t had the guts to tell her. He just hoped this mess would have a happy ending. And that he didn’t break Laura’s heart.




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