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Seven by loopyluna

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 59,030

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: McGonagall, James (II), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 09/19/2010
Last Chapter: 03/12/2011
Last Updated: 03/12/2011

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Warning: Narrated by a narrow minded and cynical insomniac. 

Dixie doesn't care that Freddy has similar body mass to a bear, or the fact that her breath catches in her throat at the mere sight of him. She is going to detach him from his latest bird even if she has to use the scissors. 

Chapter 13: You’ve Got To Love The Irony On That Woman

 AN: Here it is, the last chapter of Seven! Which could also mean, for some of you, the last of Charisma and James’ story too. I have tried to add them in to this as I thought that they needed a proper ending. I hope people are happy with it.Please don’t forget to leave a review.

I was originally going to have this ending with Dixie accidentally stabbing a passing Professor Flint with something, a some-things-never-change ordeal, but I liked this one more. 


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Dixie Pruitt

“Dixie,” I hear my brother coo. “DP, wake up!” I rolled away and pulled a pillow over my head; next to follow was the duvet. “Woman, Freddy just owled for a ten minute warning. Unless you want him to see you looking like an orc, get up.”


This order was partnered with a hard tug on my duvet, leaving me cold as Nick dumped it on the floor. I took this opportunity to roll out of bed and pad to the bathroom, a light glare to the brother. The room was already occupied.


Kellan shot me a toothpaste-y grin from the sink and handed me my toothbrush. After all of the trouble they had caused for the Ministry, somehow the both of them had managed to land themselves jobs. With Kellan worked in the Department of Law Enforcement (yes, we were stumped too) Archie works with the public, a press advisor. He has direct links to the daily Prophet.


Whoever granted them that amount of power is on crack, and unless their boss is a patient in St Mungo’s, I am stumped as to how they got these jobs.


Nick suggested a hostage situation.


He left the house that night with blue skin and green hair.


I brushed across my teeth with my green tooth brush, the paste foaming up in my mouth.


Kellan snorted. “You look like you have rabies.”


I let my mouth hang open a little before I thrust his tooth brush deeper in to his mouth. He choked for a moment and then shut up.


It had somehow reached October in a flash. Hogwarts and finished in July, and somehow, I managed to not only finish school, but get half decent results. These results and my keen eye for stars managed to land me a job at an Astronomy centre in Scotland. I Apperate there three times a week and analyze the meaning behind the movements. I get to combine the two, the science and the magic.


Nicholas had seen it pointless for me to move out, on that note, so did I. The flat was big enough for the four of us, not that I had a problem with sharing with the three boys; I had grown up with the tossers – when with them, I sadly considered myself part male, but it would be nice to have personal space. Oh whatever, let’s face it, they’re scared of me, I get that desired space with a glance at the trio. But that’s not the thing that bothers me about living here.


Ellie and Kyle had been separated for a total of five weeks; they both had different aspirations. Almost every other night my slim brunette friend would be lying on my couch in tears over an argument between the two. Shockingly it was Nick that she found the most comforting.


She came to me first, crying on my shoulder and expecting a hug. I felt obliged to give her one, before calling over our blonde, wolfy, companion and handing her over. I can’t be dealing with crying. I’m not good. I seize up. But when Charisma wasn’t able to come, it was another who felt her pain – as he liked to refer to it.


Nicholas took to her quite quickly, while her tears dried up, she sat in silence, staring at the fire as I had done all those months ago, he couldn’t help but look at her frequently one day. It wasn’t as discrete as he liked to think. After she and Kyle had called it quits, she still came around here, even when I was out, still she does this. When things happen here everybody knows it. The walls are thin and the twins gossip. ‘They’re just jumping on the bed’, I had told Kellan and Arch.


I refuse to believe that anything is going on.


I refuse.


I spit in the sink and rinsed my mouth out, flicking the water droplet on my fingers towards my brother, now spraying a dirty shirt with deodorant. No matter how many times you tell him it doesn’t work, he persists.


Charisma and James are getting married in January, at this point, no one was surprised. No one even bothered feigned shock when they told us. To go back two or three years ago and tell us this, yes, the ides would have been utterly unorthodox, but now – just do the deed and move on. Already they have a house, its a little country bungalow with a loft extension.


It has a little white picket fence.


Kyle and I found this too cliché, upon the first visit we uprooted it, much to James’s annoyance. With a flick of his wand, it was re-set. Charisma found the whole ordeal rather amusing. The success of their relationship wasn’t a shock, it was just expected. While they thrived, Ellie’s failed, Freddy and I stayed at a mutual point.


We may as well live at James’s on occasion, spending a week there at a time – it was like we were still at school. We all miss the old castle, no one would say it; it doesn’t need to be said. Everything seemed so simple there, thinking back.

Back then, seeing Gabe was a daily occurrence, now I saw him weekly if I was lucky. He got an internship at the Daily Prophet, if he can complete a year with a boss from hell, he can get any job do to with press and advertising that he wanted. But he’s struggling. Let along that it pays nothing. He works evenings at the Leaky Cauldron, to get a little bit on cash – he’s a busy, busy bee.


The twins took quickly to him; he uses our sofa as a bed on day’s he can’t take any more of his mother’s nagging. Archie was a little weary at first, only to bond with the bloke after Gabe accidentally set fire to my shoes.

I picked up Hannibal, now a hissing fluff-ball, after pulling on my shirt. I threw the cat over my shoulder like a baby, it didn’t cry like it used to. It was as stubborn as I, yet it accepted this spurt of affection. I did the zip up on my shorts and tucked in my t-shirt, leaving my hair in disarray.

“Nick,” I called frantically. “Have you seen my glasses?” If the ten minute warning owl from Freddy was seven minutes ago, I only had three to find those buggers.


My bedroom door opened and a pair of thick black frames were thrown at my figure. The light brunette leant on the frame with his hair no better than mine. “You really ought to keep them safer – put them in a place where you remember.”


I screwed up my face and adjusted the cat. “Why would I do that? You always know where they are.”


“That’s because you give them to me before you go to sleep.”


I accepted this and moved past him in to the living room.


“Arch,” I asked as I past the open kitchen. “Can you get me a coffee?”


He looked puzzled. “Why me?”


I felt Nick brush past me now, entering the kitchen. I shook my head, where were his manners? “Because you’re standing right next to the machine.”


Archie looked from the machine to me. He looked guilty. In one swift motion he pushed it to the floor. “What coffee machine? We don’t have a coffee machine.”


“Yes we do,” I rounded, still looking at him, not the mess of muggle machinery now on the tiled floor. “It was the first thing that we bought, Nick got it before the sofas because he could sit on the floor but he couldn’t live without coffee.”


Nick sat on the counter, arms folded. “I guess I’m going to have to try.”


“Can’t you just fix it with magic?” I asked.


He shook his head. Archie made no attempt of escaping. “Well, unless simple household spells can fix metal and plastic that it now bubbling up in acid, I think it’s screwed. I don’t want to know the liquid that was in it.”


“Do I even want to look at it?” I muttered to Arch.


He shook his head, now holding his hair cropped short. “Nope.”


I raised a brow. “And you work for the Ministry?”


“Technically yes, but not willingly – they just sign my pay cheque.”


“And putting acid in to the coffee machine this morning felt like a good idea because…?”


His blue eyes flashed bright. “It’s not acid.”


“Then why is it melting.”


“That’s why I knocked it on to the floor.”


I shook my head. “How would that solve anything?”


“In the same way that you would drop your cat on to the floor if it scratched you.”


“That makes no sense.”


“Ahh, but you see,” he taunted. “Life makes no sense.”


Nick cleared his throat, still mourning the loss of his pride and joy. “One minute Dixie – Freddy’s always a little early. Oh and Mum owled yesterday,” he added. My 180 degree turn from the kitchen turned to a 360 as he said this. “She remembered that Dixie finished Hogwarts, she wants to come home and say well done.”


“That I finished?” I questioned. “She’s got high hopes.”


Archie shrugged. “Well at least she remembered. She still thinks that Kell and I are fifteen.”


“You’ve been fifteen every year for ten years.”


He nodded at Nick’s statement. “You’ve got to the love the irony on that woman.”


“You can tell her that I said hello, but make me seem busy.” I added. “I don’t want to see the neurotic beast after its hibernation.”


For the seventeen years of my life that I have lived, the only child that mother continually remembers has been Josiah – he’s lovely, don’t get me wrong. But he’s an over achiever. He isn’t a hot-head, he doesn’t shout, and he abides by every rule ever written.


The rest of us consider the rules to be more, guidelines than anything else.


Nick nodded. “I’m not writing back, Arch can do it this time.”


“But I owled her last month!”


“That was to say thank you for your birthday card that states you love being fifteen and you look forward to being it next year!” I snapped.


Kellan arose, coughing, from the bathroom, a waft of deodorant coming from the newly-opened door. “And we sent it on a post-it.”


I clicked my tongue against my teeth. “You’re the best sons that a mother could hope for. But if you don’t mind, I’m going to meet my boyfriend.”


“Be safe!” Kellan called after me as I put the cat down on to the sofa. “We are struggling with Dexter; we don’t need any more little Pruitts running around this place.”


The last thing that I heard before me was Archie’s slap to the back of his twins head as I shut the door behind me. With a flick of my wand, it was locked.


Kell’s mention of children made me cringe. I wanted to club my nephew over the back of the head for simply being around, I don’t think that I could manage a child of my own. Let alone that, I’m too young, and I’m pretty sure that I would raise the offspring of Lucifer.


I don’t know how Charisma does it. She lives in a world of magic, surrounded by mystical studies and paranormal activity, yet she works in the muggle industry. She is a primary school teacher. I believe that she works with seven year olds. She is only a trainee, but why that would interest her at all is beyond me. It’s shocking, really.


Her calm and gentle job is a vast contrast to what her fiancé does. He is training to follow in his fathers footsteps. He doesn’t have a degree and yet he is already suspected to be the best, he had caught two criminals and stopped a mass murderer within his first month on the job.


I think that he just likes the power, the authority. But if Charisma wants to continue to believe that he is doing it for modest reasons, to help others. Then let her. Who am I to tell her other wise?


Drew on the other hand turned in to a bit of an enigma. He and Harriet decided to get married straight out of Hogwarts – our jaws dropped at this. They said their goodbyes almost two weeks later and went traveling around the world. They are making an exception, coming home for the wedding, but are happy being in a different place every other day.


The tall blonde boy in the tippy hat is no more. Harriet, known now as simply ‘Harry’, threw it away and got him to cut off his masses of hair. He looks about five years older. His maturity shot up at an unrealistic pace. But if you handed him a practical joke box, he wouldn’t waste time reading the label.


After the break up, Kyle joined the pair. For almost four weeks they have been travelling as a couple and a family friend. The three couldn’t be happier. It seems odd to have our group split, but at least I got to keep the thing that I wanted.


I saw him by the fountain, our meeting point since we left Hogwarts.


As usual, he stood a head height taller than me. His arms were folded across his chest as he scuffed his feet along the ground. He stood in a pair of cottons with a polo shirt thrown over the top. His hat was still upon his head. The only thing that was out of place was the fact that he was splattered with paint.


I furrowed a brow as I padded up to him in my combat boots.


“You look dashing,” I smiled.


He looked up and greeted with me a quick kiss. “Not so bad yourself. We’re re-decorating Roxy’s room. She’s really quite demanding.”


Roxy, the other Weasley. She was Freddy’s little sister, completely and utterly the opposite of everything that Fred was. The only similarity they shared was their personality and desperation for trouble, both an aspect they inherited from their mother. Roxy inherited Angelina’s brains and determination. Freddy was just, well, his father – with a bit of himself thrown in.


I sat down on the fountain next to him and folded my jacket over my arms.


“I could guess.”


He nudged my shoulder with his own. “The only thing worse that I could think of doing would be your room.”


“Oi!” I whinnied. “I’m not that bad.”


“You would have everyone’s head by the end of the day on pikes, they would be room ornaments.” I cringed at his words. “You wouldn’t have red paint anymore, it would be my blood.”


“The upside would be that I would always be with you.”


His jaw opened a little. “You’re sick.” He accused. “Why am I dating you?”


“Because of my dashing charm and ability to make you feel insecure.”


“Both very appealing qualities,” He deadpanned. As he flexed his arms I noticed a large bruise upon his bicep. I prodded it and he yelped. “Don’t poke it woman!”


“How did it happen?”


“Avery,” he muttered. “Bastard hit me with a bludger.”


I snorted. “I still can’t get over the fact that you both got accepted on to the Puddlemere Team – and you have to work together.”


“I still can’t believe that I haven’t killed him yet.”


“You wouldn’t kill him,” I said quietly with a smile.


He looked at me. “And why’s that?”


I put my head forward and parted my hair with a quiet laugh. My glasses fell forward on my nose as I did this, causing the lines the separated cobble from cobble on the floor to blur a little. I rested one of my hands upon his thigh and patted it encouragingly.


“Because you wouldn’t hurt a fly.”


“Yes I would.” He reassured not only me, but himself. The dark irises of his eye gleamed with mischief. “I am scary.”


I chuckled. “Just because you look like a bear doesn’t mean that you are one.”


“Oi, love. Don’t be rude.” He warned. “I may be … larger than you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to point it out. Now kiss me.”


His hand found the small of my back.


“And why would I do that?”


“Because you love me,” he said as if it were the simplest thing in the world. And it was.


The corners of my lips turned up. “That I do.”


“Good.” He said as my slender fingers found the bottom of his shirt “Because unrequited love sucks.”


“But that still doesn’t mean that I want to kiss you.”


He sighed. “I am sat here, by a fountain, water spraying my back, covered in paint in a shirt that actually belongs to my Dad. I jumped out of the back window to get away from my little sister and her painting all so I could come and see you. I now am sitting here with the most beautiful girl in the world next to me so the least she could do is damn kiss me!”


It took me seven years to get this, seven years to hear words even as demandingly simple as that. But it was a seven year wait that seemed to be worth it. Freddy had always been the reason behind my naivety, and he will continue to be. He was wrong; I won’t die alone with nine cats, because I will have him. I can make that happen.


Incase you haven’t noticed, I can be a little demanding and stubborn at times.



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