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Truth, or Dare? by MeltingSnow

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 34,343

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Narcissa, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna

First Published: 09/25/2010
Last Chapter: 02/12/2012
Last Updated: 02/12/2012


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When one loves another, but find out they've been lied to, what will they do? But what will the third person do when he finds out the others still love each other?

Chapter 11: NEWTS, and Civilising With the Enemy

This chapter is NEWTS, Hermione's greatest fear, and come to think of it, every seventh year's fear!

Hope you enjoy Chapter 11!

Chapter 11: NEWTS, and Civilising With the Enemy

Hermione woke in the morning, butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Today is NEWTS. I have to do well, or I won't even be able to graduate from Hogwarts, or get a good job.

Hermione hopped out of her comfy bed, and had a quick shower. She got out her freshly laundered robes, and put them on. She checked her reflection in the mirror behind her walk-in-robe. She looked refreshed, and clean. Hermione checked her watch, there was some time to have a quick breakfast, and some last minute revision before her first test. Herbology.

Hermione grabbed her bag, and stuffed her notebook and some books she might need into it. Then she rushed out to the Great Hall, which was wafting the delicious smell of eggs and bacon. She loved eggs and bacon, but she was too nervous to eat, but she forced some bacon down before retreating to the library.

Hermione took out her notebook with all her minute notes she took during her lessons, and sat down at the Herbology section in the library. She took The Most Dangerous Plants in Britain from the shelf, and started her 'revision'.


Hermione stood with Harry and Ron outside the Great Hall, waiting for Professor McGonagall to call them in for the Herbology written paper exam. It was exactly like taking OWLS, except Hermione was much nervous, and the fact that she knew the exam would be difficult. Much more difficult than OWLS.

“Seventh years, please make your way into the Great Hall, and find a seat.”

Everyone went into the Great Hal slowly, not wanting to do the exam so soon. The only person who walked normally was Hermione. She wanted to get over with it, and get over with the nervousness. By the time Harry and Ron found a seat near, Hermione was already sitting down, adjusting things.

Hermione finished adjusting her papers, and looked around. Ron and Harry were sitting right behind her, and Pavarti Patil was sitting in front of her. To her left, was Luna Lovegood, staring mistily into space. When she looked to her right, she gave a small yelp. Draco Malfoy was sitting there, smirking at her.

“Hi Hermione! Nervous?”

“Draco! Why aren't you with your friends?”
“I am. “ He tilted back on his chair, so Hermione could see beyond him. Zabini Blaise was sitting next to him. Also smirking. “So, nervous Hermione?”

“Very. What if I fail?”

“You won't be Hermione, I probably will,” Ron said from behind her.

“You won't. None of you will.”

“Silence please!” Professor McGonagall barked from the front of the room. “You have two and a half hours, and your time starts.... now!”

An immediate rustle of parchment told them that everyone in the room
were turning over their parchments hastily to start the exam. Hermione started immediately, but Harry and Draco thought for a long time before starting the test. Ron just stared at the questions not understanding a word of it.

The sand on the top of the hour glass slowly thinned, and finally...

“Times up! Please put down your quills. Accio! You are free to go.”

A scraping of chairs filled the room. Some people even ran from the hall. They all wanted to do some quick revision before the other tests. That was the difference between OWLS and NEWTS. All the written paper exams were in one week, and all the practical exams were in the other.

The next test was Charms. It was just as difficult as the Herbology exam. The week went by very slowly. Each day with two very difficult tests. Finally the week ended, and while everyone looked forward to the weekend, the seventh years had to use the time for revising time.


“How did it go boys?” Hermione was leaning against Draco. It was Saturday, and Ron was visiting Harry, and Draco was visiting Hermione, or rather, Hermione invited Draco knowing that Ron was visiting, and wanted them to civilise.

“I think Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts went well, but Potions was lousy,” Harry said.

“I'll probably get Outstandings for at least five. I'll be very surprised if I don't.”

“Still a nasty show off are you Malfoy?” Harry said scathingly.

“Will you guys give it a rest,” Hermione interrupted. “Well, Ron, how did you do?”

“Probably failed everyone of them.”

“Don't be thick. No one can do that,” Harry said encouragingly.

“Yeah, with a thick skull like yours Weasel, I think you'll achieve that.”

“MALFOY! HOW DARE YOU!” Harry stood up, and raised his wand. Draco imitated him, still smirking.

“Guys,” Hermione said wearily. She was tired of this. “ Can't you just civilise, at least in the same room? I think it was nasty of you to say that to Ron Draco, and I think, Harry, that you should try and control your temper.”

“I will if he does.”

“Excuse me Potter, but I believe, I did not jump up from the couch and yell at you,” Draco said coolly.

“I mean, as in none of your snide remarks.”


“Shake hands boys, shake hands,” Hermione said, like a professor

“WHAT! We have to shake hands?” Draco yelped.

“Am I telling you to kill yourself Draco?”

“You technically are. I don't shake hands with people. I never have, and I never will,” Draco said stubbornly. He knew it was a very ridiculous comeback.

“I thought you were going to change for me? Or was it something you just said to get Harry away?” Hermione asked.

“Wha- no, no it wasn't. Of coarse it wasn't. Okay, I'll shake hands, but just this once. Okay?” Draco said, finally giving in.


Harry and Draco shook hands very quickly, just like Sirius and Snape back in their fifth year.

“Ron, I ought think that you should civilise with Draco too.”

“Hang on!” Harry said sharply. “Does shaking hands mean civilising? Civilise? With him?” Harry spat.

“Potter, I don't really want to either, but I don't want to lose my girlfriend you know.”

“I'll never civilise with that ferret.”

“Please Harry. For me?”

Harry looked at Hermione. All the rage quickly faded away, and was replaced by sympathy. He knew Hermione must be in a very bad place at the moment. Should she choose her friends, or her boyfriend?”

“Fine, just for you Hermione.”

“Thank you!”

“So Weasel? Are you going to civilise?”

“My best friend has already gone to your side, I guess I have to.”

Draco and Ron also shook hands. They let go just as fast as Harry and Draco. Hermione beamed at all of them.

“You know, I don't expect you to become friends straight away. But if you don't fight every time you see each other, you might become friends!”

“Hermione, are you expecting a miracle?” Ron asked, disgusted from her suggestion.



The first practical exam was Potions, and once again Hermione was right. The first potion they had to make was the Cure for Pimples. Everyone had the choice to do the basic or extensive potion. Predictably, everyone but Hermione did the basic one. At the end of the two hours, nobody really finished entirely, but only Hermione got the tomato red, which they were supposed to have. Draco Malfoy was just one step away, his potion was a very pale red.

“I got to a sort of fleshy pink,” Harry said to the others once they were free to go. “What did you guys get?”

“I got the tomato red Professor Tofty said we should have,” Hermione said modestly.
“I think I'll get at least an Outstanding for that. Mine was a pale red,” Draco said.

“Yeah, you didn't get as tomato red like Hermione,” Ron piped up.

“Then when what did you get Weasel?” Draco asked him coolly.

Hermione gave a loud cough.

“Weasley.” Draco said hastily.

Ron's face turned bright red, very much like his hair.

“I got a murky blue,” he mumbled.

Draco looked like he was going to laugh, but he caught Hermione's eye, and stopped.

“Ron, I'm sure it's alright. You've still got other exams you can pass.”

“Yeah I guess. What do we have next?”

“I think we've got Transfiguration.” Hermione took out her timetable from her bag. “Yeah.”

“Should we go to the library?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, let's go. Draco? Are you coming?”

“Nah. I'll be with Blaise.”



The Transfiguration exam was much easier than Hermione thought it would be. She needn't have practised the flesh colour changing spell and the bone removing spell. She only needed to change her examiners face into a badger face, grow whiskers on his face, and switch the snake she got into a lizard.

Hermione walked out feeling very happy. She defiantly got on Outstanding. She did all her tasks perfectly, with no mistakes. Charms was slightly trickier. She had to dissect a fish using just one spell of her choice. Then she had to stop a frog from eating a particularly large fly. Finally, Hermione had to make her examiner float in the air, using a non-verbal spell. All in all, Hermione thought she did reasonably well.

Herbology was pretty good. They had to get ten pods from the plant without getting any cuts (Neville managed to get only one cut). Ron however, went very badly. Not to mention accidently setting his fire tree on his examiner, he also got many cuts. Hermione caught some of the examiners shaking their heads sadly.

The rest of the week went by considerably well. Finally after their last test (Defence Against the Dark Arts), they were really free to go.


That night, the seventh years got to use the Great Hall for a party.

“You know, being in seventh year isn't so bad after the NEWTS,” Ron said to Harry and Hermione.

“It would be sad to leave Hogwarts though,” Hermione commented.

“Yeah. Imagine staying with the Dursleys until I got a job or something,” Harry said, shivering at the thought.

“You know, I've been thinking, once we graduate from school, maybe we could open a shop or something in Hogsmeade, then Ginny can visit us when they have Hogsmeade trips. Also Harry, you could live in the shop if you don't want to live with your aunt and uncle,” Hermione said thoughtfully.

“Where do we get the gold? And what type of shop do we open?” Harry asked.

“Well, I'm my favourite niece of my uncle, and he gives me anything I want, including money. I could ask him for some money, then change it to galleons, sickles and knuts. And as for the shop, you know how I published a book earlier in the year? Well we could open a bookshop with books just about the truth of Harry's life.” Hermione replied.

“Can I interrupt for a moment? Why are we talking about after graduation? We've still got another month. Two of the weeks, still random studying, and on the second last week, we get our NEWT result, and on the last week we'll be doing graduating stuff,” Ron suddenly said.

“Good point, come one lets dance,” Harry said to Hermione.

Hermione was rather taken aback, but she danced with Harry for the first song, or, at least until the Slytherins came. Hermione went over to Draco.

“Been ditched?” Ron smirked at Harry.

“Just about,” Harry said grimly. “Anyway, why don't you go ask Luna to dance?”

“I was going to. See you Harry. Good luck on asking someone to dance!”

Harry sat down on one of the chairs that was conjured by the professors. He watched Ron and Luna dance for a while before watching Hermione and Draco. Hermione was laughing, while Draco laughed with her. A sharp pang of jealousy hit Harry. If only he asked Hermione out before Draco Malfoy. He would be the one Hermione was dancing with, he would be the one Hermione was laughing with.

Harry looked away from the now kissing couple, and retreated to his dormitory, seen by no one. Not even by his two best friends.

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