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L.Ah.Mental by djdg6

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 870
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Characters: Dobby
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 02/07/2011
Last Chapter: 02/07/2011
Last Updated: 02/07/2011

 a team of ppl set out to change history discover a new quest  to put an end to evil

Chapter 1: kingdom of fire

the humans lived in peace from the creatures of the world for many years and as different cultures had different gods so did the creatures and these gods made sure that the two worlds of creatures and humans would forever keep seperate, to do so each of the four gods had two kings to rule over there element and order. these kings sons of the gods and the mother angel luna were giving special gifts;

clark & atmos sons of leo the lion of fire able to transform into the greatest khajiit and weild fire like no other.

lucas & jack sons of lucas the wolf of the wind bared the wings of the strongest angels and able to become werewolves at anytime.

victor & rhino sons of theo the bull of the earth, rhino skin as think as stone and as strong as ox, while victor a gaint man with the horns of a minotaur.

draco & xavier sons of the great gandelf serpent/dragon or water&ice, draco ablity to fly and become invisable, xavier moves with snakelike speed and can turn any weapon into an unbreakable bloodred silver.

this kings born to keep order with-in the world,  but with every birth of power one is born through the brother ying and the other through his sister yang yet some how the order remained peaceful only a few humans knew of the world and luna made sure the ying and yang the pure powers of good and evil stayed lock up so that no havoc could come of her world but this was all about to change.





chapter 1 - kingdom of fire 

11:00am   bang! bang! bang! "brother wake your ass up" atmos yelled as he pounded his fists on the chamber doors leading to clarks bedroom, clark flung the doors open to see atmos standing there in his full blue tiger form acompained by his best warriors in there armor that bared the ruby heart "what is so important that you had to wake me brother?" clark went to go on but was cut off by a beautiful girl walking out of his room " i see that it must have been one good sleep brother" atmos comented as they both laughed, "well yes brother but what is it that you need", 
"its not what i need but what iv found" atmos said as he pulled out a two sided golden flute
"so tonight is the night i suppose, are you sure you want this my brother"
"yes clark this is what i need "
"then it shall be done, but if so allow  me the honor of seeing you in your human form for one last day"
atmos slowly changed his human face scared all over and his hair jet black hung down  to his waist all jagged and in a mess " i dont see why you would want to see me look like this brother im more of a beast then ever, but if you wish of it i ask to see your beast dare you to use it once" clark nodded " its not my fault i care  not to fight in the form of beast" as he finished talking fire surrounded him and as it lifted he stood there a beautiful red lion with a blazing mane of fire 
"now brother i ask of you one battle between brothers allow me to break that lion of yours in be its gone"
"haha yes my brother we shall battle before the saramony it will give me a chance to earn that fire of yours so use it well" they started heading down the hall to the dining hall 
"who says you'll be the one winning brother" atmos said as they went through the doors and began to eat.



          as the kings were out of view the two warriors took off down the hall and out of the castle walls to there horses, " so we head to the house of kharon" the one warrior anounced to the other as they mounted the horses, two beautiful red stallions there maines blowing in the wind while the warriors charged out of the stable and down the road. (2:23pm) nearly 3 hours passed before the warriors reached the house of kharon, a twisted and run down old looking reck of a place the windows foggy and full of grim cobwebs hanging from every corner and the bricks made from the bones of the dead you could hear the screams of spirts moaning from the graves surrounding the house as if this place was built in the middle of a grave yard. after tying up there horses the men walked up towards the main door but before they reached the steps of the house two Ankou guards apeared before them "who goes there." the one called out with a voice of thunder, the warriors jumped back swords ready in hand but if they had to fight they would stand no chance against these big skeleton like creatures and there long sythes. 

"we come from the kingdom of fire to buy slaves for our kings" the warrior said while they lowered there swords

"you may proceed warriors, but know that there are tests you must pass to gain the right to stand before kharon" the ankou annouced before moving aside and disapating