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Lost Potters 2: Birth Rights by HP lookalike

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 26,492

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Percy, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/28/2011
Last Chapter: 07/24/2011
Last Updated: 07/24/2011

The Lost Potters are back. James Jacob Remus Black is now 16, heading into his penultimate year at Hogwarts. Along with him is Amy Hunt, daughter of Jake and Hayley Hunt and the love of his life. But she doesn't know that. And also joining them at Hogwarts? Remus Lupin. The werewolf who killed his mother. Plus, his dad has broken out of prison. And, closer to home, Penelope Clearwater and her boyfriend Percy are determined to cause them problems. Can James find a way to be happy?

Sequel to Through Thick and Thin

Set during Prisoner of Azkaban.

Chapter 1: Blondes, Blacks and Bombshells

 My dearest mother. So much has happened this year at Hogwarts, much of it you know, some you do not. James knows about the pregnancy. But that has not stopped, nor shall it stop, me and Hayley from fulfilling our plan. I have asked so much of you in the past and now I must ask you one final request. But it is big. You need to look after James. Amy is dead. How she died doesn’t matter and it is a story that maybe one day I can tell James myself. But not now. Hayley and I are leaving today, to start our new lives together. When you will hear from us again, I cannot really say. Tell James what you want, it’s up to you. I would ask you not to go looking for his father but you wouldn’t have a hope of finding him. As his godfather, I will find James at some point in the future and I only hope he is not a burden, although I suspect Ellie would love having a little brother to play with. Take care mum. All my love, Jake.



Rosemary Hunt dropped the letter, noticing the tear stained patches on it that told her Jake wasn’t taking Amy’s death well. She turned to look at James, sitting in his highchair and sighed. The things she did for her son…




17 years later…




James Jacob Remus Black blinked as the frost chilled the window, then went back to his reading. The few people that knew him would say he was like his parents. He had inherited his dad’s rugged good looks, but he was much more like his mother. Quiet, unassuming, happier with a couple of friends than being massively popular. Although he looked every inch Sirius Black, he was, in truth, much more like Amelia Kingston. Of course only two people had been able to tell him this, for he kept his private life a closely guarded secret. No-one at the school knew that his father was legendary mass-murderer Sirius Black or that his mother was mauled to death by a werewolf not long after his birth. James caught his reflection in the frosted over window and smiled to himself. He was quite short, like his mother, but that was where the similarities ended. He had dark hair, that was long but not too long. His muscular arms would’ve made him a terrific beater but he had never tried out for Quidditch, despite the fact both his parents had been chasers on  the Gryffindor team. His eyes were brown and full of subtle but strong emotion. He could’ve used his looks to his advantage and gotten many a girlfriend at Hogwarts but instead he was quiet, choosing to spend all his time reading or studying with what few friends he had. 




There was a small click as the compartment door slid open. James glanced up and saw a blonde haired Gryffindor enter. At first he didn’t recognise her but then a second later he did a double take.




“Amy?” he asked, stunned.




“Yep it’s me James,” replied the girl shyly, brushing her blonde fringe out of her eye.




Amy Lily Hunt had been James’ best friend for several years. Although they had been in the same year and house since day 1, they never really connected until they were told to sit next to each other in Charms in 5th year. From there, they became fast friends, as neither of them had many other friends and they quickly realized they had more in common than they realized. The day that James had met Amy’s parents, his life had changed. Until the Easter of 5th year, James had known almost nothing about his parents, only that they were dead and he lived with their best friend’s mum. However, when he met Jake and Hayley Hunt, everything changed. You see, Jake Hunt was his mother’s best friend for almost her entire life and when she had died, he had left James with his mother. Amy herself was even named after James’ mum. Upon discovering that his best friend was the grand-daughter of the woman who’d cared for him his entire life, James had felt mixed emotions. He learned more about his parents after putting pressure on Jake and Hayley and discovered how his mother had died and that his father was Sirius Black. Now, he and Amy were closer than ever and she was the only person at Hogwarts who knew his heritage.




“What the hell happened to your hair?” James exclaimed, unable to take his eyes off his best friend’s new look.




“I got a bit bored of looking like my mum’s twin,” Amy replied, blushing hugely and sitting down opposite James in the otherwise empty compartment. It was true. Amy was like her mum’s double. Though both her parents had had jet black hair, she had also inherited her mother’s strikingly blue eyes. She had also picked up her slender height and build from her mum and was almost as beautiful. Much like James, she’d had no problems picking up boys. And, even though she was almost as quiet, she was still hit on all the time. 




“When did you manage that? I only saw you two weeks ago!” James felt a bit like an interrogator and managed to pull his eyes away from her hair, which hung just below her shoulders, for long enough to get dragged in by her amazing smile. 




“A couple of days ago. Dad nearly had a heart attack but mum was okay with it. After all I’m 17, they trust me to make my own decisions. And because I used magic it’s not even remotely tacky and it looks genuine. Anyway, the important thing is, do you like it?”




James was lost for words for a moment then fearing he was taking too long, replied: “You look beautiful. It’s just incredible.”




Amy blushed fiercely. Although she was often hit on by guys, she’d never done a lot with a guy and hadn’t had many boyfriends. Whatever the reason for this, James was overjoyed. Although he’d never told her, he’d secretly fallen in love with her at some point during the last two years. She’d always been stunning but James wasn’t sure when his friendship with her got to the point where he wanted it to be something more. But she’d never shown any signs of wanting anything more than friendship and the last thing James wanted to do was ruin their friendship by making a move when she didn’t have those kinds of feelings for him. 




“Thanks,” Amy replied.




“So where have you been?” James enquired. “I’ve been sitting in here on my own for an hour.”




“Why didn’t you grab a compartment with Ali or Macey? I was at the prefect meeting.”




“Oh,” James felt himself go red. “I wasn’t sure if you and Mace had made up yet. Was she there?”




“Oh me and Mace are fine, she said she was sorry and that was the end of it. And yeah, course. She got made head girl. Bitch.”




James groaned. It was no secret that Amy hated Penelope Clearwater with a passion. They were arch-rivals and had been for many years. They both became prefects and fought over everything. Clearwater had been made head-girl ahead of Amy which annoyed her greatly. Macey Jones, on the other hand, was her best female friend and their fallout had been over a guy (naturally) but Macey had been in the wrong and the pair had made up. 




“There’s an elephant in the room.”




James looked up and glanced at his best friend with a concerned look on his face. She looked worried, her electric eyes full of care behind her veiled fringe. 




“What do you mean?” James asked, let down by the crack in his voice. 




“James,” she said quietly, moving from across his to sit next to him and put an arm on his shoulder (creating butterflies in his stomach). “I haven’t seen you in two weeks. The day I go to France your dad breaks out of Azkaban and I don’t hear from you since. Now you’re obviously pleased to see me so I reckon something else is on your mind. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what.”




“You said your parents thought he was innocent,” James replied even quieter, tears starting to form in his eyes. “Then why did he break out? More to the point, if he can’t do what they say he can do, how did he escape?”




“Look,” Amy said. “You can’t lose faith in him. You’ve spent the last two years adamant that he couldn’t betray his best friends. Are you all of a sudden just going to forget that?”




“It doesn’t matter Amy. He doesn’t know I exist and it’s better that way. I shouldn’t worry about him.”




“Of course it matters, he’s your father. What are you gonna do, just pretend he never existed?”




“So how was your holiday?” James asked, openly ignoring her question and wiping the tears from his eyes. 




“Fantastic,” said Amy, in a voice that made it sound anything but. “Mum blew her nut when dad left me and Lucy in a pyramid but other than that it was great.”




“Good, I’m glad. Longest two weeks of my life without you to cheer me up,” he teased. 




“Oh shut up, you probably enjoyed the privacy. Without me interrupting you every few minutes I bet you whizzed through a load of books.”




“There’s more to life than books Amy,” James retorted.




At that point, they were interrupted as the train came to an abrupt stop. The windows had completely frozen over and Amy shivered as a chill flooded the compartment. A darkness seemed to fall over them and Amy leaned into him in an attempt to stay warm. Usually, James would have loved for her to be so close to him but he too was feeling the chill. But it was more than a cold, it was as if all the happiness had been sucked out of the room.  The compartment door seemed to slide open and they both looked up to see who had entered. But not a who but a what. The creature was cloaked and seemed to be black. Even if it wasn’t shrouded completely in mystery and misery, James would’ve sensed it was a dark creature. His first instinct was to cling closer to Amy but she seemed to be drifting further away from him every second. The creature moved closer and James could see some sort of clawed hand drifting beneath the robes. They still could not see the creature’s face but it moved even closer and seemed to swoop over towards James. Amy reached out, shivering but the hooded figure ignored her and continued to focus solely on James, who shivered and tried to crawl backwards. The closer the creature got, the foggier James’ focus became and the last thing he remembered before passing out was hearing Amy scream and seeing a flash of light.




Amy was still shivering, even though the Dementor was gone. The tall, ragged, mousy-haired professor who had got rid of it was handing her chocolate but she couldn’t eat. Dementors, she was told, were the guards of Azkaban and were looking for Sirius Black. No wonder they were after James. She shook him gently and James was awake, though he looked very pale. 




“Wha- what happened?” James stammered, shaking violently.




“Dementors,” the professor breathed heavily. “Nasty creatures, they watch over Azkaban and they’re after Sirius Black. I got rid of it but it certainly seemed to like you. What are your names?”




“I’m… James Black, no relation to the Sirius Black who escaped before you ask,” James replied, shaking his hand and accepting the chocolate. 




“And I’m Amy Hunt,” Amy added, smiling at her new teacher. His eyes narrowed upon hearing this and he leaned in closer.




“You wouldn’t happen to be related to Hayley and Jake Hunt would you?” he enquired. 




How the hell does he know? said a voice in Amy’s head.




Amy went very pale and started muttering. Luckily, James took over.




“Yeah, they were her parents. But they died a long time ago during the war with Voldemort.”




“Yeah, that’s what I heard…” came the cautious reply.




Amy smiled at James in thanks. Her parents didn’t want anyone knowing about them as they’d left that world behind a long time ago and this man clearly knew them.




“I knew your parents at school,” the teacher continued. “They were good people and were in love from the second they saw each other. It’s just a shame that everything ended so badly. I’m the only one left now…”




“What happened?” Amy asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. Her parents didn’t like to talk too much about their past. 




“Your parents and your aunt and uncle, the Potters, were murdered. Sirius Black’s fault. And their best friend died before they even left Hogwarts. Anyway, I need to be going,” he said and stood, turning when he reached the door. “By the way, I’m Remus Lupin, your new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher and your cousin Harry Potter is just down the hall.”




This was directed at Amy who again paled. “Don’t mention me to him, he doesn’t know anything about me or my parents and it’s not fair to burden him with more family deaths. I barely knew my parents myself and my new family wants to leave all that in the past.”




“Ok, sure. I expect I’ll be seeing the pair of you very soon…”




And with that, he left. Amy turned to speak to James but he was suddenly very red and his fists were clenched. She had recognised the name Remus Lupin but clearly it meant a lot more to him.




“What’s wrong?”




“That man is the werewolf that killed my mother…”




Amy was speechless.






A/N: Hello again loyal readers. The era of Jake and Amy may be over, but their children live on through them. And JJRB and Amy certainly have their hands full... As do I, as I plough on with the various HPFFs prepared for this site. Unfortunately, LP 2 won't be as long as LP 1 (only 11 chapters) but I promise the sequels will keep on coming. So, as always, read and review and thanks again. :) HP