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A Very Gryffie Holiday by Gryffindor Collaboration

Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 35,753

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lily, James, Bill, Percy, Neville, Fred, George
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/24/2010
Last Chapter: 02/24/2011
Last Updated: 02/24/2011


Ever wanted to know what your favourite Gryffindors get up to during the holiday season?  Well, wonder no more, as we explore the many and varied antics that the silly season can inspire.

The Gryffindor House holiday collaboration 2010

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Chapter 11: A Very Gryffie Holiday: Another Christmas Without You

The fire in the grate cracked happily, shooting from its depths, sparks and smoke, issuing its warmth to the world.

Though Remus Lupin did not feel its warmth. He only felt cold and desolate as he sat before the enveloping flames, sipping a firewhisky absentmindedly.

Why, he thought to himself, am I such a coward? Why did I leave the only woman left on this godforsaken planet that meant anything to me?

Tonks was perfection. She was always happy, never doubting. He loved the way she tripped over every standing object. He loved the way that she always smiled when she saw him. He loved her brilliant ever changing hair.

He, Remus, didn't deserve her. He deserved no one. What he did deserve was to rot in Hell. Yes, that would satisfy him.

He was so broken.

The child would never forgive him. He would go on to grow up without a father. Remus couldn't bare to ever confront him.

But what the trio had told him rang in his ears like a never ending tape recorder.

What child would be ashamed of you?

I don't know, Hermione, I would be pretty ashamed of him.

It was a slap in the face. Something he didn't believe until he heard it from another’s mouth. But it was all true. All of it.

Somewhere in the distance, the church bells rang twelve times signaling the new day. Signaling to Remus that he would be spending yet another Christmas without her.

And that's when it hit him.

He had to go. He had to find her. He needed her. She needed him.

Nymphadora Tonks did not deserve to be alone on Christmas.



"Tonks," a voice carried huskily from outside the front door, a voice which she hadn't heard for more then a month. She froze from her place on the couch and looked up reluctantly. Remus was here. Here for Christmas? Please stay, Remus, she thought. I need you.

She rose and leaned against the door ever so slightly so she could hear him. His breath was coming unsteadily and his voice sounded hoarse.

"Tonks, it's me, Remus. Please let me in," he pleaded.

She pondered over this matter before looking down at herbelly which was more round then when the pregnancy started. He had left us. Remus had left her and their unborn child. It was all his fault.

"Go away Lupin," she hollered, making sure to use his surname which she did when she was cross with him.

"Please Tonks," he begged. It was strange hearing the urgency in his voice. Remus was usually calm and cool headed but now he sounded wild and deranged.  "I have seen the error of my ways."

She scowled and replied, "I’m not letting you in, werewolf." As soon as the words had left her mouth, she wanted to take them back. Remus was silent on the other side of the door.

Finally he said firmly, "I’m coming in." She of course realized that that was a stupid idea. They had put so many enchantments on our little house that it would be quiet impossible and the intruder would undergo excruciating pain.

But never-the-less, Remus's hand foolishly seized the door knob and pulled. The silent night was soon filled with shrieks and hollers from Remus as the Cruciatus Curse that he had put up did its worst.

She sighed and exited the house and made her way to where her husband was wringing in the snow. He looked frail in the moonlight, more grey hair, more scars, but to her, he was just Remus.

The man who she had fallen in love with. The man who she had married. The man whose child she would soon bear. The man who had left them to rot.

He looked up into her face and even though he was still suffering from the curse, he smiled.

She reluctantly muttered the counter curse, but then turned her back on him and started towards the house.

"Tonks!" he shouted, sprinting to catch up with her. "Dora, I'm sorry! I've been an arrogant git. Please forgive me. I deserved that curse as much as any person but I beg you to please let me say why,"

She stared sadly up into his face.

"Why did you leave, Remus?" she whispered.

He placed his hands on my waist and looked me in the eyes.

"Because I was scared. I didn’t want to accept my responsibility. I had let down every one, you, your parents, my child, my self-" But before he could finish she cut him off.

"Remus, don't you DARE think that you ever disappointed me. I was over the moon about it! I have loved you from the moment I first clamped eyes on you, and I always will love you. As for my parents, they're just going to have to deal with disappointment. I don't give a wand what they think of us. Our child will not care at all what you are! It will love its father and probably even respect you more for what you are! And Remus...please don't be disappointed at yourself. It's very normal to have a child," she smiled up at him.

He beamed down at her and kissed her forehead, then her nose, then her cheek, her neck, finally finding her lips and they stood there in the still of night, their lips moving passionately over each other’s.

"Merry Christmas Tonks,"

"Merry Christmas Lupin."

"So does this mean I can come back?" he asked after they were finished.

"You may, but tonight you'll be sleeping on the couch, not with me."

He grinned.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Text in bold was taken from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, page 176 UK paperback edition.