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A Twist of Fate by BeforeTheStorm

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 8,750
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Narcissa, Goyle Jr., Luna, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), Scorpius
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/15/2010
Last Chapter: 05/22/2011
Last Updated: 05/22/2011


A baby was asked to be left under Hermione Granger’s care. The letter had written clearly, “Please, that’s all I’m asking. I will come back when the time is right.” She recognizes the writing anywhere.

Chapter 4: Hogwarts Party

Chapter Five - Hogwarts Party

"Scorpius?" Narcissa's voice called. "Sweetheart! Let's go!"

He ran down the stairs as quickly as his short legs could take him towards Narcissa and Hermione. He looked really adorable with his buttoned up shirt and pants.

"Mama, grandmama, you both look pretty!" Scorpius grinned as he saw the two women by the fireplace. Hermione had a grey strapless dress on her and a pale green cloak around her. She had silver strappy heels on. It was really simple. Narcissa had her green dress on with a cloack over to keep herself warm and ballet flats. Narcissa was still taller than Hermione in flats.

They were heading to the Hogwarts party. Everyone in Hermione's year was attending, with the exception of a few.

"All set?" Hermione asked. When the two Malfoys nodded, they apparated to Hogsmeade where they will be walking to the ancient building.

Silence followed Hermione and the two Malfoys as they walked into the Great Hall. All eyes turned to the three. Curiosity, shock and jealousy greeted them. Narcissa pecked both Hermione and her grandchild on the cheek before leaving them to look for her friends.

Lavender was the first one to greet her. She had a sleeping little boy on her hips.

"HERMIONE!" Lavender squealed. "It's great to see you again! It's been ages! This is my son Ethan Thomas, my daughter Emma is with Dean. Dean Thomas, you remember him!"

"Yeah." Hermione smiled. "Ethan is really cute. How old is he?"

"He'll be turning three in a few months!" Lavender said. "This must be Scorpius! Wow, he really looks like Malfoy!"

Hermione drowned Lavender's voice out like she always did when Lavender started to go on and on about some things that Hermione could care less about. She pretended to listen as she looked around for her best friends.

"Excuse me, Lavender?" Hermione said when she spotted her friends at a table near the end of the room. "Scorpius and I have a few people to see. If you could?"

"Oh, yes, yes!" Lavender exclaimed as she switched Ethan to her other hip. "Is Ron around?"

Hermione rolled her eyes mentally. This girl will never change. Before she could open her mouth to reply, Scorpius did. "Uncle Won is doing things with Aunty Pansy. They were doing things with their lips, their tongues, they hands and-"

"Ok, Scorpius, that's enough." Hermione laughed awkwardly. "We'll be going now. It's nice seeing you, Lavender. Say hi to Dean for me yeah?"

"Yeah, alright." Lavender said, a bit sadden by the fact that Ron was with someone else. Hermione and Scorpius waved at Lavender before they threaded through the crowd towards Harry and Ron.

As she dragged a whining Scorpius behind her, she received several glares from the still single girls from her year who didn't like the fact that Draco Malfoy's son was being taken care of by Hermione Granger. She had also received some civility from the ex-Slytherins who had surprisingly also flirted with her but had completely ignored Scorpius.

"Ugh, remind me why I came here." She complained as Scorpius ran off to look for Nathan Zabini. Ginny grinned. "Lavender was asking me about Ron."

Ginny laughed. "Haven't changed as she?"

"No she hadn't." Hermione grinned as she stood up. "Well, I need to meet up with Daphne and her husband."

"She got married?" Ginny asked shocked. "To who?"

"Edric Hamilton." The older girl grinned when the red-head's eyes grew wider.

"I'll be right back love." Ginny said as she pecked Harry on the cheeks.

"Whatever." Harry said as he rolled his eyes at his wife's reaction.

Hermione stood up, waiting for Ginny Potter to walk over to her. Ginny and Harry had gotten married in July and they were expecting their child. Ginny was four months pregnant. The Weasleys and Harry were excited.

"How are you feeling?" Hermione asked as Ginny hooked her left arm around her right arm.

"Great!" Ginny smiled. "Morning sickness was over a month ago and the mood swings aren't hitting me hard yet. It's amazing to know that you are carrying a life in you."

Hermione laughed at her response as they approached Daphne and her husband. Daphne grinned and pulled her husband towards the girls when she spotted them.

"Ginny! Hermione!" Daphne called excitedly as she hugged the two mentioned girls. "It's great to see you!"

"I thought you were having your one month honey-moon?" Hermione asked curiously.

"We were." Edric smiled, snaking his arms around his wife. "Then we received the letter, and I wanted to see the school my wife always talked about. She loves this place."

"Aww." Ginny gushed. "That's so sweet!"

"Ginny!" Daphne gasped as she took in Ginny's appearance. "You are glowing! How far long are you?"

"Four." The red-head smiled proudly, patting her slight bump.

"Congratulations!" Edric and Daphne chorused.

"Sorry for the short meeting, but I was wondering where the bathroom is?" Edric asked.

"Oh, I'll go with you. I'm not good with directions." Daphne said, winking at her husband. "We'll catch you later, alright?"

"Alright." Hermione laughed as Edric and Daphne walked away from them.

"They're so perfect together!" Ginny smiled. "Though, I have to say, Mr. Hamilton is quite an eye-candy."

"Ginny!" Hermione mocked glared then laughed. "He is, isn't he?"

Both women laughed as they walked back to the table where Harry and Luna were talking.

"Hey, love." Ginny said as she planted a kiss on her husband's lips, sitting down in the process. "Hey Luna."

"Hello Hermione, Ginny." Luna smiled. Blaise was no where to be found.

"Hi Luna." Hermione smiled-she stayed standing. "Where's Blaise?"

"He's talking to friends." Luna said dreamily as she gulped down some water. "I wasn't feeling that well."

"Alright now, Luna?" Hermione asked, concerned for her friend.

"Yes, thank you." Luna smiled. Hermione nodded and looked around, trying to locate Goyle and Millicent. Instead of them, her hazel eyes caught another person. She had never seen him before but there was something familiar about him that caused her heart to skip a beat. Her mysterious guy walked out the door Dumbledore had magicked, connecting it straight to the Black Lake.

"Excuse me." Hermione said absent-mindedly and ran off to follow that guy. Harry sent her a worried and confused glance but she didn't catch it as she was already half way there.

"Excuse me?" Hermione repeated but to a different person. It had caused him to turn around to face her. "Do I know you?"

He had dirty blonde hair that hung down. It was all she could make out of his face. He had a charm on that caused Hermione to see only his body built and hair—his face was blurred.

"I suppose not, sorry." Hermione sighed and was about to turn around when the guy spoke.

"You're too attractive to be forgotten, miss." He spoke.

Hermione swallowed down a gasp. His voice was familiar yet different. "Oh," She said, blushing. "I'm sorry, you looked familiar from the back."

"It's alright, you're not the first one." The voice laughed, it sounded forced to Hermione's ears. She ignored it. "You look absolutely breath-taking in your grey dress miss"

"Thank you." She smiled and fidgeted. "Can I try something?"

"Sure, alright." The man shrugged.

Then, without a warning, Hermione leaned forward and captured the man's lips. She didn't know his background, his name, nothing. All she knew was that she felt a familiar pull towards the mysterious man before her. She pulled away and gasped for a much needed breath. Her heart was racing so fast, it felt like it was going to burst out any second.

Again, after she caught her breath, she took the man's lips in hers. Soon, her hands were tangled in his hair and his arms went around her waist, supporting her weight. The kiss had made Hermione teary. She cried silently as she kissed the mysterious man passionately.

She pulled away again, this time, both were gasping for much needed air. They leaned forwards and their head touched, lips close to each others,

Confidently, she whispered. "Draco."

It was silent after that and her heart dropped, she was so sure it was him. She sighed quietyl and started to lean away when the man's arm tightened around her waist and let go. She closed her eyes and expected him to walk away when he did the unthinkable.

He whispered on her lips.

"I'll come home soon, love. I promise. I love you, Mia."

She chocked back a sob as she heard the sound of apparation. She stayed rooted to the spot but turned to face the lake. She slid down a nearby tree and let her tears fall freely under the moonlight.

Unbeknownst to her, the entire Great Hall was watching silently. They had been watching ever since a few of them spotted the former Head Girl walk out after the mysterious man. Only a couple heard his name, Narcissa and Harry were included as they stood the closest. The crowd went back to their separate ways when he had apparated away, except for a few people who lingered around to see or hear more about it.

After spending a few minutes alone, Hermione walked back to the Great Hall, thanking Merlin that she had charmed her make up to be water-proof. She felt people's curious eyes on her when she walked in with her head down. Narcissa walked quickly up to her and took her into her arms in a motherly way, letting the younger girl cry into her chest.

Author's note this has yet to be the oddest chapter written. sorry for not updating for so long! I hope this is satisfying! More chapters coming naow!