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Seven by loopyluna

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 59,030

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: McGonagall, James (II), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 09/19/2010
Last Chapter: 03/12/2011
Last Updated: 03/12/2011

Banner by Marit @ tda // Freddy/Oc
Warning: Narrated by a narrow minded and cynical insomniac. 

Dixie doesn't care that Freddy has similar body mass to a bear, or the fact that her breath catches in her throat at the mere sight of him. She is going to detach him from his latest bird even if she has to use the scissors. 

Chapter 5: The Influential Allure Of Dimples


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Gabe King


I left Freddy standing and continued down the corridor, he didn’t shout after me. I took a left and went towards the Astronomy Tower. I didn’t have my telescope. My telescope is my entire world, that little gold piece of equipment means more to me than my own life. I jogged up the stairs and took a left at the top, stopping at the large oak doors. When I was sure that I was alone, I began to rapidly kick the wood infront of me.


With each kick, I felt a punch of anger erupt and rebel through the wood. The door would shake, and then I would do it again. Each kick and punch against the wood was accompanied by harsh words about a certain handsome Weasley.


The doors opened and instead of hitting oak, my fist hit a chest.


“Do you make a habit of this?” at the sound of his voice I looked up with a glare. If it were anyone else, it would have been punctuated with slight embarrassment. But for Gabriel King it didn’t matter.


I looked up to his rowdy voice and scruffy hair and mustered a smile. “I try not to.”


“You wanna talk, DP?”


I eyes him curiously and then zoomed in on his Ravenclaw robes. “We’ve been Arithmacy partners for almost two and a half years now.” He grinned sheepishly. “When have I ever wanted to talk about my feelings?”


“Point taken.” He said melodramatically. “I’m actually shocked that I would even talk to you after witnessing that shocking temper tantrum.”


I mustered a small apology smile to the scruffy lad and pushed past him and in to the tower. Gabe was a terrible student, he had a shorter attention span than I and made a regular habit of throwing things off of the tower in despite of himself.


I veered my eyes in to an eye roll as he followed me. “Gabe, honestly. You’ve seen the outcome of the door,” I pointed a long finger towards the small splinters on the floor. “For your own safety, I recommend that you leave.”


“It’s cute that you’re trying to protect me.” He said. “But honestly, Dix. I don’t need it. As you sad, we’ve been partners for two years. I can handle you.”


I raised an eyebrow as a challenge and launched myself at him. Lazily, he lifted a hand up and caught my forehead. I waved my arms around, swiping at his chest embarrassingly. His grip moved from my head to my shoulders and he pulled me in for a tight hug. He called it ‘The Dixie-Special’; it was specially made so that I have the inability to move. I made a mental note to later thrash James for his part in this.


I pulled away and sent him an unnecessary growl. “Cheer up; it might never happen.”


“Don’t be mean.”


“I’m just being truthful.”


I stared at him uncomprehendingly while he continued to laugh under his breath. Gabe is famously known throughout our year as the only person besides my brother, Josiah, with the ability to shut me up. He accomplishes it frequently.


My mouth snapped shut and he sent me a cheeky smile. I tried to talk, but I had nothing to say. I couldn’t muster any language of any kind. Gabe spoke instead. He walked over to the balcony on the tower and I followed him obediently.


His lips twisted in to a thoughtful grin. “There are many things that can send you in to a slump forward slash raging lunatic, but there is only who things, or shall I say person, who can put that pout on your face.”


“Fred and I got in to a fight.”


He snorted. “Fred? I was going to say Longbottom, but alright.” I leant over the railing a little to my left and shoved him lightly with my shoulder, a small grin worked its way on to my face. Gabe could always do that; it drove me mad. “Do I need to shove my telescope up his arse?”


“Please don’t put that terror upon the telescope.” I begged, taking his silver ornament from his stack of scruffy papers and unused, dusty textbooks.


His mouth formed in to a small ‘O’. “Right, I forgot about your little obsession.”


“My obsession?” I echoed in a questioning manner.


He nodded. “Yes, your obsession.” He tapped the top of the telescope lightly, as if it made everything clear. I gaped a little and raised my brows. “You love telescopes.”


“Your tone is very patronizing.”


“Your obsession is very strange.”


“It’s not an obsession!” I squealed. “And don’t treat them without care, like you do; you know it makes me want to push you from the tower.”


His voice was rich with humor, but he spoke as if to a child. “Obsessed.”




He smirked. “Since when do you care about anything?”


I shrugged. He was correct. There were few things that I cared about. With the exception of my friends and my brothers, Astronomy was all that I had left. Other things in life simply passed me by as if they meant nothing. I was scarily loyal.


Telescopes were a thing that I had always found fascinating. At the age of six, my brother Nick and received a telescope for Christmas from our parents; he needed it for Astronomy. It was a rare one, from India. Nick had little care for such equipment and he handed it off to me to make me stop crying in my cot. It had shut me up instantly.


I love the divinity that it makes of the world around us; through a telescope everything is so definite, yet so unreal. I have been fascinated ever since.


“I care about some things.” I argued. “I would care if you fell from this tower for example.”


He smiled lightly. “You’d miss me.”


“No, because you’re holding another telescope,” I snapped snatching it off of him. “Why do you have two anyway?” I held one in each hand.


He shook his head. “You are so, odd.” I veered another eye roll. “I have two because I keep loosing them – oh, drop that face DP, you know that I don’t mean to.”


“I bet that you do.” I rounded. “I bet that you do it just to spite me?”


“Do I need to pull you in for another Dixie-Special?” he asked.


I shook my head and pushed the telescopes back in to his grasp and he caught them as they nearly fell to the floor. “You’re stupid.”


“You’re a cynical girl, known famously for her wit,” he countered. “And that’s the best that you can come up with.” 


“I’m having a bad day!”


His lips twisted in to a mischievous smile. “Tell that to the door.” I tried to send him a final glare and stride towards the said door, but he grabbed my wrist, the telescoped pushed to under his left arm.


“If you pull me in for a Dixie-Spe-“


“Would some Astronomy make it better?” he asked, cutting me off in more ways than one. He handed me a telescope and held one of his own. “I have over a week of notes that need completing.”


I sighed and looked to the sky; it was a clear night. I would send an owl to James. It was about time that he got started too. We were all in the same lesson; usually partnered in to a trio. The boys needed as much help as they could get.



“I hate Quidditch.” I said inartistically to myself as I watched the team fly around in circles.


James had dragged me along to the very first game of our First Year. Charisma was in the Hospital Wing; it was the full moon the night before. He was desperate to watch it and so I became his next victim.


I had never liked the sport; my brothers played it constantly. While they would fly around, the wind in their hair, I would watch from the sidelines with demise in my eyes and a sour expression upon my face. Things like that don’t just change over night.


But James loved the sport. He thought that it was the best thing in the universe. Within a year he had trained up and became the best Captain of Gryffindor since his Grandfather. He played Chaser.


He would trick me in to coming to the games, telling me that I was his lucky charm. Within weeks, it was a regular habit that I would turn up to the practices, just to make sure that he didn’t fall foolishly from his broom. And to offer kind words of support, of course.


“I heard that!” Ellie said as she flew past briefly.


I sent her a leer and sat back on my usual bench. It had become a regular habit by my third year to come out and watch Freddy play too. He was the ‘big bear’ of the team, the lovable one. But today he showed no kindness of the sort.


He treated the bludger as if it were a Death Eater, as if it were about to kill. It didn’t get within ten feat of another player. He was on top. It was the best he had ever played.


I leaned forward and took another lick of the lollypop in my grasp. It was red, veracious tramp red. The same colour as my nails today. The same colour of my lipstick. The same colour as the bow in my hair.


The same colour as what will be Freddy’s cheek in the shape of a handprint if he gets close enough to me today.


I leant back on to the wooden stand, sending my gaze towards the sky. I wore Fred’s Quidditch jumper, partnered with dark skin tight jeans and a pair of high heeled boots.


There are people in life who I occasionally would like to hex to Timbuktu. But I won’t, instead I save all of my hatred for specific times.


Freddy won’t take it too well.


I woke up this morning to a realisation. Freddy Weasley. Occupation, Gryffindor Quidditch Beater, nothing less, nothing more, however, he finds that incredibly hard to accept. Ever school has an obligatory psychotic jackass. At the moment, he’s ours.


It just seems odd that I can’t seem to get him out of my head.




Second hour, as the team pushed themselves around yet another lap of the field, some running , some on brooms, the wind attacked my eyes and made them water. I blinked, a tear falling down my face and pushed my long, thin locks from my eyes.


As the rounds were first being run, the team had suffered, after only two runs; they were hot, bothered and sweaty. It took only one more lap for the lads to loose their shirts. For another 12 laps, I watched Freddy and the boys run in only shorts and shoes. It’s nearing December.


James called an end to practise, placing a kiss on to Charismas head and gesturing hastily towards the Changing Rooms. He sent them in before turning to me and heckling me down to the pitch. I grudgingly got up and crossed my arms across my chest.


“Pruitt!” I blinked at the shout of my name.


“Potter!” I shouted back, with matched enthusiasm.


He glared. “Help?”


I jumped over the bench and landed on the one below. From there I walked to the stairs, my expression not once changing on the way down.


“Jimy-Jams.” I moaned. “I don’t want to pack up the stuff; I don’t even play.”


He rolled his eyes. “Dixie-Pixie, you’re a beautiful, beautiful girl.” I smiled. “Don’t make that you’re only charming quality.”


I scrunched up my nose and smiled so I had little dimples, one in each cheek. “I don’t need to be nice.” I pointed to a dimple. “Because I have these.”


I glared happily to James and pushed back the sleeve to the jacket. The red leather and gold lettering on the jacket was something that we had to fight for. It was a partition started by the Quidditch Team, suitable jackets to represent our house spirit. Only the team got them, and just like the movies, the boys gave their jackets to their girls. Fred gave me his old one, the one he grew out of in forth year. Surprisingly, he off handed it to me; as his ‘favourite girl’. It’s unfortunate that he was on a Russell Brand worthy one night mission. He’s still on it. He will forever be on it.


I had contemplated throwing it out, but I just couldn’t. Instead I put it on this morning and felt the anger instantly boil up. It blew the top of the thermometer that was my mind and held it there for the day. I wouldn’t forget what he said, this way. I wouldn’t forgive him as easily.


“You alright there, love?” James asked sweetly as I threw a bat in to its rightful trunk.  


I nodded. “I’ll be fine.”


“Fine?” he scoffed. “You and Freddy haven’t spoken in almost three days; I’ve never seen either of you go that long.”


I blinked and bit my lip cautiously. “It’s his decision; all he needs to do is apologise.”


“He needs to?” James asked. “Are you sure? You’re both as stubborn and as blind as each other, Dix. Is it your fault to? You need to be the grown up here.”


I threw the other bat at him, having picked it up from the grass beneath me. He dodged it with a pained expression on his face. “Fred believed Avery over me.” I hissed. “He chose to believe rumour over my word.”


“He did what?” James spat. “That’s crap, Dixie. Freddy would never do that, especially not to you.”


I shrugged. “Well ask him why.” James sent me a glare of expectancy. “He did.”


James nodded. “I believe you Dixie-Pixie; you don’t lie about shit.”


“Thank you.” I said exasperatedly.


For another minute or two we cleared the pitch in silence, Accio-ing the equipment towards us and re-covering the over turned grass that became of the green. James grabbed my forearm. “Don’t argue with him, please.”




“He’s coming this way.” James said. “Please don’t argue. It’s not worth it.”


I slammed the lid of the trunk down. It smacked together with a loud bang before the latch fell down and locked the equipment in. I flipped my hair over my shoulder and turned only at Freddy’s voice. He was talking to James, who seemed to be giving him the same advice.


He was right about one thing; we were as stubborn as the other.


I blinked and smiled in a cute way, more devilish that normal. I was sure that Freddy could see my horns. He shoved his hands in to the pockets of his cottons, unintentionally flexing his muscles. His dark hair matched his eyes and his caramel skin stood out in the late November evening.


My eyes travelled to behind him, in the open doorway of the changing rooms stood Kyle and Drew. Andrew punched his best friend on the arm and Kyle leant down to clutch it dramatically. I let out a loud snort. It was probable that he deserved it.


“What’s so funny?” Fred questioned, a dark brow rising.


“Nothing that you’d be interested in.” I said cutely.


Freddy had little patience for Mr. Ellie Harris-I-like-to-kiss-my-girlfriends-lipstick-right-off-her-face, aka, Kyle Sanford of whom he shares a dorm with. He is merely friends with him for convenience.


Fred frowned lazily and dug his hands deeper in to his pockets. “Is that so?”


I gave a curt nod and then a sigh. I pulled a stray hair from my lips; it had gotten stuck to my Vaseline. The situation reminded me slightly of the one between Charisma and James.


They were best friends for almost six years before they got together. She fell in love with him before he did fell for her. Any how, at that point, he had a girlfriend. Charisma’s attempts at perusing James had become more apparent towards the end of the year. In the beginning, there were little pushes in the ‘relationship’ direction, but they became full blown plans. Lily actually had them drawn out and pinned to her wall. I believe the work was designed by Rose-the-family-genius-Weasley.


If I were in Chris’ position, I would have just walk right up there and kiss that sucker on the lips and then face the consequences. But now that we were in a similar situation, it didn’t all seem so simple. I had actually done that to Freddy, now look at us.


Charisma was always so surprising. She was nothing like her parents. I met her parents once, before they croaked and kicked the bucket. I realize that could have been phrased better. Fred’s always told me that I’m not one for tact. In one, her parents are dicks. There is no way in hell that those two managed Charisma as their offspring.


I know that, that silly little blonde fairy has always had secrets. Part of me had wanted to pin her down and batter them out of her. But I knew that she would tell me when she is ready. I had actually made a list at one point of all the secrets that she could have been harbouring. They included everything from being a Vampire to being a secret movie star. 


But I wasn’t harbouring secrets, maybe one situation that could have been handled better. But it wasn’t a secret as such.


“I didn’t mean it Dixie.” He said quietly. “I just, didn’t know how to phrase it.”


I suddenly recognised the expression of fear and enticement, all rolled in to one. “You didn’t know how to phrase what?”


“My apology,” he muttered. “I’ve never been very good at them.” I felt a little touched, but pushed it to the back of my mind. “I didn’t believe the rumours.”


I blinked. “You sure did the other day.”


“No, I didn’t.” He snapped. “You just didn’t let me get a word in.”


“Oh, so it’s my fault now?” I impulsively snapped.


“No!” he glared. “You’re doing it again!”


I glowered. “Doing what?”


“Cutting me off, twisting my words!”


He looked at me fiercely and I pouted. I had fallen in love with Freddy at the word ‘Hello’. However it had only taken another word from his mouth to anger me with such a force it would make children cry with its aura.


I took a deep breath and nodded. He seemed a confused at me decision upon action. “You’re right.” He opened his mouth to speak before closing it once more. “I am a disgrace to human kind.”


“Dixie!” He derisively called. “Come on, love. Don’t be like that.”


I shook my head and took off the jacket, giving it back to him and walking away. I didn’t dare turn around, but judging by the expression of Drew’s face, he had stayed to watch it unfold, Freddy wasn’t reacting angrily. If I looked back, I wouldn’t keep walking.


Drew caught my arm and I looked him in the eye. “Drew-ie, please…not now.” My voice dropped to a whisper and he nodded understandingly.


He let me go and I walked through the Changing Rooms, kicking over a hat stand as I went. James flinched as I stormed through the boys and through the final door away from the Quidditch Pitch.


He knew that it hadn’t gone well. He knew as well as I did.


I stormed down the corridor, my usual speed and dodged a small Hufflepuff as she tripped over a concrete slab in the floor and smacked her head against it as she fell forward. I stepped over her and sped up my pace.


I dodged it all, the suits of armour, the opening and closing of doors, the students. However what I apperantely couldn’t dodge, or whom should I say, was Professor Longbottom.


“Miss Pruitt?” he questioned as he caught hold of my wrists, setting me upright once more. “Are you alright?”


I shook my head. “Was Fred Weasley Sr a pillock as well?”


Longbottom nodded. “Pretty much. But he always meant well.”


“There was never any hope for his nephew of the same name was there?”


I had awoken this morning in a bad mood; I had overslept and was late to Arithmacy. James and I had proceeded to play Exploding Snap and receive nothing more than a glare from Professor Flint. What I hadn’t expected was to be joking with our Head of House.


Professor Longbottom gave me a look of understanding, “Miss Pruitt.” He said. “When I was in my school years, I was on the receiving end of many of the Weasley twins pranks.” I nodded; it wasn’t a shock. He had ‘victim’ written all over his face. “But they never meant any harm. I doubt that Freddy does either.”


“You think?”


He nodded.


“I think that you’re wrong,” I said through gritted teeth. “He may not mean any harm, but he sure as hell caused it.”


“Dixie,” he said with concern. “Please think before you act. You’re an irrational girl, you’ve always have been, since you were a child. I do want this school to stay in tact. Don’t be mean.”


I blinked and smiled, popping out a dimple. Longbottom knew this look as well as I did. I wasn’t keeping anything. “Wouldn’t dream of it, Sir.”


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I will update soon, but first, here is a little preview of Chapter 6 – a very difficult chapter to write, I must have tried about six times. I literally have saved on to my computer ‘six,2’ and ‘Chapter Six, Dixie’ ect, ect, ect.


“But this doesn’t mean I like you, Pruitt. Your presence alone makes me want to set myself on fire.” I blinked, if this was supposed to be the second part to his heartfelt apology, he was failing miserably. “But I don’t think that I could ever hate you.”


“Get rid of your smut and you’re not so bad either.” I mumbled, attacking a crusty corner of the cauldron.


A little interaction between Dixie and another there, any ideas as to who? It’s not a difficult one to be honest :D

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