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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 29: The Chapter where a lot happens (Including Harry's birth)



Lily sat on the couch in front of the fireplace, with her swollen feet up on the center table. She sighed, and waved the magazine in front of her flushed face. The heat was starting to get to her, as well as boredom. She had nothing to do during the days, because James had made her take off the month after, and before the birth. She had a lot of time to herself.

She was happy that May was coming to spend time with her in an hour, after her last class dismissed. She was due to pop any day now, and she was a bit nervous. She stopped fanning herself with the magazine, and flipped it open. It may have been boring, but it was reading material.

She soon found herself falling asleep, in the penetrating heat. The magazine lay face down on her large stomach.

May stepped into Lily’s living room, to be met with a humorous sight. Lily was lying down on the couch, with her swollen ankles propped up on the center table. There was a mothering magazine, face down on her swollen belly and she was breathing lightly. Her hair was falling over the back of the couch, and around the cushions, and a bead of sweat was slowly falling down her flushed face.

“ Liiiiilllllyyy.” May said in a sing song voice.

Lily’s eyes flickered open, and she stared back at May standing in front of her.

“ Tired?”

“ Yea, it is so HOT in here.” Lily tried to sit up straight, and it took her few seconds before she was sitting upright.

“ So how’s it going?”

“ Pretty good, I guess, I’m bored to tears, with no one here, and since I’m ready to pop any day now, James doesn’t want me to do anything to strenuous.” Lily rolled her eyes at that.

“ Oh he’s just worried about you that’s all.” May said smiling.

“ Yea, I know.”

Just then, the fire burned green, and an older woman with red graying hair stepped out smiling.

“ How’s my favorite daughter in law?”

“ How’s your only daughter in law?” Lily said smiling.

“ Yea, well you would’ve been my favorite anyway.” She said grinning. “ So how are you doing?” She asked worriedly.

“ I’m doing ok, I’m a little emotional, GOSH it’s hot in here. Is it normal that I can’t fit into my shoes?”

Mrs. Potter laughed. “ That’s to be expected. Anything else?”

“ Well, I can’t get up without outside help. Other than that, I’m fine.

Mrs. Potter smiled remembering how that was. ”When is James coming home? I have an announcement to make.”

Lily smiled. “He should be home any minute.”

“Well good.”

May smiled and sat down next to Lily. “So what do you want to do?”

“Well I have to make dinner.” Lily said, as she began the long drawn out process of standing up.

“ No, you’re not.” Mrs. Potter said. She gently pushed her daughter in law back into her seat and made her way into the kitchen. “ I’ll make it for tonight.”

Lily and May shared a look before May practically threw herself into the cushions of Lily’s couch. She sighed, and looked over at Lily.

“So Sirius bought a flying motorcycle.” May said quietly.

Lily’s emerald eyes sparkled excitedly. “Are you kidding me? A flying one?” She asked amused.

May shrugged. “Unfortunately.”

Lily grinned. “You’re not happy about this?”

“I don’t like motorcycles.” She shrugged. “But I suppose it’s ok, if it makes him happy, besides, I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be living here.” She glanced up at Lily through her eyelashes.

Lily caught onto the subtle hint, and looked up concerned. “What?”

“Well, you see, I was offered a job.”

Lily looked at May, pushing her silently to go on.

“And it pays better than Hogwarts.”

Lily nodded. “Ok, well where is it then?”

May gulped, and picked at a thread in the couch. “America.”

Lily felt a knot form in the back of her throat. “America? Are you serious?” Lily asked in awe.

May shrugged yet again. “Yea, it has much better pay….and…..”

“And what?” Lily asked.

“Well it’s just got better benefits and all that.”

Lily stared at her open mouthed. “So you’re moving to America?”

May’s eyes went wide, and she turned and stared at Lily. “No! no, no, no, I’m not sure I’m doing this yet, I don’t know if I can leave Sirius.”

Lily nodded.

“I’m just thinking about it.” May said quietly.

“ Well May, I won’t pretend that I like what you’re thinking, but if that’s what you want to do, then it’s your choise. But I’ll miss you.” Lily said.

“ Oh I’ll miss you too Lily.” May said and hugged Lily tightly. “But I seriously wouldn’t worry about it now.”

Lily felt tears well behind her eyes. ‘Don’t cry! Don’t cry!’ Lily felt a tear fall down her face. ‘Why was she crying? It wasn’t like May had said that she was definitely leaving, and tomorrow at that.

When they broke apart, Lily tried to hide her face ashamed.

“ Lils?” May asked, studying her fidgeting friend. When she finally caught her friend’s face, she noticed a tear fall.

“ Lily, why are you crying?” May asked shocked.

“ I don’t know.”

“ Oh Lily.” May giggled, and hugged Lily again.

“ What’s with all the water works?” A deep voice asked from behind them.

“ Oh nothing, just your emotional wife.” May chuckled.

James smiled, and walked behind his wife. He gathered her hair away from her face, and bent down to kiss her head.

“How’s mummy doing?”

“I’ve been better, speaking of mums, your mum’s here.” Lily said with a yawn.

“She is?”

“She said she has an announcement to make.”

“An announcement?” James asked, confusion spreading across his handsome face.


“Well let’s go weasel it out of her.” James grinned. He helped his wife to standing position. “I also have an announcement, and since everyone is here, besides Remus, I’ll just tell you now.”

Lily smiled at him, and intertwined her arm with his.

When they entered the kitchen, James’s mother turned around, and regarded her son.

“Hello James’s dear.”

“Hey Mum.” He walked up to her, and kissed her cheek.

“You had an announcement?”

“Yes, James….. I’m moving.” James’s jaw dropped, Lily and May, just stared at her.

“ Mum Why?”

Mrs. Potter fidgeted nervously from foot to foot.

“ Oh not far dear, just to another house.” She tried to sound cheerful.

James nodded, frowning. “ Where?”

“ Whales, maybe.” She smiled.


Mrs. Potter shrugged at the distraught look on his son’s face.

“I just can’t live there anymore, too many memory’s. Besides, I think it’s time.”

James could see her reasoning, but didn’t she see that she was selling his childhood home? The house that he had happy memories in. Memories involving his father? Or the summers at his house with the Marauders.

“Do you see dear?” She asked, examining him closely.

James just nodded.

Mrs. Potter nodded slowly, before smiling at her son cheerfully. “Ok, well now you. What’s your big news?”

“ Mum…” James looked at his mother sadly. He couldn’t fathom why his mother was so happy about selling his childhood home.

“ Oh James, go on.” Mrs. Potter smiled.

James looked up at his mother, his wife, and his friend.

“They’ve made me World Class Auror, Sirius already knows.” James managed a weak smile.

Lily stood stock-still staring fixedly at her husband. Her lips thinned into a straight line, as she did everything in her power to keep them from trembling. The lump in her throat grew to unmentionable heights, as what he had said, sank home. She felt the familiar tears string to her eyes, and she didn’t do anything to stop them.

May looked at him shocked and Mrs. Potter stared at him. Then the tears springing to her eyes.

“What?” James asked confused.

“ James Please. Please don’t!” Lily cried. She stepped in front of him staring pleadingly with her eyes, and grasped his hands.

He looked at his distressed wife and apprehension curled around his stomach. He begged her to understand with his eyes.

“ Lily you know I have to.” He said quietly, glancing quickly at the other two in the room.

Lily wanted to shout, to scream, to hit something; instead she nodded, dropped his hand like it had burned her, and turned out of the kitchen to be alone.

“ Lily! Lily please! Wait!” He bounded out of the kitchen after his wife. She was halfway up the stairs, when James reached her. He grabbed her wrist. She turned toward him on the stairs. Her face was a mask of emotion. Tears rolled slowly down her cheeks, and she stared into his eyes. Her fiery red hair tumbled down her back, and her emerald eyes had lost their sparkle.

“ James, I understand why you have to do this, but, I just need time to deal with it, to deal with the fact of how much danger your putting yourself into, so you can go back down with your mother, and May, I’ll see you later.” She looked at him once more before turning up the stairs, and closing the door to her room with a soft thud.

James stared at the door. He could feel his heart breaking in two. He could actually feel tears well behind his eyes, he hadn’t felt that since his father died. He blinked them away, and walked slowly back down the stairs to the kitchen.

When he entered, his mother, and May were sitting at the table chatting. May glanced up with sympathy.

“ How is she?”

“ She’s upset, she won’t talk to me.” James’s voice cracked.

“ Don’t worry James, just give her time.”

James nodded mournfully. “ I know.” He said unhappily. He slumped down next to his mother, and put his head in his hands.

“ She’s just worried, dear, look what happened to your father.” Mrs. Potter said sadly.

“ I know.” He shook his head, and stood up again. “ This is just not my day, you tell me that you’re moving, and my wife won’t talk to me right now. Look, you guys can stay here if you want, but I’ve got to talk to her, she needs to understand.”

“ James, shouldn’t you give her some time to adjust.”

“ I’ve got to make sure that she understands, I can’t live without her, she means the world to me, most of the reason why I’m doing this is to protect her and the baby.”

May and Mrs. Potter just nodded, as they watched their friend, and son turn toward the stairs.

James walked up the stairs quietly brooding over what Lily had said to him. She’d said she understood, but did she? That if he didn’t do this the Potter line would diminish to nonexistence, and evil would win. He stood outside the hard wood door. He leaned in. He could hear sniffling. He knocked softly, until he heard a soft nasally voice say that he could enter. He pushed the door open and stood uncertainly in the doorway. She sat up straight on the end of the bed, tears streamed down her as she stared at him standing in the doorway.

They stood in awkward silence for a few moments.

“You know James, I had this dream once.” She started quietly, and even though they were quiet, it sounded as if she was shouting at him “I had a baby, it was our baby, and you….you….were killed.” Tears fell continuously down her face. “That was the night I figured out that I loved you, and that I didn’t know what I would do without you. But now it’s coming true. You’re going to be killed! And where will that leave the baby and myself?” She burst out irrationally.

James shook his head in shock, and he walked slowly into the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Lily! I’m not going to die!” He said strongly, kneeling in front of her.

“How do you know?” She stared down into his warm blue eyes. “Look at what happened to your father.”

James reached up, and swiped a tear off of her soft cheek before she could push him away.

“It won’t happen to me.” He quietly promised.

She looked away. She couldn’t bare to look at him.

“Lily.” He whispered quietly.

She didn’t turn to him. Instead large fat tears began to fall down her face.

“Lily please look at me.” His voice was pleading, begging her to forgive him, but she couldn’t turn her head in his direction. How could he do this, just throw himself into such danger?

She felt him gently take her chin between his thumb, and pointer finger, and guide her face around to face him. She regarded him for a moment, his eyes were large with hurt, and she stiffened to realize that she was the cause.

“You realize why I have to do this right?” She sighed. “I love you, and I love our child. I’d give my life for the both of you, and that’s just what I’m doing. I’d rather die than see either of you hurt.”

“But do you have to do this?” She sobbed.

He glided his hand up the side of her face, and into her hair. He gazed into her eyes. “I won’t die, and if I do, it’s protecting the ones I love. And to me I think it’s worth it.”

“I don’t, why don’t I get to risk my life for you or our child.”

He gave her a stern look. “Because there’s no need to.”

She began to fidget. “Yes there is, if you can protect the one’s you love, why can’t I?”


“No, I’m serious.” She cried, becoming hysterical.

He didn’t answer; he pulled her warm body to his own, holding her as tightly as he dared. Holding her head to his shoulder as she cried, and grasped handfuls of his shirt.

“Shhhh, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. I promise. I’m safe, you’re all safe, me, you, and the baby.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise with all my heart.” He bent down to kiss her head.

“When I get the chance to protect you or the baby, I can do that?”

James felt there was no point in arguing, and besides if he was able too, it was only fair that she was as well.

“Ok.” He said quietly.

She sniffled, and nodded against his shoulder.

He pulled her closer to him and she buried her head farther into his shoulder.

James tangled his hand in her thick auburn hair.

They sat like that, wrapped in each other’s embrace for a few minutes, before James backed up and looked at her lovingly. He cupped her cheek, and smiled tenderly.

“I love you James, and I understand why you’re doing this, I would be doing the same thing, I’m just being selfish.” Her cheeks flushed bright red.

James’s heart skipped a beat, as he crushed his wife to his chest. “ I love you Lils.”

“ Me too.” She whispered back smiling, wrapping her small arms around his neck.

When he pulled back again, she kept her arms firmly around his neck. “ Baby, will you come to my banquet on Saturday right? When they announce me?”

Lily grinned despite herself.

“Yes, I s’pose so.”

He smiled in relief, and hugged her again.

“What about your mother?” Lily asked as the thought popped into her mind.

“Yea, that was a bit of a shock.” He reached a hand up and scratched his head, the action that he did when he was confused or thinking of something. “But, it’s what she wants to do, so I can’t stand in her way. It’s odd though, I mean I grew up in that house.”

Lily reached over and cupped his cheek with her palm. “Yea, but you live here now, to start new memories?” She said with a grin. “Are the other’s gone?”

“To be honest, I don’t know.” James grinned.

“WHAT! And we’re up here! James!”

James chuckled as his pregnant wife waddled full speed for the door. When they got down the stairs, which took them a few minutes, what with Lily being pregnant and all, they were pleased to see that May and Mrs. Potter had left, so they had some time to themselves.


Saturday came swiftly for the Lily. She sat on the couch with her swollen ankles, again propped up on the center table. She was trying to read an article from the magazine, but to put it bluntly, her chest was in the way. She hastily tried to sit up. If she was having trouble sitting up, how in the hell was she going to go to the banquet tonight? She sighed, and looked out the window.

She frowned, all she wanted to do way fly, just once, for a few minutes, but James forbade it this late in her pregnancy. Yet, he was outside playing a game of quidditch with Sirius and Remus. She watched as he flew up behind Sirius, and knocked the red quaffle from under Sirius’s arm, laughing maniacally. This brought a memory of a time when her and May were in Quality Quidditch Supplies, and she was buried in a pile of quaffles. She found herself chuckling.

She tore her eyes away from her husband, and glanced at the clock. Her eyes grew wide, the banquet started in an hour and a half. If she was going to get ready in time, she had to start now! She ran to the back door to call in the boys.

“ Hey Jay! Get your ass in here! Are we going to the banquet or not?” The three boys looked down at her in amusement. Here was pregnant Lily Potter flushed with annoyance as they descended toward her.

James grinned at his wife. She was beautiful, as always, and for the millionth time he though just how beautiful she was, while carrying his child. He landed softly, and grabbed his wife up in a hug. She cringed, but hugged him tightly back.

“ Jay, I hate to tell you this, but you stink.” She giggled, as she backed up to kiss his nose.

“ Well thank you!” He said in mock outrage. “ I see that didn’t stop you from kissing me!”

“ Nothing could stop me from kissing you.” She kissed him full on the mouth, before backing up, and slapping his butt toward the door. “ Now go take a shower.”

Sirius and Remus were laughing as James smirked over his shoulder, and disappeared into the house.

“ Well, I’ll see you tonight Lils.” Sirius said.

Lily nodded as the two men disapparated back to their respective homes. She grinned as she closed the door behind her.




Later that evening, Lily stood in front of the mirror above her dresser scowling.

“ Look at me! I’m a whale!” She moaned, eyeing her large stomach from the side.

“ You’re beautiful.” James put in kissing her neck.

“ Oh stop kissing my butt, you just want me to shut up.”

James put hand over his heart.

“ Would I ever do that?” James asked with mock hurt. “ No really, you are the most exquisite creature I’ve ever laid eyes on, but to me you always are, so I’m not the right person to ask.”

She gently shoved his broad shoulder playfully, while grinning, before turning serious again.

“ James, should I go? I mean I’m gonna pop any day now, I mean look at me.” She gestured with her hands for effect.

James stood behind her, his hand resting on her shoulders. He looked her up and down in the mirror. Her lavender dress robes fell elegantly over her enlarged stomach, and fell to her feet where it pooled. She’d curled her hair and gelled it, so they were sleek and shiny red curls, and she had snapped small diamond studs to single curls giving off a beautiful shining, sparkling effect.

“ You.Look.Perfect.” He emphasized the words to get his point across. “ I’m going to have to fight off a bunch of guys.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “ Yes, I hear the new fad is pregnant women.”

She scowled one last time at her reflection. Lily then turned all the way around to inspect his outfit. She gasped loudly when she saw his choice of a lime green bow tie.

She ran over frantic, and yanked it roughly back over his head.

“ You will not, I repeat NOT wear this!” She waved it roughly in front of his face.

“ Lily! Why not! This is my last chance to get a few laughs!” He chuckled at her horrified expression.

“ You can not even begin to tell me that you were actually considering wearing this?” She asked in shock.

James stared at his wife, with mischievous eyes. She sighed, and discarded it into the back of his closet, where you wouldn’t be able to find anything even if you wanted to. She rummaged through his ties. She got out an elegant dark blue silk one, which was not a bow tie, thank god.

She wrapped it around his neck, and tied it. He wore a black long sleeve button down shirt, and black pants. She ran her small hands down his chest, smoothing out any creases. She finally rested her hand on his upper chest.

“ MUCH BETTER!” Lily grinned staring adoringly at her husband. Instead of trying to tame his wild hair, he just gelled it up in spikes, so it looked like it was intentional. His blue eyes sparkled happily at his wife. She took a step toward him. “ Now you’re looking sexy!” Lily said running the hand down his chest.

He grinned down at her. “ I believe you’re forgetting, I’m always sexy.”

Lily grinned. “ Of course, how silly of me.” She reached up on her tiptoes, and left a long, lingering kiss on his jaw. “ So, what time are Siri and May going to the banquet?”

“ They actually should be there already.” James said glancing at his watch.

“ Well let’s go then, I don’t want to be too late.”

James just grinned, and took her arm. “ This way mi lady.”


When they arrived at the Ministry of Magic, the room was full to the busting, of elegantly dressed important people. They were all dancing or mingling, and Lily began to feel the old feeling of inadequacy. She fidgeted nervously from foot to foot, watching from the doorway all the people dance. She clutched her husband’s arm, praying that he wouldn’t disappear. She glanced up at him, and saw that he was grinning. Of course he loved this, what a jerk.

She shut her eyes, as James lead her into the brightly-lit room. She saw heads begin to turn, and the room suddenly became blurry. She glanced nervously around the room, smiling, for effect. There was a round of applause, and she blushed, and stepped closer to James. He grinned down at her, and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders. He bent down and kissed her fiery head. Lily wrung her sweaty hands, as she walked through the people, looking for a familiar face.

Finally, after much searching, Lily spotted May and Sirius by the punch bowl. She quickly began to make her way over, after leaving James, to talk to some coworkers who were congratulating him. Lily tapped May on the shoulder, giving a huge sigh of relief.

May whipped around with wide eyes, but quickly relaxed when she saw that it was just Lily.

“ Oh Lils! You look great!” May gushed.

“ Oh you too.” Lily returned, looking around the crowded room, somewhat overwhelmed.

“ Hey Lils, is James here?” Sirius asked, with a glass of punch, clutched in his hand.

“No, I left him at home.” Lily rolled her eyes, and slapped the back of his head. “This thing is for him, is it not?”

“I know, gosh, I was just trying to start a conversation, I’ll remember not to mess with pregnant women.” Sirius said, sounding scandalized.

Lily chuckled, grinning at him, when suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. She whirled around, and her smile faltered when she saw just whom it was.

“Hello Amos.”

“Lily how are you?” His eyes drifted down to her stomach.

“Pretty good, I’m pregnant.” She said smiling happily, and rubbed her abdomen.

“I see that, congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Lily saw an arm snake around Amos’s arm, she saw him grin, and was surprised to see Cindy Roads smile at her.

“Lily, congratulations on your baby.”

She felt May stiffen beside her as she turned toward the familiar voice. Sirius stood behind her scowling.

“Thank you.”

“Hello May, Sirius.” She threw in, flushing a bit as she said Sirius’s name.

“Hey.” Sirius said emotionlessly, while May gave a weak wave.

Just then, Lily felt a pair of arms hug her around her neck. He bent to kiss her cheek.

“I lost you for a minute there.”

Lily grinned at his voice.

“Hey James.” Cindy said, trying to sound casual.

James looked up, and nodded coldly.

“Congratulations on your baby.”

“Thanks.” He muttered.

Cindy fidgeted nervously. “Well it was nice to see you again.”

“You too.” Lily said, filling up the awkward silence. They all watched as Amos led Cindy away through the crowd of ministry workers.

“Why do you think they’re here together?” May asked thoughtfully.

“Well I heard that right after they graduated they hooked up, and Cindy got pregnant, I guess that was true, I never asked him.” James said.

“You heard what? Where?” Lily asked.

“Training.” Sirius nodded in agreement, that he’d heard something along those lines as well.

“And you kept perfect gossip away from us?” May asked with raised eyebrows. The three others chuckled a bit. A slow song began to play. James looked down at his wife.

“Care to dance?” He held out his hand, she smiled, and accepted.

“Of course, how can I refuse someone as sexy as you?”

“My thoughts exactly.” James grinned, and led her out to the dance floor.

He took her into his arms, and swayed to the music, like the perfect dance in their final year at Hogwarts. She rested her head against his shoulder. She was very well aware of the admiring glances she was receiving, and for once she really didn’t care, she even welcomed them.

When the song was over she excused herself. He cupped her cheek, and smiled brightly.

“Don’t be too long.”

She grinned, and made her way toward the bathroom near the back of the large brightly lit room.


25 minutes passed, and Lily still wasn’t back from the bathroom, he was really worried. He glanced at his watch, he had to give his speech in 5 minutes, and he was worried she was going to miss it. He began to panic where could she possibly be.

He scoured the area, pushing people aside, his eyes devouring the scene-taking place around him. He searched for the familiar redhead, maybe someone stopped her to talk, he could only hope. Or what if something was happening, and he didn’t know where she was! He felt the metal claw of panic clench in his stomach. He felt bile rise in his throat. He had to find her, or he couldn’t give the speech. Unshed tears burned violently behind his eyes, and there was a sizable lump lodged in his throat.

His eyes came to rest on Sirius and Marty talking in the corner. He pushed passed the people in his way. His panic blinding him. He didn’t know if he was being irrational, all he knew was that she needed to be found. When he finally reached them, he gasped air into his lungs hungrily.

“ Siri! Have you seen Lily anywhere!”

Sirius looked wide-eyed at James’s panicked expression.

“ No, I’m sorry, mate, but she can’t be far.”

James’s eyes widened farther. Where the hell was she? He spotted May out of the corner of his eye, and pushed passed Sirius.

“ May! Have you seen Lily?”

“ No, why? What’s wrong?” She asked strongly.

“ I can’t find her.” James said, and glanced at his watch. There was one minute until his speech, fuck!

“ Where did she go last?”

“ She went to the bathroom after the first dance.”

“ Well, she’s probably in there, I’ll go see what’s wrong.”

She said this just as The Minister of Magic stood up at the podium and called for silence. He looked at her frantically.


May nodded, and bounded toward the bathroom. Sirius looked on with interest, what was going on?

May slammed into the bathroom, and saw Lily sitting in front of the wall, resting her forehead on the tiles, sweating, and crying.


Lily looked up, and burst into tears. “May, the baby!..I think… I think…It’s coming.” Lily said weakly.

May’s eyes widened ‘shit’.

“Where’s James?”

Lily closed her eyes tightly as a wave of indescribable pain washed over her. “Fuck May! Where the hell is James!” Lily shrieked.

“He’s giving his speech.”

Lily rested her forehead flat on the tile. “It’s coming.” She whispered. “I need drugs!”

May turned on her heel, and flung the door open. She plowed head on into Sirius who was standing right outside the door. He grabbed her shoulders.

“What’s going on, James actually had me wait out here for you and Lily, where’s Lily?” Sirius asked with confusion.

“She’s in labor, you dumb ass! Move!” She pushed passed the stunned Sirius, who ran after her. They pushed through the silent people, who were all listening intently to James’s speech.

“I know what I’m getting myself into, and I understand that taking this position could put my life at a risk, but me being a Potter, the son of the great Harold Potter, I feel it’s my duty to follow in his footsteps, and finish what he couldn’t accomplish. It is my personal goal to rid the world of the dark lord, and if I can’t than, another Potter somewhere along the line will. I’m just that adamant for the sake of wizarding kind. I have to thank my boss, Marty, and my friends, and especially my gorgeous wife…”

“JAMES!” Sirius shouted from the side of the stage.

“Lily, who’s carrying my child as we speak…”

“JAMES! COME ON! JAMES!” Sirius tried again. This time James looked over, his eyebrows raises. Sirius waved him frantically over. James smiled sheepishly at the crowd, but walked silently across the stage to where Sirius was standing.

“Padfoot…. Not a good time.”

“Yea well, your wife’s in labor.” May said with an air of panicked sarcasm.

He stiffened in shock. “What?” He asked quietly. “Where?”

“In the ladies bathroom, James you have to get her to Mungos now! And I mean now!” May said seriously.

James pushed passed them. The curious crowd followed him with their eyes. He felt the blood rush to his head. She’d be fine; they were going to have a baby. He broke into a sprint, dodging in and out of people, some huffing angrily at him as he passed roughly, but he didn’t care, he stormed into the bathroom, and saw his wife crouched on the floor, pale and sweating, with her forehead on the cool tiles.


She looked up miserably. “James.”

He crossed the room, and helped her up, “come on.” He planted a kiss on her forehead. “You’ll be fine, can you apparate?”

“Yea, I think so.”

James grabbed her hand and they apparated to St. Mungos together.


“JAAAAMMMMEEESSSSSS!!!!! Make it stop! Please.” Lily clutched his hand with a death grip, tears pouring continuously down her pale white face. Her forehead was dotted with perspiration.

James looked at his wife helplessly, her hair matted against the white pillow, as her grip tightened as she had another contraction. He tried to drown out his wife’s painful screams. He looked up at the mediwitch that was helping her.

“Can’t you do something for her, can’t you see she’s in pain.” James said angrily.

The mediwitch just looked at him sympathetically. They finally reached a room, and the mediwitch raised her wand, and muttered a spell, and Lily’s screams stopped, and her grip loosened, breathing heavily. She left the room, only saying that the delivery doctor will be in, in a moment.

She looked up at James. “I am not doing this again, James Potter, this is your one chance.”

He chuckled, and held her hand up to his lips. She could feel another contraction coming, but it was just a slight tingling. Her grip instinctively tightened over his fingers. He smoothed her hair away from her face with his free hand, trying to comfort his wife.


“Push Mrs. Potter, I need you to push.” The kind doctor said from somewhere around her legs.

She clutched James’s hand, and pushed once more. He continued to smooth her hair away from her face, and whisper soothing words to her. She shrieked in pain.

“ I can’t believe you James Potter, to put me through this! This must be some kind of sick punishment.”

The doctor chuckled, as Lily squeezed James’s hand again as she pushed with all of her might. The quiet of the room was shattered momentarily by the blood curdling screams of a tiny baby. Lily rested her head back against her pillows exhausted. She watched in awe as they cleaned off the child that had just come from her. She watched as they wrapped a blue blanket around it, and began to walk over to her.

“ It’s a boy.” The Doctor smiled, placing the small human in his Mother’s arms. The baby had a mop of messy black hair, sticking up all over his head, and he had piercing green eyes, just like his mother. It felt as if her heart had just flew to her throat. He was a mirror image of his father. She grinned, and a tear fell from her eye.

James felt a warm wave of a new kind of protectiveness and love as he stared down at his son being held in his mother’s arms. This little bundle was the miniature version of himself. He was the product of his and Lily’s love. They finally had a family, and he was going to do everything in his power to protect them.

“ Mr. Potter, Your mother, Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, Mr. Pettigrew, and Ms. Delfin are all awaiting the child in the waiting room.” The mediwitch smiled. “ Shall I tell them to come in?”

“ Yes.” James choked out happily, as he ran a finger down the length of his son’s soft pink cheek. Lily smiled weakly up at him, and gently lifted her arms, communicating to James to take the baby.

James gladly took his son into his arms, and cradled him to his chest. The grin on his face seemed permanent. He couldn’t imagine a time when he’d been happier. He had his own family. This beat out the time he won his first quidditch match, or all the pranks the Marauders had pulled on the Slytherins.

James’s eyes lit up as he watched his little fists clench at the baby blue blanket and yawn. “ You little one, are going to be the death of the Slytherins.”

Lily tutted but smiled at her husband and son.

Just then the door opened, and five guests all came practically running in. May and Sirius were still in their dress robes, looking very elegant, besides the panicked look etched on their faces, but when they all caught sight of the small bundle wrapped in his father’s arms, they broke into warm smiles.

Mrs. Potter let a few tears drop as she walked over to her son to get a better look at her grandson. He had a tuft of unruly black hair, just like his father, and grandfather. Long dark eyelashes fell against his little pink cheek, and tiny fists clenched at the blanket. Mrs. Potter reached over to take the baby from her son, who readily gave him to her. The baby’s eye lids fluttered open, exposing two brilliant green eyes. Mrs. Potter gasped.

“ He’s got gorgeous eyes.” A tear fell from her eye. “ Just like his mother.” Lily smiled, and watched her mother in law handle her son. “ What do you plan to name him then?” She asked creakily.

“ Harold James Potter.” Lily said proudly, but weakly from the bed. She reached over and clasped James’s hand. He gave it a squeeze.

Mrs. Potter smiled brightly at them, a tear trailing down her face. “ Thank you.”

Just then Harry let out a loud earsplitting cry. A stream of tears cascading from his emerald eyes.

“ Whoa! That kid’s got one set of lungs!” Sirius said holding his ears.

Mrs. Potter handed Harry back to Lily, who held him to her chest, and gently patted his tiny back.

“ Shh…Mum’s here.”

“ It’s so weird hearing that from her.” May smiled.

“ Yea.” Remus put in grinning.

Finally when Harry had calmed down, Lily handed him back to James, and settled back into her pillows.

Mrs. Potter left an hour later. She left the six of them to their own devices, letting them enjoy their new family.

“ Let me hold the newest member to the Marauders!” Sirius said bounding over to James. James grinned.

“ Sirius! Don’t you dare help my husband corrupt my son!”

“ As you once said Lils, once a Marauder, always a Marauder, and besides, this kid was BORN a Marauder, think of that.”

She frowned, while James grinned, and gently handed his son over to his godfather.

“ Be careful.” James warned. Sirius glared at him.

“ What do you take me for? Huh?”

“ A brainless dolt?” May suggested.

“ Haha.” Sirius said as he smiled down at the tiny person cradled in his arms. Harry opened his eyes, and Sirius gaped at his eyes. They were pure emerald, a mirror image of Lily’s eyes. He marveled at the mix between James and Lily he was. He had James’s messy hair, and Lily’s beautiful eyes.

“ Whoa, Lils, he has your eyes.” Harry watched his godfather with interest, his emerald eyes large and searching.

“ Let me see him!” May said impatiently.

“ You’ll get your turn, hold your pants on.” Sirius said back.

“ James, Lils! He’s hogging Harry!”

Lily and James chuckled.

“ You know Prongs JR…I’m like your…what would you call me? A best friend of sorts, one of the most important, and influential people in your life.”

“ Most important and influential?” May asked with a smirk.

Sirius ignored her. “I’ll teach you all you need to know about pranking, and how to get on your mother’s nerves, or get whatever you want out of your father, it’s rather easy, I’ll have you take notes when you’re a bit older.”

The room burst into laughter, as Sirius handed Harry gently to May. She gently rocked him, and cooed to him, while Sirius rolled his eyes.

“ He’s a boy May! Stop baby talking him!”

May looked at him like he was insane. “ Just because he’s a boy doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to be talked to like this.” She said in the voice of a small child. Harry gave her a small baby smile.

Sirius rolled her eyes.

Just as May was handing Harry to Remus, They had a surprise visitor.

The older wizard walked into the room, with a grim expression on. He was wearing his usual robes that he wore at Hogwarts, suggesting that he wasn’t at the banquet, but instead received some kind of news from Hogwarts. He smiled at the people in the room, before making his presence known.

“ Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Potter.” Lily and James looked up at the smiling face of their former Headmaster.

“ Professor Dumbledore?” James asked. “ Thank you.” He said quietly, but he could see in the head master’s eyes that something was bothering him mercilessly. The tension was building, when finally Harry broke it by letting out a gut-wrenching wail. Remus jumped a bit surprised by the intensity of the cry from the small being in his arms. He gently placed Harry back with his mother, and kissed Lily’s cheek.

“ Well I think we should be going, I believe the headmaster has a reason for coming here.” He said shakily.

Sirius and May looked at Professor Dumbledore for some sort of clue. But his eyes concealed everything.

Peter, who had been hidden in the corner of the room, got hastily to his feet. He fidgeted nervously, before whispering a ‘goodbye, I best be off.’

Sirius and May nodded. May hugged Lily tightly, and gave Harry a peck on his pitch-black hair.

“ I’ll see you soon ok?” May said giving Lily an extra hug. “ Bye James.”

James smiled happily at her. “ Bye May.”

Sirius raised his eyebrows at James, indicating Dumbledore, before planting a kiss on Lily’s head, and then on Harry’s.

“ Later Potters.” He said, and disarapprated from the hospital room.

“ I wish he wouldn’t do that.” Lily said, gently rocking the bundle of blankets to her chest. Her auburn hair fell limply around her face, and onto the small bundle. A small hand reached out, and grasped his mother’s hair, in his tiny fists not letting go.

Lily let out a giggle as she stared down at her son. Professor Dumbledore’s eyes sparkled at the new family.

“ uh…James? A little help here?” Lily asked with giggles in her voice.

James glanced down at Lily and broke into a happy smile. His tiny son had clasped his tiny fists around a lock of Lily’s vibrant hair. His eyes were closed like he was sleeping.

“ Awww He loves you.” James grinned.

“ Of course he does, I’m his mummy.” Lily laughed. “ But please release me.”

James laughed, and bent down over his small wife’s head, and gently pried his son’s tiny fingers from around her hair. Harry yawned and flexed his finger adorably out, and grasped onto his father’s finger instead now. James smiled, and kept his finger there. He loved this. He turned back to the professor.

“ So what brings you here Professor?” James asked smiling.

Dumbledore didn’t want to break the peacefulness, and security, but he had to warn them, or it could be disastrous.

“ Mr. Potter, you may want to sit down.”

James’s stomach dropped. “ What’s wrong?”

“ I have heard news, that effects your family.”

James’s head began to swim as he sat slowly down in his chair. His son’s grasp on his finger the only thing keeping him sane.

“ Voldemort is after you and your son.” Dumbledore said quickly.

Lily sucked in a breath, and soon, was crying a river of tears. She clutched Harry tighter to her, but not tight enough to hurt him.

James’s vision blurred, and he lost all coherent thought. He sat there and stared at Professor Dumbledore fixedly.

“ Harry? Why Harry?”

“ I’m not sure, but I have reason to believe that someone, someone rather close to you is a spy for Voldemort.”

James’s world came crashing down, as Harry released his finger, and instead wrapped his tiny fist around his blanket cooing happily unaware. Lily cried silently, ‘why did this have to happen, now, when they were so happy?’

“ Someone seems to have told Voldemort your location, and the fact that your wife was pregnant. Mr. Potter, I’m sorry that I had to tell you this kind of news, but I suggest that you find a secret keeper right away. Someone that you’re sure you can trust.”

James put his head in his hands, and felt tears begin to pour down his cheeks. His shoulders shook roughly. Why now? They were so happy, they were going to start a new life with Harry, and now it seemed as though that dream was being ripped from under them.

Lily looked at Dumbledore through a sheet of tears. His figure came distorted, and wobbly. She could vaguely hear Harry crying, and see James out of the corner of her eye with his head in his hands, shaking slightly with emotion. Why was his family cursed like this?

“ I will gladly become your secret keeper.” Dumbledore put in.

Lily smiled weakly.

“ But, I will give you time to think about this, but I warn you don’t spend too much time on this, because time is precious.” Dumbledore stood up, and turned toward the door. “ I’m ever so sorry.” He said sadly, before disappearing out of the hospital room.