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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 28: Having to see Petunia again.



About two months later, James was woken up rudely by the small black box placed on his bedside table. He glanced at the clock, and saw that it was three in the morning. He groaned, and looked down at his sleeping wife, wrapped snuggly in his arms. He gently disentangled himself from around her soft warm, welcoming body, and pushed his covers back.

Why so early in the morning, usually the black box goes off during the day, never this early in the morning. He stood up slowly, and padded over to their dresser so he could change into a simple work robe.

When he had finished, making sure to be deadly quiet, there was no need to worry Lily over this, this early in the morning. He grabbed a random quill from the mess on top of the dresser, and scribbled a short, sweet note to her incase she woke up before he got home.

Dearest Lily Love,

Work calls. I’ll be home soon. I love you.


He walked over to his pillow, and placed it in the center for her to see when she woke up. He then turned toward the door, and walked down stairs, swinging his duffel bag over his shoulder in the process.

“ James?” He heard a whisper in his living room.

When James entered the living room, he saw Sirius’s sillouette standing out harshly behind the dark window. James lit his wand, and regarded Sirius sleepily. His handsome face was contorted with confusion. “ You were called?”

“ Yep.” James said sadly.

“ At three in the morning?”

“ Apparently.” James grumbled. “ Let’s go.”

Sirius nodded, and they each apparated out of James’s house.


James sat in the bushes, his butt was sore from sitting still for so long. Sirius crouched next to him, then next to him, and to the disgust of James, crouched Amos Diggory, who was apparently one of the men that they would be meeting, and working with.

They were waiting for the right moment to break up the little death eater meeting in the center of a clearing.

James sighed with exasperation. He glanced at the small black box in Sirius’s hand, ‘Maybe they’d missed the call?’ Obviously not. He heard Sirius sigh heavily behind him, before he shattered the silence with a whisper.

“ Can we do this, I’m freezing!” Sirius said getting annoyed.

“ We can’t just go and do it, we’ll be killed.” Amos said snootily.

“ Who the hell asked you Diggory!” James spat sitting back on his heels to give his aching butt some rest.

“ Potter, please, for the sake of everyone, grow up and get over yourself.” Amos said.

“ You’re just jealous that Lily married me.” James said rolling his eyes.

“ You’re just jealous…” Amos mocked. “ How old are you?”

“ Oh shut up!” James said angrily.

“ Hey I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you both shut up? They’ll hear us!” Sirius said.

James and Amos just glared angrily at each other.

“ NOW!” A voice said through the small black box. James looked up at Sirius, then to Amos.

“ Ok, then, let’s go.”

The three of them stood up, and began to chase down the black cloaked figures. James flung a disarming charm at one who had his wand pointed at him. The death eater’s wand flew into his outstretched hands, and James took off after the unarmed death eater. He dodged curses that were being flung at him from every direction. He actually had to dive, and roll, in an attempt to escape one that narrowly missed him. He got up quickly and took off again after the panicked death eater; this one was obviously new to this, because they weren’t apparating.

“ Just stop, I’m going to get you.” James shouted, not even the slightest out of breath. He looked over his shoulder to see dozens of aurors apparating onto the spot, and rounding up deatheaters. He grinned, and took off faster after this death eater. He finally came level with them and noticed that it was a he. James tackled him, and pointed his wand at his chest.

“Petrificus Totalus.” The death eater became immobile. James pushed back his hood, and the oh so familiar face of Luciuis Malfoy stared angrily up at him. His cold eyes bulging in anger. His white blonde hair falling over his face.

“ Malfoy, I should have guessed.” James smirked. “ Well it’s my pleasure to bust your ass.” James said happily.

James pulled his stiff form up by his collar, and dragged him, not so nicely over to the surrounding aurors.

“Finite Incantium!” Someone shouted nearby, and Lucius Malfoy’s spell came undone. Then, James heard an “ Expelliarmus!” Before everything went black.


When he woke up, he was surprised to feel a warm soft weight on top of him. He reached down, and ran his fingers through her soft mane of hair. She looked up, with tear stained cheeks.

“ Jeez, I’m fine Lils, don’t cry.”

“ Yea, I’m the one who had to examine you this morning you jerk. I come into work, they tell me, ‘oh there’s a patient in room 209’, so I go in, and low and behold, I find my husband, the father to my child unconscious on the table. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I love to see in the mornings. It’s bad enough I woke up with a note, telling me nothing, then I come to work, and see that you’ve been injured.” Lily rambled.

“ Lily, calm down, nothing happened to me, well except the fact that I have to work with Amos Diggory, and I just lost Lucius Malfoy, when I could have had him thrown in Azkaban.”

“ You have to work with Amos Diggory?” She asked looking puzzled.

“ Sucks doesn’t it?”

Lily let a weak giggle out, and James tried to sit up.

“ So when do I get out of here?”

“ Who said you’re getting out? I’m thinking of killing you!” Lily said angrily, and poked him in the chest. “ You could have at least told me where you were going for work!”

“ Lils!” He reached over and cupped her cheek. “ I didn’t even know until I came to work.”

“ Well that’s just bull, they should tell you before you go.” She said angrily, pushing his hand away from her face.

James shook his head, and leaned over, and recupped Lily’s face between his hands, before capturing his wife’s lips in a passionate kiss.

“ ACM, excuse me, but I believe Mr. Potter can leave.”

Lily broke away from James, blushing furiously at a grinning Anastasia.

“ So this must be your husband James Potter?” Anastasia said grinning. Lily nodded, and she held out her hand for James to take. “ Nice to meet you, they probably shouldn’t have assigned Lily to your room, but it’s too late for that.”

James just grinned.

“ Well, when you’re ready Mr. Potter, you can leave, you’re perfectly fine.” James nodded as Anastasia left the room.

“ See.” James said grinning at Lily. “ I’m fine.”

“ Yea, this time.” Lily said looking up at him. “ Oh, and by the way, I’ll be leaving next week.”

James eyes bulged as the implication of his words sank into his head.

“ WHAT! WHY?” He asked in a panic.

“ Oh James, I’m not leaving you or anything,” She giggled at how wrong her words sounded. “ My grandmum passed away yesterday, and I have to go to the funeral.” She looked down at her shoes.

James looked at his wife’s face. “ I’m sorry.” James said pulling her into a hug.

“ It’s ok, we were never really close, and I hadn’t actually seen her since I was eight.”

“ Oh, well, I think I should come with you.”

“ James you don’t have to.” Lily said looking at James seriously.

“ No I think it’s time for me to meet your legendary sister.” James grinned. “ We are family now too you know, I haven’t even met her.”

Lily cringed. “ Trust me you don’t want to, That’s the last thing you want, to be related to her. I’ll apologize ahead of time for the horrible things she’ll probably say.” Lily frowned. “ I don’t want you getting angry, or offended.”

“ I won’t.” James looked her in the eye. “ I promise.”

Lily looked doubtful, but nodded her head anyway. “ Fine.”

James grinned. “ Good.”


Lily and James stepped into Lily’s parent’s old house, and Lily glanced around. Everything was as it had always been, except for a few pieces of furniture that were missing, probably picked off by Petunia. She glared angrily at the thought. ‘How dare she steal things from their house, just like she’d practically stolen her favorite red skirt, even worse she ruined it.

She could almost hear her father’s voice as he watched football in the den on Sundays, and she could almost smell her mother’s famous pasta cooking. What she wouldn’t do for some of that pasta now. She felt a tear fall down her cheek, this was the exact reason why she could never live in this house, she’d end up being a depressed mess.

“ Love what’s wrong?” James asked wrapping his arm around her shoulder, and bringing her unresisting body toward his.

“ Just memories.” She snuffled, and brought a hand down to her expanding abdomen. It wasn’t very big, but you could notice a slight bump.

“ What time is the funeral?” James asked into her hair as he gave it a light kiss.

“ In an hour.”

“ Why don’t we go out for some food, so you don’t have to stay in the house.”

“ Thank you James, can we go somewhere in muggle London?”

James’s eyes widened with pleasure. “ Heck yea!”

Lily giggled; he was like a little kid, asking to go to a candy shop.

“ Ok let’s go.”

“ Do you have muggle money?” James asked.

Lily thought. Maybe there was still some money left in her parent’s room. She turned, and walked up the stairs toward her parent’s room. When she entered, a wave of memories assaulted her again. She quickly made her way to the place where her mother had kept all of her money. The small white jewelry box, it was more of a creamy yellow now, due to the time, but it was almost exactly how she remembered it from her youth. She was surprised to see most of her money was still in there, as if her mother was still there to use it. One thing she couldn’t figure out was why Petunia hadn’t stolen that, but she didn’t stick around to think about it. She pocketed some of the money, and made her way back downstairs to James who was standing in the doorway, in hands shoved into the pockets of his long leather jacket. His blue eyes wide were wide with excitement of the thought of muggle London, and his hair standing on top of his head like usual. He looked simply irresistible.

She walked down the stairs, and slid her arms between his, and wrapped them tightly around his waist. She rested her cheek against the cold fabric of his leather jacket, and sighed one last time.

“ Let’s go.”

As the two of them walked down muggle London, holding each other, James stopped at a store window. There were records, and guitars.

“ What is that?” James asked looking at a record.

“ That’s a record.”

“ What’s it do?”

“ It plays music.”

“ Really?” James asked in awe. Lily chuckled, and reached up to kiss his jaw.

“ Yep.”

When they finally reached the restaurant, they had a quick lunch. Lily noticed that they were running short on time, they only had a fifteen minutes until the funeral.

“ Come on Jay, we have to go, we’re going to be late.” She interlaced her arm with his, and dragged him down the street toward the funeral home where her grandmother was held.

When they reached the place, Lily felt a whole colony of butterflies take residence in the pit of her stomach.

The room was lit dimly, and there was a small group of chattering people. Lily grasped James’s arm, and clenched her jaw. ‘What was she doing here? She didn’t belong here anymore.

NO! No Lily don’t think that, you should be here, she was your grandmother too.

She stepped into the room. She saw a few familiar faces. Faces that she hadn’t seen in years. She saw friends of the family, and friends of her grandmother’s church that she hadn’t seen since she was a child.

One of her mother’s best friends from high school, by the name of Margaret stood nearby, and she glanced over her shoulder, and spotted Lily. Her mouth dropped open in shock.

“ Lillian?” Lily glanced up, and smiled shyly, she was always shy around people like this.

Margaret walked over, and hugged Lily tightly. “ You look so much like your mother, I just knew it was you!” She pulled back, and grinned at Lily. “ So where have you been for all these years?”

“ Oh here and there.” Lily smiled.

“ Bob! Come here.” Margaret called to a middle aged man, that Lily slightly remembered from her childhood.

“ What is it Margie?”

“ Guess who this is?”

Bob glanced her up and down. She could see his eyes trying to decipher where he’d seen her.

“ I give up.”

“ It’s Little Lily.”

Lily blushed, she remembered that nickname.

“Lily?” Bob broke into a large smile. “ My god you’ve grown, I remember you when you were just a baby!” He engulfed her in a hug.

Lily grinned at him. “ Nice to see you again Bob.”

“ You remember me?” He asked shocked.

“ Vaguely.” Lily laughed.

“ So who’s this handsome young man?” Margaret asked smiling.

“ Oh, I’m sorry, this is my husband James, James this is Margaret and Bob Bennet.” Lily said smiling.

“ Lily! You’re married?” Margaret asked her shocked. Lily blushed. She’d forgotten that she’d probably have to go through this. “ Yea, actually, I’m also two and a half months pregnant too.”

“ Pregnant! Oh isn’t that wonderful Bob? You must be so excited that you and Petunia will be giving birth around the same time.”

Lily forced a smile. Petunia was pregnant.

James looked down at his wife, to see that dark shade pass over her emerald eyes, that he hadn’t seen since the beginning of their seventh year at Hogwarts.

“ Come on love.” He whispered. He held his hand out to Bob and Margaret. “ Nice to meet you.”

“ Oh nice to meet you too, oh wait, what’s your last name?”

“ Potter.” He smiled, and led his wife away.

“Potter, what a nice name, Lily Potter, I like it.” Margaret said to Bob.

“ Yes I agree.” Bob agreed.

As the two made their way around the room, many people who seemed to remember little Lily Evans greeted them, and showed their sympathies to Lily

Lily sighed, this wasn’t so hard, and she hadn’t even seen Petunia yet. But as you all know, all good things must come to an end. Lily had her back to the room, and James had gone off to the bathroom, after making sure that she would be ok alone for a few minutes. She had told him not to worry, so he went off to the bathroom.

She suddenly felt someone bump into her, and she turned around to say sorry, and was face to face with Petunia.

She shrieked and backed up. “ What the hell are you doing here?” Petunia spat.

“ I believe that she was my grandmother too.”

Petunia rolled her eyes. “ Like you cared, after you went off to that freak school.”

“ I did care!” Lily said getting frustrated.

“ Sure you did.” Petunia said snappily.

“ God Petunia! Can’t you for just a day! Be a civilized human being?” Lily shrieked getting annoyed with her sister.

Petunia was about to open her mouth to reply, when a large beefy man came up behind her, and put a hand on her shoulder. He smiled stupidly at Lily. Lily rolled her eyes, and looked back at her smug sister. She obviously thought this whale was a great catch.

“ Oh I’m sorry, have you met my husband Vernon?” Petunia said with sick sweetness. She smirked at Lily evilly.

Lily felt her blood boil.

Suddenly she felt a warm arm slip around her waist, and felt herself being pulled toward a hard warm chest.

“ Those bathrooms are amazing.” He chuckled. “ Everything’s so clean and shiny, and there isn’t one magical thing in there! How do they do it?”

He glanced up and noticed the two people standing in front of them, he complete forgot about the amazing bathrooms as he measured them up with his eyes. ‘I wonder who these people are?’ The woman horsefaced, and bony. She looked, well evil; she was giving Lily a dark glare. The man was porkey, with hair slicked back with grease, and looked like a giant sleaze ball.

He held out his hand, and smiled politely at them. “ Hello, I’m James, Lily’s husband.”

The woman’s face frowned even more, as she shot Lily a death glare. Petunia put her hands behind her back, and stuck up her nose. “ I don’t touch freaks.”

“ PETUNIA!” Lily shrieked. The man, who seemed to finally get the sense knocked into him, stepped back looking terrified.

James put his hand down, and glared at the woman. “ So you’re Petunia?” He asked coldly.

“ Yes.” She glared back. “ I suppose you’re a freak, just like my charming sister here?” Her eyes darted back and forth between the two adults.

“ A freak?” James asked in a deadly growl.

“ You heard me.”

“ If you mean a wizard, then yes I am.”

Petunia sneered evilly at him. “ As I thought. I am surprised though, I was hoping my sister would die alone and miserable, but I can’t always get what I want.”

“ Are you still punishing her for becoming a witch?” James asked quietly.

“ Becoming a witch is punishment enough.” She lazily replied.

James took a step toward Petunia, in a challenging manner, and Petunia backed away, looking terrified.

Lily stepped up, and put a comforting hand on James’s arm. “ Don’t worry about her.”

Petunia just shot her a glare. James wrapped his arm around Lily’s shoulders, crushing her to his side, and glared defiantly at Petunia and Vernon. Petunia turned her face, and walked away, with her husband right at her heels.

“ What horrible people.” James murmured against her hair. “ I’m so sorry you had to live with her your whole life.”

Lily could feel tears well behind her eyes. She looked out of the corner of her eyes, and saw Petunia glance at them.

“ Can we go?” Lily croaked.

“ Of course love.” He kissed her head, and led her out the door, after she said her last goodbye to her grandmother, and her old life.

When they got home, Lily finally let herself cry. She went up to their room, and crawled into an upright ball on her side of the bed hugging her knees to her chest, and let her pent up emotions out in the easiest way she knew how.

Maybe it was just because she was pregnant, or maybe she really was upset, she didn’t know, all she knew was that her sister’s blatant hatred for Lily had hurt her. She’d forgotten how much it hurt.

James stood in the doorway of their room, and watched his shaking wife break down. She curled into a small ball, and wept. He walked into the room, and sat down on the bed next to her. He reached over, and stroked her hair, and back

He drew his shaking wife into his arms, and let her cry into the fabric, covering his chest. He pressed her head further into his chest, and stroked her hair, running his fingers through it gently. He tenderly kissed her head.

“ It’s all right love. You never have to see them again.”

She sniffed into his shirt. “ I know.” She muttered.

James lifted her chin up, and gazed into her large watery emerald eyes. He held her chin up with his thumb and index finger. “ I don’t want them, those people to bring you down.”

“ I know, I just, it’s been waiting to come out.”

James nodded. “ I understand.”

He kissed her lips tenderly, and then kissed her eyelids, her nose, her jaw, and her lips again. He hugged her warm body to his, she rested her head against his shoulder, and he breathed in her smell.

She sighed, her sobs subsiding.

“ You know what?” Lily whispered.

“ What?”

Lily sniffed, and glanced up at James face from under his arm.

“ I could go for some pickles.”

James lifted his head, thinking he’d heard wrong. He looked into his wife’s eyes, and saw that she wasn’t joking.

“ Do we have any?” She prodded.

James chuckled, and stood up. “ Yeah, I’ll go get some.”

Lily rested her back against the headboard. “Ok.” Lily said weakly. ‘She’d had a long day, and she was hungry now.”



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