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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 26: Morning embarassment and 'Could i be....?'



The next morning Lily woke with someone shaking her from beneath her. She opened her eyes slowly, and stared at the peachy flesh beneath her. Her cheek pressed snuggly against James’s chest, which was beneath her. She realized that she was lying on James on the couch, and the only thing that was coving the two of them was a large comforter.

“ Morning love.” She felt him lean up and kiss her hairline, and she looked down and smiled.

“ Morning.” She said groggily.

“ I have to get up for training, Sirius is coming to get me soon.” He said sadly.

“ Noo.” She snuggled her head back into the crook of his neck, facing the back of the couch. She tightened her grip around his waist.

James stroked her hair lovingly, and bent to kiss it, just as the weakened fire burned green.

James continued to stroke her hair, as he watched the fire, knowing what was about to happen, but praying that it wouldn’t. His heart picked up pace, as he stared at the emerald flames.

And just like he had suspected, James watched as Sirius stepped out of the fireplace, carrying his training back slung around his shoulder. When he caught sight of the two lying comfortably on the couch in front of the fire he grinned evilly.

James glared at him, but that didn’t budge Sirius.

“ So did I interrupt anything? Remind me never to sit in that couch ever again.”

Lily’s head snapped up painfully as she stared at Sirius in horror. She buried her face into James’s chest, trying to hide herself. She couldn’t very well sit up, that would be bad for both of them.

Sirius just stood there, staring at the two, biting his bottom lip, and trying desperately not to laugh.

“ Don’t be looking at my wife Padfoot.” James smiled.

Sirius looked at Lily and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

He laughed, and then grew serious.

“ Ok, on a serious note, are you coming today?”

“ Yes, but can you kindly leave, so Lily and I can get up.”

“ Must I go.”

“ PADFOOT!” James yelled warningly.

“ YES, YOU MUST!” Lily shrieked.

“ I’m gone, keep you shorts on, oh wait! You’re probably not wearing any!” They shot him an evil glare, and he rolled his eyes at them “Jeez, its called sarcasm, you should really get some.” Sirius chuckled, and disappeared into the kitchen.

Lily sat up, and brought the blanket with her. She put her face in her hands. James sat up, and brought his wife to him, hugging her close.

“ Don’t worry about him, he probably won’t remember this.” He said into her hair. He kissed her neck, and then her lips.

“ Sirius? He won’t remember this? He’ll thrive off this.” Lily said, highly embarrassed. James released her, and stood up. He stretched, before getting dressed in his old clothes from the night before.

James chuckled. “ I’m going up to change into some clean clothes, need anything?”

“ Bring down clean clothes, undergarments, and my robe, please.”

“ I’m on it.” He bounded up the stairs.

Lily wrapped the blanket tighter around her body. She stood up, and walked to the nearest bathroom on the ground floor, and locked herself in it, until James came back down.

“ Lily love?” James yelled just out side the bathroom door.

“ In here James.” She opened the door slightly, and grabbed her garments from his outstretched hands. “ Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Lily quickly changed, and walked out of the bathroom.

When she walked into the kitchen, James was sitting at the table with Sirius, and they were eating a bagel for breakfast.

Sirius grinned mischievously at her, as he bit into his bagel.

He was having too much fun with this; she was so embarrassed at being caught that Sirius couldn’t resist.

He watched, as Lily flamed red when he grinned knowingly at her.

“ So James you ready to go now? Seeing as how you were earlier occupied.”

“ Oh stuff it Padfoot.” James smiled.

Lily blushed, but walked over to make herself a cup of coffee.

“ So seriously, we have to be there in like fifteen minutes, I was expecting on leaving right from your house, but…well you saw how that worked out.” He grinned.

“ Paaaaddddfoot!” James yelled. “ Let it go.”

“ Never.” He grinned again.

James looked at his red wife, and smiled.

He stood up, and brushed crumbs from his lap, and made his way to his wife, and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her cheek.

“ Love you.” He whispered. “ Don’t let him get to you, he’s an idiot.”

“ Hey I resent that!” Sirius shrieked in outrage.

Lily smiled up at his husband. “ I won’t.”

He grinned at her red face. He kissed her lips one last time before following Sirius to floo to the ministry.

“ Bye love!” She heard him yell when he left.


For that entire past week, Sirius refused to let the incident on the couch pass. But James and Lily were increasingly not caring. They were a married couple, who cared what they did; there was nothing to be ashamed of.

On another important note, James and Sirius had passed their apparating test, meaning that they could now apparate, anywhere they wanted.

They thought it was the greatest thing, and apparated everywhere for the whole week, even if it was just to the next room. James had actually taken to scaring the heck out of Lily, like apparating right in front of her as she came out of the bathroom, or when she was making dinner. He found it humorous, as she shrieked, and sometimes she would duck, and lash out in an attempt to hit him, expecting to be taken away by a deatheater.

“ You’ve got to stop that!” Lily shrieked. After James apparated right in front of her, as she was sitting reading her book in the living room.

“I’m just giving you practice if a real deatheater was to come.”

“ Wow that makes me fell all warm and fuzzy inside.” Lily said.

He smiled, and bent to kiss her mouth.

“ All in good fun love.” He grinned, and Lily could do nothing but grin back.


On the day of her interview with Anastasia Kerk, Lily woke up suddenly with the overwhelming urge to vomit. She looked frantically at the sleeping form of her husband with his arm slung around her waist. She hurriedly pushed the covers off of them. She lifted James’s arm from around her, causing him to wake up, since he was wearing only his boxers, and was now exposed to the cold. He watched worriedly as his wife sprinted to the bathroom across the room.

Lily slammed the door open, and almost didn’t reach the bowl fast enough. She threw up all of her dinner from the night before. She hovered over the bowl, still feeling queasy, before slinking miserably to the cold tiled floor.

“ Love are you all right?” James appeared in the doorway looking concerned, and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“ Yes, James I’m fine, what time is it?”

He glanced at the clock by their bed.

“ Nine.”

Lily rocketed for the toilet bowl again, and heaved some more, even though there was very little left for her to heave. James rushed behind her, and pulled her long hair away from her face. He patted and rubbed her back comfortingly.

She lifted her pale face from the bowl, and stood up with James still patting her back behind her.

“ You’re not all right.” He said looking at her pale face in the mirror. He worriedly reached around her head, and felt her forehead.

“ You should go back to bed, you look like you’re about to collapse.”

“ I can’t, I have an interview at 11:00.”

“ You can cancel, or reset the interview.”

“ You know I can’t.” She brushed her teeth and rinsed out her mouth before turning to James again.

“ I’ll be fine.”

He looked at her skeptically.

“ I promise, aren’t you supposed to be at training?”

“ Not for an hour.” He watched her worriedly. “ At least try to sleep for an hour.”

Lily nodded, “ fine, I’ll try.”

He smiled weakly, before leaning forward to kiss her forehead lovingly. “ I’ll try to get out of training early today.”

She smiled and kissed him, leaving him in the bathroom, so he could shower and get ready for training.

She walked back to her bed, and slipped back into the warm blankets. She sighed happily; she soon fell back to sleep.

When she woke up an hour later, she felt significantly better. She walked to the bathroom to take a shower, forgetting about how she was sick that morning.

She showered quickly, and dried her hair. She made sure that she looked nice for her interview, before flooing to Diagon Alley.


Lily sat down in the large white waiting room. She clicked her tongue on the top of her mouth nervously, butterflies seemed to have taken up colony in her stomach, she pushed down the impending nausea, and reached over to pick up a magazine that was lying on the center table in front of her to keep her preoccupied.

A door opened to her left a moment later, and a tall brown haired woman, that seemed to be going slightly gray, walked into the small waiting room. She looked to be in her late forties, early fifties.

“ Are you Lily Potter?”

“ Yes I am.”

She held out her hand, and Lily took it.

“ I’m Anastasia Kerk, please follow me.”

For the next hour Lily answered questions, about experience, and her classes at the end of the year concerning charms.

“ Well Lily, I like what I see.” She smiled, and folded her hands on top of her desk. “ You do realize that you will be a nurse, mostly, for aurors when they are hurt or ill, but you will also be working out of St. Mungos.” (Does St.Mungos treat injured people? Well it does now.)

Lily nodded.

“ What would you do for a burned patient?” She asked kindly.

“ I would first put the burn salve on the burn, wait for it to cool, then place a anti pain charm on the patient.” Lily replied nervously.

“ Good answer, what would you do if someone was cursed?”

“ I would first come to get you, then with your orders, I would perform the countercurse.”

“ Another good answer, I think that’s all I need to know for now. I will help you with finding you way around, and finding you supplies, but all in all your more than qualified, having worked with Madam Pomfrey up at Hogwarts, I do believe Mrs. Potter, that you are hired.

Lily stared at her in shock. ‘Was it that easy?’

“ Oh and one other thing, if you were to have a kid, or for some reason couldn’t come into work everyday, we can have you work at home with a pager of course, for when we need you. However, you will have to return to work after 6 months to a year.”

Lily looked at her confused. ‘Why was she telling her this?’ She was smiling knowingly at Lily. Lily was completely clueless as to what she was smiling at.

“Thank you, when do I start?”

“ You can start tomorrow if you want.”

“ That’ll be great, thanks.”

“ You’re very much welcome.” She smiled warmly at her, as Lily stood up, awkwardly from her seat. It was like she knew something Lily didn’t, and was having a fun time with it.


“ Lils! I’m home.” James shouted from the living room. He could smell dinner cooking, and he walked into the kitchen.

She spun around when he entered the kitchen, and smiled happily at him. She obviously felt better.

“ Guess what?” She said happily.

“ What?”

“ I got the job! I start tomorrow!” She laughed happily.

James whooped, and ran over to hug his wife. He kissed her on the mouth.

“ Congratulations baby!”

“ Thanks.”

The two ate happily next to each other discussing her new job. After dinner, Lily cleaned up, and put all the dishes away. She wiped off the kitchen table, and went to sit with her husband in the living room.

He was sitting on the couch. When he saw her coming, he moved over, positioning himself so that she would fit comfortably next to him.

She sat down next to him, and rested her head on his shoulder. She sighed happily. Things could not get any better, she had a job, she had great friends that love her, she had a home, and above all she had James.

“ Love?”

“ Hmm?” Lily asked looking up at him.

“ When you said you were going to be a nurse, you meant out of St. Mungos didn’t you?”

She searched his blue eyes; he seemed worried about something.

“ Yes, well that, and I’m a nurse for injured or sick aurors.”

James looked down at her, his worst suspicions confirmed.

“ Lily……”

How was he going to say this?

“ Yes?”

“ Nothing…Just be careful, it’s dangerous what you’re doing.”

Lily lifted her head, and stared fully into her husbands worried eyes. She smiled at him warmly.

“ Jay, I’ll be fine.” She kissed his jaw.

After they had broke apart, James pulled Lily to him, hugging her tightly. “ I know.” He whispered in her neck, as he buried his face into her neck.

She smiled, and stroked his hair. Even though it was messy, she couldn’t get enough of it. She loved his hair; she loved everything about him.


Lily woke early the next morning, feeling for the most part ok, but somewhat out of it, like she could be sick later. James had already left for auror training, leaving the house cold and empty with his absence.

She showered quickly, and dressed in her plain black robes, the ones that she had worn the first day to the ministry. She combed her long hair out, and pulled it up into a ponytail, and made herself a small breakfast consisting of a small bowl of cereal, and a banana, nothing to heavy for her seemingly upset stomach. When she was finished, she put the bowl into the sink, and ran upstairs to her bathroom, to brush her teeth. When she was finished she raced downstairs, and flooed to the ministry.

Anastasia met her in the Charms office.

“ Morning Lily, right on time I see.” She nodded her approval. “Are you ready to go to your station?”

“ Yes.” Lily forced a grin.

“ Ok, let’s go.” She smiled, and pinched more floo powder into the fireplace. Lily watched in confusion as the fire burned green, and Anastasia walked in.

“ Follow me Lily. MUNGOS!”

And she was gone.

Oh her station was at the hospital. She pinched floo powder into the fireplace, and yelled MUNGOS, and was instantly swirling toward St. Mungos. Her stomach lurched unpleasantly, as Lily stumbled out of the fireplace. Anastasia reached over and steadied her.

Lily felt her stomach churning. The room was getting blurry, and it was unbearably loud.

“ I’m sorry, but where is the bathroom?” She choked out.

“ Oh over there dear.”

Lily tried to follow where Anastasia was pointing. She walked quickly to the door that read woman’s. She pushed open the door, and flung it shut behind her. She stumbled over to the toilet. She fell to her knees in front of it, and heaved her breakfast into the bowl. She could feel tears well in her eyes.

When she was finished she lifted her head, and sat back against the wall, pale and shaking. She lifted her hand to her face, and felt hot tears. She had always hated to throw up. What was wrong with her? She had been sick the morning before, and now this morning.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks, she remembered that she had skipped her period, she was supposed the get the last week, and that was weird, She’d always had her period on time, her cycle was constant. She raised a pale shaking hand to her gaping mouth. Her eyes had grown wide.

‘Could I be pregnant? This early? Oh my god.’ Her stomach rebelled, and Lily flung her face back into the bowl, and heaved again.

There was knock on the door. “ Lily are you all right?” It was Anastasia.

Lily lifted her head long enough to grunt an ‘I’m ok.’

Lily stood up, and walked to the sink. She looked at her appearance in the mirror above the sink. Her hair was falling limply around her face, and her face was deadly pale. Her eyes looked tired and drawn. Could she be pregnant? Would James be happy? She bent over the sink, and rinsed her mouth out with water, and splashed some on her face.

She sighed, and opened the door to the hospital. Anastasia regarded her. “ You all right, you look kind of pale doll.”

“ I’ll be fine. Where do I go?”

“ Well your first patient is in there.” Anastasia pointed to the door down the hall on the far right. “ Room 225, dragon burn.”

“ How did a dragon burn them, aren’t they illegal?”

“ Yep, we don’t ask questions, just heal.” Lily nodded. Anastasia sighed, and pointed her wand at Lily, she instantly felt better. “ Much better, we can’t have our witches look they need a doctor as well.”

Lily smiled, as they walked to room 225. Lily pushed open the door. A man sat on the bed, he looked to be about 25, and he was clutching his hand.

“ Hello, I see that you’ve gotten a pretty bad burn there.”

His face was stiff, he tried to smile, but it seemed the pain got the better of him.

She walked over to the cabinet that Anastasia was leaning against watching her. She pulled open the doors, and pulled out an orange bottle, labeled burns. She walked over to the man, and gently lifted his hand. She dabbed a small amount of the goo onto his burn.

He cringed, as the potion took effect.

“ Sorry, this will be a bit painful, I’m just regrowing burnt skin, I’ll put a pain charm on it in a minute, after it settles, right now it would only interfere with the growing of skin.” Lily explained.

She glanced over at Anastasia, and saw that she was smiling. She turned back to her cringing patient. She took a gauze wrap, and wound it around his hand, and lifted her wand to his injured hand. She whispered the pain relief charm, and he instantly relaxed. He looked at her with gratitude.

“ There, you should be all better now.” She smiled, and patted his knee, before leaving the room, Anastasia following behind her.

“ I’m impressed.” She smiled.

“ Thank you.” Lily said with a grin. “ I learned all that from Madam Pomfrey.”

“ Well she taught you well.”

Lily nodded, she thought back to being pregnant, she had to see May, she would visit Hogwarts after work, she had to get a second opinion.


Lily flooed right from the hospital to a small town outside of Hogwarts. She walked hastily toward the school. Her was mind a jumble of thoughts. Was she ready to have a baby? Was it to early? Would James be angry? Or sad?

When she finally reached the school, she pulled the doors open and stepped into the familiar hall. She felt comfort wash over her, after all this had been her home for seven years.

She made her way toward the dungeons where May was teaching potions. (It’s just her subject, she’s not evil or anything, I just noticed that as I was writing it, sorry.) She walked calmly down the steps. Once she was outside of the classroom, she hesitated. She looked down at her twisting hands, and finally pulled the doors open. The entire class looked up at her, and when they saw that it was the old head girl, friend of Professor Delfin and James Potter’s wife, they all got silent and stared at her.

She fidgeted nervously in the doorway. She always hated getting attention.

May looked up from her desk, and regarded her. “ Lils?”

She stood up, and moved in front of her desk to reach Lily easier. She turned to the class. “ I’ll be back in a minute, Higgens you’re in charge of the class while I’m gone.” She smiled at the class, as she led Lily into the hallway.

“ Yes, Professor Delfin.” They heard Ralph Higgens shout as the door slammed behind them.

When they were finally safe in the hall, and out of earshot of the students, May turned to her friend.

“ Lily What’s up?”

“ I…I…I need to talk to you, when are you off for the day?”

“ Right after this class.”

Lily nodded mutely. May watched her friend worriedly. She reached out, and touched her arm.

“ Hey Lils, you ok? You’re all pale.”

“ I’m fine, I’ll meet you at the 3 Broomsticks in an hour.”

“ All right.” May said.

Lily turned and began walking out of the dungeons. She was going to Hogsmead now.

It took her a few minutes to finally reach the small village, about a mile or two off of Hogwarts grounds.

She went, and sat down in the Three Broomsticks. She reserved a table for two, and sipped at a butterbeer, deep in thought. Lily thought she had been sitting there for fifteen minutes, when really she had been there for an hour. She saw May sit down next to her and look at her worriedly.

“ Ok Lils, what’s going on?”

“ May…”

Madam Rouge wandered over just then, and took May’s order of a butterbeer.

“ Ok spill.” May said as Madam Rouge walked away to put her order in.

“ May, how do you know if you’re pregnant?”

May’s gray eyes grew large. “ Why? Lily do you think you’re pregnant?”

“ May, I don’t know, I think I might be.” Lily said calmly. “ I skipped my period, and I’ve been getting sick for the past two mornings.”

“Lils, maybe you just have the flu or something.” May said.

“ But what about my skipped period?” May shook her head, indicating that she didn’t have an answer.

“ Maybe you should get checked out.”

Lily nodded.

“ This is what you wanted isn’t it?”

“ Of course I wanted something like this, but do you think it’s too soon?”

“ Lils, you’re married, in love, your husband has a job, you have a job, you own a house…I think you’re ready.” She patted her arm that was lying on the table.

Lily smiled dreamily, thinking about the child she might be carrying.

“ What do you think James will think?”

“ Lils James’ll be thrilled, if I know James, he’ll be ecstatic.” May smiled reassuringly. “Do you want me to come with you to get checked out?”

“Could you?” Lily asked quietly.

“ What are friends for?” May grinned.


Lily and May walked into the brightly lit hospital, and May went to put Lily’s name in.

“ Lily Potter, new nurse here?” The short blonde woman asked from behind the desk.

“ Yes, that’s her.”

“ She thinks she’s PG?”

“ Yes, can we see someone?”

“ Certainly, follow me.”

Lily and May followed the short blonde to one of the back rooms.

“ I believe, Ms. Kerk, will be working with you, she’ll be back in a moment.”

The blonde left, as Lily let out a large sigh, and leaned against May. “ That’s my boss.” She whined. May patted her arm.

The door then opened, and Anastasia walked in, she smiled, and shook her head when she saw Lily.

“ I knew I’d be seeing you in here.” She smiled at her.

Lily regarded her confusion.

May stood up, and walked out, giving Lily a thumbs up. She went to wait in the waiting room, closing the door behind her, on the way out.

“ So Lily, how long have you thought that you might be pregnant?”

“ Actually, I thought about it today.”

“ Really.” She asked shocked.

“ Yes.” Lily said quietly.

“ Well sit up here.”

Lily jumped up on the table.

“ Lye back.”

Lily laid down.

Anastasia lifted her shirt just so much, so that her abdomen was exposed. She took her wand, and placed it right below her navel. She muttered ‘Pregnuncia’

The wand began to glow red.

Anastasia lowered her wand, and broke into a large smile.

“ Lily Potter, it is my pleasure to tell you that you are with child.”

Lily’s breath caught in her throat. ‘She was pregnant, she was going to have James’s baby! James’s baby.’ A wave of emotion washed over her that hadn’t until then. She was ready she was sure of it now, she was ready to have his child. They were going to have a baby!

“I…I…I’m going…to…to have a baby?” Lily stuttered.

“ Yes.” Anastasia said grinning broadly. “ I don’t understand why you didn’t come in sooner.”

“ You knew, how did you know?” Lily asked smiling.

“ Now don’t give me that much credit, I guessed, I’ve seen enough pregnant women to know what they look like.”

Lily chuckled. “ How far along am I?

“ I’m gonna say 2-3 weeks.”

“ And I didn’t know.”

Anastasia patted her back. “ Check ups every month until birth, the baby should be due in July.” She grinned, and walked to the door. She quickly disappeared, as May walked in, she stood there, waiting for her friend to say something.

“ So?”

“ I’m pregnant.” Lily said quietly. “ I’M PREGNANT!” Lily shrieked, laughing.

May stood there shocked, when she finally came out of her temporary shock, she ran up to her closest friend, and hugged her hard.

“ I can’t believe you’re going to have a baby.”

“ Neither can I.” Lily said happily.

“ So you’re happy? Do you feel ready?”

“ Now knowing that I have a piece of James and myself growing inside me, I’m pretty sure that I’m ready, I’m just a bit nervous.”

May smiled, and hugged her friend again.

“ When are you going to tell him?”

“ Tonight.”