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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 25: Lily's job and a little.....



This would be were the pg-13 comes in again. It’s not graphic! It’s less than the wedding scene, so…there you go!


I am SOOOO SORRY if it’s dragging, but I have to do all this other writing, it leads to the ending, so trust me please, I’m trying to make it as exciting as possible, but my mind has temporarily shut down. I didn’t want to make Lily have Harry like RIGHT away, so I’m trying to milk it, but also trying to bring it along. (Does that make sense?) There is some stuff coming in later chapters, which helps the ending flow, if that makes sense.

The after chapters, which I said I would be writing, will be mainly tying up loose ends. And the ending will need some ends tied. So please! Stick in there! Remember to please review, and tell me how I’m coming along!! I love feed back! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!


A month later the music alarm clock went off next to James’s side of the bed. Lily opened her eyes.

She could feel James’s arms wrapped around her waist, and his warm sweet breath on her neck. She didn’t want him to leave again, as he’d been doing every day for the past month. This however was his last two weeks of his training, until he was a real Auror. Lily hated to think.

He had to leave in an hour. She laid there for a few more minutes, with the music blaring in her ears, screaming rudely to her, but she just ignored it, enjoying James’s arms around her.

When he finally seemed to have woken up, he yawned, and reached over to turn off his clock. He untangled himself from his wife, and pushed the covers off. He stood up, and stretched, while placing his glasses on his face.

Lily instantly shivered when he left.

“ Don’t go.” Lily said unhappily. Lily flipped over to look at him.

He looked down at her, and smiled. “ I didn’t know you were up.” He climbed back onto the bed, and perched above her. “ You know I have to baby.” He bent down and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

She groaned, and reached her hands up to cup his face. “ James…..”

“ I love you.” He whispered as he broke apart, and searched her eyes.

“ I love you too.” She reached up again, and kissed him briefly.

When they finally broke apart again, James nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck for a minute, before standing and walking to the bathroom to take his shower.

Lily sighed, and looked at the clock. She gasped in surprise, ‘It was that early? And she was up why?’ She shook her head, and buried herself further into the comfortable softness of her bed. She could still smell James, and smiled, and buried her head further into his pillow.

She was soon falling back to sleep.


When she finally woke up hours later, the sun was streaming through the blinds. The room was bright, and warm, almost unbearable so. She threw her covers hastily off her, and stood up, stretching. She walked over to the window, and propped it open, to let the early fall air stream into the stuffy room.

She stood there, letting the light breeze play with her hair, and caress her sun kissed cheeks, left over from the summer.

Her eyes wandered to her closet. ‘What could she do today? May was at Hogwarts, teaching, James and Sirius were at training, and she didn’t want to bother Remus.

Her eyes caught the broom James had given her for Christmas. She looked back outside, at the vast expanse of land in their backyard, far away from wandering muggle eyes. Maybe she would go flying for a little bit? It did appeal to her.

She smiled, and walked to the mirror, hanging above the dresser. The dresser was cluttered with stuff, there wasn’t a better description for it. It consisted of Lily’s perfume, and make up, like eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, her hair brush, James’s comb, and such, a pile of money, quills and ink, a snitch that Sirius had forgotten to take back with him, and James’s broken wrist watch. She frowned at the mess.

She looked up into the mirror. Lily’s bright green eyes and wild auburn hair stared back at her. She picked her brush, and ran it gently through her long locks. She winced at every knot she encountered. Her gaze wandered past herself in the mirror toward the unmade bed. She noticed a small squarish piece of parchment lying on her pillow.

She placed her brush back down on the dresser, and walked over to the side of the bed. She picked it up, flipping her annoyingly long hair over her right shoulder, and gently urged it open.

Her grin widened as she red the entire note.

Lovely Lily Flower,

I’m ever so sorry that I’ve been gone all day, for most of the day, every weekday. I already miss you, and I’m here watching you sleep peacefully. I wish is can just crawl back into bed, and hold you, but I have to go to work, I have support you, and someday our family some how. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you, forever and ever. I hope you find something fun to do, not to dangerous though! You’ll have me pulling my hair out with worry, but something to keep you occupied. Why don’t you look into that job you wanted or something? I love you with all my heart Lily Potter, God I love writing that! Forever mine forever yours.

Your James.

She almost wanted to cry. He was so sweet. She loved him so much, everyday it seemed her love for him would multiply. She did miss him. She placed the letter on her dresser, and picked up her robe on the chair. She was going to take a shower, eat breakfast, and floo to the ministry, she was determined to learn to apparate, and find a job, hopefully something involving charms for the ministry.

She decided that after a month of grueling boredom during the day, she needed something to keep her occupied during the day.

She quickly showered, as fast as she could, and dried her hair. She brushed it out, and looked at her silky hair falling all over her shoulders. She grinned, satisfied with her appearance. She ran into her room, and changed into plain black robes, they were the most professional things she owned, and she wanted to set a good example.

She grabbed some money, and her wand from the dresser messy dresser, and walked down the stairs to the fireplace. She raised her wand to the fireplace, and started a roaring, orange blaze. She looked in the container on the mantel of the fireplace, for floo powder, and stuck her hand into the white powder. She took her hand out, and flung the powder into the flames, until it glowed green.

She stepped into the warm tickling fire, and shouted Diagon Alley. She swirled out of her living room, watching other fireplaces fly past.

When she was finally flung out of the fireplace, she stumbled, but recovered magnificently.

She stood up, and dusted off her robes She looked around briefly, noticing that she was in the Leaky Cauldron. She smiled at Tom the innkeeper. He seemed to be there forever, he would probably still be there when her children came to Hogwarts.

“ ‘Ello Ms. Evans.”

“ Actually, it’s Mrs. Potter now.” She grinned, as Tom nodded

“ That’s right, completely slipped my mind, you come in, and I was thinking Evans.”

Lily smiled. “ That’s alright.”

Lily walked to the entrance to Diagon Alley in the back of the inn/pug.

The ministry of Magic was right behind the wall separating the Muggle world from the wizarding world.

When she successfully entered Diagon Alley she looked around, and lifted her hand her hair, to see if it was sitting straight. She smiled, and walked to the large building, a few feet away, that you really wouldn’t notice, unless you’re looking for it.

She pulled the doors to ministry open, and stepped in, somewhat overwhelmed.

The inside was enormous, you wouldn’t think from the outside. There were large crystal chandeliers hanging from the extremely high, arched ceiling.

There were moving portraits of famous witches or wizards lining the large, cream colored walls. There were hundreds of finely dressed personnel bustling about, in a hurry to get things done. They minded their own business, not paying attention to her.

She looked around not having any idea what to do. It just looked like a large elegant party room, or something. There were no tables, or doors just the large tunnel room.

As she walked further towards the back, she noticed, a low long desk, with three people behind it, with open texts in front of them, and quills perched in their hands. She walked towards the desk, and stood there, towering over the low desk.

The woman in front of her, probably in her late twenties, early thirties, sat there, oblivious to anything around her. She was ruffling through a large book in front of her. Lily bent over a little, and glanced at the book. There was a list of names in ink. Lily leaned back again, as the blonde haired woman looked up and smiled.

“ Yes dear?” She asked Lily warmly.

“ I’m just wondering, I was looking for a job, I’ve never done this before, um…where do I go.”

“ Oh not to worry, you’ve come to the right place.” She smiled. “ What section did you want to work in?” She asked, swirling around in her swively chair, so she had better access to her files.

“ Well charms would be ideal.” Lily said, but added hastily. “ But anything is fine.”

The woman nodded, and brought out a large folder. She fingered through it, and looked at the paper she had stopped at.

“ Yes, there is an opening for a job in charms, it’ll be helping in the advancement of healing charms, and healing Ministry personnel that have been injured or are ill. Are you interested? Shall I set up an interview?”

Lily smiled relieved. “ Yes, that would be great!”

“ Are you qualified? Do you know the basic ways of healing?”

Lily nodded, yes I learned a lot from Madam Pomfrey up at Hogwarts.”

The woman nodded.

“ All right…” She took out a large notebook, and a quill, and sat back in her seat. “ I’m going to need you name, and floo network.”

“ I’m Lily Potter, at Godric’s Hollow.”

“ Potter? Were you related to Harold Potter?”

Lily shook her head. “ No, I’m married to his son James.”

“ Oh, I’m sorry to hear about Harry’s death, he was famous in the ministry, isn’t his son training to become an auror?”

“Yes, he is.”

She smiled and nodded. She looked down at her book, obviously done with small talk.

“ I can set up a meeting for you next week, Wednesday, with Anastasia Kerk, she’s the head of hospital charms.

“ Thanks so much!” Lily grinned happily.

“ It was a pleasure. Good luck.”

She smiled as Lily turned and began to head toward the exit. ‘That wasn’t so hard.’

She walked into the street of Diagon Alley, it was practically empty, what with everyone being either at school or work, so only the old witches were out. She walked back to the Leaky Cauldron. She had decided that she was going to make soup and sandwiches for dinner tonight, so she had to stop at the grocery store.

She got James’s favorite soup, chicken noodle, and a gallon of milk, she had remembered that they had run out.

She quickly made it back home by four o’clock. She desperately wanted to talk to May, but she remembered she was at Hogwarts, She missed female companionship. She loved James, but he wasn’t the same as May.

She could hardly wait until James came home at five thirty. She placed a preservation charm on the milk and placed it in the refrigerator. She then put the soup next to the stove, where it would stay until she was ready to use it.

She had about an hour to kill, so she ran upstairs, and grabbed her book from her nightstand. She walked downstairs to the living room. She plopped heavily down into the cushions, and breathed in, relaxing instantly. She almost forgot how much she enjoyed time to herself. She propped her book open on her lap, and was sucked into her own fantasy world.

As the time passed, she glanced up from her book to the clock above the fireplace. She gasped, it was five! She had to get the soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches on. She placed her bookmark on the page, and placed the book on the coffee table next to the couch. She stood up and streched, before moving into the kitchen.

She pointed her wand at the soup, and it instantly poured into the pan, and began to heat up. She then began to start making the sandwiches from scratch. She stood there, checking how the sandwiches were progressing, and stirring the soup occasionally, when suddenly after a few minutes of this, she felt a pair of arms slide around her waist, and sucked in a breath of shock.

She instantly relaxed however when he heard his oh so familiar chuckle. He kissed the skin between her shoulders and neck, Lily could smell his woodsy clean, male scent, and she grinned stupidly.

“ Missed you.” James whispered, as he laid his chin on her neck.

She turned to him, causing him to lift his head of her shoulder, and look at her. She embraced him around his waist tightly. “ I missed you too.” She laid her head on his chest.

When she finally let go James sat down at the table, and watched her take the soup off the stove, and pour him some.

“ I am so sore.” James whimpered, and laid his head down on the kitchen counter.

Lily chuckled as she walked toward him, and placed his soup in front of his head. She then sat down next to him, and stroked his hair.

“ Poor baby.” Lily said, while she stroked his unruly hair.

“ Yes, poor me.” His voice came muffled from the table.

After a while he lifted his head up, and began to slurp his soup. Lily chuckled.

“ So how was training?”

“ Hell, they worked us so hard, I can’t even feel my legs, or my butt for that matter.”

Lily chuckled, and reached over to kiss his cheek.

“ Well we’ll have to fix that.” Lily grinned mischievously.

He smiled, and shook his head amused. “ So what did you do today?”

“ Well I took your suggestion from your note, oh thanks for that by the way.”

“ No prob.”

“ So anyway, I went in to get an interview, and guess what?”

James grinned happily, staring at his excited wife.

“ I have an interview Wednesday for a position in Hospital charms!”

“ Oh Lils that’s great!”

He leaned over and kissed his wife firmly on the lips.

“ Thanks.”

After they were finished eating, and everything was cleaned up and put away, James went up to their room to change into comfier clothes.

Lily made her way into the living room. She pointed her wand at the fireplace to start a fire. Even thought it was October, the nights were getting increasingly colder, and the heat, and light given off by the fire relaxed her, and mellowed her out. She walked over the to the large bay window, and stared out into the streets of their tiny town. The town was quiet, and peaceful. Lily grinned, she loved it here, it was easy for her to call it home, it was peaceful, and anywhere James was, was home to her. There were only a few houses, and everyone that lived there were all inside, probably with their families. The sun had gone down. Lily sighed, and watched the lights in the house across the street flicker on in the penetrating darkness of the small town.

She felt, rather than heard James come up behind her.

“ Whatcha doing?” He asked just above her head, causing her hair to flutter with his breath.

“ Just looking.”

James bent to kiss her cheek, and rubbed both of her arms. Her stomach flopped happily at the feel of his lips on her cheek. She grinned.

She stood there for a few moments before she finally turned to him, and looked up into his eyes. He was staring at her adoringly. She felt her knees turn to jelly, an affect that he always seemed to have on her. She stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him sweetly on the mouth. Lily felt him shiver in pleasure, and he wound his arms around her waist protectively.

She watched his face as she broke it off. It was utter bliss, and peace. She smiled, and hugged him around the waist.

Lily felt a wave of desire wash over her. She stepped back, and gazed at him. His hair was standing up at weird angles; his lips were full, and his blue eyes sparkling at her underneath his trademark thin silver glasses. She noticed love, and desire swimming around in his eyes, and she reached on her toes, and kissed his jaw.

She looked up at him, and noticed that his had his eyes closed, and a smile playing on his lips.

She reached up again, and left a trail of kisses on his neck, when she reached his collarbone, she realized that his shirt was in the way. She wound her arms around his waist, and lifted the hem of his shirt. He lifted his arms, as she pulled it over his head. She flung it on the ground, and resumed kissing a trail down his chest.

His hands fisted, and tangled in her thick red hair.

His stomach clenched in pleasure as he felt his wife’s small hands burned a trail of pleasure across his bare chest and back. He tangled his hands more into her hair, and closed his eyes to the sensation.

He gently lifted her head, and gazed into her sparkling green eyes. He placed either hand on her cheek and stroked it lovingly. He brought his face closer to hers, and kissed her with as much passion as he could muster. He slid his tongue along her bottom lip and she complied and opened her mouth.

She groaned, and leaned into him for support.

They fell back onto the couch, the fire crackling merrily behind them, and you can probably guess what happened then.