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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
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Chapter 24: Coming Home, and a quidditch game!

DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING! I`m sorry if it`s dragging, it`s all leading up to conflicts at the end. Please trust me!! I LOVE YOU ALL! THANKS SO MUCH!


The house seemed quiet, standing alone in the summer sun. There were surprisingly not children around, which made Lily and James wonder. Granted, there weren`t many children in Godric`s Hollow, but usually there are a few, but today there were none. Maybe it was the stifling heat that they had come back too.

They had thought California was bad, but they seemed to have made it back home in the middle of a heat wave.

The streets were quiet, except for the distant tune of music wafting from one of the windows. They could hear a dog barking, a baby crying, and a mother shouting somewhere nearby.

Lily brushed a strand of crimson hair away from her sweaty face, as she heaved her bag farther up on her shoulder. She made began to make her way toward the door to her house.

"Need help?¨

Lily grinned happily at the voice, so close behind her. "No love.¨

She pushed her bag farther up her shoulder, as she finally reached the door, with her keys out, and ready to open the door.

Lily and James walked into their house in Godrics Hollow and sighed. They were hit with a blast of cooler air instantly, and grinned happily, finally they had some comfort. Lily was glad to be home. Granted, she loved her time with James, alone, but she missed her home, good old England, with May and the Marauders. Speaking of May and the Marauders, the house was unusually quiet.

"May? Siri?¨ Lily called.

"I don`t think they`re here.¨ James said as he kissed his wife, and walked passed her into the room.

"Well where could they be?¨ She asked, dropping the bag off her shoulder, and shutting the door behind her.

"May said she was going to find a new place to live, I assume she did.¨ James answered.

"That would make sense wouldn`t it?¨ Lily giggled, and flopped down onto the couch, and picked up a magazine from the center table. She leafed through it, as she heard James bound upstairs to their room on the second floor, to put down his and Lily`s bag.

Lily sat by the fireplace. She couldn`t stop smiling, she was the happiest she`d ever been. She didn`t want to think about the next week when James would be starting Auror training. She was still worried about him, because she loved him so much, but there was little she could do about it. Maybe she could find a jobKK

Suddenly the fireplace roared green, and Sirius stepped out, and brushed his robes off. He had a broom slung over his shoulder, and seemed to be carrying a bag of what looked like balls at his side.

"Hello Sirius.¨

Sirius jumped at the new voice, and whipped around.

"LILS!¨ He ran to her, and engulfed her in a hug, well a hug that could be accomplished while carrying a bag of balls on his back. "I forgot you guys were coming home today!¨

"Oh thanks.¨ Lily said sarcastically. "So where`s May?¨ Lily asked as she released her friend.

"Oh she`s coming.¨ He grinned mischievously.

"What? You`ve got that look.¨ Lily said narrowing her eyes.

"Oh nothing, you just didn`t know what we`ve been doing in our spare time, that`s all.¨

"Do I want to know?¨ Lily scrunched her face up.

"Nothing bad, I`ve been teaching her to fly.¨

Lily`s mouth dropped open. "Have you gotten her on a broom?¨

"Yes actually, I was very proud of myself, and on the first day no less. I`ve got her thirty feet in the air, and moving, slowly, but moving all the same.¨

"Oh my god, I never thought it was possible.¨

"Yes well, I do have talent, and after all she might need that skill for Hogwarts.¨

"Why would I need to know quidditch for Hogwarts?¨ A new voice asked from the fireplace.

Lily whirled around at the welcome voice, and ran to hug her friend.

"Oh my god! May I missed you!¨

May laughed. "You haven`t seen me for what two weeks?¨

"That`s a long time!¨

"Oh, aha, I see how it is, you miss her, but not me?¨ Sirius asked in amusement.

Lily and May pulled apart. May rolled her eyes and Lily turned to Sirius.

"OH Sir, you know I missed you too, I hugged you didn`t I?¨ She rolled her eyes at him.

"Aha, sure, where`s Jamie?¨

"He`s upstairs unpacking.¨ She replied.

She watched as an evil grin spread across his face.

"I`ll just go have a visit with Jamsey.¨ Sirius said mischievously.

Lily just smiled, and watched Sirius bound up the stairs, transforming into a dog on his way up, toward Lily and James`s bedroom.

"So, thank god you`re home, Sirius was going to make me fly today, that`s why we were here.¨

"To fly? Where?¨

"In your backyard, according to Sirius, It`s like a quidditch pitch.¨

"Oh.¨ Lily grinned. "Were you using my broom?¨

"Yes, I hope you don`t mind.¨

"No not at all.¨

"Ok, hey I was wondering, do you want to go into Hogsmead? Just for the hell of it maybe visit Amy.¨

"You want to escape learning to fly from Siri don`t you?¨

"Yep, I mean I`m better at it now, but he`s trying to incorporate the balls, and I fear for my life playing with him. That and I need to buy supplies for Hogwarts, starts in a week you know.¨

Lily giggled. "That`s right, well lets go, we haven`t had a girls day out in a long time.¨

"So it`s agreed?¨

"Yep, I just have to tell James.¨

May rolled her eyes.

Lily walked up the stairs that Sirius had just went up, and walked toward her bedroom. She could hear May`s footsteps following behind her, as she pushed open the bedroom door.

James was bent over his open suitcase, and piling clothes on the bed. He back was too her, and he was talking with Sirius who sat further up on the bed, now in human form.

"Well Moony built an underground hole type thing so when he transforms, he can go down there, and not bother anyone, or be in anyone`s way.¨ Sirius was saying.

"Well that`s good.¨ James said.

Lily leaned up against the doorframe and looked at the two men.


James turned around, and stood up straight smiling. "Yea?¨

"I`m going into town with May, there`s probably a limited amount of stash left in the kitchen, since I doubt you guys replenished itK¨ She looked pointedly at May and Sirius. "So, is there anything you need?¨ Lily asked sweetly.

"Not that I can think of.¨ He smirked.

She walked into the room, and hugged him. "All right, I`ll see you later tonight.¨ She winked suggestively, and he bent and kissed her mouth sweetly.

"I love you.¨ He muttered with his mouth pressed to hers.

"Love you too Jay.¨ She whispered back.

She broke off, and turned to walk to the door. "I should be back around fiveish! Love ya!¨ She said over her shoulder, as she and May left the room.

James smiled happily, staring at the door she`d just walked out of. He couldn`t remember a time when he was happier. Ever since James had married Lily, he had been the happiest man alive, and he would remain so for the rest of his life.

Sirius waved a hand in his face. "Jamsie! You married her, you don`t have to look at her like that anymore.¨

James turned to her friend, and looked at his friend like he was crazy. "I love her.¨

Sirius chuckled. "Yes, I see that, and she knows.¨

"Yea.¨ James said wistfully.

"Hey, you wanna go play some quidditch?¨

"Where?¨ James asked confused.

"In your backyard.¨ Sirius said slowly, like he was talking to a stupid person, who should have known the obvious.

"My backyard?¨

"You hadn`t noticed its uses?¨ Sirius asked disbelievingly.

"I guess not.¨

"Well let`s call Rem and Pete, and get the game started.¨

"I`m game!¨ James said excitedly.


Remus and Peter came over, and they divided the teams to James and Remus, and Sirius and Peter. They played for about four hours straight.


James sat on his broom distracted. ¥Didn`t Lily say she was going to be back by fiveish?` He glanced at his watch; it was four forty five. She had fifteen minutes, but that didn`t stop James from being worried.

"Yo Prongs, get your head out of your ass, and take the freaking ball!¨ A sweaty Remus shouted to him.

James looked over at his friend, as Remus threw him the bright red ball. James caught it easily, and took off for the goal posts that they had chosen, a hula-hoop that they had enchanted to float in midair.

He scored it in, no problem.

"YES!¨ Remus shouted, as he streaked toward James, and gave him a high five in mid air. James grinned broadly, and wiped some of the perspiration from his forehead. "If we score one more time we win!¨ Remus shouted.

Peter then got the ball, and pelted toward the hoop on the other side of the fake pitch. James flew low, and was shocked at the set determination on his friend`s face. Pete looked like he was desperate to show them his worth. James didn`t want to break his spirit, but he also couldn`t stand to lose.

"James! Get the freaking ball, this is not the time to play good friend!¨ Remus shouted from behind Peter. Remus could be very demanding, and competitive if it came down the something, this happened to be one of those times.

James pelted toward Peter, and flew underneath him, with one quick hand movement; he pushed the ball out from under his arm. The ball popped up into the air, and James easily retrieved it, and took off toward the other hoop. He scored it easily. He turned back to give Remus a victory high five.

"We win!¨ Remus shouted, and pelted toward the ground. James chuckled, as Sirius, Peter, and himself followed Remus lazily to the ground, beginning to feel the stain of the game on their limbs. There was a series of small thuds, as the four men landed easily.

James and Remus shook the other team`s hands, Remus a bit more enthusiastically. Sirius just grinned, and shook their hands.

"I went easy on you, I did, I could have creamed you, but I decided to let you have your fun.¨ Sirius let them know.

"Sure you did.¨ James chuckled.

James then turned to Peter, and held out his hand. Pete looked down at his hand with distaste, but put his hand in his and shook it.

James couldn`t be sure, but he could have sworn he`d seen an underlining glare coming from the other man. But he shook his head to disregard it.

"Good game Pete.¨

"Yea.¨ He said, with underlining edge.

¥They just didn`t understand him.` Peter thought to himself. ¥At least master does.`

James then turned to all of them. "Where do you think the girls are?¨

"Home.¨ Sirius said.

"What?¨ James asked.

"I saw them come in about an hour ago.¨

"You didn`t tell me?¨

"What for? We were playing.¨

James just smiled at his friend, and made his way to the as fast as his tired shaky legs could carry him to the house. He was completely exhausted, and the thought of a bed made him smile happily. He just then noticed how dry his throat was; he was parched as well.

He stepped into the kitchen. His wife and May were sitting at the island in the kitchen talking.

"Oh hey baby.¨ Lily said to her husband as she spotted him. He had dirt all over his
Face, and his forehead was dotted with perspiration, his hair was everywhere, not the least bit tidy, not that it ever was. (For some reason the idea of messy black hair is so attractive to me, don`t ask why) His baby blue shirt was sticking to him, and his khaki pants were hanging on him. "Aren`t you a vision, do you want some lemonade?¨ She smiled.

"Yes!¨ James shouted.

Lily chuckled, and stood up, opening the refrigerator door. She took out the container that held lemonade, and poured a tall glass for James.

She felt him wrap his arms around her waist, and just hang on, exhausted. He rested his head on her`s, and seemed to be nodding off right there. She smiled, and reached up to run a hand through his hair.

"I didn`t even know I was this tired.¨ He muttered into her hair.

"You over did it love, I mean, come on, we just got home today.¨

He yawned, and kissed her head.

"You might want to pour three other cups.¨ May said from behind them. Lily tried to glance over James`s shoulder, but instead ended up having to pivot her whole body, under James`s weight, to see three filthy men, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were all in the same state as James was.

"Thirsty?¨ Lily asked.

"Hell yes.¨ Sirius said sitting down next to May.

"Ok.¨ She turned back around, James moving with her, as she reached up into the cabinet, and pulled down three other cups, and poured them all for them, with some difficulty. She turned with the lemonades, and tried to walk back to the table, but that was hard to do with James hanging on her. She put them on the counter.

"You`ll have to come and get them for yourself, I think James is a bit tired.¨

She giggled as she turned in his iron embrace to face him. She hugged him around his neck. He rested his head on hers, and closed his eyes.

"Jay love, go to sleep.¨

"Come with me?¨ James asked.

"Not too tired for that is he?¨ Sirius laughed.

James turned and glared at his friends.

"Ass hole.¨

"Dick.¨ Sirius smirked.

Remus laughed, and gulped down his lemonade. Peter sat at the table in silence. He finally stood up.

"Well I think I best be gone, I`ll talk to you later.¨

"Later Pete.¨ Sirius waved him off. "What do you say we move into the living room, it`s more comfortable, and James can go up to nap.¨

"Amen to that!¨ James said as he pulled away from Lily`s warmth. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, leaning on her slightly, and followed their friends into the living room.

Lily plopped down onto the couch, and sighed heavily. She sat there completely comfortable.

May and Sirius sat down next to her in the armchairs, while Remus sat down next to her on the couch.

Lily felt James bend and kiss her head. "I`m going up for a shower and a nap, wake me for dinner love?¨

Lily turned her head, and met his lips in a kiss. "Of course.¨

He smiled, and disappeared up the stairs.

When he was gone, Lily sighed. "I`m dreading when you two go to training.¨ She nodded her head to Sirius.

He looked up showing as much surprise as he could, considering the state he was in. "Why?¨

"I`m just worried that`s all.¨

"Don`t be James knows what he`s doing.¨ He assured her. He let out a large yawn.

"I know, it`s just, you know, I love him so much, It`s only natural to worry sometimes.¨

"Oh Lily, don`t worry about it.¨ May said.

"And you`re leaving for Hogwarts the day the boys are leaving! Who`s going to keep me company during the day?¨


"Yea, but he`s gonna find a job. Maybe I`ll look for a job. Do you think I can find a job in the charms department of the ministry?¨

"I`m sure you could.¨ Sirius gave a huge yawn. "Great now I`m tired.¨

"I`m pretty tired myself.¨ Remus put in. He yawned, and leaned back into the chair.

"So are you guys staying for dinner?¨ Lily asked.

"Yes, I assume so, I can`t get up right now, so, what`s for eats?¨ Sirius asked.

Lily grinned "Pasta.¨

"Figured.¨ Sirius said with a look.

Remus nodded.

"Well I`m actually going to get that started, May you wanna help?¨ Lily said with a smirk.


"Oh guys if you want to shower after James is done go ahead.¨

"Thanks Lils, I will, I`ll probably take a siesta too, wake me for din.¨ Sirius said.

"Gotcha.¨ Lily smiled, and her and May disappeared into the kitchen.

When dinner was finally done about an hour later, the house was silent except for the girls. May set the table, and Lily put out the food with the utensils.

"Let`s go wake the boys.¨ Lily laughed.

"Sounds good!¨ May said excitedly.

They bounded out of the kitchen, and into the living room. Sirius was spread out on the floor, his hair still wet from the shower he`d taken. Remus was lying on the couch. His hair was partially dry; because he`d taken the shower before Sirius.

May walked over to where Sirius was laying. She got down on her knees, and leaned over him, resting her face near his ear. "SiriKcome on, dinner.¨

Lily shook Remus awake.

"Up, come on, dinner, some guest you are.¨ May huffed. Sirius opened one eye, and looked up at her.

"May, let me sleep, please.¨ He pleaded, almost in a child`s whine.

"After dinner, we`ll go home, and you can sleep.¨

"Fair enough.¨ He sat up rubbing his eyes.

Remus was already sitting up rubbing sleep from his eyes. "I`m surprised that I`m alive right now.¨ He said.

Lily and May laughed.

"I`ll get James, I`ll be right back.¨ Lily ran up the stairs toward their room, and pushed open the door. She walked over to the lump in the bed, and shook him. He wouldn`t budge. She got down close to his face. She could smell the fresh ness of his shampoo and soap, and grinned happily.

"Jay?¨ She whispered in his ear. "Love? Dinner`s ready.¨

He mumbled something that she didn`t catch, and turned to face her. His eyes were open. He smiled sleepily. He reached up, and pulled her down next to him. He began to snuggle her like a teddy bear.

She laughed, and tried to sit up.

"Noo.¨ James said trying to grasp her again.

"Come on silly, It`s time for dinner, the others are waiting.¨

"I`m too tired for dinner.¨ James mumbled, and snuggled her hand with him as she stood up beside him, and he closed his eyes again.

"After dinner when they leave, you can sleep, and I`ll come to bed with you.¨

He opened his eyes and looked at her. "Promise.¨


He kissed her hand, before releasing it, and sitting up. "Whoa, my head`s spinning.¨

"Well you got up to fast.¨ Lily said smiling. "And you not wearing your glasses.¨

"Wear are my glasses?¨ He asked.

Lily took them from the nightstand, and placed them on his face.

"Ok, let`s go down.¨

He sighed heavily, but stood up anyway. "I want to sleep for years.¨

Lily just giggled, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his nose.

"Come on love.¨

When they finally made it downstairs, the others were digging in.

"Thanks for waiting for us.¨ Lily said rolling her eyes. She sat down on the end of the table, and James plopped roughly down in the chair next to her tiredly.

"We didn`t know how long you were going to be.¨ Sirius said with an evil smirk.

"Padfoot.¨ James grumbled annoyed, while Lily flushed.

"Lily I just want say, this is the best pasta I`ve ever tasted!¨ Sirius said, stuffing more into his mouth.

"Thanks.¨ She said.

She glanced around the table, and noticed that the guys were practically dead. Remus was practically slumped in his bowl of pasta, while James would nod off while eating. She looked on them with sympathy. That must have been some game, and James probably shouldn`t have played right after they`d gotten home.

The rest of the evening passed in mostly silence. Sirius, May, and Remus all left after dinner to go home to bed, leaving Lily to clean up. James tried to help, but Lily kept pushing him out of the kitchen, and telling him to go to sleep. Finally he relented, and went upstairs to bed.

She pointed her wand at the dirty dishes, and they instantly were sparkling clean, she then waved her wand again, and they all made their way into the correct positions in the cabinet.

Lily yawned while she shut off the lights, and made her way upstairs. She wanted to take a quick shower before going to bed, so she stopped at the bathroom, and took a quick shower. Letting the hot water pour over her body. She was becoming increasingly tired. She sighed, and turned off the water. She wrapped her towel around her shoulders, and walked back to James and her`s bedroom. It was pitch black inside, and Lily could hardly see a foot in front of her. She could hear James`s light breathing from the bed, and sighed, happily. She padded over to her dresser, praying not to run into anything, and pulled out her nightgown. She slipped it over her head, and threw the dirty towel in the hamper in the bathroom.

She closed the bathroom door, and walked over to the bed. She climbed in, and snuggled into James`s side, because he was lying on his back. He was out cold. She smiled, and turned to face him.

She snuggled into his side, and kissed his cheek. It was soft and warm under her lips, and she smiled happily. She rested her head on his chest, she watched her hand rise and fall with his slow breathing, and finally fell asleep after a few comfortable minutes.


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