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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 23: The next morning, and learning to fly!


The next morning sunlight shined threw the drapes into their room. Lily opened her eyes, and looked at a sleeping James. His arm was gently wrapped around her bare waist. She didn’t want to wake him up yet, so she gently lifted his arm from her waist, and sat up. Her hair tumbled wildly around her shoulders, and down her back. She yawned, and gently stretched her aching bones.

She heard a groan, and felt James’s hand gently rub her bare back. She shivered in pleasure as she turned to face him. He smiled at her, and gently grasped her around her waist, and pulled her back down on top of him. She shrieked happily, and raised up on her elbows and looked down at him. Her hair falling wildly around her face, forming a curtain of fire, blocking James’s face from view.

“ Good morning Lovey.”

“ Morning.” Lily bent her head, and kissed him on the lips.

She then backed up, and rolled off of him, and sat up on the bed, not caring that she was not wearing any clothes. “ Where you going?”

“ To make breakfast, so we can get going.”

“ Oh stay in bed.” He sat up behind her, and pulled her back to his chest. He rested his head on her shoulder. “ We have another hour.” He kissed her cheek, then her bare shoulder. She turned toward him, and kissed his nose.

“ You’re too cute!”

“ Then stay.” He pouted.

She shook her head, and smiled. “Aren’t you hungry?”

“ For you.” James said teasingly.

Lily giggled, and stood up bringing the top comforter with her. James put on his glasses, and admired her as she stretched, clutching the comforter around her slim body, and walking to the bathroom to change.

She came back a minute later wearing her robe, James assumed she’d put on underwear, and went to her dresser to look at her reflection. She ran her brush through her disheveled locks, satisfied as she turned back to the bed.

James’s hair was a mess, it was everywhere, and she had to smile.

He sat on the bed, watching her. She smiled brightly; he was just so adorable. She now truly knew why girls wanted him at Hogwarts. Well they couldn’t have him! He was hers. She walked over, and kissed him on the lips, before backing up. He smiled, and pulled her back onto the bed, pinning her underneath him.

“ You can’t leave now.” He said grinning.

Lily giggled. She reached up, and kissed him passionately, catching him off guard, she then did the move that ended with James beneath her, and her sitting proudly on his middle, straddling his stomach.

“ I like this.” James grinned up at her.

“ I though you would.” Lily grinned. “ I’m going to make breakfast, get dressed, and ready to go.”

“ Ok.”

She bent and kissed him once more, before crawling off of him, and standing up. She walked to the door happily.

After she was gone, James sighed happily, and sat up. He quickly changed into clothes, and made his way downstairs. He heard the clanking and clattering of pots down in the kitchen, and he had to smile.

He walked into the kitchen, and watched Lily frustratedly pull her long red hair away from her face, pulling it high into a pony, then placing bacon on the skillet to fry.

He walked over, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

She turned and kissed him. “ Hey can you get Sirius, May, Remus, and Peter over here, so we can say goodbye?” She asked sweetly.

“ Good thinking. I’ll be back in a while, try not to miss me too much.” James teased, as he kissed her neck.

“ I will try.” She said, as she bent over the skillet. He smiled, and exited the kitchen. He grabbed the container the held the floo powder, and sprinkled some into the fireplace. He stepped into the fire, and swirled to Remus’s house.

“ Hello James, what are you doing here?” Remus asked when James appeared in Remus’s living room. Remus was busy chewing on a piece of toast.

“ Lily wanted me to come over and get you guys to come back with me, so we can say bye, we’re leaving in about an hour, Lily couldn’t come because she’d cooking breakfast.” James smiled dreamily.

Remus smirked, and brushed the crumbs from his robes. “ So how was it?”

“ It, was great.” James said dreamily.

Remus laughed, causing James to come back to reality.

“ So where’s the others?”

“ Peter’s somewhere, I don’t know where, and Sirius and May are still sleeping.”

“ Well let’s go wake them up.” James said seriously. “ I want to get back to Lily.”

“ All right.” Remus said. “ They’re sharing a room.”

James looked at him with raised eyebrows. “ They are?”

“ Of course, they shared a room back at your house too, didn’t you know?”

“ No.” James said confused.

“ You had other things on your mind.”

James smiled. “ Yea, I guess.”

Remus knocked on the door, and Sirius mumbled ‘come in.’

James pushed open the door. The sunlight was being blocked by a curtain in front of the window, and a tousle haired Sirius was squinting in the light from the door. He was wearing a bright blue shirt with a yellow smiley face on it, and sat up abruptly when he saw James and Remus enter.

“ James? What are you doing here?” Sirius smirked.

“ Lily had me come to get you, she wants to say bye.”

Sirius’s mouth formed a perfect ‘o’. He bent down and tapped May’s shoulder. She grumbled and slapped his hand away.

“ Hun?” Sirius shook her shoulders gently. “ Come on get up.”

“ Piss off.” She grumbled, and flipped over.

Remus and James chuckled. “ Doesn’t like being disturbed that one.” Remus said laughing.

“ No she doesn’t.” James said chuckling.

“ May Delfin! I’m shocked at you! Don’t you want to say good bye to your best friend!” Sirius shrieked.

May sat up abruptly. “ WHY WHERE’S LILY GOING?” Her black hair falling messily around her shoulders.

James laughed.

“ Oh only on her honeymoon.” Sirius said.

“ Oh, well I’ll see her when she gets back.” She then laid back down and settled down into her covers. She wrapped the blankets tighter around her, and closed her eyes again.

Sirius sighed exasperatedly, and shoved the covers of him. “ How did Lily do it everyday for seven years?”

The others laughed as Sirius changed into a pair of jeans, and began to repeatedly hit May over the head with a large pillow, until she reluctantly, and angrily got out of bed, mumbling about how Lily will pay for having to leave so early.

“ That’s a girl.” Sirius kissed her cheek. He got a biting growl from her as she pushed her way to the bathroom to shower.

“ Hey James how are you getting there anyway? You and Lily can’t apparate.” Sirius asked as the three of them made their way downstairs to wait for May to get ready.

“ Well I figure I’m just going to wait until Auror training to start, and Lily can take the test while I’m training, and such, so basically for another few weeks It’ll be floo powder.” James said.

“ Ahh.”

“ So when are you coming back?”

“ In two weeks.”

“ I believe May and myself will be staying in your house for that time, looking for a house.” Sirius said. “ If that’s ok with you.” He added.

James patted his friend on the back. “ Course Padfoot.”

Sirius sighed. “ Thank god, I’ve got no where else to go.”

Remus tutted loudly. “ You could have stayed here, am I that horrible?” Remus said with mock hurt.

“ You have no idea Moony.” Sirius joked.

James and Remus chuckled.


May stepped out of the shower, and got dressed quickly. She gave a huge yawn, and put her dirty clothes into her overnight bag. She quickly dried her hair. She zipped up her overnight bag, and lifted it up. She ran down the stairs skipping one here and there.

Today she would go and find a cheap flat in Hogsmead. Somewhere she could live while she worked at Hogwarts. She marched into the living room, and smiled at the men talking in there.

“ Ok, let’s go.” She swung her bag over her shoulder, and smiled.

The guys stood up. “ Should we wait for Peter?” Sirius asked.

“ Nah, no time, we’re leaving in a half an hour, can you tell him, when you see him that Lily and I say good-bye?” James asked.

“ Will do.” Remus nodded his head.

The four flooed quickly to Lily and James’s house. The living room was empty. There was a strong scent of bacon. James walked into the kitchen. There was no one in there. The bacon was on a plate in the center of the island. The skillet lay in the sink, soaking clean.

“ Where’s Lils?” May asked coming into the kitchen behind him.

“ I don’t know.” James said. “ LILY! WE’RE BACK!”

There was a long pause, where James ran from the kitchen, and sprinted up the stairs two at a time. “ LILY!” He shouted.

“ James honey? I’m sorry did you call?” Lily appeared at the top of the stairs in nothing but a towel ringing her wet hair out.

James sighed in relief. “ The other’s are here.”

“ Oh!” Lily rushed back into the room and slammed the door shut. “ I’ll be down in a minute!” He heard behind the shut door.

James chuckled and walked back down the stairs. James walked into the kitchen, and saw Sirius sitting down at the island at in the center of the kitchen, munching on the bacon in front of him. May stood next to him leaning on the island also munching on a piece of bacon. Remus sat at the kitchen table.

“ She’ll be down in a minute, she just got out of the shower.”

“ Oh, that’s what took you so long.” Sirius smirked.

James stared at him wide eyed. “ Sir, I was up there for…” James glanced at his watch. “One minute.”

Sirius just laughed. “ So when is she coming down? Don’t you two have to leave soon?”

James glanced at his watch; they had fifteen minutes left. James sighed, and turned toward the stairs. “ I’ll be back.”

James took off up the stairs. He knocked once, and pushed the door open. Lily’s hair was dried, and she was fully dressed. She was sitting on her suitcase, trying to close it frustratedly. She blew her hair away from her face huffily.

James smiled. He walked over, and gently pushed her aside. He closed the suitcase easily. “ There, why didn’t you just ask for help? You have to go say good-bye to our friends.”

Lily glared at him. “ You trying to make me feel weak?”

James smirked, and picked up her suitcase effortlessly, and wrapped his other arm around her shoulders. Lily rolled her eyes at her husband as he bent and kissed her cheek, leading her out the door.

“ Jay, you are packed right?”

“ Lily, baby, I packed before the wedding, I’m always prepared.” James grinned down at her. “ In fact my things are downstairs by the fireplace.”

“ Oh.”

When they entered the living room, James left her, and brought her bag by the fireplace. He stood up and stood by them.

“ Well bye.” Lily said with a slight wave.

Sirius, Remus, and May all looked at her. “ That’s all?” May asked. “ I wake up early for you and that’s all you’ve got?”

May flung her arms around Lily and hugged her tight. “ Come back soon, we’ll miss you guys.”

Lily hugged her friend. “ You’re staying here for the two weeks right?”

“ Yes, well until I can find a new house.”

“ Take all the time you need.” Lily pulled away, she turned to Sirius.

“ And I suppose you’ll be staying here as well?” Lily asked as she hugged him. “ I’ll see ya in two weeks.”

He grinned at her. “ You watch after Jamie, and remember to have fun kids.”

Lily backed up, and Sirius winked at her. She rolled her eyes, and turned to hug Remus.

“ Bye Lils.”

“ Bye.” Lily walked over to James.

James gave the occupants a small wave, and gave Sirius a warning look, only to receive and innocent look back.

James grinned as he pinched the floo powder into the fireplace, and within minutes James and Lily were on their way to their honeymoon.

“ So, what’s on the agenda today?” Sirius asked turning to May and Remus.

“ Well you two can do whatever you men do, I’m going to look for a flat in Hogsmead where I can live in between school years.” May said.

“ Oh that’s right, May’s going to be Professor Delfin. It suits you.” Sirius grinned.

“ Well thank you.” May pecked him on the lips. He smiled. “ So what are you two going to do anyway?”

“ I’ve got nothing.” Remus said.

“ Let’s go with May.” Sirius said with a grin.

“ What? No, you’ll just get in the way.”

Sirius pouted. “ Is that really what you think of us?”

May rolled her eyes. “ I suppose you can come.” May said defiantly.

“ Ok.” Sirius said as he linked arms with May. She smiled, and pulled him toward the fireplace. “ Coming Remmy?”

“ Remmy?” Remus asked with raised eyebrows.

“ Yea, you like? Well I don’t care if you like it or not, I do, and that’s all that matters.”

“ Well since we got that cleared up.” Remus laughed. “ I’m coming, but I’m looking for a job.”

“ Ohhh, where?” Sirius asked looking at his friend with interest.

“ I don’t know Padfoot.” Remus rolled his eyes. “ Hence the phrase ‘looking for a job’ not found a job.”

“ Sorrrrrrry.” Sirius said as he pinched the floo powder into the fireplace.

In an instant the three were swirling out of Lily and James’s house, and heading toward Diagon Alley.


May stood outside of her new flat. She smiled happily. The front door now had a sign that said Delfin. She grinned, and pulled out her keys. She placed her key in the keyhole, and turned it until it clicked. She stepped into the large room, and sighed happily, she was home. She walked down the hall located on her right. The last room on the left was the one that she claimed as her own. She still had to move all of her things out of the Potter’s house, but she figured that could wait. She laid down on the carpeting and stared up at the ceiling to think.

She’d call Sirius later to help her move in, maybe Sirius could move in with her, until he found his own house, or maybe he could stay here in the house while she was at Hogwarts. She didn’t want anyone to disrupt the newlyweds.

But was that really the motive for wanting Sirius to move in with her?

She soon found herself drifting off to sleep, the midday sun filtering through the curtains into her new bedroom.

When she woke up the sun was sinking, and the room was shrouded in darkness.

‘shit.’ She thought. She ran into the living room, this was one of those times she was grateful that there was only one floor in her flat. She pinched some call powder into the fireplace, and called on Sirius.

She stuck her head into the fireplace, and looked around Lily and James’s living room; Sirius was sleeping on the couch, dead to the world.

“ Sirius.” She called quietly. There was no answer. “ Sirius.” She tried again. “ For the love of god SIRIUS!” She shrieked annoyed.

He flinched, and his eyes flew open. He jumped when he saw her face in the fire, but calmed down, and got down on his knees in front of her.

“ Gosh love, you scared me.”

May just giggled, and looked at him. “ Sir, do you think you can help me move in?”

“ Sure, tomorrow?”

“ Sounds good.” May hesitated. “ Sir, I wanted to ask you something.” She paused, and looked down.

“ Hmm?” He asked.

“ Well I was thinking, do you want to move in…with me…when Lily and James come back.” May blushed, and looked away.

“ You want me to move in with you?” Sirius smirked.

“ If you don’t want to… that’s ok, I never should have…”

“ No! I’d love to.” He smiled. “ That actually takes off a lot of pressure.”

May chuckled. “ Great, well I think I’m going to go to sleep love, I can hardly keep my eyes open.”

“ Ok, wait May do you have a bed?”

“ Well, technically no, but that’s not a huge deal, I’ll sleep on then floor.”

“ May, why don’t you sleep here tonight, and we’ll move in tomorrow?” Sirius said.

May looked at him, thinking. “ Well alright, but I want to move in early.”

“ Fine, not too early though.”

“ Paalease Sirius, you know me, early is like 11.”

Sirius grinned. “ Ok, come on over.”

May nodded. “ I’ll be there in a minute.”

May disappeared from the fire and a minute later, the flames grew green, and May stepped out. She brushed off her robes, and looked up at a grinning Sirius.

“ I have got to change.” May muttered. She made her way up to her room, and changed into her sweats, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and climbed back down the stairs to where Sirius was laying on the couch.

She stood above him. “ Scoot over.”

“ What?” He looked up at her amused.

“ You heard me.” She smiled.

“ May, this is a couch, there’s not that much room.”

“ Have it your way then.”

May laid down next to Sirius skillfully. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and rested her head on his chest. Her body was half on his, so she wouldn’t fall off the couch. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer to him, so she wouldn’t fall. He kissed her head.

“ May?” He asked after a while of silence.

There was no answer.

“ May love?”

There still was on answer. He looked down and smiled. May had fallen asleep on his chest, she wasn’t kidding when she said she was tired. His arm tightened around her as he allowed himself to drift off to sleep.


Sirius woke up, and yawned. There was a large weight directly on him. Her warm breath tickled his neck. He smiled, and looked around. The sun was filtering through the large front window, and there was a faint ticking of a clock, from the kitchen. Sirius looked down at the long pitch-black hair, with dark blue streaks, although they were a little lighter than usual, spread out across his chest. He reached his hand out, and ran his finger through the silky locks, and sighed. He turned his head slightly to look at the clock, and saw that it was 10:00a.m. May would have to get up soon, since he was up, and she was pinning him to the couch.

He tapped her. She groaned, and snuggled closer to his chest.

“ May dear, even though this is great, I think you need to get up.” He whispered close to her ear.

“ Wake me up in an hour.” She mumbled.

He gently shook her. “ Do you want to move into your flat today?”

“ Not right now I don’t.”

“ COME ON UP YOU GET!” Sirius shrieked.

May picked up her head, and glared down at him. She raised herself on her elbows, and glared at him with fire in her eyes. Her hair falling like a curtain, hiding his face from outside viewers. Should there be any.

He leaned up and kissed her, a long and sweet kiss, pushing May’s anger to the back of her head. When he broke it off, he smiled at her sweetly.

“ Ok up.”

May groaned, but stood up. “ Fine, I’m going to take a shower.”

“ Me too.”

“ You’ll have to wait until I’m done.”

“ Can’t I just take one with you? It saves the water you know.” He smirked. She slapped his arm playfully.

“ Maybe another time playboy.” She giggled, and bounded up the stairs before Sirius could think of something to say.

Sirius grinned, and sat down on the couch, waiting for May to come back down. He sat there for about fifteen minutes before he finally got up, and walked into the kitchen to make breakfast for himself. He poured some cereal into a bowl, and poured milk in it as well. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around his neck from behind, and he jumped in surprise, giving a low yelp. He spun around.

“ You have got to stop doing that.” He muttered.

May giggled, and gave him a small squeeze before letting go, and pouring herself a bowl. Sirius glanced out the kitchen window at the far land of nothingness. There were no trees, just grass and hills for the distance, perfect for quidditch.

“ You know May, I never realized this before, but we could play quidditch out there.” He pointed out the window.

May nodded. “ One problem love, we don’t have any quidditch balls or anything.”

“ Paalease, we could go to Diagon Alley to Quality Quidditch Supplies, and get all that before James and Lily come home, we can even play some!” He said excitedly.

“ Yea right, there is no way I’m getting on a broom.”

“ May…I thought I got you over that?”

May looked at him oddly. “ Just because you gave me a ride to the ground, which I might add the whole time I saw my life flash before my eyes.”

Sirius chuckled and hugged her around the waist. “ You’ll be fine, I’ll teach you.”

“ I don’t need to be taught, I need to stay away.”

“You’ll never get over your fear if you never try! Today, we’re moving you in, then we’re going to Diagon Alley to pick up balls!”

“ Yippee! I can hardly wait.” May said emotionlessly.

Sirius chuckled. “ Just wait when this week is through you’ll love to fly, you’ll be shouting ‘oh Sirius please take me flying again!’”

“ I don’t have a broom!” May said triumphantly, but Sirius grinned, and May’s triumphant smile faltered.

“ Use Lily’s, I’m sure she won’t mind.”

May frowned.

“ Oh don’t look like Christmas has been canceled, you’ll love it, and besides, you’ll be riding with me, do you think I’m just going to let you fall?” Sirius asked.

“ Do you really want me to answer that?” May asked sarcastically.

“ Ha Ha, come on! We better get a move on with moving you, if we’re gonna buy balls.”

May frowned, but followed Sirius out of the kitchen, and up the stairs to her bedroom.

It took them half the day to transfer all of her belongs to the flat, and if truth be told, May was making sure to elongate the process so she wouldn’t have to ride a broom. But unfortunately, Sirius didn’t seem like the type to just forget about something as important as that.

As soon as they finished moving in, Sirius dragged her to Quality Quidditch Supplies.

“ Sirius! Honestly! It’s to late to play quidditch anyway.”

Sirius gave her an odd look. “ Why stall? It’s not going to get you out of it you know, it’s only five o’clock.”

“ I know.” May said defeated, as she followed Sirius to where the balls were displayed.

“ That a girl.” He smiled. She glared at him.

“ Oh May, don’t look at me like that, your making it seem like I’m torturing you.”

“ Very close to it.” She spat.

He just smiled, and picked up the balls that he needed, and walked to the counter. May followed slowly behind him, like she was walking to her hanging.

“ Wait until James and Lily find out that you’ve been using their backyard for a quidditch pitch.”

“ What? James will be thrilled. And you know that Lily wouldn’t mind a place to fly, that was the poorest attempt to get yourself out of this, which I might add, your not going to.” He smirked evilly.

“ I hate you sometimes Sirius Black.” She smirked.

He grinned back, and paid for the balls. “ Only because you love me.”

When they got back to James and Lily’s deserted house, the sun was sinking in the sky.

“ Oh, looks like no flying today.” May said smiling.

“ No, you’re not getting out of it that easily. I don’t understand how you’re a witch, and deathly afraid to fly.” He smirked.

“ We can’t fly now, it’s getting dark!” May said, choosing to ignore his other comment.

“ We have about an hour until it’s completely dark, plus flying at sunset’s the best.” He grinned at her, and handed her a broom.

She snatched it from him sharply. “ Thanks.” She said roughly, as she swung her leg over the side. She hesitated before pushing pathetically at the ground.

Sirius burst out laughing, but stifled it when she shot him a glare. She did it again, and Sirius tried to bite back a laugh.

“ May, may I suggest something?”

“ WHAT!”

“You need more force in your push off.”

“ But then I’ll be air born!”

“ That’s the point.” He laughed.

“ Yes, I know this, I’m just weaning myself into flying.”

“ Well how long is this going to take?” He stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

“ Well if you don’t like it, then I guess we’ll have to stop.” She smiled, and tried to get off her broom, but Sirius caught her arm.

“ Not so fast there Sparky, you’re gonna at least get ten feet in the air tonight.”

“ WHAT! TEN FEET! ARE YOU BLOODY CRAZY?” Her eyes were wide in obvious horror at the thought.

“ You went higher with me during the tryouts.”

“ Well I was with you! And it was a moment of insanity.”

“ May, hold the handle of the broom firmly.” He walked over, and placed his hands over hers. “ Hold tight.”

“ Ok.” She nodded.

“ Now, if you want to go up, point the top of the broom up towards the sky, if you want to get down to the ground, point it down, but do it gently, you don’t want to pelt to the ground. If you want to rocket forward, lay your upper body flat on the handle, and it takes off.”

“ Ok.” She nodded again in understanding.

He got on his broom, and put his hands on the exact same spots as May did, he than jumped up, and the broom took off into the sky, hovering about ten feet up.

“ Now, just come up here.”

May gaped at him above her. “ I don’t think I can.”

“ Sure you can, you just won’t.”

May felt her blood boil. “ I would if I could!”

“ Then come on because I know you can.” Sirius said calmly.

“ Fine!”

May pushed reluctantly off the ground, and the broom moved upwards. She gave a shriek, and pointed the handle toward the ground again, butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

“ May, you almost had it!”

“ I know, I just…can’t.”

“ Don’t give up! Try again.”

She looked at him nervously, before trying again. She lifted a few feet off the ground. Her heart racing the whole time, but she had to get to Sirius, just so they could go home. She urged her broom higher, praying that her broom wouldn’t be cruel and suddenly pelt up. She shakily made it to Sirius’s level, and grinned nervously at him.

“ There, let’s go back down now.”

“ No, you’ve gotten this far, a little more. Pretty soon, you’ll be flying like a champ!”

“ Sirius no! You said ten feet, well I’m ten feet, I have no desire to fly like a champ.”

“ Sure you do, what if your at a party, and someone suggests flying, and everyone does it, except you, and sit there and watch…No fun May baby! Add a little spice to your life!”

He pushed his broom up another ten feet.

“If I do this do you promise that we can go home right after.”

“ You have my word fair lady May.”

“ Good.”

She slowly urged her broom higher, biting her lower lip. She didn’t dare look down. It took her a few minutes to finally reach Sirius’s level. She was somewhat embarrassed. He got up there in a few seconds, and it took May a few minutes. Flying was definitely not her thing.

“ Ok, you’re done, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to fly again though.”

May groaned. “ What are you a drill sergeant?”

“ A whater?”

“ Don’t ask, it’s something Lily’s always said.”

“ Riiiiiiiiiight.” Sirius said as he followed May inside the Potter’s house.

May ran up to their room, and shoved Lily’s broom in her closet, rather forcefully if truth be told.

When she made it back downstairs, Sirius was already standing by the fireplace, holding the floo powder container.

“ Ready mi lady?”

“ Of course kind Sir.”

He held out the container, and May stuck her hand in, pulling out a handful of powder, and pinched it in. She was soon zooming out of the Potter’s living room into the flat that her and Sirius were now sharing.

Sirius then stepped out of the fireplace, carrying the bag of balls that he had bought.

May yawned, and walked toward her room. “ I’m off to bed, this has been a long day.”

“ I’m with you love.” He kissed her cheek, and took the bag of balls to his room, shutting it behind him.

May yawned again, and went into her own room.

That night she fell asleep instantly.