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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 21: Finding a house, a dress, and James and Sirius cooking!


On the last night of that week Lily sat on the makeshift bed in May’s small blue room, stroking Floyd’s fluffy head. She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt, and string sweat pants, her hair was piled high in a long ponytail that reached just past her shoulder blades.

May sat across the room on her bed, leaning against the light blue wall.

“ Have you decided on a date yet?” May asked.

“ I told James I wanted to get married in August, before he goes off to training.”

“ Oh yea…” May looked saddened. “ Sirius told me about that.”

“ I take it you’re not very enthusiastic about that.”

“ Well are you?”

“ No.” She continued to stroke her purring cat.

“ You better get cracking then, if your going to have it in August, that’s in two months.”

“ I know, but I plan on having a small ceremony, not too many people, the Marauders, you and your grandparents, and Mrs. Potter. Then of course anyone James wants to invite.”

“ I take it you’re not inviting Petunia.”

For that she received a glare. “ Hell no, I wasn’t invited to hers, if she’s had one that is.”

May chuckled. “ Are we going to get the robes from Amy?”

“ Amy! Of course I have to invite Amy.”

May chuckled. “ And the next thing you know you’ll have Alicia and Cindy at your wedding.”

This received yet another glare. “ H-E-L-L N-O, I don’t need Alicia trying to steal my groom on my wedding day!”

May laughed, and leaned forward.

“ Where are you going for your honeymoon?” May asked with a grin. Lily blushed, but grinned happily.

“I want to go to America.”

“ America?” May asked with distaste. “ It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

“ I want to go to California.”

“ Well that should be interesting, did you tell James?”

“ Well, no, I’ll have to see where he wants to go.”

“ You might want to do that.” May smiled.

“ Do you miss him?”

“ Let’s not talk about that.” Lily looked down at her cat.

“ Yea, I miss Sir too.” She glanced at her clock “but we’ll see them later today!”

Lily glanced up at the clock, and smiled, they were leaving for James’s the next morning at 10:00, and it was 12:04 in the morning now. As if in answer to Lily’s curiosity of the time, she stifled a large yawn, and pulled back her covers.

“ I’m beat.” Lily admitted. Floyd walked up, and curled up under Lily’s chin. She smiled, and patted his fluffy head.

May smiled, and pulled back her covers. “ Night Lils.”

“ Night May.”


The next morning Lily woke up to a shriek. She jumped out of bed, causing Floyd to jump up and arch his back at her.

“ Sorry kitty.” She patted his head affectionately, and Floyd relaxed, and moved to occupy the end of her bed.

“ What is it May, you scared the hell out of me.”

“ Look at the time!” May shrieked, flying out of the room with her robe.

Lily glanced confused at the clock, so it was 9:30? Then her eyes grew wide; they were going to James’s house at 10! Shit! She sprang out of bed, and began the long drawn out process of trying to get Floyd into his carrier.

“ Please Flo, please!” Lily said frustratedly, as Floyd hissed loudly at her. Five minutes later, May scrambled back in fully dressed, with her long hair dripping, and hurried around the room.

“ May, please, I beg of you get him in his carrier, please, please.” Lily asked desperately. May nodded, and scurried over. Not noticing the humor of the situation.

Lily thanked her profusely before flying to the bathroom, with her robe, quicker than she knew was humanly possible. She took the quickest shower on human record, and wrapped her robes around her. She got dressed in a pair of old blue jeans, and a midnight blue spaghetti strap shirt, in the bathroom, trying to save time, and dried her hair with her wand.

She glanced at her watch on the sink; it was 9:55. Crap! She swiftly snapped her watch back onto her wrist. Lily prayed that May got Flo into his carrier.

She gathered her pjs in her arms and ran back to May’s room down the hall. She flung the door open, and dumped her clothes into her trunk, and sat on it to close it. May was still in the corner struggling with Floyd.

“ Lily…Your cat…will not…cooperate!” May shrieked in frustration. Finally Lily heard a loud angry shriek of a cat, and May cursing loudly. Then she heard the swift clinking of the metal cage door slamming shut. “ Thank god!” May gave a silent prayer.

“ May, can you come and latch my trunk?”

“ Yea.” She walked over giggling. She bent down, and latched the bulging trunk.

Lily glanced at her watch again. It was 10:00.

“ May! It’s 10!”

“ Ok, so we slept in a bit.”

“ A bit?” Lily asked.

“ We’ll just shrink all this and be on our way.”

She raised her wand, and muttered the charm on her and Lily’s trunks. “ Done.” She said proudly. Her and Lily bent over, and picked up their miniature trunks, and put them in their pockets.

Lily finally looked up at her relieved somewhat. “ May, you might want to dry your hair.” Lily smiled at May’s reaction.

“ Shit.” She raised her wand, and her hair instantly dried. “ Whoa.” She moved her hand across her forehead dramatically. “ Let’s go.”

Lily smiled, and went to pick up Floyd. She lifted his carrier, and walked down the stairs, May following down behind her.

When they finally got downstairs, May’s grandmother gave each girls a kiss on the cheek, and they hurriedly explained that they had no time to talk, that they were already late, and May’s grandparents saw them off.

Lily went first, she pinched some floo powder into the fire, and stepped in.

“ Potter Mansion!” She said clearly, and suddenly felt her feet leave the ground. In an instant, she was in the Potter’s living room. She stepped in and swiped her hand over her dusty robes. She glanced at her watch, and her eyes went wide. It was 10:15. She placed Floyd’s carrier on the ground by the couch.

“Lily?” A deep voice asked happily coming down the stairs. She looked up, and smiled at James who was now standing behind the couch. His blue eyes sparkled happily. He walked up to her, and wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her tightly. “ God I’ve missed you so much.” He whispered with sincerity in his voice.

“ I’ve missed you too.” She hugged him back.

When they broke apart he reached up, and touched her cheek. Running his thumb over her warm soft lips. Her mind was racing. She searched his eyes lovingly. He leaned over, with his hand on her face and kissed her thoroughly, her stomach dropped pleasantly, spilling all the emotions he’d felt for her over the week into her. She grinned against his mouth, and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

Someone cleared his or her throat from the fireplace. The two broke apart, and looked at May who had just entered.

“ Where’s my welcome?” She said smirking. “ She gets kissed, and I get ignored.”

Lily laughed.

“ Oh May, Sirius is going to meet us at the house today.”

“ The house?” Lily asked looked up at him.

“ Yea, my mom found a house that she want’s us to look at, and it’s in Godrics Hollow, and it’s only 15 minutes away from home.” James rolled his eyes.

“ What about finding a house in Hogsmead?”

“ Too far away for mum.”

Lily laughed. “What time are we going?”

James looked at the clock above the fireplace. “In an hour.”


James, Lily, and May flooed to the house that James’s mother had suggested. They stepped out into a brightly-lit room. The sun was pouring in the front window, into a large, spacious living room.

“ Good so far.” James said.

“ You’ve only seen the living room.” Lily said smiling.

“ And I like it.”

Lily chuckled.

“ Finally, you people get here.” A voice said coming from what looked like the kitchen. “ I’ve been here for like 5 minutes, and no one was here.”

Sirius walked out of the kitchen, and walked to the other three.

“ You poor baby.” May said. “ Too be alone for so long.”

“ Nice to see you too babe.” He grinned, and pulled her into a huge bear hug. He gently laid a kiss on her head. “ Let’s go check out the pad.”

“ The pad?”

“ You heard me.” Sirius grinned, and kept his arm around May.

“ Um…Is there a real estate agent or something?”

“ A whater?” Sirius asked confused.

“ A…person that sells the house.”

“ No. If you like the house you give the money to the other owner, in this case, I’d just give it to my mother who knows the guy.”

“ Oh, ok.” Feeling stupid.

Lily followed the other three up the stairs to the second floor. Sirius led them to a large master bedroom down at the far end of the hall on the second floor. The carpet was a nice cream color, same as the walls. There was no furniture in the room, but there were two closets, and a large window filtering sunlight into the large room, with a sun bench on it. To their left as you walked in was the master bathroom. Lily walked into the room, and pushed the door open. She smiled at the black and white tiled floors, and the porcelain sink. There was an antique tub to the right of her, and she gasped happily when she saw it.

“ I love it!” Lily exclaimed from the bathroom.

The other three chuckled.

James walked into the bathroom behind her, and slipped his arms around her waist. He laid his chin on her head, and looked around. Lily grasped his arms.

“ Oh James, I love it!” James smiled.

“ Then we’ll live here.”

Lily turned in his arms. Her emerald eyes shining with excitement. She planted her lips firmly on his. He pulled her closer to him.

When May and Sirius entered, they rolled their eyes.

“ Can we see the rest of the house?” May asked loudly, gaining the happy couples attention.

“ Yea.” Lily said excitedly, she stepped out of James’s warm embrace, and followed May out the door.

The next room was again impressive. It wasn’t the size of the first, but it was lovely. It had the same kind of window, with the seat, directly in front of the door, and a large walk in closet to the left of the window. The room right next door, was exactly the same, except the closet was to the right of the door. Finally the last room was right at the staircase when you come up the stairs. They walked in and saw that it was just a room, it had a normal window, and a regular closet to store one’s clothes. They walked out again.

“ Guest room.” Sirius said, and they three nodded in agreement.

“ Ok guys, I think this is the house.” James said. Lily beamed, and hugged James tightly around his middle.

“ I’m game.” Sirius said, “ Like I have a choice, this is your house.”

They all laughed.

“What do you think May, you want to live here until you can move out on your own?” Lily asked.

“ I would love to!” May said excitedly.

“ Great, tell your mother James.”

“ Ok.” James said. So James went to floo his mother, while Lily and May went to tour the kitchen, the office, and sunroom in the back.

Lily walked into the sunroom, and gasped happily. The color scheme was a light purple, like lavender carpeting, and furniture, it was very feminine. Lily loved it. Sunlight streamed through the glass walls.

“ Oh my god May, we can read in here, and have slumber parties!”

May giggled. Lily and May sat down in the center of the room, even though there was furniture, that the pervious people had left. Sirius came and stood in the doorway, he was leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest.

“ Isn’t this place great?” Lily asked in awe.

“ Yea, I like it.”

“ When can we move in! I don’t want to leave.”

“ Maybe next week.” Sirius answered

“ Next week.” Lily looked crestfallen. “ I don’t want to wait that long.”

James came back at that minute with Mrs. Potter.

“ I’m going to Diagon Alley with mum, to get the money from Gringotts, I’ll be back in an hour.”

“ James?” Lily asked.

“ Yes, love?”

“ When can we move in?”

James looked at his mother.

“ Probably this weekend dear.” She answered with a smile.

Lily grinned happily, her face lighting up, and James smiled lovingly at his fiancée. He was the luckiest man on earth.

“ Ok, you can stay here, and I’ll floo here when we’re finished.”

“ Ok.” Lily said happily.

James stood in the doorway for another five minutes staring at his happy fiancée, thinking of their coming future. He couldn’t wait. Whatever was to come, they’d go through it together.

“ Coming dear?” Mrs. Potter asked his son with a knowing smile in her face.

“ Yes, mum.” He took one last glance at her before following his mother out of the sunroom to the fireplace.


“ Lils when are we going to go look at dresses for the wedding?” May asked.

Sirius sat down Indian style next to them so they were forming a triangle in the sun filled room.

“ I want to go after we move in, how about that weekend.” Lily said smiling.

“ That’s gonna be some weekend.” Sirius said.

“ Don’t I know it.” Lily said happily.


That weekend came swiftly to Lily’s delight. The boys had spent most of the week shrinking things, and bringing them to the new house. For the past two days Lily had been sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, with a comforting charm on it, since the queen sized bed was taken from Mrs. Potter’s houses to the new house.

Lily was overly excited when she woke up and realized that they could move in that day. She threw a pillow at May, who was also on the floor.

“ Wha..?” May grumbled, as she sat up tousle haired.

“ We are moving in today!”

“ Yea, why’d you wake me up?”

“ I want to go now!”

“ Lils, go back to sleep.”

“ Do you think they’ll care if I go now, I really want to.”

“ If I go with you, can I sleep some more?”

“ I don’t see why not, your bed’s there is it not?” Lily said excitedly. “ Plus all my things are there, beside my brush, toothbrush, and what not.

May hauled herself out of bed. “ Fine lead the way.”

Lily squeaked excitedly, and stood up. “ Should we leave a note?”

“ You might want to, James might have a hernia if he realizes that you’re gone with no note.”

Lily giggled happily.

“ Your too happy for this early in the morning.” May shook her head. “ Tell ya what, you leave the note, I’m flooing to the house, and going back to sleep.”

“ Fair enough.”

May groaned in response, but ambled down the stairs, clutching her sleeping bag.

Lily hurriedly wrote a note, and opened the door slowly to avoid it creaking. She glanced around the room, James was dead asleep on the floor, and so was Sirius.

She stepped over Sirius’s still form; she crouched down next to James who was curled up in his sleeping bag. She bent down and kissed his forehead, before placing the note over the place where she had kissed him. He didn’t even stir. Lily stifled the want to giggle, but she stepped back over Sirius, and exited the room, to meet up with May at the house.

When she reached the living room she noticed that May hadn’t waited for her. She smiled, and pinched floo powder into the fireplace. She quickly flooed to the new house, and stepped into the large living room. It looked different with some furniture in it. There was only a couch, an armchair, and a center table facing the fireplace, and all this made the room look more livable. Lily smiled and stepped out of the fireplace in her pjs. She went up the stairs, and found the room across next to the master bedroom, occupied by a sleeping May curled up under the sheets of her bed. Lily smiled. She looked in the room across the hall, and saw a double bed, ok Sirius’s bed. She walked back across the hall to the master bedroom, that she’d be sharing with James.

She stepped in and grinned happily. The queen bed that was in her room at Potter’s Mansion, was back up against the wall, it’s headboard against the wall. There was a nightstand on either side of the bed. In front of the bed and to the left of the master bathroom was a large dresser, with a large rectangular mirror hung above it. There were two closets next to each other to the left of the main door. She sat down on the bed, and bounced up and down grinning. She walked to the bathroom, and put her toothbrush in the two holders there were, and placed her brush on the dresser.

She noticed that her book was resting on the nightstand, and smiled. She picked it up, and wandered down stairs, and into the sunroom. She laid down on the couch, and opened her book. She soon found herself in a dead sleep.

“ Hey I found her!” A voice shouted in her head. She flicked her eyes open, but quickly shut them against the piercing light streaming into the room.

“ Sirius?” Lily brought a hand up to her eyes to block the sun. “ I was sleeping.” Lily said annoyed.

“ Why were you sleeping in here?”

“ I was reading.”

“ Oh.”

Just then James walked into the room. He walked over, and crouched beside her. He pushed a strand of hair from her face. “Couldn’t wait an hour?” He asked smiling.

“Nope.” Lily grinned. James grinned, and leaned over to steal a kiss.

“ What are you doing today?”

Lily sat up, and James sat up straighter on the balls of his feet. Lily stretched. “ I think May and I are going to go look at dresses for the wedding today.”

“ Oh.” James said. He stood up.

“ What about you?”

“ Don’t know, just stay in I guess, we’ll probably have Remus over though.” James said.

“ Great he can come over for dinner!” Lily said happily.

James chuckled. “ We’ve lived here not an hour yet, and your already having house parties.”

“ Yep.” Lily said standing up. “ Well we better not waste anymore of the day.” She reached up and kissed his lips. He smiled against her sweet warm lips.

Sirius turned and left the room rolling his eyes.

When she pulled away, he groaned, and pulled her toward him again. She kissed his nose, and moved out of his embrace. “ I’ll see you tonight love.”

He nodded, with a goofy grin and watched as she left to wake May.


“ Wake up May! We’re going to look for dresses for my wedding!” Lily shouted in May’s ear.

“ Now?”

“ Yes, get up.”

It took 15 minute to finally haul her out of bed, and into the shower, but she did it. Lily had already gotten ready, and went downstairs to wait for her to come.

“ Oh Lils can you and May bring back some food back?” Sirius asked from the kitchen.

“ That’s something you and James can do today!” Lily answered back.

What she got in response was a groan. “ Fine.” He mumbled. Lily smiled.

“ COME ON MAY!” She hollered up the stairs.

“ I’m coming woman, don’t get your knickers in a twist.” May said back coming down the stairs, wearing a plain black robe, and a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

“ Ok.” Lily walked into the kitchen. Sirius stood there looking in the cabinet. “ You know Sir the harder you look, something might just appear.”

He glared at her, and she grinned.

“ Go grocery shopping, ask James where a near by one is, because I don’t know.”

“ Yea, yea.” Sirius mumbled as he closed the cabinet door.

“ What’s going on?” James asked coming into the kitchen from the small office off the sunroom.

“ Your fiancée here wants us to go grocery shopping.”

“ There’s no food in the house, and May and I are busy.” Lily defended herself.

“ Well I don’t want to go.” Sirius whined like a two-year-old, slightly bouncing in irritation.

“ Why are you afraid of the old ladies?” May teased, as she kissed his cheek.

“ Old ladies?” Sirius asked as he gulped. Lily and May giggled.

“ It’s fine, we’ll go.” James said.

“ Jaaaames!” Sirius said. “ Don’t surrender to them!”

“ Oh Padfoot grow up!”

“ Here here!” May shouted, but hugged the stiff Sirius affectionately.

Sirius’s jaw dropped. “ I’ve lost him.” He muttered, as he wrapped his arms around May’s waist.


The bell above the girls jingled as they walked into Robes for all occasions.

Amy stood behind the counter, with her brown haired head over an open safe. She seemed to be counting money. She glanced up, and looked back down, before looking up again. Her face broke into a wide happy grin.

“ Lily! May! What are you two doing here?” Amy walked out from behind the counter to hug the girls.

Lily grinned when she pulled away. “ Acually, we’re here to look for wedding dresses, or robes, or whatever.” Lily said scratching her head slightly, a habit she seemed to have picked up from her fiancée.

“ Who’s getting married.” Amy eyed them with excitement.

Lily smiled, and raised one hand saying that it was she.

“ Good lord Congratulations Lily!” Amy embraced her a second time. “What’s his name?” She asked with excitement.

“ James.” Lily said dreamily.

Amy grinned. “ James who?”

“ Potter.”

Amy smiled. “ Well I’m sure he’s a great guy, when do I get to meet him?”

“ At the wedding, you’ll be getting an invite.”

“ As I would expect.” Amy laughed. “ This is great! Follow me, Lily, what color did you want May’s dress to be?”

“ Um…I was thinking powder blue, what do you think?”

“ I think it’s perfect.”

“ What do you think May?” Lily turned to May.

“ I like it.” May smiled, and followed the woman to the back of the store, where the wedding outfits were assembled.

May picked up the perfect powder blue dress. There were sparkling gems around the hem of the dress that fell straight to the ground, with a small train. The bodice was tube top.

“ What about this?” She fingered the silky material, and held a portion of it up for Lily to examine. “ What do you think?”

Lily looked at it closely before smiling happily. “ I think it’s perfect. Try it on.”

May nodded, and Amy gave her the keys to the changing rooms. May left, and left Amy and Lily to searching for the perfect dress.

An hour later they were still having little success.

“ Amy! What am I going to do! What if I can’t find a dress?”

Amy patted her back. “ Calm down, you will, when’s the wedding?”

“ August.”

“ So soon?”

“ Well James starts training to be an auror in the middle of September, I want to be married before then, and plus I want to have a small wedding.”

Amy nodded. “ Yes, I can understand that.” Just then a thought occurred to Amy. In the back there was a beautiful wedding gown that had just arrived. It had a spaghetti strap plain pure white bodice, and a full skirt that sparkled in the light, and had sparkling diamonds that cluttered near the waistline, and scattered apart down the skirt. And as in wizarding custom, instead of a train on the dress it had a pure white cloak that shimmered, and fell into a shimmering train. “ Lils, I just remembered, this beautiful wedding dress just arrived yesterday, you would look great in it, hold on!”

Amy disappeared into the back room. Lily smiled. She walked over to the dressing rooms, and knocked on May’s door.

“ May, how’s it going?”

“ Good.”

“Well come out.” Lily said. She stepped back, and the door opened. May stepped out. She had pulled her hair up into a messy bun, to keep the hair out of her face. Lily grinned, the dress was perfect. It hugged her curvy body perfectly, and flowed to the floor, puddling around her feet and fit just right. Of course, Amy would have to make a few altercations, but nothing huge.

“ It’s perfect.” Lily said smiling. “ Especially with that hairstyle.” Lily grinned.

May glared at her friend. “ Smart ass.”

“ Watch it young lady.” Amy walked in smiling amused, and carrying a long beautiful dress, and cloak draped over her arm.

“ Sorry Amy.” May said in mock fright.

Amy laughed, and held out the dress. “ Well what do you think?”

Lily stared at the most beautiful dress she’d ever seen before. There was no doubt in her mind that this was the dress for her. It was perfect.

She felt a tear leak out of her eye. These were the times where she missed her mother the most. She’d always said that she would be so mad if she never got to shop for her daughter’s wedding dress, and see them get married. This thought depressed her.

“ Whoa, what are the tears for? You don’t have to wear this dress you know, no one’s forcing you.” Amy asked shocked.

“ No, no, the dress is perfect, It’s just that I miss my mother, that’s all, I always wanted my mother to be there for my wedding, and picking out my dress.” She swiped her hand over her eye embarrassed. “Sorry.”

Amy just smiled weakly. “ No need to apologize.”

May came back out of the dressing room, dressed casually again, and hugged her friend. “ Lils she’s here, and she’ll be there.”

“ I know.”

May broke away from her and looked at her. “ Now go try on that dress!” May smiled.

Lily couldn’t help but smile. She held out her hand, and took the dress; she went into the dressing room that May had come out of.

She slipped into the fairy tale gown quickly, zipping it up in the back to her shoulder blades. She clicked the door open.

“ Well, lets see it then!” May shouted from behind the door.

Lily stepped out of the dressing room.

May watched Lily with admiration.

“ Lils…” And for all the years Lily had known May, she was rendered speechless. Lily grinned, taking that as a good sign.

“ Lily can I say that you look absolutely phenomenal! Totally Gorgeous! You’ll have your James drooling, until he can take it off that night!” Amy strong approved.

Lily blushed so hard; her cheeks matched her hair color. “ AMY!”

“ What?”

May burst out laughing, while Amy smirked.

Lily twirled in front of the mirror. She grinned. This was definitely the dress. The semi full pure white dress sparkled in the lighting of the shop, and swished around her ankles. It reached the floor, but didn’t drag on the ground, and the spaghetti strap bodice fit her snuggly. But the bust was a bit too large.

“ Um…Amy…The bust…It’s a bit large.” Lily blushed.

“ Oh of course.” She walked over, with her wand. She muttered something that Lily disregarded. She instantly felt the material around her chest tighten comfortably.

Amy stepped back to look at her handy work. “ Oh I’m good!” Amy said smiling.

“ I love it.” May said nodding.

“ Good we’ll take them, can we leave the dresses here? James might see mine, and I don’t want that.” Lily said.

“ Course.” Amy smiled.

“ And do you think you can come over on my wedding day and help us get ready?” Lily blushed.

“ Oh my god yes!” Amy hugged Lily. “ Now go change.”

The two girls left after three hours in the dress shop.

“ Well that’s one thing crossed off the list.” May said.

“ Yea.” Lily said smiling.

“ Where do you plan on having it?”

“ I was thinking the Potter’s mansion.”

“ Oh that’ll be good, what do you say we go get some butterbeer?”

“ Let’s go.”



“ Sirius do you plan on helping at all?”

“ No.”

“ Why did I want you to move in again?”

“ Because you would be heartbroken if I didn’t.” He smirked back at James, who rolled his eyes, and put the bread in the bread holder. “ Right.” There was moment of silence where Sirius just watched him; James was becoming increasingly annoyed with his friend. ‘Where was Lily when you needed her?’

“ Will you do something! Floo Remus or something.”

“ Fine mum.” Sirius got off the stool in the kitchen, and walked into the living room to floo Remus.

“ What’s up?” Remus asked as his head appeared floating in the emerald flames in the fireplace.

“ Nothing much here, James is playing mum again.”

“ Sirrrriuuuussss!” James yelled. “ I’m not deaf you daft idiot!”

Remus chuckled. “ What are you supposed the be doing?”

“ Well the girls told us to get some food, and then put it all away…hey don’t look at me like that, I went to the store, isn’t that enough?” Sirius asked.

Remus rolled his eyes. “ Where are the girls anyway?”

“ Dress shopping all day.”

“ Oh.”

“ Yea.”

“ Hey Sir do you know how to make chicken?” James voice wafted from the kitchen. Sirius got a horrified look on his face.

“ You’re asking me?” He shouted back. Remus chuckled.

“ I want to make dinner before Lily comes home.”

“ I swear, that boy lives and breaths by Lily.” Sirius mumbled shaking his head.

Remus rolled his eyes, and chuckled. “Of course he does. He loves her.”

“ I know.”

“ Well think of this, what would May say if you managed to cook dinner by yourselves, without ruining it?”

Sirius got a mad glint in his eye.

“ I have to go Moony, we have to blow the girls off their feet!”

He killed the fire, and walked into the kitchen. James had put all the groceries away and was standing in the center of the kitchen, staring at a magical cookbook; he had his wand ready.

“ It says we have to get the chicken out.”

“ I’m on it!” Sirius said running to the chicken on the counter. He put it on a pan, and was just about to put it in the oven.

“ Wait Sir, we have to bread it or something, with flour, and bread crumbs.”

“ What?” Asked a thoroughly confused Sirius.

James pointed his wand at the chicken and muttered the spell that the book said too, but immediately regretted it when she got a face full, and clothes full of flour.

“ Awe crap!”

Sirius doubled over laughing, only to have more flour poured on him from James.

They quickly started over, and finished it before the girls came home. James black shirt was now a musty gray color. The chicken was baking in the oven, and James and Sirius were scrubbing the flour, and bread crumbs from the counter top.


Lily and May stepped out into the living room. It was now dark outside. Something smelled really good. Lily smiled, and walked toward the kitchen. She peeked behind the doorway, and May peeked over her shoulder.

May’s eyes widened. Lily had to push her hand against May’s mouth, as May almost fell into hysterics. Lily grinned. She put he index finger to her lips to signal quiet.

“Ambush.” She mouthed to May.

May nodded, and laughed silently.

Lily and May walked silently into the kitchen. Lily walked silently up to James’s turned back, and slipped her arms around his waist. While May jumped on Sirius’s back.

Sirius shrieked like a little girl, and dropped the rag he was cleaning the table with, while James stopped, and whipped around in her arms.

May doubled over, as she jumped off Sirius’s back. “ Scared ya?” She asked sweetly.

“ Damn it May!” He held a hand to his chest. “ Trying to give me a heart attack?”

May giggled, and wrapped her arms around his neck, and hugged him tight. He hugged her gratefully back.

Lily ran her hands down James’s shirt. “ Had a mishap did you?”

He grinned, and bent to kiss her lips. “ That’s what you think, wait until you try the food.” He grinned, proud of himself.

“ We’ll see.”

“ Have you no confidence?” He smirked.

“ Not when you’re wearing half of what’s supposed the be on the chicken.” She smiled.

James chuckled.

She laid her head on his chest. “ I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

He kissed her head. “ I love you.”

She raised her head. “ I love you too silly.” She reached up and kissed his flour-covered nose.

He released her. “ Now go in there, and wait!”

With the first bite Lily and May were impressed.

“ So how’d we do?”

“ I’m impressed.” May said truthfully.

“ See we’re not hopeless!” Sirius said triumphantly.

May, Lily and James laughed.

After the dishes were cleaned, and everything was cleared. May and Sirius went up to bed early. James and Lily sat down on the couch. Lily curled up next to James. He held her possessively.

“ Jay?”

“ Yes lovey?”

“ Can we have the wedding at your mother’s house.”

James was truly touched. He leaned down and kissed her hair.

“ Of course.”

“ Good.”

“ What about our honeymoon?”

“ I was thinking California, what do you think?” Lily looked up at him, her emerald eyes sparkling.

He grinned, and shook his unruly head. “ Sound’s good to me.”

She sighed contentedly and laid her head on his chest, and slowly her breathing became slow, and relaxed. He smiled and held her for a minute longer. He watched her fall to sleep.

He finally picked her up, and carried her up the stairs up to their bedroom. He pushed the door of their room opened, and walked in pushing it shut behind him with his foot. He walked to the bed, and pulled back the covers of the queen bed. He smiled happily, he could get used to this life, he couldn’t wait. He slid her delicately in, and tucked her in, before moving to his side of the bed. He quickly changed into his sleep shirt, and flannel string pants, and got in on his side. He turned off his light on the bedside table, and pulled the covers over him.

He rolled over, so he could hold Lily. She flipped over, and cuddled into his chest. He smiled, and held her tighter. She burrowed her head into the crook of his neck, and he rubbed her back, and kissed her head. Her hair smelled like watermelons, he smiled.

“ Night love.” James whispered lovingly in her pink warm ear.

The breath on her ear made her tingle somewhat, and cuddle more into James. She grinned, and mumbled “Night.” They fell asleep almost instantly, cuddled in each other’s arms.