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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 20: Graduation.


For the final weeks of their Hogwarts career, Lily and James were exceptionally happy, to the disgust of their friends. The students knew nothing of the engagement and some didn’t even know that James was actually taken.

James hadn’t told Lily, but he wanted to let it slip during his speech on the day of graduation, the next day. He wanted to see her face flame up; he loved it when she blushed. Besides it was their last day, well seeing everyone at school, what could it possibly hurt?

James walked down the corridor on the last day, lost in his thoughts. He could barely believe that this was actually happening, he couldn’t wait to see Lily’s face when he let it slip during his speech. He grinned at the thought.

“ Mr. Potter.”

James gave a start, and whirled around at the sound of his name.

Professor Dumbledore was walking toward him, smiling happily, his ice blue eyes sparkling.

“ Yes, professor.”

“ I have just received a letter that the ministry would like to start training you to become an auror after the summer, you would start in early September, they want to train you with a partner, your choice.”

James stood there in the center of the hall gaping like a goldfish. Did Dumbledore say what he thought he did?

“ Did you say they want me?” He pointed at himself. “ and I can choose any partner that I want?” James asked in stunned disbelief.

Professor Dumbledore grinned happily, with a small nod, his eyes dancing with excitement.

“ I did.”

“ Can I choose Sirius?” He asked, his excitement mounting.

“ Of course. I believe a congratulations is in order, for that, and I believe I heard something about a wedding?” Dumbledore smiled.

James blushed, but grinned happily at him.

“ Yes, I proposed to Lily. How did you know?”

“ I do have my ways don’t I.” He smiled, and walked away down the corridor.

James was so excited, he raced to the common room in search of Sirius. He burst through the portrait hole. The common room was filled with students, but none that was tall with dark brown hair, that so was familiar.

The students that occupied the room all looked up at him with silent interest.

He raced up the stairs up to their dorm, his black robes billowing out as he ran.

He burst in the room, grinning like a maniac.

Sirius was by his bed, packing clothes into his suitcase.

“ Guess what?” James said excitedly.

“ What?” Sirius said, as he folded a pair of work robes, and placed it neatly in the suitcase, not looking up.

“ Dumbledore got a letter asking for me to train to become an auror.”

Sirius’s mouth dropped open, as his face snapped toward his best friend. His brown eyes widened in astonishment.

“ Are you shitting me?”

“ And guess what else.”

“ What?” Sirius asked talking a step toward James.

“ They asked for me to choose a partner to train with!”

Sirius whooped in excitement.

“Hey Hey Now!” James shrieked, raising a hand, and trying to muster a serious face.“Who said I was going to ask you?”

“ You wouldn’t do that to me, would you Prongs?” Sirius pouted “ And besides, who else would you ask, Lily?”

James pulled face at his friend. “I should think not. To dangerous, and she’s too important to me.”

“ And what am I huh?” Sirius said in mock outrage.

“ Oh you know what I mean.” James said waving it off with his hand.

“ How are you gonna tell her?”

“ I don’t know.” James said truthfully, looking out the window at the white fluffy clouds drifting across the pale blue sky. "I’ll tell her tonight I suppose.”

Sirius snorted. “Yea, you might want to let your fiancée know what’s in store for your future, give her a chance to back out, if need be.” He grinned mischievously, as James suddenly frowned.

“ What?” James asked.

Sirius rolled his eyes, and patted his friend’s back. “ Honestly I was just joking, you are so sensitive when it comes to Lily.”

But James couldn’t get that nagging thought out of his head. Would Lily back out if she knew that he was going to be an auror, and putting his life in danger all the time?

He shook the thought out of his head, that was just his nerves, it would be fine.


Later that night when Lily and James were sitting together on the couch in the common room, James decided to tell her. She was lying across the couch, with her head resting in the crook of James’s lap, and he was playing with her hair.

“ Lils?”

“ Hmm?” She asked looking up at him.

“ I spoke to Professor Dumbledore today, and he gave me some news.”

She sat up, and regarded him with worried eyes.

“ What’s wrong?” She asked staring him in the eye.

“ Nothing.” He said softly, as he pulled her toward him again. She scooted over again, and laid her head on his shoulder. “ He told me that the ministry sent a letter saying that they wanted to begin training me to become an auror, and they wanted Sirius to come with me to be trained as my partner.” He said all this quickly. He waited for some kind of reaction. But he didn’t get one. She just sat there in silence. His thoughts waged war against him in those few silent moments.

He sat there, painfully a moment longer, before he looked down at her face, and stiffened. She was crying, silently. ‘God no.’

He reached down, and turned her tear-streaked face toward him to look her in the eye.

“Lovey, what’s wrong.”

“ Nothing.” She croaked.

“You’re lying.” He said unconvinced.

“ I’m just worried, I guess.” She said weakly. She lifted her head from his shoulder, and looked down at her hands twisting around in her lap.

“Lily…” His heart broke.

She reached up and wiped the back of her hand over her eyes, ridding any evidence of tears. “ Sorry, I’m being silly.”

He pulled her into a hug, hugging her head to his chest. “ You’re not being silly.” He whispered into her hair.

“ Just please be careful.” She whispered.

“ I will. I promise.” He said.

“ When do they want you to start?” Lily asked as she pulled away.

“ After summer, early September.”

There was a pregnant pause.

“ James can we get married in August?” Lily asked. “ I want to be married before all that.”

“ Whatever you want.” He kissed her head, right below her hair line. “ Big or small wedding?”

“ Small. Your mom, the Marauders, and May, that’s for certain, you can invite anyone else you like.” Lily said.

He kissed her head again, and pulled her tighter to him possessively.

“ Alright.”


The next day Lily woke up with butterflies in her stomach. It was graduation. She was half-excited, half-nervous.

This was the day that Mrs. Potter was going to find out about the engagement. She knew that she would be welcomed to the family with open arms, but she just couldn’t get rid of the constant butterflies.

She looked around her room, her familiar room. Everyone in her dorm was still asleep. This coming night would be the last night she would ever sleep in this dorm. After tonight, she’d be sleeping in a whole different location.

She was going to live at Mays for a week and then both of them plus Sirius were going to James’s house the following week so they can look for a house in Hogsmead. Lily was excited, and a little scared about the prospect of living somewhere else. She’d always dreamed about being far away from home, and Hogwarts, and now she was finally going to do it!

She sat up, and got out of bed. She looked over at her packed trunk next to her bed, then her eyes roamed to where Floyd was sleeping silently on May’s bed, Lily figured she would let him sleep some more before placing him in his carrier for the ride back to King’s Cross.

She grabbed her robe, lying on her trunk, and her wand lying ready on her desk.

She made her way to the shower. She quickly took one, thinking about how much things had changed for her over this past year. About James, the Marauders, May, May and Sirius, and about being named head girl with James. She smiled. Stepped out of the warm perfumed bathroom. She wrapped her robe over her slender body, and looked at herself in the mirror. She placed her wand to her head, and dried it.

When she reentered her dorm everyone was up, and yawning.

May was sitting straight up in bed stroking Floyd’s fur.

“ I like your cat.” May said with affection.

“ Good, cause he’s coming with us.”

“ Cool.” May said, as she stood up and stretched. She soon left to take a shower leaving Lily with Cindy and Alicia, but they were completely civil with her now, and minded their own business, so she left them alone, and got ready for the graduation taking place in a couple of hours.

The hours slipped by quickly as the two girls got ready. Lily kept her hair down, but curled it loosely, like she did for special occasions.

As the two walked down to the Great Hall later, rowdy students, mostly coming back from breakfast surrounded them.

Some other seventh years were arriving, and there were a few parents and family members waiting outside to enter the Great Hall.

Lily looked through the crowd of student’s family members until they fell upon a familiar face.

The older red haired woman stood alone in the crowd, holding her purse in her hand. Lily felt butterflies swimming around in her stomach. Lily smiled nervously, and began to walk toward the woman, with May following confused behind her.

“ Mrs. Potter!”

“ Oh.” May muttered.

The slim woman turned, and broke into a huge grin when she saw Lily approaching her.

“ Hello Lily dear.”

Lily ran up to her and hugged her, and she hugged her back tightly.

“ Mrs. Potter, this is my friend May.” Lily said motioning to May who stood behind her. “ May, this is James’s mother.”

They two woman shook hands.

“ I’m pleased to meet you Mrs. Potter.” May said smiling.

“ Like wise dear.” Mrs. Potter said warmly. “ So where’s my son?”

“ MRS. POTTER!” Someone shouted loudly over the crowd.

Mrs. Potter smiled happily. “ Well there’s one of them.” She laughed shaking her head.

Lily looked behind her, and saw Sirius running through the crowd. When he reached them he pulled Mrs. Potter into a large bear hug, and lifted her up.

“ Ok Sirius, let the woman breathe.” May said in astonishment as she watched them.

Sirius put the woman down, and scowled at his girlfriend. Before turning to Mrs. Potter.

“ How are you?” He asked concerned.

“ Oh I’m fine dear.” Mrs. Potter said amused. “ Do you have any idea where my son is?”

Sirius looked around him. “ Um…Yea, he’s probably beating his brains out with worry about his speech.”

Mrs. Potter laughed. “ Where’s Remus?”

“ Oh he’s coming, you know him, he likes to be fashionably late.”

Mrs. Potter laughed.

Lily watched the two; it was amazing how close Sirius seemed to James’s mom. What was also funny was watching them chatting, with Sirius towering over James’s mother. Her height of 5’5 didn’t even come close to Sirius’s height of 6’1. Lily almost wanted to giggle.

But she decided that she really couldn’t talk, her being 5’7, and James being 6’3.

“ Hey Padfoot, stop harassing my mum!” A deep voice said from right behind Lily. Lily whipped around startled.

“ Oh shush Prongs.”

“ Prongs?” His mother asked. “ Padfoot?”

“ Don’t ask.” Lily laughed.

“ What are your nicknames?” Mrs. Potter asked amused, to the two present girls.

“ Well I like to call her love, or lovey.” James said, as he kissed Lily’s head, and wrapped his arms around her neck, and hugged her from behind.

Lily blushed, at Mrs. Potters amused look.

“ Are you ready for your speech?” Mrs. Potter asked James.

He looked up at his mother, his cheeks growing red.

“ Oh I think so.”

The door to the Great Hall opened behind them, and people began to flow in. Lily began to walk forward, but it was difficult with James hanging around her neck.

“ Will you let go?” She laughed.

“ I see when I’m not wanted.” He said with mock hurt, as he let go of her neck, and walked a few feet away from her.

“ Oh come here.” He slowly came a bit closer, and she stood on her very tiptoes, and swung her arm around his shoulders with some difficulty, due to his height, pulling his much larger frame closer to her body. “ You’re such a baby.” She said as she kissed his mouth quickly.

May and Sirius walked behind them with Mrs. Potter.

“ Are they always like that?” Mrs. Potter asked May.

Before May could answer, Sirius cut in. “ Unfortunately yes, you can’t keep them apart, they’ll just find their way back to each other.”

“ Can’t the girl talk Sirius?” Mrs. Potter laughed. “ Anyhow, I remember how that was.” Mrs. Potter said happily, remembering.


Sirius and May sat down next to each other, while Mrs. Potter sat down across from them. Mrs. Potter noticed Sirius wrap his arm around May’s waist, and she smiled. She was happy that they were happy. Suddenly a tall dirty blonde haired boy was standing beside her, huffing to fill his lungs with air. He had run from Gryffindor Tower. A shorter fatter boy stood right behind him, bent at the knees puffing for breath.

“ I am so sorry I’m late…I had to run here…full speed...almost missed my own graduation.” He gasped. His dingy robes hanging askew on his shoulders.

Sirius smirked, and shook his dark head.

Remus sat in the seat next to Mrs. Potter, and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

“ Hello Mrs. Potter.”

“ Hello Remus dear.” She said smiling.

May couldn’t help but smile, they seemed so close to James’s mother.

Lily and James walked up on the stage that had been put up in the front of the hall. There was a row of seats on either side of the podium. Where Dumbledore stood smiling as all the seventh years, and they’re family’s entered the Great Hall.

Lily and James sat directly behind him, and a little to the right. James looked over, and saw Lily shaking nervously. He smiled, and picked up her small, somewhat sweaty hand in his large warm one. He lifted it to his lips, and kissed the back of it.

“ You’ll be fine.” He mumbled so only she would hear.

The Great Hall was full now, brimming at the seams.

“ Students and guests!” Professor Dumbledore shouted happily, his eyes twinkling merrily. A hush fell over the students, and family. “ I am truly happy to be here with all of you on this fine day! There is much to be said today, and very little time to accomplish this. I just want to say that throughout your life, you will come across hardships, it is the way of life, at some points your life may be unbearably, but remember that it is not the end. The passed seven years for all of you have been a training of sorts for your future as wizards and witches, take these teachings with you, and do your best to succeed, and live happily for yourself and not for others.” He smiled around at the people sitting in their seats. “ Now, I have the pleasure of introducing this years head girl for her speech.”

There was a deafening applause as Professor Dumbledore stepped off the podium.

Lily gulped. James gave her hand a squeeze as she stood up, and walked to the podium. She stood there silent, waiting for there to be silence. She looked around the room, and fidgeted on her spot. The applause died down, as she stood there, looking out over the crowd. When there was finally complete silence, she stood there, and hesitated.

“ I won’t take too long, to move this along. I’m not going to say my life here at Hogwarts was easy and enjoyable, because I would be lying.” She looked down. “ But I will say that you meet people in your life that have an influence over you, and change you for the better, to make you stronger. You meet teachers that care enough to go over a second time if you don’t understand it. You meet people in your life, that are there for you no matter what, that stick by your side in the darkest of times.” She glanced at May, and looked back at a smiling James. “ My experience here at Hogwarts has strengthened me, an I will use what I learned in my future. It has also gained me lifetime friends, that I will treasure until the day I die.” She looked back at James again, his presence comforted her. She turned back to the crowd, and looked to where the Marauders and May were sitting. “ I don’t know about all of you, but I’m ready for the future, and I welcome it with welcoming arms.” She smiled, and stepped back, as the crowd broke into applause.

Once she sat back down, James kissed her quickly on the mouth, so no one would notice, they’ll know soon enough.

He stood up, and walked up to the Podium smiling maniacally.

“ We Finally Made it!” He shrieked loudly. There was a roar of applause. Lily smiled, and shook her head. “ Now down to business…All of you here, have only known Hogwarts, and the comfort of your homes. But out there it’s a bit different. You have to fend, not only for yourself but for others as well, maybe your own family. As you leave the castle walls your free. You can be or do whatever you want, and no one can really stop you. These are the important choices in your life. To choose what road you want to take, what side you want to take. But no matter what road you take, or what side your on, you will always carry something treasured from your time here. Like a book, or a quill.” There was soft laughter. “ Maybe a memory, a friend, or a special person.” His eyes flickered back to Lily. “ Something that will warm your heart forever. Maybe a certain teacher that always helped you no matter the circumstances. Or of a best friend that remained by your side, even through a huge fight. I for one have these in spades. Great memories, pulling pranks with the Marauders. Harassing Slytherins.” There were angry glares from the Slytherin table, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. “ Great friends like Sirius, Remus, Peter, May, and Lily. Great teachers.” He pointed to the area where the staff was sitting. “ But above all, I took that one special person.” He smiled when he heard Lily behind him suck in a breath. “ The one thing that means more to me than anything, that one person that shapes my life. Here at Hogwarts, I met my fiancée.” The Great Hall erupted in hurried whispers, and clanking silverware as it fell to the floor. All the seventh year girls stared at him, with sad faces, and angry faces. They whispered sadly to each other.

“In all my years at Hogwarts, I never dated, never wanted too. They had to be the one. Well I found the one. Lily was there for me…” The crowd gasps, and stares at Lily, who was blushing furiously. “ During the darkest times of my life, and gave a whole new meaning to my existence. I guess what I’m trying to say here, is never give up hope. Take your memories from Hogwarts, and build on them, help them grow, take something from your time here at Hogwarts, and carry it close to your heart forever.” There was silence. “That’s all.”

The crowd cheered loudly, catcalling a them. James smiled, and turned back his blushing fiancée.

“I’m going to kill you.” Lily muttered as she stood up beside him. He grinned, and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Lily was well aware of the glares she was receiving, and the many admiring, and shocked looks on many faces.

She noticed Amos Diggory’s shocked face, her lips curved upwards in a small smile, finally he would surely leave her alone.

“ Come on, lovey.” He kissed her head, and walked off the stage with her protectively in his arms. They walked toward their friends at the Gryffindor table, ignoring everyone around them besides each other, and their friends and family.

When they reached the table, The Marauders and May were smiling happily, while Mrs. Potter had tears of joy in her eyes. She gave James a huge hug. “ I wish your father was here.” She cried.

“ Me too.” He patted her back. When she broke away from her son, she grabbed Lily, and hugged her tight.

“ I’m finally going to have a daughter!” Lily laughed, and could feel tears rising in her throat.

“ Well! Congratulations Mr. Potter, and soon to be Mrs. Potter.” Professor Dumbledore said with stars in his eyes from the podium, now for the diplomas.

For the next two hours, they received their diplomas. Lily clapped for each one, even the Slytherins. She couldn’t remember a time when she was happier, but she really did wish that her parents were there to share it with her, but she would dwell on that, she didn’t want to start crying.


Later that night May sat on the verge of sleep, snuggled into Sirius’s warm side. His arm draped casually over her shoulder, as his fingers ran through her silky hair.

She was vaguely aware of the sensation of her hair being pulled away from her face, and behind her head. She lifted her head, and stared into Sirius’s sparkling eyes. They were smiling at her mischievously. May sat up straight and turned her head to face him smiling.

“ What?”

“ Turn around.” He said smiling.

“ Why?” She narrowed her eyes.

“ Just turn around.”

“ What are you going to do?”

“ You’ll see.”

May turned hesitantly around, and closed her eyes. At first she felt the velvety feel of Sirius’s lips on her neck, but the sensation was gone as quickly as it had come. She smiled, and a small sound escaped her lips.

Suddenly, she felt the feather light brushes of his quidditch roughened hands flutter across her cheeks, pulling her hair behind her head, until he held all the black strands of her hair behind her head, and he chuckled evilly.

May’s eyes flew open.

“ No way!” She said loudly in a panic. She tried to scoot to the end of the couch away from his offending hands, but he kept a firm grasp on her hair. “ You will not do anything to my hair!”

“ Oh shush, and come here, I’ve always wanted to try since James did it to Lily.”

“ I think not! If James can’t do it, you most certainly can’t!”

“ I guarantee you that I can do it, I know how to braid, my cousin taught me.”

May whimpered. There was no escape; he already had her head trapped.

“ You’re going to humiliate me.” She moaned. “ My god what have I gotten myself into?”

“ I promise you, I won’t, and if you don’t like it, you can take it out.”

May just nodded, and settled back. She sucked in a breath, as she felt his hands begin to work. ‘Why am I letting him do this?’

She felt his hands move down her hair, and put a ponytail holder in to keep the end in place, so the braid wouldn’t fall out.

“ Done, see, that wasn’t quiet the horror you imagined it was going to be.” Sirius smirked.

He handed her a small mirror that he had transfigured, and she hesitantly glanced at herself. She gasped in surprise. It looked good; not a hair was out of place.

She stared at him in awe, and lowered the mirror.

“ You can do hair!” She grinned.

She searched his eyes in shock. They stared back at her grinning, with that little irresistible smile that he was known for, and there was something else swimming in there as well, it gave her a warm tingly feeling in her knees, and a shiver of pleasure down her spine. She couldn’t help herself; she jumped on him, literally, pinning him to the back of the couch.

The wind was knocked out of him, and he stared at her stormy gray eyes so close to his, the braid that he had done, fell around her left shoulder, and rested on his chest.

She was breathing heavily, as she stared transfixed into his brown eyes.

“ Yep.” He grinned. “ And you had so little confidence, mind you, that’s about all I can do concerning hair, but I’m not as hopeless as James is when it comes to that.”

She bent her head, and kissed him full on the mouth. His lips were soft, and full. She grinned; he tasted like chocolate and mint, all at the same time. She kissed him harder, hugging him tightly. He kissed her back eagerly, cupping her face with his large warm hands.

When the two finally broke apart. She smiled at him. His arms were still tightly around her, her braid hanging by her left cheek.

She sat up, and sat back into the couch cushions. “ I Like a man that can do hair.” She grinned at him cheekily.

“ I can see by your reaction.” Sirius smirked, and sat up. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and brought her warm body into his embrace.

He sighed happily, and kissed the top her of head.

She laid her head down on his shoulder. “ I love you Siri.” She whispered.

There was a silence as what she had said sank into his thoughts. He pulled her tighter to his side.

“ I love you too.” He kissed the top of her head again, and rested his head on the back of the couch, smiling.

He’d meant what he said.


The next day was depressing. When Lily woke up, she was surprised to see that May was already up, and gone. She stood up, and changed quickly, putting her dirty clothes into her trunk, and made her way down to the common room.

The first thing she saw was May and Sirius cuddled on the couch. His arm lay across her shoulder, and her head was lying comfortably on his shoulder. A long thick braid fell over the back of the couch. Lily smirked, May never wore her hair in a braid.

She smiled, and went back upstairs; they deserved this time alone. They wouldn’t see each other until they went to Jame’s house, yet neither would she. That thought sent her stomach churning, but if she really wanted to see James, she could just floo him, May was full blooded, so she was in the floo network.

The carriages would be leaving in an hour. She felt a tear fall down her cheek. She turned to her trunk, and sat down on it, back to the door. Floyd’s yellow eyes stared at her through his cat carrier. He was meowing loudly, but Lily disregarded it. She would miss this place. Sure she didn’t have the best of times here, but it was better than living at her house, with Petunia. She glanced around the room, and felt another tear slip from her eye.

“ Lily?”

She sniffed, and hurriedly wiped her eyes. She spun around to face a concerned James leaning against the doorframe.

“ Yes.”

“ What’s wrong?”

“ I’m just going to miss this place.” She waved her hand around the room.

“ Oh Lily.” He stepped across the room in one swift stride, and pulled her into his arms.

“ It’s all I’ve ever known.”

“ I know.” He stroked her hair. “ But look at it this way, you have your whole future ahead of you to look forward to.”

Lily smiled. “ Your right.”

He leaned back, and kissed her nose. “ Come on, they’ll get your trunk like every year.”

She nodded. He grabbed her hand, and led her down to the common room.


When all six of them were standing at Kings Cross, ready to part, Lily and May felt the stinging behind their eyes.

“ I will not cry, I will not cry.” May muttered, blinking furiously, looking every which way to stop the inevitable, but a lone tear escaped.

“ Don’t cry.” Sirius said, as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and kissed her head tenderly.

Remus watched them sympathetically.

May hugged Sirius to her with a death grip, while James wrapped his arms around Lily.

“ I’ll see you in a week, and we’ll look for a house.” He smiled, and kissed her hair line, letting her go reluctantly as he heard someone call for her and May, an old plump gray haired woman, pushed herself through the crowd.

“ Come on you two, it’s crazy in here.”

May and Lily turned to the woman, and gave her a watery smile.

“ What are you two crying about? Are these the boys you talked about in your letter?” May’s grandmother asked kindly.

“ Yep, Gran, this is Sirius, my boyfriend, and that’s James, Lily’s fiancée…”

May’s grandmother’s eyes widened. “ Fiancée, that wasn’t in the letter?”

“ We wanted to surprise you.” Lily said smiling.

“And they are Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.”

She shook all their hands. “ Nice to meet you all. Come on, your grandfathers waiting.”

She walked away, and Lily and May turned back to James and Sirius with one last peck on the cheek, and they disappeared into the crowd, following May’s grandmother.

The boys sat and watched the girls until they had disappeared into the crowd.

“ Well, I best be off.” Sirius said mournfully as he turned. “ See ya later guys.”

James nodded, and turned to leave as well. “ Bye all.”


The whole ride home, May and Lily explained to May’s grandparents what they were going to do. They explained how they were going to go about moving out in a week, and moving in with the boys.

“ You’re only 18 May.” Her grandmother said, unsure.

“ Exactly, I’m an adult! I can even do magic without getting a warning now! Heck, Lils older than I am, by a few months, she’ll keep me in line. We’ve already gone over this in the letter.”

“ I know, I’m just worried, that’s all.”

“ I know.” May leaned up to the passengers seat, and kissed her grandmother’s cheek. “Don’t worry though, Lily’s going to be there too.”

“ With her fiancée, you sure she won’t be imposing?” She glanced at Lily in the rear view mirror.

“ Course not.” Lily said with a smile.

“ Ok, but if you ever need anything, and Lily I expect an invite to you’re wedding.”

“ Of course.” Lily laughed.


Note: Lily’s 18 because her birthday’s in December? So she turned 18 in her 7th year, plus it works so much better with the story! So please just roll with it! James is older than Lily, just a little FYI.