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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 18: I'm going to do it!


Lily fell out of the fireplace after James, and lost her footing. She was dangerously close to falling on her face, when James stepped in front of her to catch her.

"Nice entrance Evans.¨ There was high-pitched female laughter coming from behind James, and Lily shut her eyes tight, her head still on his chest. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"Ignore them.¨ James said as he kissed the top of her head.

"What a loser.¨ She heard Alicia whisper.

"Don`t listen to them, they`re just jealous.¨ He rubbed her arms soothingly.

But she`d finally had it. She stepped out of James embrace, advancing on Alicia. She sat quietly, smirking up at Lily from the couch. She didn`t say a word, but her eyes said it all.

Alicia`s smirk faltered at the look of serious utter loathing written in Lily`s eyes. She`d never seen Lily so angry. Usually she held her thoughts to herself, but she guessed she had finally had it. Alicia gulped.

"I hope you feel better with that off your chest.¨ Lily ground out.

"Excuse me?¨

"You fucking heard me!¨ She shouted, everyone that was in the common room turned in shock to hear Miss Lily Evan, the quiet head girl swear. The Marauders had obviously left an impression on her. "Do you feel better about yourself knowing that you lowered someone, to make you feel more important.¨

"LilyK¨ James put his hand on her arm, but she shrugged it away. A tear fell from her eye.

"You`re patheticKI hope you know.¨ She added, just as the portrait hole opened, and May and Sirius walked in.

"What`d we miss?¨ Sirius asked as he walked up next to Remus, and examined the scene.

"Nothing of importance, just Lily getting so ticked off she swore, and actually rose her voice.¨ Remus said nonchalantly, leaning against the wall. §In front of people.¨ He added with a wave of his hand, indicating the people. He watched the scene unfold.

"Really?¨ Sirius cringed.

May walked past him to stand beside a fuming Lily.

"What happened?¨ She whispered in Lily`s ear. But she ignored her, staring defiantly at Alicia and Cindy.

"Go away Delfin, this doesn`t concern you.¨ Cindy spat.

"Don`t you dare disregard my friends! You have treated May and myself like trash since the day we came to Hogwarts, and I`m sick of it! You self-righteous conceited blonde bitches! You care about nothing but yourselves, and thrive off of other people`s pain! I hope you`re happy, I hope you fucking happy.¨ Lily spat, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I`m sick of it, SICK OF IT!¨

She turned, and ran up her stairs to her dormitories. She vaguely heard the sound of cheering from her fellow Gryffindors, and the portrait hole opening, and slamming shut. But she didn`t care. She was relieved. She felt like a giant weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

For the next week while the rest of the school studied for newts, Cindy and Alicia tried to get the smell of dungbombs off of them. The Marauders had set dungbombs at both of them, and charmed them to follow them around for two weeks. . They were also, permanently sporting Slytherin colors, for the remainder of their year. Their robes were turned green and silver with a large snake on the back. There was writing in the center of the snake that read ¥the sorting hat was wrong, I should have been in Slytherin, I`m just that evil.` And no matter how many times they changed their clothes, their robes still read the same thing so; no one, not even the Slytherins would come near them, or talk to them.

They walked around crestfallen, studying in the library for their newts in silence, never bothering anybody, though that didn`t stop people from bothering them.

Suddenly the tables were turned; Cindy and Alicia were the ones getting a taste of their own medicine. For some reason though Lily was unhappy by this. She had an underlining guilt woven in the pit of her stomach. She shouldn`t, but she did. She pressed herself not to think too much about it though, because she too had newts to study for, but she just couldn`t get the uncomfortable guilt that had taken residence in her stomach to go away.

Thursday evening, at about 9:00 of that week Lily and May walked to the library. Their arms were full of text that might help them in some way with the upcoming exams.

Lily pushed the large door open, and stepped into the brightly lit room, May right behind her. She spotted a table in the far corner of the room that was remarkably unoccupied. She walked toward it, and threw her book bag down on the oak table. She sat down heavily, and let out a loud sigh.

"This is going to be hell.¨ She muttered, gently massaging her temples.

"Yes, it is.¨ May answered sweetly back. She sat down across from her and pulled out her history of magic book.

Lily eyed her.

"Too study.¨ May said holding up the book with a look on her face.

"Yes, I know that.¨ Lily rolled her eyes and began to riffle through her backpack. She pulled out her charms book, and her wand.

"So are you coming with me to Hogsmead or are you going with James.¨

"You.¨ Lily said as she concentrated on book that she was supposed to be levitating.

"What about James?¨ May asked her brows coming together.

"UmKI think that`s a full moon, he`ll be with Sirius, Peter, and Remus.¨ Lily said.

"Oh, I forgot.¨

"And besides, it`s a girls day out, what you thought I`d just ditch you?¨ Lily grinned at her, before looking back at her book on the table in front of her.

" Are we going to visit Amy.¨

Lily looked up and grinned. "Course.¨

Just then there were two girls standing next to their table, wearing green Slytherin robes. Lily and May looked up at them expectantly, crinkling their nose at the smell coming from the two. They were fidgeting, mulling over the words they were going to say.

"What do you want?¨ May said harshly.

Alicia and Cindy hesitated, and looked between Lily and May.

"We wantedKWe wanted to apologize.¨ Alicia said quietly.

Lily and May shared a look.

"Apologize? I didn`t know you two have a conscience?¨ May said coldly.

"Look we`re sorry for treating you horribly for all these years.¨ Cindy said quietly. Her voice showing that she truly was feeling guilty. "We had no idea that it effected youKlike that.¨ She finished.

"You`re only saying all this because no one will talk to you.¨ May said.

"Think what you like.¨ Alicia sighed. "But we truly are sorry.¨

Lily then knew what she needed to do, to make her feel better.

"It`s ok, apology accepted.¨

She made peace. Maybe this whole battle would finally be over, and they could on with their lives, and never have to see them ever again.

They looked at her briefly, before nodding in relief. They walked away, and out of the library.

"Apology accepted? Just like that?¨ May asked wide-eyed.

"I needed to do it to clear my own conscience.¨

"What did you have to be guilty about? They`re the ones that treated us like trash.¨

Lily sighed. "I know, I just can`t help but feel that I reduced them, just like they reduced me for all those years. I`m supposed to be the bigger person, and I proved myself just as blood thirsty as them. I had to show that I had more heart, and was above them.¨

May regarded her friend, and grinned. "You`re one in a million Lils.¨

Lily blushed, and went back to trying to levitate her book.

The girls stayed in there for another hour, before Lily began to yawn.

"Can we go back, I`m dead tired.¨ Lily yawned out.

"Yea, yea.¨ May said, as she slammed her book shut, and shoved it into her backpack.

Lily followed her lead.

When the two girls finally made their way to Gryffindor tower. Lily said the password exhaustedly. The portrait hole opened. There was no one in there, besides a head of messy black hair facing away from her. She glanced at her watch, it was 10:30, where was everyone? Probably studying, or sleeping off the added stress.

"Well I`m going to bed.¨ May said as she yawned.

Lily nodded, and watched May run up the staircase, letting James and Lily have some alone time.

Lily walked into the heat of the common room, James had the fire going, and she wondered briefly why, it was the beginning of April and somewhat warm, but it had a comforting feeling to it, it also shrouded the room with light.

She plopped down on the couch, sitting close to James, and grabbed his hand. He glanced down at their hands, then met her eyes with his. She looked deep within them, and his familiar warmth washed over her. She leaned her head on his shoulder, and stared into the flickering, crackling flames, licking at the side of the fireplace. He wrapped his arm protectively around her shoulders, and pressed her head gently against his shoulders with his hand. He gently lifted a strand of dark red hair, and played with it. Lily sighed happily, as she brought her legs up underneath her, and leaned into James, cuddling up close to his body. He continued to play with her hair.

§Jay?¨ Lily murmured sleepily.

"Hmm?¨ He replied.

"What are you gonna do, for sure after Hogwarts?¨

James smiled at her.

"Well for one, I want to be with you, and for career, I`m going to train to become an Auror of course, you already know that.¨

Her eyes darkened with sadness. "JamesK¨ Her voice was laced with worry.

He smiled. "It`s my duty, to do what`s right, to protect the ones I love.¨ He said, as he leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Trust me.¨

His face was set with determination. She reached up and caressed his cheek.

"Just be careful.¨ She knew that he was going to do that, but she guessed that she was just hoping in vain that he would change his mind, and be a professor or something, something safe.

But she trusted him, his judgement, and she understood his duty to his family, and it filled him with more love than he ever thought possible.

James leaned down, and kissed her lips passionately. It was filled with emotion, and love. It was desperate, and gentle at the same time.

They finally broke apart, and James hugged Lily tighter to him. "God I love you.¨ He muttered. They sat in silence for a moment or two, before James`s voice broke in.

"What about you?¨

"Hmm. I don`t really know yet, probably something with charms, but what I really want is to have a baby.¨ She replied on the edge of sleep.

James smiled as he imagined Lily carrying his child, their child, something they made together. He was going to be that person to give her that, he was going to be the person that she would grow old with, he was sure of it. He grinned happily, and held his Lily tighter to him.

That night when they parted their ways, James knew for sure, he was going to do it, it had been popping into his head few two weeks now, and he was sure, He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He didn`t know how or when he was going to do it, but he was. He loved her, and she loved him, it was all the motivation he needed.

When the two separated for the night, he bounded up to his dormitory, and barged in. The room was covered in darkness but he didn`t care. He ran to Sirius`s bed, and flung the curtains open.

"I`m going to do it.¨ James said happily.

Sirius turned sleepily in the darkness, and looked at the dark outline hovering above him.

"What?¨ He asked in a husky voice.

James muttered lumos, and his wand lit up bright. He shined it in Sirius`s face.

He squinted in the bright light, and raised his hand to lower the wand, but he didn`t need too because it went away on its own.

"I`m going to do it.¨ James repeated.

"What the hell are you on about?¨ Sirius asked frustratedly. "I was trying to sleep.¨

"I`m going to ask her.¨

Sirius sat up.

"You`re serious?¨ Sirius asked groggily.


Sirius broke into a huge grin. "I`m the best man.¨

"Hold on there boy, I still have to buy a ring, I think I`ll go on our Hogsmead day.¨

"James, it`s a full moon, what about moony?¨ Sirius asked looking over at Remus`s bed.

"Oh I`ll still be there, we`ll just be gone for the day.¨


"You don`t expect me to do all this alone do you? If your best man, you`ve got to help me out.¨ James smirked.

Sirius groaned. "Fine, when do you plan to ask her?¨

"I`m not sure, maybe the party after the Hogsmead visit or something, I haven`t thought that far ahead.¨ James scratched his head, and pulled the covers up so he could climb in his own bed.

The next week`s newts were hell, well except for Lily, who passed with flying colors, and enjoyed herself immensely, because she`d studied so hard. May had done all right, and passed very well over average.

James, seemed to be a genius, without studying much too hard.

Sirius however passed by the skin of his teeth. He was just glad it was all over.

All in all they all were glad that the week was finally over.


When the day of the next Hogsmead day finally arrived, James was still clueless as to what he was going to do all he knew was he was going to do it soon, after he got the ring of course. He sat in bed with a colony of butterflies flitting around in his stomach.


§Hmm?¨ Sirius asked, not quite awake yet.

"We have to go.¨

Sirius groaned in response, and turned over. "Give me an hour.¨ He mumbled.

"Please.¨ James tried again, and sat up.

Sirius hesitated at James desperate tone. He sat up and glared at James.

§Fine! See what I do for friends!¨ He pushed his covers off of himself and stood up. §Is Lily going today with May?¨


Sirius just stared at him.

"James, she`d better not see me or you there. What did you tell her you were doing today?¨

"The truth.¨


"Not that truth, about seeing Remus today.¨

"OH.¨ Sirius looked over at Remus, and saw that he was deadly pale, and looking very sick, the usual for the day of his transformations.

"Well let`s go then.¨

They took quick showers, and changed into normal clothes. As they head downstairs they heard voices.

They heard May laugh. "You know Lily, I`m going to win, because that move was crap.¨

"Oh please, aren`t you feeling egotistical today, spending so much time with Sirius is getting to your head.¨ Lily laughed.

"Maybe.¨ May smirked.

"What is it with you and Hogsmead days, always feeling great about yourself.¨ Lily chuckled.

"It`s a talent.¨ She laughed.

"I can see that.¨ Lily laughed with her.¨

§Hello gorgeous ladies!¨ Sirius bellowed as he came in the room.

May rolled her eyes.

"Don`t you roll your eyes at me young lady!¨ He said in mock outrage.

"I can if I want, lessor mortal.¨ She smirked. It was Lily`s turned to roll her eyes.

Sirius came up behind May, and wrapped his arms around her neck, and hugged her to him.

"Morning baby.¨

"Morning Sir.¨ She said leaning up to plant a kiss on his lips.

Lily smiled brightly at the couple, until she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist.

"I`ll miss you today.¨ James whispered in her hair.

"Me too.¨ Lily said back, as she leaned her head back on his shoulder, and reached up behind her, and ran her hands through his soft unruly hair.

"Oh Lils, we better go.¨ May`s voice broke through the comfort.

"Ok.¨ She untangled herself from his arms, and stood up.

James then sat down in her previously occupied seat, and watched the two girls disappear out of the portrait hole.

§Ok, when do you want to leave?¨ Sirius asked.

"In an hour, give them an hours start, care for a game of chess?¨

Sirius smirked. "Bring it on.¨


Lily and May made there way to the carriages through the crowd of Hogwarts students. No one paid them any attention, and that was the way they liked it.

They climbed into the closest one, and sat down on the long bench. They waited a few minutes before the carriage began to move. They shared a bewildered look when they realized they didn`t have to share the carriage with anyone else. They sat in silence the whole way there and just gazed out the window. The sun was shining down, and the carriage was heating under its intensity.

"I wish these carriages had air conditioning.¨ Lily mumbled.

May turned and looked at her. "What?¨

"It`s a muggle thing.¨

"Oh.¨ Said a confused May, she couldn`t understand for the life of her, why muggles needed their air-conditioned. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

When they finally reached Hogsmead, they got up excitedly from the carriage, and headed toward Robes for all occasions.

Lily pulled open the door, and the little bell tinkled.

Their eyes roamed around the familiar shop, the displays were different, and there were fewer people there.

A blonde woman with a kind face, and long pink nails walked up to them with a smile.

"Can I help you?¨ She asked in a high giggly voice. May visibly cringed.

"UmKYes, is Amy working here today?¨

"Amy? Yes she is, would you like to speak with her?¨ She smiled.

"Yes, thank you.¨ Lily said kindly.

"I`ll be right back.¨ She hurried off to the back room, a moment later Amy appeared in the doorway, carrying two huge cardboard boxes. Her short brown hair had grown longer, and was not so short anymore, hitting just past her shoulders, and she was wearing a black headband to keep her bangs out of her way.

She laid the boxes down, and looked up at the two girls. She smiled brightly.

"May and Lily! How are you?¨

She walked over, and stood in front of them, a huge happy smile etched on her face. The freckles dotting her nose were more visible now, probably from the sun. She gave each of them a hug, and ushered them into the store.

"Sorry you had to meet VanessaK¨ She threw her thumb over her shoulder indicating the blonde. §She`s such a ditz, drives me crazy.¨

May laughed at this. "I know how those are.¨ Amy laughed.

"So how are you guys?¨ Amy asked her eyes sparkling.

Lily began to talk.

"We`re fine.¨

"The dresses?¨ Amy asked with a worried look.

"Were perfect!¨ Lily said happily.

"Well good.¨ Amy smiled.

"How was the dance?¨

"I can`t even remember that far back.¨ Lily laughed.

"I can.¨ May said bitterly.

Amy looked at her.

"May had a little mishap, but that`s all worked out.¨


"Long story.¨

Amy nodded.

"What about you?¨ Amy asked looking at Lily.

May smiled, and started. "Our Lily here fell in love.¨

"What!¨ Amy shrieked excitedly. "The scoop girl.¨

Lily blushed. "Thanks May, it`s not like you didn`t fall either.¨

Amy`s eyebrows shot up. "You too?¨

May just blushed and nodded.

"I told you those dresses would knock um dead.¨ Amy smiled.

May and Lily laughed, and began talking.


"Is this the place?¨ Sirius asked looking at the small shop, with elegant windows. §Looks a bit expensive.¨

"That`s the place.¨ James said grinning.

"Ok then.¨ Sirius said with a hint of sarcasm opened the doors and stepped inside.

A balding man, that looked to be in his forties or fifties, wearing an expensive looking robe looked up from examining a certain stone.

"Hello, how can I help you?¨

"I`m looking for an engagement ring.¨

The man nodded. "Follow me.¨

James walked around the many display cases, out of the corner of his eye he saw something that said it all.

"Wait, can I see that one?¨

The sales man walked over. He placed his wand on the casing, and muttered something they couldn`t hear. He pulled out the ring, before locking it again. He handed it to James.

The ring was silver banded with a large emerald stone in the center. There were two small diamonds on either side of the stone. The emerald reminded James of Lily`s eyes. It was perfect.

"Sir, come look at this one.¨

Sirius reluctantly made his way to where James was standing, and looked at it.

"Woah, that`s screaming Lily.¨

James nodded. "I want that one.¨

The sales man smiled, and took the ring from him. "Very Good.¨

He put it into velvet green box, and snapped it shut. He put it in a bag and handed it to James.

James paid for it, and left, following Sirius out into the sunny town.

They passed Robes for all occasions, and Sirius looked inside. Lily and May were in there talking animatedly with a woman they`d never met before. She had shoulder length brown hair, and a kind face.

Sirius elbowed James in the ribs.

"Look in there.¨

James looked, and grinned. Lily and May were sitting with their back to them in the shop.

"Who`s that they`re talking too¨

"I assume Amy.¨ James said.


"They met her when they were buying robes for the dance.¨


"They came here to visit with her. Well come on, we don`t want them to see us.¨


Lily and May decided about a half an hour later that it was time to leave, and let May get back to her job.

They wandered around Hogsmead, unsure of what they wanted to do, it was too early to go back to the castle, and plus they didn`t feel like going back, this was their only chance to live a little.

They decided to go to The Three broomsticks for lunch, and a butterbeer. They watched a lot of people from the school, watched them talking, and coming and going, with May making little side comments as they watched.


An hour later, they did go back up to the school, they felt that they could help Dean Year and Nancy Trinity with the set up of the party later that night.

When they reached the school, Dean, and Nancy were racing around the room, amongst all the other students. Lily stood in the portrait hole, amused, they obviously had not luck getting rid of the rowdy younger students.

Lily clapped her hands together loudly over her head. The room went completely silent as they regarded the head girl.

"We need all of you to clear out, we have to get ready, you know the drill.¨

All the students groaned, but left without complaint.

"Oh my God Lily thank you so much, I was going to go insane.¨ Nancy said, running over.

"It`s all right, do you need help, May and I would like something to do.¨

Dean came over with a rag in his hands from cleaning the windows.

§Sure you can help.¨ He said relieved. "Help yourself.¨ He handed her a bucket of rags.

Lily laughed. "Thanks.¨

Lily and May pushed the furniture out of the way, and set up exactly like the last party.

"Where`s James, is he helping?¨ Dean asked, as he scrubbed one of the tables where he would put the food.

"UmKno, he had some very important business to attend to, I don`t think he`s even going to be at the party tonight.¨

"Oh.¨ Dean said, and the subject was dropped.

It took a few hours, before the room was finally done. As time was running out, they put out the food, and wiped the sweat from their foreheads.

"What about music.¨

"Oh no.¨ Lily said as she sank onto the couch exhausted.

"That`s James`s area, I don`t know if he`s stopping back.¨ She rubbed her temple.

"Don`t worry, I have a music box.¨ Dean said.

"Oh great, can you bring it down.¨

"Yea, no problem.¨ He ran upstairs, and came down moments later carrying his own.

"Great, I think that`s all, I`m going up.¨ Lily said as she stood up.

"Me too. Later.¨ May said with a wave.

The other two nodded, while Nancy gave a small wave and a §thanks for the help guys¨

"No prob.¨ Lily said as she disappeared up the stairs with May.

That night Lily and May sat up for most of the night, talking, while the party downstairs was full swing.

"May? What are you going to do after Hogwarts?¨

"I`m not sure, I think I want to become a teacher, maybe work here.¨

Lily looked at her shocked. "I thought you didn`t like it here.¨

"Well not as a student, but if I have some kind of authority, I think it will be fun.¨ May giggled.

"Are you going back to live with your grandparents?¨

"No, I mean I love them and all, butKno.¨ She smiled and looked up at Lily. "Hey Lily since I know that your not going back to live with your sister or anything, do you want to get a flat in Hogsmead or something?¨

Lily smiled. "Sure that`s perfect, I`ll have somewhere to live!¨

"So what do you want to do?¨

"I don`t know, something that deals a lot with charms, I would like to settle down, and have a baby someday, though, you know in the near future.¨ Lily blushed, and looked up at May. She was smiling.

"You`d make a great mother.¨

Lily smiled.

"So, with anyone in particular?¨ May asked with a smirk.

Lily blushed, and threw a pillow at May.

She smiled at the thought of carrying James`s child. The thought gave her butterflies in her stomach. She couldn`t think of anyone she`d rather have a baby with. She smiled.