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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 16: Finally finding a place to call home


Lily’s first conscious thought the next morning was that her face was incredibly warm, and the inside of her eyelids were bright orange. Propping herself groggily on her elbow, she squinted toward the end of her bed, where Floyd was lying, purring happily, apparently asleep. She rubbed her eyes tiredly, before scooting over on her bed, and propped her window open.

A light breeze tickled her face, and made her lips curve upward in a large grin. The cold from the previous night had evaporated leaving a comfortable March chill.

She stood up and stretched.

“May, get up,” she said groggily.

May groaned, and turned over, “close the window.”

“No. Get up,” Lily said, walking over to May’s bed, and gently shaking her awake. “Must we go through this everyday?”

“Yes.” She rolled over again, away from the persistent Lily.

“GET UP NOW! COME ON! ON YOUR FEET!” Lily shrieked.

May sat bolt up right, “Ok, God woman, you’d make a great drill sergeant, you know?” May stood up, and stretched.

Lily grinned, and grabbed her robe, scampering off to the bathroom.

May followed her lead and they each took quick showers, before making their way down to breakfast.


When they reached the Great Hall, Lily’s upper arm was grabbed somewhat roughly. She spun around, and was instantly looking into the smiling smug face of Amos Diggory. Her heart pounded nervously against her rib cage.

“Lily, have you been avoiding me?” he asked sweetly, dropping her arm gently, and walking in step with her toward the Great Hall.

Lily looked at May frantically. May’s eyes just went wide, and she shook her head.

“No,” Lily muttered.

“Why don’t you sit with me for breakfast. You really can’t refuse, since I never got to dance with you at the dance.” He gave her a smile, which would have melted any other girl, but not Lily.

Lily forced a smile. What was she going to do? He seemed interested in her, and this with his reputation terrified her, why couldn’t he just leave her alone?

“ I’m sorry Amos, but James and I were going to plan the next prefect’s meeting,” Lily quickly covered.

“James again?” he pouted.

Just as the words left his mouth, Lily felt a pair of strong arms wrap possessively around her waist. She stiffened, feeling a lump form in her throat. ‘Oh no. This won’t be good.’

“Yes, me Diggory,” James spat, glaring at the boy in front of them.

“Potter,” Amos said coolly, “surely Lily can sit one day with me,” he said, with an edge to his voice.

“We need to plan the prefect’s meeting,” James replied with a hint more edge, as if daring a challenge. He released his hold on Lily’s waist.

May and Lily looked nervously between the two boys.

Sirius and Remus who were behind James, just glared at Amos, while May led Lily into the Great Hall, unaware, that the Marauders weren’t following them.

When Lily was gone, out of earshot, James turned to Amos.

“Don’t go anywhere near her anymore,” James said in a deadly growl.

“Why not?” Amos raised his eyebrows.

“Just don’t, she’s mine, got that? If I catch you anywhere near her, I’ll rip you bodily appendages off one by one, starting with your smallest,” James growled. He turned and walked into the Great Hall.

Amos just glared at his back, as he walked into the Great Hall in front of Sirius and Remus.

‘Who did he think he was? Telling Amos who he could, and could not have? Taking claim over her.’

He scowled, and walked into the Great Hall in a fowl mood.

When James entered the Great Hall he walked over to where Lily and May had sat down.

“Where were you? I thought you were right behind us,” Lily said

James sat down next to her.

“I took care of Diggory, he shouldn’t bother you anymore.”

Lily blushed.

“What did you do?” May asked, with a worried expression on her face.

“I just told him to stay away from Lily.” He left out the part about her being his.

He put some bacon on his plate, and scooped some scrambled eggs onto it.

“I have a feeling you just pissed him off Prongs old buddy,” Sirius chuckled, sitting down next to May smiling.

“I didn’t want to hurt his feelings,” Lily said quietly.

Lily glanced nervously over her shoulder across the Great Hall to where Amos was sitting at the Ravenclaw table, with a scowl on his usually handsome face. He was staring directly at her.

She gave a start, jumping a bit, as their eyes connected. He smiled. She turned her gaze nervously back to James who was sitting next to her.

“Trust me, we didn’t,” James said, answering Lily’s previous fear, as he crunched into his bacon. He glanced over at Lily, and saw her panic stricken expression.

“What is it?” he asked with concern.

Lily was silent.

James glanced over his shoulder, at the Ravenclaw table.


James felt anger boil in him, how dare him! Hadn’t James warned him? He wrapped his arm possessively around Lily’s lower back, along the line of her jeans, drawing her closer to his side.

“Ignore him,” James ground out.

Lily nodded stiffly.

“James?” Lily asked.

“Hmm?” He asked, taking another bite out of his bacon.

“How about a Prefects meeting tonight? So we can plan the other Hogsmead visit,” Lily said, glancing at him, and trying to ignore the fact the Amos was staring at them.

“Sounds good, when do you want it?”

“How about April 27 the Newts end a week before, so it could let off some tension.”

“Sounds good to me.” He glanced at his watch on his free hand. “Crap, we’ve got to high tail it to potions.” He unwrapped his arm from around her waist, and brushed crumbs off of his robes, standing up.

Sirius looked at his watch, and his eyes went wide.

“I didn’t think we were running late,” he said confused.

“Neither did I,” the girls chorused. They stood up, and noticed the Great Hall emptying out. They followed James out of the Great Hall.

The class went beyond slow. Today, Professor McKay decided that it was a lecture day, and for the following hour, she was talking about the effects of phoenix feathers in certain potions.

Lily found herself drifting off, more than once during that class period.

Professor McKay would sometimes call upon Severus Snape to explain something, but the rest of the class paid no attention.

When the bell finally rang The Marauders and the girls walked slowly toTransfiguation, which they shared with the Ravenclaws.

They filed in the room, quietly and took their seats. Lily and May took their seats in the usual, back of the class room, while the Marauders sat one row ahead of them, since there were only two seats at the table in the back. The Marauders couldn’t persuade them to come sit closer either, they just preferred the back.

Professor McGonagall entered the classroom, and took a seat behind her desk. She regarded the students until they all quieted down. When a definite hush fell over the students. She stood up, and placed herself in front of her desk.

“Ok, today we learn to transfigure ourselves into other, inanimate objects. We will do this in partners.” The class broke into hushed whispers. Lily looked at May, silently saying that they were working together. “However I will chose your partner. It will be Ravenclaw with a Gryffindor.”

James’s eyes traveled to Amos, and saw that he was grinning, he made eye contact with James, and raised one eyebrow, with a smug smirk. James glared back, his eyes set in determination.

“Ok…” Professor McGonagall unrolled her parchment, and began to read off the names. “Mullen, Roads; Lupin, Caplet; Pettigrew, Chung; Potter; Dicey; Delfin, Peters; Smith, Rodney (Remember that’s Alicia.); and Evans, Diggory.”

As the class stood up, James sent a death glare at Amos.

As he walked past, James shoved him. He leaned over close to his ear, so no one else could hear.

“Try anything, and you’re dead,” he whispered in Amos’s ear, and went to find his partner.

“I wouldn’t dare,” Amos smirked back.

Lily sat at her table in the back next to May, and sighed.

“Is there no escape?” she whispered to May.

“Obviously not,” May said worriedly.

May with her partner, and Remus with his, set up working at the same table as Lily and Amos, probably to keep an eye on him. She sighed with relief.

“Hello Lily.”

“Hello Amos.” He sat down next to Lily. He propped his book open, as did Lily.

“Ok,” Professor McGonagall clapped her hands above the noise to get everyone’s attention, “I’m going to demonstrate how to do this.” She looked around the room, until her eyes landed on James. “Potter, will you help me?”

James stood up from his seat, and quickly glanced at Lily and Amos, before walking to the front of the room.

“Ok, think about…A wooden chair.”

James closed his eyes, and concentrated on the wooden chair in his mind’s eye.

“Imagine that you’re becoming the chair, now concentrate hard. When you lose your concentration, you’ll lose it, and turn back.”

James stood still, straight as a board.

“Do you have it?”

“Yes,” he mumbled.

“Good, now since we are working in partners, your partner will raise his or her wand, and mutter the spell.” he raised her wand, and touched it to the top of James’s head.

“Camvia!” she muttered. A wispy white smoke came from her wand, and James began to transform into a perfect cherry wood chair.

“Perfect.” The Professor said, stepping back, and crossed her hands over her chest. “Now, all of you get to it, you can look on page 158 for further instructions. I’ll be around to test you all at the end of class. You can change back James.”

Suddenly, where the chair was, James appeared, frowning, and went to sit back down in his seat.

When the rest of the class had settled down, they all began to try their hand at it. It was a lot harder than they made it seem. The only person that seemed to be able to transform perfectly was James and Lily, but they were also the best in the class.

When Lily did it to Amos, his chair had arms, and the back of the chair was growing hair. Lily stifled a giggle.

“Did I do it?” he asked happily, as he transformed back.

“Not hardly,” Lily giggled. Amos frowned.

Suddenly there was a loud high laugh. Lily turned around to see May bent over laughing hysterically, leaning against the table for support. In the corner of the room, was a twin-sized bed. Lily looked at it confused, before it changed into a person. She bit back a laugh.

“That was perfect Sir!” Lily laughed. “But a bed?”

“I’m tired,” he muttered with a shrug.

May and Lily laughed.

“So Lily?” Amos brought her back to reality. He was leaning against the table, grinning widely at her.

“Yea?” She flipped to page 158 in her book, and glanced up at him, before looking back down to the page, to read the passage.

“Will you come with me to Hogsmead?”

Lily’s head snapped up with wide eyes, and she heard May gasp, and turn next to her to watch. She also noticed Remus stare at Amos icily, his eyes darting to James across the room.

“Um…I’m really sorry Amos but…”


“Actually, no, I go to Hogsmead with May, it’s kind of our girls day out.”

May nodded at her words.

“Oh.” Amos looked defeated.

Lily turned back to her book. The silence was awkward. She didn’t really like Amos, she just wished that he’d just leave her alone.

Professor McGonagall walked over. “Ok, I’d like to see how you all are doing,” McGonagall said nicely.

“Ok,” Lily said, happy to break the silence. Amos stood up, and raised his wand to her head. She concentrated hard on being a chair. She let her mind’s eye imagine herself transform into a perfect chair. She didn’t even hear Amos mutter “Camvia.”

She was suddenly a chair. She smiled inwardly. She was completely stiff, and couldn’t move her face or body. She could just sit there. She felt Professor McGonagall examine her.

“Very good! Top marks for you two!” And she walked away.

Lily let her mind wander, and she was instantly herself again. She glanced at her watch; she had about ten seconds left.

“Crap, hey Rem, can you pass me my book bag?” She felt eyes watching her. She turned her head. Her eyes made contact with James’s, a shiver of pleasure raced through her body. She smiled at him, before turning back to grab her backpack from Remus’s hands.


James’s stomach flip-flopped when Lily’s warm gaze traveled over him. He watched as she stuffed her books hastily into her bag. When the bell finally rang, she and May bolted out the door, away from the room like the devil was hot on her heels.

He looked at Remus puzzled. Remus mouthed that he would explain later. James nodded, and stood up. He followed Remus and Sirius out of the room.

“So what was the running out of class about?” James asked Remus.

“Diggory asked her to go to Hogsmead with him,” Remus said fast, and quietly, knowing that he was about to get an outburst.

“WHAT?” James and Sirius said loudly.

“What did she say?” James asked quickly.

“She said no. Said those days she hangs out with May, girls day out.”

James sighed in relief, slinging his back higher on his shoulder.


Lily sent messages to all the prefects that there was to be a prefect’s meeting after dinner, when she went into the Great Hall for dinner.

Lily ate quickly, and made her way to the Prefect’s lounge, to gather her thoughts. She lit the fire in the grate, and sat down in the big green velvet armchair. She stared into the flames. She loved this chair, it was the most comfortable chair in the whole school, she sometimes wished that she could just pick it up and take it with her. She closed her eyes, and rested her head on the armrest.

“Hey Lily?” Her conscious mind fought the fogginess encompassing her brain. Her eyes flickered open after a minute and regarded the blurry face above her. “You like that chair?”

The blurry image transformed into the smirking face of Kayla Rebbons. Lily sat up, and looked at the girl that was sitting on the couch across from her.

“You called this meeting, and here you are asleep by the fire,” she chuckled.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” Lily rubbed sleep from her eyes.

“That’s ok, we all do it.” She waved her hand in the air to dismiss the thought. “So let me guess this whole meeting is to talk about the next Hogsmead trip?”


“Well, where’s James?”

“Probably still at dinner.”


Just then the portrait opened, and James walked in. His hair was as messy as ever, and he was wearing his black school robes, like Lily was, with the head boy badge on. His eyes focused on Lily, and he smiled. He then turned his attention on Kayla.

“Hey Kayla,” he said nicely.


James went, and sat down on the other wooden chair, next to Lily’s armchair.

Lily stretched a bit, and took a pony holder off her wrist. She pulled her gorgeous red hair back into a semi neat ponytail.

James watched as Lily tried to get a few loose strands of fiery hair to cooperate, but gave up, by pulling the rebel ones behind her ears. She pushed her palms across her head, looking for bumps. He stared mesmerized by her actions. He noticed that her eyes were startlingly emerald in the light from the fire. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her face.

She sensed his gaze, and glanced over at him. She grinned, and punched his arm playfully.

He looked at her in mock outrage, and massaged his arm.

He reached over, and tugged her ponytail that she’d been so diligently working on. Auburn hair tumbled from the holder, down her shoulders and back.

She angrily smacked his hand away, her hand flying up to salvage the hair ruin. She was obviously getting no where.

“I like it down,” James said smiling. Holding up the ponytail holder teasingly, that he had snatched from her hair.

“I prefer my hair up tonight,” Lily said frantically, gathering loose strands from around her face, and behind her neck. She reached for her ponytail holder, but James pulled it out of her reach.


“Hmm?” he asked innocently.

“Give it here.”

“Um…No, I don’t think I will.”

“Jay!!!Pleeaaasse?” She reached for his outstretched hand. All the while he was laughing.

“Oh Stop, would you, turn around, let me have a try,” James said with amusement in his voice.

Lily huffed like she was angry, but sat back down in the armchair, and turned her back to him. He grinned.


Kayla watched Lily’s face, as James gathered all of her hair from off her face, and begin trying to form a mediocre ponytail. She was grinning, her face glowing, and her usually sad eyes were sparkling, as his fingers brushed against her neck and cheek.

Kayla grinned as she watched the two. She couldn’t believe she never saw it before. They were in love, that was what all the looks, the touching, and teasing was about.


James tried putting the ponytail holder into her mass of hair, but ended up laughing so hard, that he was shaking, dropping strands of hair in the process.

Lily reached up, to still his hands.

“Just stop! You’re obviously hopeless,” she grinned shaking her head.

“NO! I CAN DO THIS!” He smacked her hands away from her head. James tried to stop laughing, he managed to gather most of her loose hair in his hands, but he just couldn’t manage to get the holder into her hair. He had handfuls of red hair in his fists, and he was trying helplessly to fit them into the ponytail holder.

“Kayla, would you just put it in, he obviously can’t do it.”

Kayla grinned, and went to stand up. James held up his shaking hand. His blue eyes sparkling with enjoyment.

“Don’t you dare move Kayla, I’m not a daft idiot, I know how to put a ponytail holder in.” He smiled down at Lily’s hair, clearly having no idea what he was doing. Kayla was sure that she saw him run his fingers gently through her hair, and across her cheek, smiling.

After a few seconds of struggling, James finally managed to get most of her hair up, in the messiest ponytail known to human kind.

“See!” James exclaimed happily, throwing his hands up into the air in triumph, staring at his masterpiece. “I’m a genius,” he said brushing a fake tear away from his eye dramatically.

“Oh no, what did he do to me?”

Kayla was laughing so hard; she was practically on the ground.

“Lily…I…don’t…think…you want…to know,” she managed between gasps. The sight of cool, collected, quiet Lily Evans with such a horribly messy hairstyle was too funny.

James just smiled at her innocently.

“JAMES!” Lily shrieked in a loud whiney girl voice, “WHAT DID YOU DO?”

Her hands flew up to rip the ponytail out of her probably damaged hair. But James laughingly jumped forward from his seat next to her to grab her frantic hands. He snatched them, and pulled them away from her hair. He was practically on top of her on the armchair, looming above her. She shrieked, and tried to yank her hands back.

“Oh no you don’t, I spent a good few minutes on that gorgeous hair of yours!” he laughed in a high pitched girly voice.

He wrestled with her, as she tried to snatch her hands back. The two were laughing, James a bit more evilly then Lily.

Kayla smiled dreamily, just sitting back on the couch, as the others filed into the room, and sat around the others fighting on the armchair.

Someone cleared his or her throat.

Lily glanced up from under James’s arm, and flushed crimson. She’d never been so embarrassed. She was supposed to be head girl, not acting like a five-year-old.

James stiffened, his hands locked firmly over Lily’s. He could hear Lily’s small gasp. He bit back a grin, as he loosened his hold on her small sweaty hands.

“You wanted to talk to us?” Severus said coldly, with a hint of amusement.

“Yes,” Lily squeaked from somewhere beneath James Potter.

James dislodged himself from the armchair, and stood up, letting Lily stand up next to him.

James stood next to her, with a large grin planted on his face; he tried desperately not to burst into laughter.

She still had the very messy ponytail, strands of hair were falling around her face, and James was the first to admit, that even that look made her look beautiful. He was quick to realize that Lily would look beautiful no matter what.

The prefects eyed the two head students with amusement, the male ones more than the females, who were slowly starting to realize that James, was off the market. He was in love with the head girl. Who at the moment had a very unusual hairstyle.

James and Lily disregarded Snape’s cool tone. Lily began to speak, trying to hide a bright pink blush.

“James and I…” she motioned toward James standing next to her, “decided that the next Hogsmead weekend will be April 27th, a week after Newts, for the seventh years, and finals for the others. Same rules apply, third years and up, no younger. So you can tell your common rooms.”

“That all?” Hannah Dwarts asked, a sad expression on her face as she glanced from Lily to the smiling James.

“Um…James? Do you have anything else?”

He started, and looked her in the eye, grinning broadly, before smiling at the rest of the occupants of the room. “Yes, actually, this time the prefects will retrieve the food for the parties afterwards in their own common rooms. You can get the butterbeer and the food at The Three Broomsticks. I think that’s all.” He looked down at Lily, who looked up, and nodded. James grinned.

“Yep, that’s all, you can go.”

The prefects filed out to their respective houses.


Kayla watched the two as she stood up from her position on the couch, she was happy for them. They just seemed so right together. She walked toward the door, and glanced one last time over her shoulder. The two were oblivious of their surroundings. Smiling at each other, Lily’s face was bright red, while James chuckled. Kayla silently laughed at Lily’s hair; she’d seemed to forget what James had done to her hair in light of her embarrassment.

Just as she thought this, Lily’s hand flew to her hair, and she gasped.

“They saw me like this?” Her face grew even redder.

Kayla laughed. ‘Did they know that they were in love?’

Kayla knew one thing for sure; they were the luckiest two people in Hogwarts. They were able to find each other, even when they were in different social groups. She always ate that kind of thing up in books, and it warmed her heart to see it actually happening.

She stood there for a few more moments, just watching the unaware couple. They seemed so happy. She couldn’t hear them; but then again, she didn’t want to disrupt their privacy. Just when she witnessed Lily reach onto her tiptoes to kiss James she sighed one last time, before disappearing out of the prefect’s room, letting them have their time alone.


“Thanks James, I couldn’t stand getting the butterbeer,” Lily sighed.

“No problem.” He grinned down at her. “I love the hair by the way, who was the stylist?” he chuckled.

Her eyes grew wide.

“They saw me like this!” she shrieked. Her hand flew up to her hair. Her face again reaching new levels of pink. He grinned, loving her blush.

“I think it suits you.”

“You would,” Lily said sarcastically looking at him through her eyelashes, smiling widely.

James laughed a booming laugh. “Why?”

“Because you did it.”

James laughed, “too true.”

Lily laughed, and shook her head.

“So you going to Hogsmead again?” James asked when the two of them had stopped laughing.

She thought for a moment, she did want to visit Amy, and tell her about the dance, and James. She would go, with May.

“Yea, probably with May, I want to see Amy.”

“Amy? Who’s that?” James asked with a bewildered expression.

“Remember the woman who sold me my dress robes for the dance.”

“Oh,” James said as he scratched his head, clearly confused.

Lily smiled; he was just so cute sometimes. She stood on her toes, and planted a kiss on his jaw.

“You’re too cute.” With that she left him standing in the center of the Prefect’s lounge with a stupid grin on his face.

Lily walked quickly down the corridor toward Gryffindor Tower. She passed a group of third years that took one look at her before sniggering into their hands. They wouldn’t dare laugh at the head girl intentionally. Lily walked through them smiling. She had to get to a mirror; she wanted to see what he’d done.

When she entered the common room, Sirius, Remus, and Peter all sat in the common room talking. They all looked up when she entered.

“WHOA! LILS, NICE LOOK! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?” Sirius asked with wide eyes, as Remus and Peter all burst into laughter.

“Is it really that bad?”

Sirius burst into peels of hysterical laughter.

“James’s creation, I have to see it for myself.”

The three if possible started laughing even harder. Sirius held his stomach, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

“Remind me to thank James for the biggest laugh of my life.”

Lily couldn’t help but chuckle. “Do you have a mirror?”

Remus lifted his wand, and transfigured his quill into a small pocket mirror. He handed it to her grinning.

She took one look at her reflection, and gave a small shriek. The ponytail was on the very top of her head, and too the left slightly, with long waves of hair falling around her left shoulder. Loose strands were every where, especially on the right.

Just then the portrait hole opened, and James walked in grinning from ear to ear.

“JAMES HAROLD POTTER! DO YOU SEE MY HAIR?” Lily shrieked, pointing to the wreckage that was her hair, and storming up to him.

He just grinned, and raised his hands above his head. “Hey, you can take it out anytime.” he said smiling. “I personally like it. Don’t you guys?”

Sirius gave him a thumb up under his peels of laughter. Lily rolled her eyes at them. They were too much sometimes.

“Whatever, once a Marauder, always a Marauder.” She grinned shaking her head. She playfully shoved James’s shoulder, and turned toward the stairs.

“And you better believe it,” Sirius shouted at her retreating back, through his laughter.

When Lily reached her dorm room, she could still hear the Marauders laughing at her expense.


May burst into laughter when she saw her.

“What the hell happened to your hair?”

“You too huh? James Potter is the answer to your question.”

May laughed again. Lily ripped the ponytail holder out of her hair, and flung it on her dresser, where a hundred others were cluttered. Her wild thick hair tumbled thickly around her slender shoulders.

“He did a good job, you should have him do your hair more often.” May wiped a tear from her eye.

“It wasn’t that funny.”

“Remind me never to let Sirius do my hair. If James can’t do hair, Sirius has got to be ten times worse.”

Lily chuckled, and picked up her brush.

Lily began to brush her long hair out before climbing into bed. She placed her brush on her nightstand, and switched off the lights. The room sank into darkness.

“Night May.”

“Night Lils.”


Lily was standing above a crib. There was a mobile rotating slowly above it. She smiled down at the smiling baby in the crib. She picked him up, and he giggled happily to be in his mother’s loving arms. She sat down in the rocking chair with the child, and gently sang to him.

There was a loud, earsplitting explosion downstairs, and a high cold laugh. It sent chills up and down Lily’s spine.

“Lily! It’s him! Take Harry and Go! I’ll hold him off!”

Lily rocketed up, knocking over the rocking chair she was sitting in, and ran to the open door, she ran onto the stair well, just as James was shot in the chest with a jet of green light. He fell to the floor dead with a dull thump.



“NOOOO!” Lily shot out of bed, eyes wide, and tears rolling down her cheeks. She stood up shakily, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was pale, and her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

“It was a dream Lily, a dream.” She gripped the side of the dresser steadying her. “James is fine in his bed.” Lily couldn’t breath, it felt so real. Who was the baby? Was it their baby?

What would she do without James? She couldn’t even imagine a life without James. It was right then that she realized that she was nothing without James, he was her life, her reason for living. She had to make sure he was all right.

She ran to the door, hurriedly, not caring that she shouldn’t. She flung the door open, breathlessly, and ran out into the darkened corridor. She padded silently down the corridor, her breathing hurried.

She finally reached the door that read 7th year boy’s, and leaned her ear against the door. There was silence, they were all asleep. She pushed open the door shakily. Her body, and mind screaming for James. She padded across the floor silently. She pulled back the curtains on the nearest bed, and swallowed, it was Remus. She closed them again quietly, and walked to the next bed. The curtains were wide open. She spotted Sirius sleeping, clutching his blankets like he was cold. She moved to the next bed, it had to be James. The curtains on this bed were also wide open. She sucked in a breath of relief when she saw his black hair, standing up on his head. He was lying on his side, his back toward her.

She lifted the covers, and crawled in. She laid against him, spooning him, her legs touching his clothed legs, her chest to his bare back. She felt him stiffen, and start to turn, he was fully turned, and regarded Lily with worry.

“Lily?” he whispered, “is everything…”

She put her index finger to his lips to silence him. Their eyes locked in the moonlit darkness, while Lily moved her face closer to his. She never closed her eyes. Their lips finally met, and that same electricity and excitement surged through them. They kept eye contact for one more minute, searching each other’s eyes, before James turned slowly on top of her, and kissed her with all the passion that he felt for her. She kissed back eagerly, pulling him closer to her, running her hands over the smooth warm skin between his shoulder blades, her fingers tingling where she had touched him, needing more of his warmth. She sighed happily against his mouth, and ran her fingers through his unruly black hair. Her stomach flopped happily.

She was pinned underneath him. He finally pulled up, and stared down at her. She searched his bright blue eyes in the darkness. She couldn’t make out much, but she could make out confusion, happiness, desire, and above all love. She reached up and brought his head back down to hers, and kissed him sweetly, filled with all the emotion she felt for him. He groaned, and ran a hand through her hair, while the other one caressed her cheek.

She broke apart after a minute of intense kissing, and looked at him, her green eyes sparkling. She smiled happily, and he rolled back down, next to her, with his arm wrapped tightly around her small back. He gently stroked her long red hair and her cheek with his free hand. She rested her head on his bare chest, and tangled her legs with his flannel-covered legs. She need to be close as possible to him. He tightened his arm around her, kissed her head, and smiled lazily. She turned her head and kissed his collarbone then his chest.

She snuggled up to him, lying one arm around his waist, and rested her head on his broad chest. James bent down, and tucked his covers around her.

She closed her eyes. She’d never felt happier, she felt as if she’d finally come home, after years of searching in the cold cruel world.

James didn’t care that if a teacher was to catch them, they would be in serious trouble, them being head girl, and boy and all, all he cared about was that Lily was lying next to him, in his arms, sleeping peacefully. He sighed happily.

Just before Lily drifted off to sleep, she murmured the words that made James’s heart skip a happy beat.

“I love you James.” And she nestled her head further into his chest. She was soon out cold.

He instinctively wrapped his arm tighter around her, pulling her in closer, and smiled. He could feel the heat generating from her warm body, snuggled so close to himself. He gazed down at her, her beautiful red hair spilling beautifully over his chest, like waves of fire. He reached down and played with a tendril of Lily’s vibrant hair. He stroked her face lovingly whispering,

“I love you with all my heart, Lily Evans.”

He sighed, and closed his eyes. Resting his head on his pillow. His arms stayed firmly around her small back. He breathed in her intoxicating scent, of watermelons.

James fell asleep the happiest man on Earth.