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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 14: Death and Depression


Sorry for my not so author’s notes…but there really isn’t much I have to say! Lol. Besides I assume that you just want to read the story anyway, am I right? So here you go!


A few weeks passed, and it was now January 24. Lily sat in the common room with May finishing up her Potions homework. A chill crept into the room, cooling the usually warm air. Lily glanced up, quill positioned over the parchment.

“Did it just suddenly get really cold in here?”

May looked up from her homework, to look in Lily’s direction, then toward the open window.

“Someone opened the window,” said May, as Lily sighed, bending her head back over the parchment.

Suddenly the portrait hole opened, and the four Marauders walked in.

“Oh, hey guys, can you close the window?” Lily asked not looking up.

“Certainly, Lily flower.” Lily flushed at the familiar voice behind her.

She heard the window slam shut, and then out of the corner of her eye, she saw James sit down next to her in the armchair.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Potions,” she answered.

“Need any help?” James asked with a warm smile.

Lily glanced up and smiled at the handsome face in front of her. He was leaning in front of her, with his arms resting on his separated legs. His bright blue eyes sparkled warmly at her behind his thin silver rimmed glasses. She loved his eyes, she felt like she could drown in their blue depths. His hair was of course standing on his head in uncombed spikes. His forest green long sleeved shirt, clung nicely to his finely toned chest. She smiled at him.

“Um…How many ounces of rat tongue do I need for a shyness potion?”

“Three,” James said without having to think much.

“Thanks.” She bent over her parchment, and scribbled the answer down.

“Hey, Lily, how long does that have to be?” Sirius asked, propping his feet up on the center table, and wrapping his arm around May's shoulders.

“Two feet, I think.”

“Crap! I haven’t even started it yet.”

Lily smiled, and shook her head. “Done!” she announced, folding the parchment up, and put it hastily in her bag.

A loud rapping on the window interrupted the six in the room. An owl was pecking loudly on the window. James looked up, and walked toward the window, and pulled the window open. The owl flew in, and perched on the windowsill, and waited for James to take the note off of her talon. He took it off, and the owl quickly flew out the window, and disappeared into the clouds. He shut the window behind the bird.

James turned over the letter, and saw that it was written to Lily. That’s odd, the owl let him take it.

He walked back to Lily, and handed her the letter.

“For me?” she asked with an odd look.

“Yep,” he shrugged.

She ripped open the muggle envelope, and began to read the letter.


I’m not sure when this will reach you, or how this will reach you. I don’t know how to get this to you other than by the normal standards, So you may get this a lot later than intended. Mom and Dad are dead. They were killed in a car crash, killed by a drunk driver. They died instantly, so they didn’t suffer. The funeral will be January 26, if this reaches you in time, I think you should come, if this doesn’t I still think you should come, to claim your cat, and their house. Mum and Dad had given you the house in their will because you were of underage.


Lily’s stomach dropped unpleasantly, and a knot of dread began to form in the pit of her stomach. She was having trouble breathing. The room was closing in around her, and she felt herself break into a sweat. The room, which was at first to cold, was now increasingly to hot. Everything around her turned into a loud blur. She crumpled the typical Muggle paper tightly in the palm of her hand, until it was no more than a sweaty blob.

‘Her parents were all she had left! And they were gone! They were the only people who loved her! She had no one left! She was alone!’ she thought irrationally.

Tears prickled behind her eyes, and sprung to the surface.

James glanced over and his concerned expression blurred and contorted, obscured by her tears. She flung herself off the couch, determined to get out of the constricting room. She tripped hastily over the side of the couch, and wobbly made her way out of the area.

“Oh my goodness, what happened?” asked May standing up.

James said nothing and stood up to run after Lily.

Lily was halfway toward the staircase, when she felt like she couldn’t walk anymore. She felt feeling lose in her legs, and she fell helplessly to the floor in the middle of the common room, letting out a wrenching sob. She sat crumpled on the floor, resting her head between her legs. Her school robes pooled out around her. Tears streaming continuously down her face. She hardly realized people watching her.

“Noooooooo!!!! Not them!” she wailed.

When James finally reached her, he crouched in front of her. He lifted her head with his index finger, and stared into her sad, angry green eyes.

“Oh Lily.” He pulled her into his lap, in the middle of the common room, and held her, as she sobbed into his chest. He lifted his hand, and held the back of her head to his chest, gently rocking her back and forth, not caring that she was crying on his shirt.

May came up behind them, distraught.

James reached down, and wrapped one arm around her slim waist, and the other under her legs. He heaved her up into his arms. She clung around his neck, burying her face in his chest. The thing he was quick to notice was that she weighed practically nothing.

“I’ve got her,” he told his friends. He turned with a sobbing Lily toward the staircase.

After he disappeared up the stairs, May turned toward the other people that sat watching the scene.

“What are you all looking at?” May glared at the students that found Lily’s pain enjoyable.

“May?” Sirius looked at her.

“What!” she said bitingly.

“Come sit here,” he said trying in a vain attempt to soothe her.

“I have to go see how Lily is.”

“No you don’t. She’s fine with James.”

“She’s my best friend!”

“May, trust me, trust James, he knows what he’s doing.”


Lily was semiconscious that someone was carrying her, holding her, but she didn’t know whom, and she didn’t care. She was alone. And she would be from now on.

She was incapable of intelligent thought in those moments. She couldn’t find comfort in anything she did. All she could think about was her parents. Her Parents! They were gone! She had no one left.

Someone laid her down on her bed. She had stopped crying she just stared at the ceiling emotionlessly. Tear tracks running down her face and neck.

James stared down at her, feeling his heartbreak. She had stopped crying, and was now staring at the ceiling, with no expression, which was the worse kind of grief. He wished that she would show some kind of emotion. Cry, scream, hit something, anything, do something to ease her pain.

He pulled back the covers of her bed, and kicked off his shoes. He then climbed in next to her. He positioned her so that he was spooning her. He wrapped his arms protectively around her. Trying desperately to give her some comfort and warmth from his body, or to take some of her pain on himself.

He didn’t say anything, just laid there with the distraught Lily wrapped protectively in his arms. He gently stroked her hair comfortably, and whispered sweet words to soothe her aching heart. He lay there, until he himself drifted off to sleep. Lily however, just stared at the wall in front of her, expressionless.


Sirius, May, and Remus crept up the girls staircase an hour later to see how Lily and James were. May opened the door and they all stepped into the room.

“See, I told you he knew what he was doing. He loves her.”

May turned to stare at Sirius, “he does?”

“Yea.” Sirius smiled.

May glanced back at James’s back. She couldn’t see Lily next to him, but she knew that she was there.

“Let’s wake James up,” Remus said with a frown.

They walked over to the side of the bed, and prodded James awake. He moaned, and tightened his grip on Lily’s body.

“Come on, James,” Remus said, shaking James’s shoulders slightly.

James lifted his head slightly, and looked at everyone surrounding the bed. James sighed, and gently untangled himself from around Lily. He sat up on the bed next to the sleeping Lily, and stared at his friends with groggy sadness.

“How is she?” Sirius asked, putting his arm around May, who was staring at Lily worriedly and biting her bottom lip.

“Not good,” James said, clearly distressed. He stared down at her. His eyes hiding nothing. He gently reached out and stroked her silky hair, playing with it between his fingers.

“Have you told her?” Sirius asked.

“No. Now’s not the best time anyway,” James said, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

Sirius nodded. “Come on mate, lets get dinner.” He patted his friend’s back.

“No,” James said shaking his head.

“Come on, James.”

“No, I’m staying with Lily,” he said seriously.

May smiled warmly when he said this. “James, go get dinner, I’m going to stay with Lily.”

James looked at her uncertainly.

“Go James, she’ll be fine.”

James nodded, and stood up. He followed Remus and Sirius out the door, glancing over his shoulder once at the sleeping Lily.

May moved to the chair by the side of Lily’s bed. She felt a lone tear slip down her cheek.

She sat there for an hour, just thinking. Suddenly there was a soft whisper from the bed.

“May?” a soft voice asked. May lifted her tired head, and stared at her friend.

“Lily? Are you ok?” May asked.

“Yea, I’ll be fine,” Lily said, sitting up in her bed. Everything seemed to come rushing back to her, as a tear fell from her eye. She stared down at her red comforter, looking lost and hopeless.

“Oh Lily, I’m so sorry!” May flew at Lily, and engulfed her in a huge bone crushing hug.

“May It’s ok.” Lily pushed her friend away to swipe at her eye. Everything was sinking in for her. She was never going to see her parents again. Her life was never going to be the same again. She couldn’t let anyone get close to her, because all that tends to happen is they get hurt, which in turn hurts her. She sat back in her pillows, and stared at her hands. “I guess I have to go to the funeral. I have to go home today, they left the house to me, and Floyd, I have to get Floyd,” Lily rambled.

May sat there in that seat, worried out of her mind. Lily seemed extremely distant, even with her.


“May, go down to dinner.”


“Please,” she began, fresh tears beginning to fall.

“Do you want anything?” May asked, trying not to cry.

“No.” Lily just laid there and tilted her head to look at the ceiling.

May left their dorm, and made her way down to dinner, with her head hung. What was she going to tell James?

When she entered the Great Hall, James looked up, and waved her over. When she reached them, she sat down next to Sirius, and diverted her eyes to her dish.

“How is she?” James asked, concern lacing his voice. She noticed that he hadn’t touched his food.

“Not good.” May told the truth.

James looked down at his plate.


Lily spent the rest of that evening in bed, without talking to anyone.

She left first thing the next morning to go to her parent’s funeral. Not having talked to anyone.


Lily walked through her parent’s house, and felt wave after wave of emotion crash over her. This was worse then the actual funeral was, there were more heart wrenching memories for her to remember here. She walked though her parent’s old bedroom, and felt tears well in her eyes. She couldn’t stay there. Never, she could never stay there, ever. She walked out, quickly and wandered to her old room, to retrieve her cat. She knew that he would be in there somehow. He was lying on her comforter. His great big yellow eyes regarded her with excitement.

“Hey boy, I’m here to take you with me.” She walked over, and stroked his fluffy head. He purred, and rubbed his small head against her hand. She smiled.

She went to her closet, and took out the cat carrier, she only used it to take him to the vet, but now it was used to take him to his new home. She only hoped that he would like it.

She opened the cat carrier, and left it on the floor out of her cat’s sight. She picked up her cat. She whispered soothing words into his ear, as she moved him closer to the carrier.

When Floyd got a look at the carrier, he began to struggle, and hiss.

“Its ok, come on.”

He struggled, but a few minutes and a few scratches later, Floyd was safely in his carrier. Unhappy, but securely.

“You’ll like your new home. You might be angry with me now, but you’ll like it, I promise,” Lily cooed to her cat.

She carried her cat and her bag that carried her clothes in it down the stairs toward the fireplace. No one knew that she was coming back a day early. She’d planned on staying a day after the original funeral, but she just couldn’t, not staying in her parent’s house, and not being welcome in her sister’s apartment, that she shared with her fiancée Vernon.

She lit a fire, and threw some floo powder in. The flames grew to a brilliant green. She stepped in, with all her bags, and her cat.

“Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Sugar Plum!” She was instantly spinning through the floo network. She watched as fireplaces streaked past her. Floyd was howling, in fright, and she could hardly blame him.

Finally she tumbled out of the fireplace in the Gryffindor Common room. There were only first years in there, everyone else was in class. When the first years saw her stumble out of the fireplace, they all backed up into the room, staring at her wide-eyed.

“It’s all right, I’m sorry if I startled you, you can get back to what you were doing,” she assured them. When they all realized it was the head girl they retreated to whatever they were doing.

Lily sighed, and walked tiredly up the stairs to her dorm. ‘What now?’ she thought to herself.’ She knew that she was never going back home to live, but now she had nothing to fall back on. She had to find a job, and a place to live after Hogwarts. ‘Maybe the ministry with give me a job.’

She opened the door to her dorm, and looked around the familiar surroundings. She closed the door behind her, with her foot, and moved to sit on her neatly made bed. She propped Floyd’s carrier on her bed, and opened the little metal gate door on it. Floyd bounded out, and instantly began to sniff his unfamiliar surroundings.

“You like it?”

He looked at her with his big yellow eyes.

“You’ll get used to it.” She stoked his head, and laid back on her pillows. “I did,” she added.

She sat and watched Floyd sniff around the room. He seemed content. She smiled, as he leapt on her bed, and curled up on her lap, purring softly.

Lily heard the bell ring, signaling the end of class. She sighed, and stroked Floyd’s black and white fur.

She heard the portrait hole open, and waited to hear footsteps on the staircase.

She heard Sirius and James’s loud voices echoing up the stairs to her ears.

“When does Lily come back?” Sirius asked. Lily grinned despite herself. ‘How about now.’

“Tomorrow.” She heard James say. “Do you think she’s OK?”

He sounded worried, but she thought she was just hearing things. She continued to stroke Floyd’s fur.

Suddenly the door swung open, and two giggling blondes barged in. When they spotted her they broke into identical evil grins.

“What are you doing back, loser?”

“None of your business,” Lily said quietly, having no desire to fight with them

“Why are you back? Aren’t you supposed to be at your parent’s funeral?” Alicia smirked.

Lily ignored them, she could feel the tears prickle behind her eyes.

“Muggles weren’t they?” Cindy asked.

One traitorous tear slipped out of the corner of her eye.

“Aww is the loser crying? Well lets leave her too it then,” they laughed, while Lily pulled her curtains around her. She heard the two giggling girls leave the dorm, closing the door behind them. They had no heart, none what so ever. She felt a steady stream of tears fall helplessly down her pale face. She heard the door open again, and cringed, ready for her curtain to be flung open, and another round of harassment from the blonde bimbos to start. But that never came.

She heard someone shuffling around the room, around May’s side of the bed.

Lily peeked her head out of the curtain, and saw May standing with her back to Lily’s bed, going through her dresser.

Lily went back into he hangings, and held her breath. She didn’t want to talk to May yet. Especially when she’d been crying, she know what May would do if she found out it was because of the sluts.

She looked at Floyd. He looked up at her, and tilted his small black and white head, before letting out a loud meow in question. Lily closed her eyes, as she heard the shuffling stop. She heard footsteps coming near her bed. Suddenly her hangings were pulled out of the way. May’s stormy gray eyes looked down happily at Lily and Floyd.

“Lils! I didn’t know you were back yet!” She hugged Lily. “Are you all right?” She looked at her with concern.

“I’m fine.”

“Bull shit, you’ve been crying.”

“I just had a run in with Cindy and Alicia,” Lily said quietly.

“What did they say?” May growled.

“Nothing of importance.” She didn’t want May to go and cause trouble.

“NOTHING OF IMORTANCE! I DOUBT THAT!” May shrieked loudly.

Lily looked up at her. “I don’t remember exactly what they said, but it was mean.” Lily looked down at her hands.

May looked murderous. She turned toward the door.

“May don’t,” she said weakly, kneeling on her knees, and staring at May in the doorway.

“No one gets away with hurting my best friend.” And she was gone.


May walked down the stairs. She felt white-hot rage coursing through her veins, stronger than ever. She envisioned herself punching Cindy, and Alicia so hard that they received two black eyes, and never bothered them again. Who the hell did they think they were? Lily had just lost her parents, her flesh and blood. May didn’t think anyone, even them had that little heart.

The Marauders sat around the fire. They all looked up at May as she stormed in, her face a mask of rage.

“Hey May? Where’s the fire?” Sirius asked.

She ignored them, and scanned the room until her eyes found what they were looking for. She found the two bimbos flirting with two sixth years. She stormed over, and grabbed the back of both their heads, and pulled them away from the guys.

“Ouch! What the hell Delfin!” Cindy shrieked. Her hand flew up to slap May’s hand away from her hair.

The Marauders stood up, and walked behind May. Sirius put a hand on her arm. She shrugged it off, and glared at the two airheads in front of her.

“You heartless bitches! The girl just lost her parents!” she spat quietly, so only them and the Marauders could hear them. James eyes widened, and shifted from May to Cindy and Alicia.

They stared defiantly at her, standing back straight. Sirius put a hand on May’s shoulder.

“May? What’s going on?”

She shrugged his hand off of her. “Oh nothing, just that they decided to harass Lily about her parents being killed, the day she returned back to school,” she said, flinging her arms above her head.

James turned bright red, his face a mask of rage. He stepped in front of May, while Sirius put an arm around May’s waist to keep her from pouncing. He wrapped the other one around her shoulders. May struggled tooth and nail to be set free, but Sirius’s grip tightened. She jumped, and kicked the air in front of her, desperate to hit one of them.

“Lily doesn’t get back until tomorrow,” Sirius said, clutching May tighter, as she continued to struggle against him.

“Well she came back early, only to be harassed by those blonde SLUTTY WHORES!” She screeched the last part for the entire common room to hear. The two girl’s eye’s widened, looking scandalized. The people who stood by laughed loudly.

James took a step forward, now shaking with fury. He looked to the side, trying to gain his control, if he didn’t he didn’t know if he could control his actions.

The two girls took a step back from James’s fury.

“I told you that if you ever hurt Lily, you would regret the day you came to Hogwarts.” He said no more; instead he bounded up the stairs to his dorm, to regain is composure. The Marauders knew that he was madder than he ever was in his whole life.

Sirius, Remus, and May all watched him. May shook herself out of Sirius’s grasp.

“I’m going up.” She shot a death glare, full of utter loathing at the two girls, before she disappeared up the staircase toward her own room.

Sirius and Remus both glared at the two girls. Standing angrily in front of them.

“You better watch yourselves, I haven’t seen James that mad since…” Remus stopped and thought.

“Ever.” Sirius finished, and he and Remus took off after their friend to their dorm. Leaving the two stunned girls in their wake.


When May reached Lily, she walked over to Lily’s bed, and pulled back the curtains.

“They won’t bother you anymore.”

Lily sighed. “What did you do?” she asked, sitting cross-legged in the center of her bed, Floyd curled up in her lap. Her tears wiped away.

“Not what I did, what James did.” May grinned at the memory.

“James?” Lily asked, as she sat up straighter, causing Floyd to turn his big yellow eyes on her.

“Yea, he was sooo mad, I’ve never seen him so mad. He was bright red, and shaking, he said something about he said that if they hurt you they would regret the day they came to Hogwarts.” May grinned. “I’ll tell ya though, I wanted nothing more than to kick Cindy and Alicia’s smug ass’s, but Sirius wouldn’t let me.”

“Oh dear,” Lily said, she looked slightly worried.

“It was brilliant!” May said happily. “He totally put her in her place.” She smiled.

“I’m sure.”

May glanced at her clock. “Oh Lils you coming to dinner?”

“No.” Lily didn’t even like the thought. She couldn’t even think about food. Ever since her parents were killed nothing seemed appetizing.

May narrowed her eyes. “You have been eating haven’t you?”

“Yes,” Lily lied.

May continued to watch her, her eyes narrowing. “Lily you have to eat.”

“I will, when I’m hungry.”

May just stood there.

“I promise, go on.”

May nodded.

“You better.” She turned, and walked out the door, shutting it tightly behind her.


“James, calm down.” Sirius said, as he caught up with his friend in their dorm.

“Calm down? CALM DOWN! How would you like it if someone harassed May about her parents being killed? Or yours for that matter?”

“Ok, I get it, but you need to calm down, your going to see Lily at dinner,” Sirius tried.

“I’ve never wanted to hit a girl before, more than I wanted to hit them.”

“I know.”

“I can’t take seeing Lily in pain, because all it does is hurt me! Do you know how hard it was for me the day she got that letter, all I wanted to do was put her pain on me! Just so she would smile again. I haven’t seen her smile since; I’m going crazy! I need her to smile. She means more to me than anything in the world,” James burst, getting all of his feelings off his chest.

The boys just stood there in stunned silence.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Sirius said in defeat. He stared at his friend.

“She just needs time James, but you can help her through it,” Remus said, as he walked over to his friend. “Now come on I’m starving.”

The boys guided their friend down the dinner.

When they reached the Great Hall, the first person they saw was May. She was sitting by herself in her normal place, quietly eating.

“Where’s Lily?” James asked Sirius quietly.

“I don’t know,” Sirius said as he walked closer to the their table.

Sirius wrapped his arms around May’s waist, and slipped into the seat next to her.

James sat down in front of them, next to Remus. Peter was sitting at the Hufflepuff table with his new girlfriend. Sirius leaned over and kissed May on the cheek.

“May?” James asked from across from them.

“Hmm?” she answered.

“Where’s Lily?”

She looked at him with sympathy. “She’s upstairs, she didn’t want to eat.”


“I’m not sure, she tends to do this when she’d depressed.”

The rest of dinner James ate in silence, deep in thought.