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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 13: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.



Chapter 13: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.


“Sirius we have to go now!” James Potter and Peter Pettigrew both appeared out of thin air. “I told you to wait in the common room.”

“Yea, well I had a little confrontation with Cindy.”

“And May I see,” James smirked. May chose to ignore him, and instead address the thing that he was clutching.

“What…? What…?” asked May pointing at material.

“This?” James asked, holding up a silvery, light material. May nodded. “This is an invisibility cloak.” He smirked at the astounded look on her face.

“Oh,” May said stupidly from next to Sirius.

“I promise that we’ll explain everything to you and Lily tomorrow, but right now we’re in a bit of a rush, night May.” James ran past her, and flung the invisibility cloak over Sirius, Peter, and himself. May was instantly left by herself in the entrance hall feeling stupid.

“Ok, I want explanations tomorrow!” she said to the air. She felt something grab her hand, through a silky material, and squeeze it before it let go, and heard the shuffling of feet, and watched as the front door opened of it’s own accord, then closed quietly behind them. She sighed, and rubbed her eyes. ‘Is this a dream?’

She slowly made her way back up to Gryffindor Tower. Once she reached it, she fell into her covers, and was instantly asleep. What a weird night she was having.


Lily woke up, and glanced out the window. There was a light flurry of snow, but she wanted to use her new broomstick. She glanced at May’s bed, and sighed in relief, the girl was dead to the world.

Lily sat up, pushing her covers off her she yawned and stood up. She winced as her bare feet came in contact with the cold stone ground. She decided that she would shower after her flying, she was probably going to get sweaty anyway.

She padded to her closet and picked out a pair of jeans and a plain white sweater. She grabbed her warm cloak, and wrapped it comfortably around her shoulders. She sat down on her bed, and pulled on two pairs of socks, and a pair of thick warm shoes. She tied her hair up into a messy ponytail, and stood up from her bed, making her way to her trunk to retrieve her brand new broom. She grinned in anticipation as she pushed the dorm door open, her broom at her side.

She walked down the stairs into the common room. It was completely dark, the fire having died long ago. She looked out the window; it was semi dark, being six in the morning. School started at 8:00. She would go fly for a half an hour, shower, and be back in time for breakfast.

She walked toward the portrait hole, and disappeared into the hallway. The torches were already burning. She smiled, and walked quietly, listening to her feet pitter pattering as she walked on the stone ground. She smiled inwardly; there was no one out now. This was the first time in weeks that she’d been alone, she relished in it, breathing it in. It’s not that she didn’t love May and the Marauder’s company, it was just that she also valued time to herself to think, or read, or just relax. She sighed, and pushed the door open to the front lawn of the castle. The sun was just peeking out; it’s first rays slowly reaching earth.

She swung her leg over the broom handle, and pushed off of the ground. She grinned at the feel of the wind in her auburn hair. Her cheeks flushed with cold, but she didn’t care. She increased her speed, and pelted toward the Quidditch pitch, her long ponytail trailing behind her. The Quidditch season was over, so she didn’t have to worry about people practicing now.


May woke up early, and sat in her bed staring dreamily at the ceiling above her. She simply couldn’t believe the night’s events. Sirius admitted he had feelings for her, and she did it right back.

She smiled, but it quickly turned into a frown as she thought about what they were hiding from herself and Lily. What could it possibly be? After all they hadn’t told them that James owned an invisibility cloak. She thought about Lily and groaned, how would she tell her that she and Sirius were a couple? She supposed she would tell her later, or maybe she’ll just find out.

May didn’t know why she cared so much, she just was embarrassed, she’d plainly said that Sirius was guilty, and that she’d never speak to him again, but she’d been wrong. Maybe that was it; maybe she didn’t want to admit she was wrong.

May sat up and yawned. She stretched her body, and looked over at Lily’s bed. She sat and stared for a minute before standing up, and slipping on her slippers. ‘Where was Lily?’

May figured she was probably down in the common room reading and walked down the stairs slowly, yawning the whole way down. She’d never gotten up this early in her seven years at Hogwarts. Hell, it was still somewhat dark out, only the faintest morning light was touching the earth.

“Lils, you down here?” May walked into the empty common room, and looked around, looking for her red headed friend. She felt the metal claw of panic clench her stomach.

“Lils?” she said loudly. There was no reply. She walked farther into the room slowly, her eyes widening. She looked over the back of the couch. Lily wasn’t there.

‘Would the boys know where she was?’

Her feet seemed to be moving of their own accord as she quietly made her way up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory.

It was dark when she reached the right corridor. She looked at the doors, passing the fifth years and sixth years, finally stopping at the door labeled seventh years.

She pushed the door open, not bothering to knock, what was the purpose, they were probably all asleep anyway. She poked her head into the penetrating darkness.

“Lils? You in here?” May whispered, looking around. There was groan, and she heard someone mutter ‘lumos.’ Wand light flickered on, illuminating James’s face. He propped himself up on his elbow, and his eyes silted groggily staring at May confusedly. His hair was a travesty on his head, even worse than it was during waking hours.

“Light sleeper, James?” asked May with a nervous laugh.

“What’s going on, May?” he asked.

“Is Lily in here?” she asked biting her bottom lip.

James’s eyes opened wider at this as he stared at her. She could tell that thoughts were rampaging through his head.

“Why? Where is she?” James asked strongly, sitting up in his bed.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I’ll find her,” May unsure of herself. She backed out of the room.

James flung the covers off of his legs, and stood up. He looked at his clock on his bedside table. “May it’s 6:30! Where could she possibly be?”


“At 6:30?”

“It’s possible. Maybe she wanted to start a new book? Listen go back to sleep, sorry for waking you, I was just looking for her in here.”

May backed out of the room, and silently shut the door.

May turned, and made her way down the stairs, suddenly the boy’s door crept open, and James came out, his cloak over his pajamas, and his glasses placed hastily on his face.

“I’m coming.”

May sighed heavily, “James that’s really not necessary, I’ll find her.”

“I’m coming.”

“Have it your way then,” she shrugged, and walked toward the portrait hole, James tagging along behind her.

They checked the library, the kitchen, and even some of the classrooms May even checked the bathroom, while James went and checked the hospital wing. She was no where. James ran his hand nervously through his disheveled black hair.

“Where….could she possibly be?”

“I don’t know,” said May nervously, biting her lip.

“You don’t think she’s outside do you?”

“Why would she be? It’s freezing, and now it’s snowing,” she said pointing to the fogged up window behind James.

James turned around to look out the window, suddenly frowning. The glass was fogged up with cold. “Yea, I guess you’re right.”

Suddenly the bell rang, signaling breakfast. They were right outside the Great Hall, and decided to go eat, maybe Lily would show up.

James sat down next to Peter, and gazed fixedly at his plate.

“Um…James, I think you forgot to change?” Remus said cautiously.

James looked down at his clothes, and slammed his head down on the table, his arms encircling the bowl of porridge in front of him.

“Where were you two anyway?” Sirius asked suspiciously.

“I woke up early this morning, and Lily was gone from her bed. We were looking for her,” said May, sitting down next to him.

“And I’m guessing no luck in finding her?” Sirius asked.

“No,” she said quietly and looked down at her plate.

Sirius and Remus shared a concerned look. Their gazes fixed on James who was sitting next to Peter across from them. James still hadn’t moved his head from the table.

“She can’t be far,” Peter said, crunching into his piece of burnt toast. “She’ll probably turn up soon, or in classes, you know she wouldn’t miss classes.”

James turned his head slightly to look up at Peter. He managed a slight nod. He lifted his head a moment later to look up at Remus.

“Look, I don’t have time to go change, will someone please transfigure my pajamas into clothes?”

Remus chuckled, and took out his wand.

James took off his cloak, and waited while Remus transfigured his clothes into a pair of jeans and a light blue long sleeved shirt.

“Thanks,” he muttered, pulling his cloak back over it.


Lily flew into the castle, and ran upstairs hurriedly to Gryffindor Tower. When she reached her dorm, she placed her new broom down carefully in her trunk, and quickly ran to shower. She couldn’t believe that she had flown for almost an hour! Breakfast had already started!

She quickly showered and dried her hair, pulling on some clean robes, and pulling her long thick hair into a ponytail. She slung her empty book bag over her shoulder, and grabbed her books hurriedly, and flew down the stairs and out of the portrait hole. She couldn’t believe how late she was running! She glanced at her Muggle watch as she ran through a crowd of second years standing out side of the Great Hall. Class started in seven minutes, Breakfast was just ending, she ran into the Great Hall, and scanned the Hall for May. She found her sitting with the Marauders, and ran full speed between the tables, ignoring the pain in her side. She skidded to a halt beside Remus. She huffed loudly, and held her sides.

James, Remus, Peter, Sirius and May all looked up at her.

“Sorry…Late,” Lily finally managed.

“Where in the HELL have you been?” May shrieked, “I thought you’d been kidnapped or something!”

“I was flying,” Lily said shocked at the outburst.

“What, in the snow?” asked May sarcastically.

“Yea. So?”

May just looked at her, and shook her head. “Are you trying to get sick?”

“No mother.” Lily smiled, as she heard the bell ring to signal the end of breakfast.

The students began to file out of the Great Hall. Lily turned, and led the way to their next class. She stuffed her books awkwardly into her book bag, and tried to zip it up, with it still slung around her shoulder, and with her moving, to say the least it was hard to do.

Lily felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around to find James walking very close behind her.

“Oh, hey James.”

“You scared us today.” James frowned.

“I’m sorry, I just…”

“How do you like the broom?” James grinned.

“It was you?” Lily stopped in the flow of students, all of the surrounding people surged past them as she turned and looked up at him with wonder.

He stopped in front of her and blushed. Lily was vaguely aware of people whispering around her, but for once she didn’t care, she stared at James.

He shuffled his feet nervously, and looked at the ground. He finally raised his eyes to meet hers. “Yes.”

“James…” she whispered, “you didn’t…”

“I wanted too.”

“It’s to much.”

“I don’t think so.” He shrugged.

She stared at him. The hall was thinning out around them, but there was still a steady stream of late stragglers. They noticed a few people stopping to glance over the shoulder, and whisper to their companions.

“I don’t know how to thank you,” she said quietly, her emerald eyes wide with gratitude.

“You just did.”

“That’s not enough! Oh James!” She flung herself at him, hugging him tightly around his neck. “You have no idea how happy you’ve made me!”

He grinned happily, and his arms closed around her small waist. The people left in the hall broke out in to a rush of whispers, some even not so quiet.

Lily vaguely heard a: “Is that Lily Evans, hugging James the heart throb Potter?” With disbelieving voices, or an: “ Are you witnessing what I am? James Potter and Lily Evans hugging? Oh my god, wait until I tell Kelly, she’ll flip, she’s liked James for a year now!” Lily blushed, and tried to step out of his embrace.

When Lily finally managed to pull away. Her face was flushed, but her eyes were bright and happy. “Really thank you James. I’ll pay you back, somehow.”

James looked hurt for a moment, “No you won’t. It was a gift.”

Lily smiled, “I can’t believe what a great person you are James Potter. I’m glad you’re my friend.”

He felt his heart flutter, but he had a small pang of disappointment at being refereed to as only a friend, but it was better than nothing was. She interlaced her arm with his, and grinned up at him. They walked down the hall toward the classroom.


“The Marauders are hiding something from us,” May said nonchalantly as she walked beside Lily down the hall toward their next class.

Lily looked sideways at her friend. “Really? How do you know?” Lily smirked.

“I was…talking…with Sirius last night, and James and Peter appeared out of no where. Did you know James has an invisibility cloak?”

“Does he?” Lily was somewhat hurt that James hadn’t shared this information with her. Then a thought came into Lily’s mind. “Wait, what were you doing talking to Sirius last night?” Lily asked with raised eyebrows.

May blushed a deep crimson, and was silent. Lily smiled. She had forgiven him.

“So, anyway, James took Sirius away, and didn’t tell me why, it was rather odd.”

“May, you didn’t answer my question.” Lily smiled at her blushing friend.

“James said that he was going to explain everything to us today.”

May was avoiding the subject. ‘I wonder what happened.’ She thought to herself.

Lily suddenly felt two strong arms wrap around her waist, and jumped slightly, squeaking in surprise.

She felt the person bend down, and rest his chin on her shoulder. She heard the collective gasps from the students passing in the hall.

“There it is again, is something going on between James Potter, and Lily Evans?”

She blushed, and tried to hide in his arms, as she heard the comments. She heard him chuckle softly, obviously not hearing the comments, or not caring.

“Hello,” he whispered in her ear, his familiar voice sending shivers up her spine. He reached down, and grabbed her hand, with a hand that held a note in it. He gave it to her. He tilted his head to kiss her cheek. She blushed, at how soft, and affectionately he kissed her.

“You’re so pretty when you blush.”

“Thank you,” she whispered as he backed up.

“Read the note, I have a lot to tell you.” He slapped Sirius in the back of the head, who was busy talking to May. May to Lily’s dismay didn’t seem angry with him anymore. In fact her and Sirius both looked pretty happy.

“Right,” she muttered. She watched as James and Sirius disappeared down the hall toward their next class, Divination. Lily and May didn’t take Divination, they thought that it was pointless fluff. They were on their way to Arithmancy.

When they reached the classroom, Lily opened the note that James had given her, and read it quickly before the rest of the class walked in.

Dearest Lily,

There are some things that you and May don’t know about us Marauders. No body does not even the headmaster. Since you and May have become part of the group, and we trust you with our lives, we don’t want to leave you or May in the dark any longer. Please meet Sirius, Remus, Peter, and me in the Astronomy Tower at Midnight tonight, and bring May. I’ll send my owl, Snitch to you with a little something that will help you get there undetected.


She grinned, and quickly folded up the letter, and put it into her robe pocket. They trusted them; they were letting them in on their secrets. Lily felt so special; anyone would pay to be in her position right now. He had given her the broom. And he signed the letter with ‘love!’ What could it possibly mean? Could he have feelings, real feeling for her? Dare she dream, maybe she was just imagining all of this.

“What was that?” May asked looking at her curiously.

Lily reached back into her pocket, and pulled out the letter, and handed it to her.

She read it quickly before nodding, and tucking the parchment in her robes, and began to take out her books from her backpack.


May and Lily sat in the common room, next to the dying fire. They watched as the Gryffindor students talked merrily, and finished their homework, ignoring the two girls. They were used to sitting and watching, and they were comfortable with it.

Just then there was a loud pecking sound on the window. A large snowy white owl was flutter just outside the window, carrying a large parcel.

Lily glanced over at the window, and rocketed up. She ran to the window, with many pairs of curious eyes following her as she pushed open the window. A blast of cold air hit her face. She quickly let the owl in. The entire common room’s eyes watched at the beautiful owl perched on her shoulder. She quickly relieved the owl of its burden, and stroked its snowy feathers, before giving it an owl treat. Snitch hooted in gratitude, before disappearing out the window back into the cold weather. She quickly slammed the window shut, and began to open the package, as she walked back to where May was sitting.

“What is it?” May asked as she watched Lily come closer.

Lily turned around to glare at the other students. They quickly went back to what they were doing, and Lily sat down next to May, and looked at what she’d taken out.

It was an invisibility cloak. Lily stared at it in awe. She’d never seen anything like it before. She grinned, and looked up at the clock. It was 10:30, she couldn’t wait to use it at 12, but she had a growing ominous feeling in the pit of her stomach as to the purpose of this late night meeting, even though the thought seemed preposterous, it was still possible. Why would they want them to know their secrets? Losers like them, it didn’t make sense anymore. She hoped that she was just worrying, she didn’t think she could take it if she was right. The thought gave her chills, and a weird aching in her chest. She didn’t share her concern with May; it would only prove to make her more uncomfortable.

The cloak felt like silk underneath her fingers.

“How about we go up to bed,” said May giving Lily a hard look. She leaned closer to Lily. “We can come back down undetected in the cloak, and leave that way, I don’t think that these people are going to go to bed anytime soon. And even if you are head girl, if you force them to go to bed, when you never have before, it’ll get a bit suspicious,” May said seriously, as she stood up. Lily followed her lead, and followed May up to their dormitory.

The girls waited there, talking lightly until the clock read 12.

Lily stood up, and unfolded the cloak, draping it over her shoulders.

“Come here, May.”

“Where are you?”

Lily held out her hand from the cloak, and grabbed her shirt. She flung the cloak over May, and put her finger to her lips.

The halls were deserted as they padded silently though the wide corridors. The torches along the hall were slowly dying, giving a haunted glow around the hall. A knot formed in Lily’s throat, as they walked closer to their destination. The girls moved on silently, very aware of the slightest sound or movement.

When they were right outside the Astronomy Tower, they could hear the soft chatter of four serious talking voices. Lily looked at May with raised eyebrows.

“Guess it’s serious,” May said as she glanced a Lily, who nodded nervously.

Lily pushed open the door to the Astronomy Tower door. The door creaked, slowly, and the four boys turned in that direction, and stared at the opening door.

“Lily? May?” Peter asked.

“Yea, it’s us.” Lily threw off the cloak, the four boys watched it tumble to the ground, and Lily and May appeared from underneath it.


James grinned at Lily. A warm feeling blossomed in the pit of his stomach at the sight of her.

“What’s this about?” Lily asked, in a quiet trembling voice.


Lily didn’t want to admit it, but she was getting kind of scared of what they were going to tell them. They were making a huge secretive deal out of it. She betted that James could sense her hesitation, because he got a stricken look on his face, as he walked to stand beside her. She slowly moved away from him. ‘This wasn’t good, what were they doing?’

She glance terrified at May, who also looked somewhat, put out.

“We have to tell you something. We haven’t been completely honest with you.”

Lily and May backed up again toward the door. What were they saying? Were they about to admit that this was a huge joke?

“Please sit down, this may come as a bit of a shock.”

Lily and May looked at each other. Ok, now this was making no sense at all, it didn’t fit in the joke category anymore, because why would a joke shock them?

Lily and May sat down on the floor, and stared up at the boys. Who chuckled.

“You could sit in those chairs,” Sirius said pointing to the chairs by the window.

“We’re fine,” said May, narrowing her eyes.

“Ok,” he said shrugging.


James ran a shaking hand through his messy black hair. He sincerely hoped Lily would forgive him for not being totally honest. He ran his hand through his hair so much, that is was standing completely up.

“First off, We had to ok this with Remus, because it concerns him, more than any of us.”

The girls glanced over at a blushing Remus.

“What?” they asked confused.

“Remus you should tell them this part,” James said, as he sat down cross-legged next to Lily.

Lily looked at him oddly, before looking up at Remus who had sat down in front of them. He rubbed his eyes before meeting theirs.

“There is a reason why I’m always sick at least once a month,” he started slowly.

“Oh my gosh! Are you sick? Is it serious?” May asked worriedly.

Remus raised a hand, and smiled. “No! I’m not sick.”

“You’re not?” May looked confused, “than what’s wrong?”

“I’m…a…a…werewolf,” he said quietly.

The girls stared at him for a moment. The silence was getting thicker.

“Please, say something,” Remus said uncomfortably.

Lily moved over, and came closer to him. He backed away instinctively, but Lily pulled him into a tight hug. “I’m so sorry,” she muttered into his shoulder.

May looked at him sympathetically.

When Lily finally let him go, she sat back down and looked at him sympathetically. “How’d it happen?”

Remus sighed in relief. “When I was a young boy, I came to close to one, that was in the forest behind my house. I was camping outside with my family, they were asleep, and I was young, and stupidly decided to go on an adventure.” He sighed heavily, and looked at the girls. “I don’t remember how he found me but I do remember it bit me, and well…here I am. There was nothing anyone could do for me. Dumbledore let me come to Hogwarts, because he felt I deserved a chance.” He sighed. “You know how the Whomping Willow was planted the year that we came?”

The girls looked at him. “Yes,” May whispered.

“Well they planted it for me, there’s a tunnel beneath it, that leads to the Shrieking Shack, the place isn’t haunted, that’s just where I go when I transform.”

“Oh,” the girls replied.

“Why are all of you here, if Remus had to tell us that?” Lily asked confused.

“I was getting to that,” Remus said.

Lily looked over at James, and noticed that his head was bent, and he was twirling his hands in his lap.

“When I was alone, in the shrieking shack, if there was no humans, I would hurt myself. My transformations were hell, I was lonely. Now when I’m in my werewolf form, I only hurt humans, I don’t hurt animals. So, to keep me company, and ease my depression, they…” he motioned toward Sirius, Peter, and James, “became animagi.”

Lily and May sat speechless for a moment.

“That’s why we have those nicknames: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.”

The girls just sat there, mulling over this information in their heads.

“You became animagi?” May asked the boys.

“Yes,” James replied.

“Unregistered?” asked May again.

“Yes,” he conformed.

Lily sat there stunned. “Why didn’t you tell us?” she asked quietly.

James glanced at her nervously. ‘I don’t want to lose her because of this. I can’t lose her,’ he thought desperately.

He looked down at his friend as he spoke. “We weren’t sure how you would react toward Remus,” he said quietly, his voice shaking somewhat.

“He’s our friend, why would we treat him any less, who cares what he is? We both know that he’s a good person, and a good friend, that’s all that really matters,” Lily said quietly.

Remus smiled.

James looked up suddenly beaming at her. He met her gaze in the semi-darkness, everything around him began to fade around him, and only she and him were left. His heart and stomach began fluttering mercilessly. It was then that it hit him like a ton of hippogriffs, he was in love with her, so in love that he could barely think straight. The room around him grew hot, as he became suddenly aware of every movement, sound that she made. He felt his cheeks flame up, and looked down at his lap, afraid to look back up at her. “I know. We just have to be careful,” he whispered.

Lily nodded. “I understand, some people wouldn’t have taken it as kindly as we have.”

James nodded, his head still bent. He stared at her knee resting so close to his. All he needed to do was move over some, and they would be rubbing up against each other. His heart rate quickened. He had to close his eyes momentarily in an effort to block out his racing thoughts.

“I want to see their animagi form!” said May from next to Lily.

Lily smiled, “Yes, I’m interested as well.”

‘She didn’t seem angry with him, maybe it’s ok.’ James thought with an inward smile.

Sirius grinned, and came over, “I think we can do that.”

In an instant, where Sirius had once stood, was a large black dog, bearing a remarkably strong resemblance to a grim. He bounded over to May, and licked her face. She giggled, and stroked his fur. He lay down on his back, demanding that she rub his belly.

“Padfoot,” May laughed happily, “I get it.” Sirius flipped over, and May scratched behind his ears.

James and Remus chuckled at their friend.

Lily reached over, and patted the dog’s head and fur. The dog waged his tail happily. Lily and May giggled.

“Isn’t he cute?” May laughed.

Lily laughed, and scratched him behind his ears.

“Ok Sirius!” James shouted. The dog turned, and glared at James, before turning back into his human form.

“You’re no fun.”

“Ok Peter,” Remus said.

The girl’s attention was put on the short boy. Suddenly, he wasn’t standing there, but a large brown rat was.

“Ahhh! Why a rat!” shrieked May.

James and Sirius burst into laughter. “Because he’s small enough to reach the knot in the Whomping Willow to stop it from attacking,” Remus explained.

“Oh, wait, Let me guess, Wormtail?”

“Yep,” Remus confirmed.

Peter changed back, and sat down on the windowsill.

“Ok, James.”

Lily and May turned to him. His stomach flopped, as he made eye contact with Lily’s sparkling emerald eyes. They were watching him intently, and he didn’t know if he could change with the distraction.


Lily watched in fascination as James stood up, and brushed off his robes, and took off his glasses, and handed them to Sirius. He glanced down at her, and smiled nervously.

She saw him gulp, his Adams apple bobbing, and suddenly, a large beautiful stag replaced him. Her breath caught in her throat. His coat was pure white, so white it glowed. She stood, up and stood in front of the beautiful creature. It had James’s beautiful blue eyes, and her heart melted.

“James?” she said in quiet astonishment. She felt someone approach her, but wasn’t paying attention. May had come up behind her in awe.

Lily held out her hand. The white stag regarded her, before nuzzling his nose on the palm of her hand. She ran a hand over his flawless coat. She stroked the stag’s face.

“Show off,” Sirius muttered.

Remus laughed, as James reappeared. Lily’s hand was still on his cheek, where she had been stroking the stag. Their eyes locked, and just stood there, gazing at each other. Lily’s hand was still on the side of his face. She moved her thumb back and forth on his cheek, and across his full lips.

James’s stomach flip-flopped as he searched her emerald green eyes, suddenly feeling lightheaded. He smiled somewhat shyly.

“Prongs,” she whispered.

“Yea,” he rasped.

Someone cleared his or her throat; Lily flinched and took her hand away like she was burned. She looked away from him nervously, and blushed red. Completely embarrassed. She stared fixedly down at the ground.

Peter, Sirius and Remus were trying to hold back laughter, while May smiled happily at her friends.