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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 12: What's bothering James, and Getting May and Sirius together!

DISCLAIMER: Remember I own nothing, besides May and Cindy etc. Please continue.

Chapter 12:
What’s bothering James? And Getting May and Sirius together.


The next morning May woke up with a splitting headache. She sat up sleepily in her bed, and rubbed her eyes. She looked at the end of her bed. She noticed many packages, all wrapped with sparkly Christmas wrapping. She groaned, having totally forgotten that it was Christmas.

She pushed her covers off her, and walked to her dresser, and pulled her long black hair into a pony holder. She looked at her face. Her gray, stormy eyes were sad, and tired, and she was paler than usual. But she wasn’t about to admit to herself that the whole issue with Sirius probably was the cause of this. No, she didn’t care about him; he had turned against herself and Lily. If Lily wanted to forgive him, than that was her business, but she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t go near him, he didn’t exist anymore.

But this thought tortured May. In her mind he very much did exist.

She placed both of her hands on the side of her dresser, and leaned on it for support. She felt two solitary tears fall unchecked down her face. He did exist, and there was nothing she could say to herself to make him leave her mind.

She looked over at Lily’s bed, and saw that she was still dead asleep. The other two girls, who had come back from the dance at about 3-4 o’clock were gone, they had left at 6 in the morning to leave, and have Christmas with their families.

‘Good Riddance.’ May thought bitterly. She didn’t wasn’t to deal with them anyway.

May went back and sat down on the end of her bed. She picked up a large package, and read the card. It was from her grandparents. They’d sent her, her favorite type of pie, French silk, and a new sweatshirt and pants. She smiled, she loved her sweats.

Then she heard sheets ruffling, and turned to look at Lily who was sitting up in bed rubbing her eyes. She looked over at May on the bed.

“Happy Christmas,” Lily said groggily, as she pulled back her covers.

“Happy Christmas,” replied May weakly.


Lily smiled sympathetically, before getting up, and walking to her dresser, and pulling up her own hair.

She walked back to her own bed that was piled with similar packages.

She picked up a small package that said ‘Lily’ in emerald pen. She looked at the tag, it read To: Lily; From: May, enjoy!

She ripped the paper off, and looked at the gift in front of her. She grinned; it was a small black box. She lifted the lid, and looked down at the gift. It was a necklace. A locket to be exact. On the front, it said ‘Best Friends,’ in cursive writing. She opened the locket, and grinned. There was a picture of her and May last year at school. They were waving happily at the person taking the picture.

“May, thank you so much!” Lily said happily, as she reached up and clasped the necklace around her neck.

May turned and smiled at her. “Hold on, let me open my gift from you.”

She rummaged in her pile, until she found the medium sized bag. She dug into the bag, and found a wrapped, rectangular package, she unwrapped it, and smiled. It was a picture frame, saying ‘Best Friends’ around it, and in the center was a picture of the two of them, at May’s house over the summer, when Lily had stayed there the week before school started.

“Oh Lils! Thank you!”

“There’s more,” Lily said smiling.

May reached her hand deeper into the bag, and came up with a package of lip-glosses. She smiled brightly.

“You remembered!”

“A girl can never have enough lip gloss. Direct quote,” Lily said, and turned back to her pile.

Her other gifts were also satisfactory, she got a nice warm sweater from her parents, and cookies, and Muggle money from her grandma, her grandma didn’t understand the concept of being a witch, so she would still give her Muggle things for Christmas, things that she couldn’t us at Hogwarts. Like last year, she had received a CD player, a great gift for a Muggle, but what is a witch going to do with it? Oh well.

She dug deeper into her pile, and came up with a long package. It was thin, and cylindrical. She unwrapped it gently, and stared at what was before her in awe. She was completely speechless. Someone had gotten her a Comet 360. A real broom stick. Who? She looked around for a note, but there was none. Was it her’s? She ran a shaking finger over the polished wood of the handle.

May turned her head, and looked at the speechless Lily. Her breath caught in her throat.

“Lils, who gave you that?” May asked quietly.

“I don’t know, there was no note.” Lily smiled, and ran a hand over the finely cut twigs. She shivered with pleasure.

“Whoever sent you that must really like you,” May said, just as a thought struck in her head. ‘It was James. James gave her the broom.’ She looked down, but didn’t say anything. She was so lucky, that he liked her so much. May could feel the tears welling up behind her eyes.

Lily stared at it excitedly before putting it delicately in her trunk, shutting it, and locking it, so no one would steal it.

“Come on, let’s go down to breakfast,” Lily said happily.

“You’re too happy for your own good,” said May shaking her head sadly. “Lead the way.”

She followed Lily down the stairs, unhappily. How was she going to face any of the Marauders? She didn’t want to break off Lily from the rest of them, I mean James seems to really like her, and May didn’t want to ruin that, but she couldn’t bring herself to converse with any of them. ‘Would she ever trust them again?’

When they reached the Great Hall, everyone was already there. The Marauders were sitting where they normally sat, and were laughing, Remus looked tired, and drawn from the conversation, playing with the food on his plate. In fact he always got like this at least once a month, they never really thought about it before, but it was more obvious now, since they were friends with him. May wanted to know why.

“Do you think Remus is ok?” May asked Lily quietly.

Lily looked at the Marauders thoughtfully. “I don’t know, he looks pretty sick. I wonder what’s up with him?” she thought aloud.

“I don’t know.”

May sat down at the end of the table far away from anyone else. Lily sighed, and sat down next to her. It was starting again.

“Lily, you don’t have to sit with me, go sit with James. Aren’t you two, like together?” asked May.

“What? No, I don’t think so, I don’t know,” Lily said looking down at her plate. “I’m not about to just forget about my best friend.”

“You don’t have to. Go, don’t worry about me,” May said sadly.

“I know, but I want to.”

Just then Malfoy and Snape walked by, and stopped by the girls. May looked up behind her and sighed annoyed.

“What do you two want?” May asked.

“Why aren’t you sitting with the Marauders?” Malfoy sneered. “Let me guess, you slept with them, and they dropped you?” he said cruelly.

“Get away from us Malfoy,” Lily said coldly, glaring at him.

“I don’t think I will.” He sat down next to May, and leaned in close for them to hear what he was going to say. “I’m glad you finally learned your place in this school, you’re just a bunch of no named losers.”

“And a mudblood,” Snape sneered, as he nodded toward Lily.

“And a mudblood. I’m surprised you and your family aren’t dead yet, what with Lord Voldemort around,” Malfoy said with a smirk.

Lily felt her eyes fill with tears.

“Oh, is the little mudblood going to cry?”

Lily bit her trembling lip, and glared defiantly at them, there was no way she’d cry in front of them…ever.


When James had looked up from eating his bacon to see Malfoy and Snape bothering Lily, he had seen red. He stood up, turning bright red with anger. All he could think about was getting Malfoy away from Lily, and when he caught a glimpse of Lily’s watery eyes, and heard Malfoy say ‘And a mudblood, I’m surprised you and your family aren’t dead yet, what with Lord Voldemort around’, he snapped.

“HEY, MALFOY!” Malfoy stood up to standing position, and was struck at full force by an angry James Potter’s fist. “Don’t you ever come near Lily again! Do you hear me you filth?” James was so mad he was turning five shades of red. He raised his wand, and pointed it at Malfoy’s chest. “I have a mind to finish what we started on the Hogwarts Express months ago,” James spat angrily.

“James please,” Lily said, trying to hold in her tears, “I’m fine.” She reached out to grasp his arm, but he was too angry. He gently pushed her behind his towering figure. She looked over at May for help, but she was looking down at her plate.

“James Potter and Luciuis Malfoy!” Professor McGonagoll’s stern voice shouted above the noise in the Great Hall. “What fowl behavior! For a head boy, and on Christmas Day no less!” she shrieked, her voice gaining the attention of the student body. “Detention! Tomorrow for such a fowl display! James, I am especially ashamed of you! You’re a head student, you’re to be a role model to those younger then you!”

“He was harassing Lily!” James shouted back, pointing at Malfoy with a shaking finger.

“Maybe the right thing to do in that situation is to come to a professor!”

James shrieked in rage, and stormed out of the Great Hall. Malfoy smirked at his retreating back. He then turned to Lily.

“It’s not over mudblood,” he smirked, and walked out.

Lily was shaking from head to toe. She glanced around the entire Great Hall, and everyone was watching her. She looked over at Sirius, and Remus. Sirius was bright red with anger as well. He was staring at Malfoy’s back, and Remus was restraining him around his chest from killing him. She looked away quickly, and ran out of the Hall after James.

When she found him, he was pacing in front of the charms classroom. When he heard her footsteps coming closer, he twirled around, and they stared at each other for a brief moment, his face had lost some of its redness, and his hair was as usual very messy, but his bright blue eyes sparkled with determination as he looked at her. James broke the silence.

“He will never hurt you Lily. No one will.” His voice was deep with determination.

He saw a lone tear fall down her pale cheek, and he walked to her side slowly, taking long strides. He stopped right in front of her, and she looked up into his eyes. He whipped it away with the pad of his thumb, and pulled her into a hug. He buried his nose into her hair, and inhaled the familiar scent of watermelons. He rested his chin against her hair.

“No one will hurt you, ever,” he said strongly.


For the past couple weeks, May had completely avoided Sirius, and it was physically killing both of them. May was so withdrawn from everyone, that she was even having a hard time talking to Lily. Lily was becoming more and more worried.

Sirius seemed fine in person, always hiding something that was bothering him, but he had lost his fun, his joking carefree self. James and Lily often caught him either staring at May, or in a deep thought. It was very unlike Sirius’s character.

Lily walked down the corridor with May going to potions with the Slytherins. May wasn’t paying attention as Lily talked absentmindedly about something May didn’t hear. She was completely oblivious to where she was walking, and ran into someone. A tall hard someone. Her backpack split open, and books, quills, and ink, spilled everywhere.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry!” May grew bright red, as she bent down to pick up her belongings. She didn’t dare look up to see whom she had run into.

She felt Lily and the guy bend down to help her pick her things up.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

“You’re very welcome, May.” That voice was so familiar, so soothing. She looked up at the guy in front, and her breath caught in her throat. The very air around her was thickening. His face was mere inches from her own. His warm eyes searching hers nervously. He seemed more handsome than ever, but she shook her head, and glared at him.

“Oh it’s you. Never mind then, I take back the thank you.” She zipped up her backpack, and swung it over her shoulder. She stormed past them, and disappeared in the dungeons.

Lily sighed and turned to Sirius. His eyes were sad, as he stood up straight, keeping his eyes fixed on the ground.

“She’s still mad at me.”

“I told you, she’s a hard one, she shuts people out.”

Sirius nodded, and rubbed his eyes. He began to walk, and Lily walked next to him, waiting for him to say something.

“Lily, can you talk to her for me? She won’t listen to me.”

“Sirius, why do you care so much?” Lily asked, as she examined his profile.

She saw him gulp, and look at his hands.

“God, I can’t believe I’m saying this…I…I…” he paused. Lily waited patiently. “I haven’t even told James this, oh shit James!” He rubbed the side of his face, and looked straight ahead. “I think that I love her. I mean this is really killing me, I’ve had the hardest month trying to get over her, and I just can’t, everyday is like a battle to get up in the morning.”

Lily sucked in a breath. This was not good. She knew May, and she knew that she was stubborn, maybe it was time to hear the whole story of what happened that night at the dance.

“Sirius, why did you kiss Cindy? If you love May?”

Sirius looked at Lily, “I didn’t! She attacked me!”

“And you kissed her back?”

“NO! I pushed her away! I hate Cindy! Trust me if I could turn back time, I would.”

“You pushed her away?” Lily said as she processed this.


“May didn’t see that,” Lily said distractedly.

“Obviously,” he said bitterly.

“What did you say to her after you pushed her away?”

“Some thing along the lines of, ‘I never want to see you again.’”

“And Cindy is still in hot pursuit for you?” Lily asked.


Lily shook her head, “that’s not good.”

Sirius groaned. “But you will talk to her won’t you?” He looked at her hopefully, as he pushed open the heavy door to the Potions classroom.

“I’ll try, now that I know what really happened, I can have a long talk with her tonight.”

Sirius looked relieved, as he stepped behind his desk next to James.

James looked at his friend curiously, before watching Lily walk back to her seat next to May. His curiosity, and dare he say pang of jealousy, got the better of him.

“What were you and Lily talking about?” he asked his friend with a frown.

“Oh, hold your shorts on, I’m not going to steal your girl, I was just asking her if she’ll talk to May for me. We had a little meeting in the hall.” He frowned, and looked into his cauldron. “It didn’t go too well.”

“Oh,” James sighed in relief, “what happened in the hall with May?”

“She slammed into me, and her bag split open, I helped her pick it up, and she said thank you, but when she looked up and saw who had helped her, she withdrew her thanks. Lily was there.” He conveniently left out the part about him being in love with her that will have to wait.

“Oh,” James said sympathetically.

“That sux,” Put in Remus, who had been listening in to their conversation.



James sat down next to Sirius, and piled his plate with food, he was starving. He glanced down the table to where Lily and May were sitting. Lily was talking to May with a serious expression on her face. He guessed she was talking about Sirius. He felt his stomach flop pleasantly, as he watched her face lift into a smile. He smiled himself, until his attention was diverted to an owl sitting lazily in front of him; it looked like a Ministry owl. He sighed, and picked up the folded parchment, anticipating what it was about to tell him. He unfolded it, and read the headline.

World Class Auror Harry Potter gone off to find and fight Lord Voldemort!

He didn’t need to read more. His father, was that world Class Auror Harry Potter. He crumpled the paper in his fist, and put it in his robes. He hated to hear of his father’s projects. His mother and him never knew if he was going to come back alive or not. He was constantly angry with his father, for not being home enough for his mother. He picked up his pumpkin juice, and drank it down with one huge gulp.

Sirius, Remus, and Peter looked at him curiously.

“What was that, that you just put into your pocket James?” Sirius asked.

“Nothing of importance, just my father, going out getting himself killed looking for Voldemort.”

“Oh my God,” Sirius said. “They put him on that assignment.”

“Oh yes, he is World Class after all, he has a family, but hey who cares?” James said bitterly, as he bit into his bread and butter.


“May I think that you should forgive Sirius. He’s truly sorry, and you don’t even know the whole story,” Lily said seriously, as she watched for her friend’s reaction.

She didn’t get one, May just picked up her fork, and piled mashed potatoes on it, and brought it too her lips.

“May, are you listening to me?” Lily asked annoyed.

“YES!” May shot her a glare.

“Well, then hear me out!” Lily shot back.

“What?” May asked, as she placed her fork down, licked her lips, and looked up at Lily. “What’s the whole ‘story’?” she emphasized ‘story’ for effect.

“Well for one: Sirius didn’t kiss her.”

“Of course he did, I saw him.”

“No May, you didn’t see anything.”

“Excuse me Lily, I was there, I know what I saw.”

“And what did you see?”

May shook her head. “I saw her lips on his.”

“Exactly, her lips, not his, he pushed her away, but you didn’t stick around to see what happened.”

“I…” she looked crestfallen, as she picked up her fork, and swirled her mashed potatoes around on her plate.

“He told her that he never wanted to see her again. He is very much loyal to us, you really need to stop this, and forgive him. What would you have done if someone you hated kissed you out of no where?”

She looked up, with anger clouding over her eyes like a mask. “I would have immediately pushed them away!”

“Oh bull! You would have been freaked out. You would have been in shock, just like Sirius was! He didn’t do anything wrong! It was that wench, he actually did react, but you didn’t stay to watch. This whole thing could have been avoided if you just would have stayed a few minutes longer.” She pointed down the table at Cindy.

May’s eyes wandered down to the laughing blonde down the table. May realized then that she was more than able to be so evil. She watched as she flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder, and smile flirtatiously at the boy sitting in front of her.

“Look, this whole thing is killing both of you,” Lily said quietly as May turned back to Lily, with a saddened expression on her pretty face. “Sirius truly does care about you. You can’t push him away for good. I hate to tell you, but I don’t think he’s just going to go away like all the others.”

May’s eyes wandered down the table to the Marauders, specifically to where Sirius was sitting. He was questioning James about something, she couldn’t see what, but he had on a look of sympathy. She suddenly felt a pang of regret in her heart.

All of the sudden, he turned in his seat, and their eyes locked. He smiled sadly at her, causing a weird sensation to flower in her chest. Lily’s words rang in her head. ‘I don’t think he’s just going to go away like the rest.’ Her face grew flushed. His eyes never left hers. For a brief moment, she forgot where she was.

She shook her head, and suddenly found she couldn’t breathe. She needed air. She swung her backpack over her shoulder, and stood up.

“I’ll meet you later in the common room,” she muttered to Lily, as she left the Great Hall with great speed.

Lily smiled. She had gotten her to thinking. She had to tell Sirius. She looked down at the Marauders, and stood up. She walked down the length of the table. She stood behind James. She looked across at Sirius.

“Siri?” He looked up hopefully, while James whipped around at the sound of her voice. A grin spread across his face.

She sat down next to him, and was well aware that their thighs were touching. She blushed, and moved away, memories from the train ride back filled her head. But James wound his arm around her waist, pulling her to his side. She relaxed as she felt the warmth of his body against hers. He leaned toward her and kissed her cheek. She blushed, she looked at him, and his eyes seemed troubled, like he was trying to forget about something. It looked like he was using her for an anchor, of some kind. She desperately wanted to know what was bothering him. She found his free hand under the table, and grabbed it, and squeezed it reassuringly.

“Yea?” Sirius said leaning forward, breaking into the comfortable silence.

“I talked to May.”

“And?” he asked hopefully.

“And I think I got through to her. She left just moments ago. She’s mulling it over.”

Sirius broke into a huge smile.


May woke up suddenly. Her throat was dry, so she looked over at Lily’s bed, and saw that she was dead to the world. She sighed, and pushed her covers off of her, and climbed out of bed. She needed some water. She slipped on her slippers, and walked over to the pitcher by the window, but it was empty. She cursed, and padded over to her door. She took a quick glance at the clock on her bedside table. It was only 10:30 she sighed, and pushed the door open. She didn’t put on her robe over her sweatshirt, bearing the Gryffindor crest, and red fleece plaid pj pants, she didn’t think anyone was up anyway to see her. She began to pad down the stairway. Suddenly voices began to reach her. She took a step closer to the entrance, and glanced inside the dimly lit room. She smashed herself against the stone wall to keep herself hidden. She peered behind the wall, and was surprised the see the only occupants of the room were Cindy Roads, and Sirius Black. She frowned bitterly; at least she was soon to learn the truth. She watched silently.

“Sirrriiuss!” Cindy stared. Just her voice irritated her.

“Can’t you take a hint? Can you leave? I’m kind of busy,” Sirius said nervously.

“Sirius why do you always run from me?”

Sirius gave and annoyed shriek, he rose to his feet, and he glared at her. May was almost afraid, she’d never seen him this angry before.

“YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?” His face was turning a nice shade of red. May backed further into the wall as she watched in awe. “IT’S BECAUSE YOU RAN MAY AWAY FROM ME!”

Cindy seemed to shrink into the couch cushions as Sirius cracked.

“Why do you care about a loser like Delfin?” she asked quietly. She knew that her choice of words was wrong immediately.

“I care because May was the one thing that ever really mattered to me, the one person that I truly cared about, beside the rest of the Marauders. I don’t take too kindly with having someone I love ran away from me!” he said all this with calm anger.

“You love her?” Cindy asked in disbelief.”

“LIKE IT MATTERS NOW! SHE WON’T EVEN TALK TO ME!” he shrieked, running a hand through his hair.

Cindy just smirked at her work. “See you’re better of with me anyway, I wouldn’t run away from you.” She stood up and moved toward him.

He pushed her roughly. “I’m serious Cindy. Don’t come near me ever again. I hate you and I probably always will.” He turned and stormed out of the common room.

‘Where was he going now?’ May thought to herself. ‘Did he actually say that he loved her?’ She smiled, a dazed, happy smile, and watched Cindy, turn, an angry look plastered on her evil face.

She turned toward the staircase. When she spotted May in the shadows, and gave her an evil glare. She advanced on May. When they were inches apart, Cindy reached in to her ear.

“I suppose you loved that loser. You better watch yourself.” She then shoved May roughly, causing her to fall into the common room. She smirked evilly at May, and May glared back.

Cindy turned on her heel, and disappeared into the dorm.

May stood there in a daze. Running over the things she’d heard come out of Sirius’s mouth. She had to find him! He loved her!

Water totally forgotten, she flew out of the portrait hole, in search of that dark haired someone.

She found him about to storm out of the Front doors. He was going outside? She ran after him.


He stopped, and whirled around, a nervous terrified look on his face.

“May?” he choked when he spotted her sporting her Gryffindor sweatshirt, and red plaid pj pants.

The two stared at each other for a moment, before May walked closer to him.

“May…What are you doin…” But what ever he was going to say, was cut off by May’s lips planted firmly on his. His eyes widened in shock, as her arms latched around his neck. He relaxed instantly, and wrapped his arms around her waist. He smiled happily, forgetting his mission temporarily. She tasted like mint, and smelled like strawberries. He sighed happily. When May finally pulled away from him, she kept her arms latched around his neck, and snuggled her face into his chest. He ran his hand through her hair. ‘What had happened.’

“Thank you.” He heard her muffled whisper from his shirt.

He stepped back, and lifted her chin. “For what? I haven’t done anything.”

“I heard you in the common room earlier,” she admitted.

He looked down. “Oh, you did?”

“Yes.” She felt him sigh heavily. “Sirius look at me.” He looked up, and she smiled. “I feel the same way.”

She watched as his face split into many different emotions, confusion, sadness, and the one that stuck out the most happiness.

“You do?” he asked in disbelief.

She smiled, and nodded. She pulled him back into a hug. They stood like that for a few minutes before a voice broke through the comfortable silence.

“ACM!” someone cleared their throat and the two of them broke apart.

What May saw made her shriek, but Sirius just smiled, and shook his head