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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 10: The Ball and disaster


This is the big ball chapter….hehe….enjoy!


Christmas Eve had finally arrived, and the girls were indecisive on whether to be excited or terminally depressed. They settled for the latter.

Lily sat cross-legged on her bed, watching May wipe the top of her dresser with an old rag to ease her nerves.

“May, it’s going to be fine. We have…” she glanced at her wrist watch before looking back up at May, “six hours until the dance starts.”

“Yes, I know that, but we have to start getting ready in three hours,” said May.

“Yes…” Lily glanced out the window, at the falling snow. It was the fat kind, her favorite kind. She loved how it stuck to things, covering the grounds quickly with fluffy soft snow. “Hey, May, do you wanna go down and have a snowball fight? It’ll take our mind off of it. Plus, why are you so worried? I’m the one that has to open the dance.”

“Yea, with James,” snorted May.

“Yea.” Lily gazed out the window, over the small pile of snow building up on her windowsill.

May smiled at her friend, and grabbed her cloak from her desk chair. “Let’s go, then.”

Lily stood up, grabbing her cloak from her desk chair; she pulled it on over her shoulders, and wrapped her Gryffindor scarf around her neck.

“Let’s go, then,” Lily said happily. May giggled at her friend. “Expecting a sudden blizzard when we step outside, Lils?” She threw on her cloak, and clasped it around her shoulders.

Lily shrugged, and reached into her cloak pocket to pull out her scarlet gloves. She made toward the door, May following right behind her.

“Aren’t you going to bring a sweater?”

“I’m wearing one, under my cloak.” May grinned, and lifted the material of her long black cloak to reveal an icy blue turtleneck sweater.

Lily grinned, and tried to open the door with her gloved hands. She laughed, and tugged harder on the door, with May huffing with fake testiness behind her.

“Here let me do it. Are you incompetent?”

“NO!” Lily giggled, stepping back, her cheeks flushing with amusement.

May tried the knob, but her gloved hands slipped right over the knob, only accomplishing to rid it of dust. She finally shrieked, and kicked it open forcefully, making it bounce off the wall. May and Lily burst into laughter.

“What are you freaks laughing at?” Cindy asked, glaring at them, as she stood in front of them, ready to go into the dorm.

“We saw your face through the key hole,” May said simply, while Lily laughed, and the two flew down the stairs.


James and Remus, who were in the common room, heard May’s remark to Cindy in the corridor. They heard Lily’s light laughter that came echoing down the corridor, and they had to smile.

The two girls came running into view moments later, bundled up from head to toe, and looked like they were going outside. May stopped head long, at the portrait hole, causing Lily to run straight into her, and fall to the ground with a thump.

“What the heck, May! Fair warning next time!” Lily cried, messaging her bum with difficulty because she was sitting on the ground. May burst into laughter, and held out her shaking hand. Lily also burst into laughter, and grabbed at her hand, unable to pull herself up.

James and Remus just watched with smiles on their faces. They remained silent, and occasionally would share a glance with each other

Finally May reached down, and pulled Lily up from under her arms, laughing the whole time.

“Ok…We’re…Ready…” she gasped, their faces bright red.

“Where are you two going?” Sirius asked, coming into the common room, and seeing the two girls all bundled up.

They turned slowly, and their faces turned even redder, before they burst into embarrassed laughter.

“Umm….outside?” Lily laughed, “bye.”

May pushed the portrait open and the two of them scrambled out.

When the portrait closed behind them, the Marauders heard their voices just behind the portrait.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe they saw that,” Lily laughed.

“Yea,” laughed May.

Their excited voices slowly began to fade as they walked down the corridor.

James and Remus looked at Sirius, and all three of them shared a smile.

“So, on that note,” Sirius clapped his hands, and plopped down in the armchair next to James’s spot on the couch, “Remus, who are you going to the dance with, you never told us.”

James and Sirius watched Remus turn a bright red. “Kayla Rebbons,” he whispered, picking at a loose thread in the couch.

“Oh, she’s nice,” James said nodding.

“Whom are you going with?” he shot back at him.

“No one,” James said simply. “I was asked, but I didn’t feel like going with any of them.”

Sirius and Remus smirked at him.

“Well, we all know what happened with Padfoot,” Remus said turning to Sirius with a smirk.

Sirius groaned, “let’s not get into that.”

James and Remus laughed.

They sat in silence for a few minutes. The tower was quiet for this time of day. The girls were most likely getting ready for the big dance, and the boys were preparing for torture.

James stood up from the couch, and stretched his aching bones. He walked over to the fogged up window, and rubbed a circle of condensation away to watch the falling snow. His eyes drifted down to the ground. He could see two black cloaked figures, running after one another, throwing snow at the other. He smiled, and sat down on the windowsill, just watching them.

“What are you so entranced in Prongs?” Sirius asked, getting up and walking over to where James was sitting. He looked out of James’s small porthole, and smiled. He patted his friend on the back.


“Hey May!” Lily shouted.

“What?” She turned around, and was instantly sorry she had. Lily flung a huge fat snowball right at her head. Lily doubled over laughing hysterically. The snow stood out bright against May’s black hair.

“Why you…” she knelt down on the cold ground, and gathered snow into the glove covered hands, and pounded it into a ball. She grinned evilly at Lily, as she shrieked, and ran in the opposite direction.

May flung the snowball hard, and it hit Lily square in the back, the snow standing out harshly against the black of her robes.

“Ok, Ok, truce, how about we make a snow man now?” Lily asked innocently, brushing the snow off her robes.

“Oh, I get it, you’re afraid of my mean snowballs are you?” asked May with a grin.

“You wish Delfin,” Lily laughed.

“I bet Evans.”

Lily laughed and sank to her knees, to gather snow. She didn’t seem to care that the cold wet snow was soaking into her trousers.

“Come on May!” Lily said happily.

May sighed, and came over, there was no stopping Lily when she wanted to do something. She sank to her knees beside Lily, and helped her gather up snow.

They rolled a huge ball that would be the butt of the snowman, and a smaller one that was the body, this took them at least a half an hour. May was sniffling with the cold, and her cheeks were a bright pink. Her hair was hidden up in her bright red winter hat that she had found buried in her cloak pocket.

Lily’s hair was falling around her shoulders, but was covered with falling snow, making it look even prettier than it was. She patted the snowball with her gloved hands, before standing up, and backing away.

“Done,” she said happily.

“Thank God!” May said standing up, and brushing the caked on snow off of her trousers.

“Now for the head.”

May groaned, “Lily, I’m freezing!”

Lily glanced at her watch, “Ahh, come on, we have to finish what we started, and besides we have an hour before we have to go get dressed.”

May groaned even louder, “NOOOO.”

Lily smiled, and began to make a smaller snowball for the head.

A few minutes past, before Lily stood up, and picked up the snowball. May stood behind her and watched her place the head on the body. She glanced at her watch impatiently, before looking back up at Lily, waiting for the ‘let’s go inside’ signal.

Lily placed two rocks from the ground for eyes, and one for his nose. She then walked over to a lonely tree, and snapped one of its twigs off. She walked back over to the snowman, and placed the twig on it for a mouth.

“Not a great one, but we can come and fix it when we have more time,” Lily said as she stood back to examine the work.

“Yea,” muttered May, fidgeting from foot to foot.

“Ok, let’s go in, and get ready.” They turned, and began to walk toward the school.

When they arrived in the entrance hall, they were hit by a blast of warmth. May reached up and tugged off her hat. Her long hair spilled out, and down her back. Lily and May’s cheeks were bright pink, but their eyes were sparkling.

Suddenly Kayla Rebbons ran up to Lily, from out of the Great Hall.

“Lily I’ve been looking for you everywhere! What were you doing outside? Anyway, I asked James, and he told me to find you.”

“What is it Kayla?” Lily asked, running a hand through her damp hair.

“Are these singers OK?” She handed Lily a stack of singers. They were all varieties. Some slow, others fast, there was a lot of hard rock.

“Very good Kayla,” she said nodding her head. “Why aren’t you getting ready?”

“I was waiting for you, so I could ask.”

“Oh, well go and get ready.” Lily smiled warmly at her.

Kayla smiled back, and scurried back into the Great Hall to give the music to the Professors to hold.

Lily and May made their way to the Gryffindor Tower. Their cloaks were soaked through, and heavy. When they entered the common room, it was empty except for James.

“Decided to come in now?” James asked, turning in his position on the couch to see them better.

“Yep,” Lily smiled. She peeled off her soaking cloak, and shivered at the loss of contact. She placed hers beside May’s by the fire. “Why aren’t you getting ready?”

“I will, in about an hour.”

Lily gave him an odd look.

“Don’t look at me like that! Guys don’t need as much time as the ladies,” he laughed.

“I guess not,” she shrugged and smiled at him.

She bounded up the stairs after May, and ran into her dorm. She quickly retrieved her bathrobe, before making a beeline to the showers before anyone could beat her too it. She peeled off her wet, and dirty clothes, and stepped into the hot water. She sighed with pleasure, as she felt the water warm her previously numb flesh. She scrubbed her body clean, and washed her hair, smiling at the scent of watermelons that reached her nose. She rinsed clean, and reached for her shaving cream. She quickly shaved, making sure not to cut herself open. She rinsed the extra shaving cream off her legs, and turned off the water. She reached out for her terry cloth robe, and wrapped it around her body.

She picked up her dirty, wet clothes, and headed back to her dorm. She changed into a large sweatshirt, and sweat pants. She threw her clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, and sat down on her bed, to wait for May to come back from her shower.

‘What would she do with her hair, or makeup, or what would people say?’

May came in a second later, already dressed in a T-shirt, and her long hair already dried. She launched her dirty clothes in after Lily’s, and glanced at her. She stopped and turned to her, her eyes narrowing in concern. “What’s up?”

“What am I going to do about makeup and hair?” Lily asked.

“I’ll do your hair, and make up, and you can do mine,” said May shrugging.

She sat down on her bed, and picked up her book laying closed on her nightstand, “after I’m done reading of course.”

Lily laughed. They did have a little time.

Lily quickly dried her hair with a drying charm, and leaned back against her headboard, she stared around the room, picturing herself with many different hairstyles, and make up designs. She glanced at the engrossed May, and sighed heavily, falling back into her thoughts. ‘What about her nails? Should she paint them?’ She shook her head, and brought her hand up to her face. She caught herself chewing nervously on her thumbnail, and dropped it frustratedly. She glanced back at May after almost a whole hour had passed. Lily gave a strangled cry from her position on her bed upon seeing that May was in fact making no effort in getting ready, and stood up. She walked over to May, and ripped the book from her fingers.

“You’re stalling.”

“Am not,” she said wide-eyed, eyeing her book in Lily’s hands.

“Are too, let’s get ready, NOW.”

May stood up. “Fine,” she growled. “See what I do for friends?” she muttered under her breath, even though Lily heard every word.

Lily sighed. “Ok, should I go straight or curly?”

“Loose curls, to frame your face.” May pointed her wand at Lily’s head, and whispered the curling spell. Lily’s hair instantly curled loosely, falling around her shoulder blades. “There, perfect, now my hair.”

Lily thought for a moment. “I think I like it down, all straight and shiny, but with layers.”

“Whatever,” she said sounding relieved that it was just a simple hairstyle. Lily raised her wand to May’s head, and said the spell that would give her layers.

“There, lets go look.”

The two girls went over to the full-length mirror, and looked at themselves. They had to smile. They looked perfect.

“Ok, makeup,” said Lily turning to May with a smile.

“For you, dark blue, and silver eye shadow, dark blue liner, and a pretty red lipstick, dark red, not fire engine red. A little foundation, not to much though, Oh, and dark blue mascara.” Lily raised her wand to May’s face, and muttered the spell. In an instant, May’s face, and hair was done. She looked perfect. The make up was just right. “Go look in the mirror,” Lily said happily.

May made her way to the mirror, and smiled. Her hair was perfectly straight, with a slight angle, and shiny, with dark blue highlights. Her makeup was perfect. She grinned, and turned back to Lily.

“Perfect, now you.” Lily sat down on her desk chair, and looked up at May. “I think, light green shimmer eye shadow, accented with dark green. Forest green eyeliner, black mascara, pale pink shimmer lip gloss, and silver sparkles in hair, and shimmer lotion on your shoulders.” She pointed her wand at Lily, and muttered the spell.

She stood back, and gasped with her results. “Gosh, I’m good!”

Lily stood up, and went over to the mirror. Her eyes looked brighter and happier, and the eyeliner made her eyes appear bigger. Her eyelashes were long, dark, and thick. And her lips looked full, and shimmery. She smiled a huge smile.

“You’re a genius May.”

“Thank you, I do have my moments. I think it’s time for the dresses.”

Lily looked at her wristwatch, and cringed. They had an hour. “Yes, it’s time.”

Lily walked to her wardrobe, and pulled out the hanger with the green dress, and cloak on it. She admired it for a moment, before taking it off the hanger, and returning the hanger itself back to the rod that held all of her clothes. She walked back to her bed, and laid it out. She then reached under her bed, and pulled out the large brown bag. She dug inside, and came up with the box that contained the shoes, and the small box that held the necklace.

She glanced over at May, who had her dress all laid out on her bed.

Lily turned back to her dress, and picked it up, and walked with it to the bathroom, so she could change.

She shut the bathroom door behind her, as she slipped out of her shirt, and pants, and into the silky fabric. It felt alien against her skin. She shivered, and reached behind her back to zip the back up. There was a clasp on the top of her bodice that she hadn’t noticed, and couldn’t reach it by herself. She picked up her other clothes, and walked cautiously down the corridor toward her dorm. She didn’t want anyone to spot her. She peeked around the corner, and when she didn’t see anyone coming or going, she made a beeline for her dorm room.

When she opened the door, she caught May pulling her silver gloves up her arms. When the door opened she smiled.

“We look great. Wait till everyone sees us,” smirked May, accenting what she said with hand movements.

“Having a conceited moment?” Lily laughed.

“Maybe, I’m entitled to one, once in a while.”

“Yea, hey, can you clasp this clasp?” Lily turned around, and pointed to it.

“Sure.” She heard the fabric of May’s dress rustle closer to her, and in an instant, she felt her tug on the clasp. It took a few minutes of tugging, and sucking in on Lily’s part, before it finally clasped together. The clasp made the top a bit tighter, but less likely for her to fall out unexpectedly.

Lily sighed in relief.

Lily walked to her bed, and opened the shoebox, and placed the high heels on her feet, and opened the box that contained the necklace. She took it out, and turned to May.

“Would you?” She handed the necklace to May, and turned so she could put it on.

She felt May lift her curly hair, and wrap the chain around her neck, and clasp it on. Lily fingered the jewel. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked beautiful. Like royalty, a princess. She smiled, and looked at her watch. They had ten minutes left. Lily unclasped her watch, and placed it on her dresser.

She turned to May. “I think it’s time.”

May gulped, and nodded. They grabbed their cloaks, and flung it over one arm.

Lily walked to the door, and opened it. She stepped into the hallway. The click of their heels on the hard stone ground was alien to their ears. Lily fixed her top, and walked cautiously down the winding stairs, careful not to trip.

“Is anyone down there yet?” May asked nervously from behind her. As if answer to her question, they heard the voice of three boys. (I’m sick of writing about Peter, he annoys me. Just assume he went to find his date.)

“Who’s up there? It can’t be any girls done so early.” Remus’s voice came to them from the common room.

“Oh great, them,” said May, slowing down considerably on the stairs.

“Let’s go see who it is,” Sirius said.

Lily fidgeted on the stair, unsure if she should move. She shared a nervous glance with May, before biting her lower lip, and taking another step forward. She heard May sigh heavily, and heard her heels click on the step below the one she was currently standing on.

A dark head and a light head came into view a moment. One was Sirius, and the other was Remus. Sirius took in a huge breath, and stared up the stairs at them, his mouth hanging open.

“You two look really beautiful,” Remus said smiling, his light green eyes sparkling.

Lily smiled, “Thank you, Remus.”

Sirius was rendered speechless, as May passed Lily on the stairs, and entered the common room. She seemed to have gained her confidence back because she turned to Sirius, and smiled brightly.

“Oh don’t you look nice!” May said, examining Sirius’s robes. She moved a hand down the front of his robes, to smooth out any wrinkles. “So, are we early?” she asked, looking at the others.

“Huh?” Sirius asked, as he looked at her.

“Are we early?” she said slowly.

“You’re beautiful,” Sirius croaked out.

Remus chuckled, and shook his head, watching Sirius turn beet red, and turn away from her stunned expression.

“Yea, for girls anyway,” James answered May’s question. He had his back still to them; he was staring into the fire.

Lily fidgeted on the spot, and walked toward the portrait hole. Remus and May followed her.

“Well, this is awkward, are we going?” she asked May quietly.

“I don’t know, what’s with James?” she asked, watching the head of pitch black hair tilt to the side, staring intently into the flames.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged.

“Does he have a date?” May asked.

“No,” Remus supplied with a small smile, he’s just brooding.”

“Brooding?” Lily asked, looking at Remus, her eyebrows quirking in confusion.

“Don’t ask.”

Lily shrugged, and leaned against the portrait hole.

“So, who are you going with, Remus?” she asked quietly, giving him a side-ways sly smile.

“Kayla Rebbons.” He turned bright red, and swiped at his dark blue dress robes.

“She’s nice!” Lily said, smiling warmly at him.

He nodded, his blush only growing brighter.

“She always seemed like a snob to me,” said May with a shrug. She leaned up beside Lily.

Lily grinned at her best friend. “Everyone’s a snob to you.”

May shrugged. “OK, I’m usually pretty lenient, and it’s not like I want to go to this stupid preppy function, but what the hell are we doing?”

“Talking,” said Lily, gazing at the back of James’s head.


James could feel the pull at the back of his neck, begging for him to look, but he couldn’t. If he looked, he’d be lost. He’d want to take her to the dance, to tell her she’s beautiful, and he wouldn’t be able to get her out of his mind. He couldn’t have that. The flames glowed orange, red, gold, and yellow in the grate, swirling together, and reminding him of the many hues of red that weave through Lily’s hair. He sighed, and finally gave in. He turned around, and his mouth dropped open.

Lily had on the most beautiful dress; it was forest green, accenting her eyes, and hair lovely; her best features in his opinion. It flowed to the ground with a shimmery fabric, and her bare pale shoulders shimmered in the light of the fire. He simply couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He instinctively smoothed his pitch black dress robes, and his hand reached up to fix his hair. He slowly stood, and stared at her, his mouth opening and closing, but he couldn’t manage to let the words out.

She looked up from the portrait hole, and smiled at him nervously, and he smiled nervously back. The silence was growing, and James was still tongue-tied.

“Ok, well I think that we’re going to go down now. I want to make sure everything is going as planned. We’ll see you down there,” Lily said shakily, “come on, May.”

May turned, and walked out behind her friend. It took a few minutes until the boys found their voice.

“Wow.” Was all Sirius said.

James stared at the door, his eyes wide as he ran a hand through his hair making pieces stick straight up on his head. “I hate me,” he muttered dejectedly.

Remus just chuckled, “are you two ready?”

“Yea,” James and Sirius headed out of the door.

When they reached the Great Hall, they could hardly see anything through the crowd of students milling around the doors. James stood on his tiptoes, looking for the familiar red locks.

“James, she’s probably already inside. You do know that you should have probably gone with her right?” Remus said with a smirk. James lowered himself, and slapped a hand over his forehead.

“I am a horrible Head Boy!”

Remus rolled his eyes, “sure.”

Finally the doors opened, and the crowd of students flowed into the Great Hall. James instinctively searched the Great Hall for her or May, but they were no where in sight. He followed Sirius and Remus over to where Peter was sitting at the Gryffindor table with his date Penny McClog.

“Pete, have you seen Lily?” James asked, scanning the room.

Peter whistled. “Oh I’ve seen her, as have all the males in the Great Hall, her and May.”

Sirius and James shared a look, before turning back to Peter. “What do you mean?” James asked, trying not to sound too obvious.

“I mean they’re hott tonight.” Penny kicked Peter under the table, and he winced and messaged his kneecap. “Sorry Pen.”

She just scowled at him, and turned her head.

“Where are they?” James said through grit teeth.

Pete pointed to the Ravenclaw table. Lily and May were sitting with Amos Diggory. Sixth and seventh years guys were surrounding them, begging for their attention. They were looking nervous and highly miserable. James slammed his fist down on the table, hard. A few people turned to look at him questioningly, but he gave them an uncharacteristically cold glare, until they turned and minded their own business.

“I’ll kill him, I will,” James said through grit teeth, “if he lays one hand on her.”

Sirius just glared at them, before sitting down, and looking at his plate, like it was about to shatter into a million pieces.

Professor Dumbledore stood up, and raised his hand for silence. The entire hall went silent.

“Welcome to the Christmas ball! I trust that you will enjoy yourselves, without the help of pranks, or insults.” He glanced at the Gryffindor table before continuing. “Now without any further a do, dinner is served, tell your plate what ever you wish to eat, and it will appear. Bon a petite!”

The hall filled with voices placing their orders, and the entire hall was eating. James kept sending glances toward the Ravenclaw table, but noticed that there was always either someone in the way, or someone distracting her. He finally caught her eye. And her eyes lit up happily for a moment, when they made contact with his. She waved slightly, and motioned toward Diggory with wide eyes. He smiled despite himself, when she yawned for affect, and pointed at Diggory again. At least she thought he was boring.

“Hey Jaaaamesssss!” a loud voice shouted.

He turned abruptly. “What?” he asked annoyed.

“Will you at least dance with me?” asked Alicia.


“One dance.”

“Let me think…No.”

She pouted.

He rolled his eyes.

After a few more minutes, that seemed like ages to James, the food was cleared, and the lights suddenly dimmed. He instinctively looked up for Lily. Her and May were not at the table with Diggory anymore. He turned in his seat and scanned the other tables, they were no where to be found.

He nudged Sirius in the ribs, suddenly alert.

“What?” he asked, looking up at him.

“Did you see Lily and May leave?” James asked out of her corner of his mouth.

“No, why? Have they?” His eyes wandered to the Ravenclaw table and noticed they weren’t there.

Professor Dumbledore stood up and clapped for everyone’s attention. “I hope that all of you enjoyed your meal!” His eyes danced happily. “Now it’s time to begin the dance, with the Head Boy and Girl sharing the first dance.”

The Great Hall all broke into applause, while James looked around panicked.

“Oh no,” Sirius muttered, looking around, turned all the way in his seat.

James stood up, and searched for her dark red hair above the dark and light heads of Hogwarts students in the Great Hall. He spotted her running in from the entrance hall with May behind her. Her face was flushed, and she looked highly embarrassed. Everyone turned in their seats as she made her way down between the tables. May sat back down at her Ravenclaw seat and James heard Sirius groan.

Lily spotted him immediately, and gave him a small nervous smile. He smiled over at her, to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. She walked around the Ravenclaw table, and he walked around the Gryffindor table. When they were finally close enough, he held out his hand for her to take. He immediately knew where she had been. Her hand was cold from the outdoors, and her cheeks weren’t only flushed from embarrassment, but also from the cold.

He was also quick to notice that her small cold hand fit perfectly into his larger warm one, and she seemed to notice the same thing because she blushed harder.

“That was so embarrassing,” she muttered. He smiled, and gave her hand a squeeze.

“You’ll be fine, pretend that’s it’s just me and you.”


When they finally reached the dance floor, James placed his right hand on the small of her back, and held the other one out for her to hold on to. She placed her right hand on his left shoulder, and reached out her other hand to clasp onto his. She shivered pleasantly at the contact. Her nervousness ebbed away, as she stared into his intense blue gaze. He smiled down at her warmly. She smiled, and let her feet guide her instead of her brain. The music faded into oblivion, as she twirled on the dance floor, with James’s strong arms encompassing her. She could only see him, and feel his arms around her; no one else existed just then.

Her insides began to quiver when she noticed his head bending close to her face. She could feel his soft warm breath on her ear a moment later, and she shivered. Her skin began to tingle when she realized that one wrong move and his mouth would be on hers. She blushed at the thought.

“You are the most beautiful girl in this entire school. I hope you know that.”

She blushed a brighter red, and laid her head down on his shoulder in embarrassment, trying to hide her cherry red face from the student body. He wrapped his arms around her tighter, misinterpreting her motives. After a few uncomfortable moments for Lily, she began to relax into his embrace, and found that her eyes were becoming drowsy. She took her head off of his shoulder and looked up at him. He was smiling lazily. When he noticed her looking up at him, he glanced down, and gave her a large grin.

It was then that she noticed with a jolt that they weren’t the only ones on the dance floor anymore, and a different song was playing.

She didn’t care. She laid her head back down, nuzzling a bit to try and find a comfortable position on his shoulder. She felt James rest his head on top of hers a moment later, and she was slightly aware of them gently swaying to the music, unsure if it was slow or not, she really didn’t care. They stayed that way as the students milled around them on the dance floor.



Sirius turned slowly around from spooning punch into his plastic cup, and glared at the blonde that was making her way toward him. He cursed under his breath before regarding her.

“What do you want, Cindy?”

“To dance,” she giggled, twirling a blonde strand of hair around her index finger.

“Well forget it,” he said, taking a sip of his punch.

She grabbed his upper arm, and pulled him to the wall close to the punch bowl, her look of innocence replaced with a look screaming danger. “Look, Sirius, I have every intention of changing your mind.”

“Well, won’t you have a hell of time, since I have no intention of changing my mind,” he said nonchalantly, and taking another sip from his cup.

Cindy sighed frustratedly, “Sirius, What do you want me to do?”

It was Sirius’s time to be annoyed. “How about for one, leaving me alone?” he huffed, reaching back throw his empty punch cup in the garbage under the table.

“You know I can’t do that,” she said seductively, and running a highly manicured finger down the length of his chest.

“Why not?” he asked savagely, swiping her hand away from him.

Cindy glanced over his shoulder, and got an evil grin on her face. She looked back at him with the most innocent puppy dog eyes. She then suddenly grabbed Sirius behind the head, and pulled his lips to hers. Sirius was stunned for a moment, and just stood there like an idiot, his eyes wide open in horror, his back to the rest of the hall. He finally snapped out of it, after a moment of racing thoughts, and pushed her off of him.

“Get away! I don’t ever want to see you ever again! When will you get it through your head? Just leave me the hell alone, psycho-bitch!” Sirius shrieked, jumping away from her in disgust.

Cindy just smirked at him. “Your loss.”

He turned and stormed away, seething in anger, how dare she kiss him!

He didn’t know the impact of her words, but he would later.


May leaned against the table with the punch and cookies. Her eyes scanned the dance floor in boredom. She yawned, and looked down at her dress robes. They were perfect, just like they were ten minutes ago. She fingered patterns on the white cloth covering the table behind her. She couldn’t for the life of her fathom why Professor Dumbledore had found the need to have white table clothes, accented with gold to cover the table holding the red punch. She sighed, and leaned her weight on her right foot as opposed to her left. When was Lily going to stop dancing with James? She felt her eyes being magnetized toward where she’d last seen her friend, and sure enough, Lily was wrapped up in James’s arms.

She sighed, a slow grin spreading across her face, and watched him gently twirl her. Her head was on his shoulder, and if his head wasn’t right on hers, then it was staring at the top of her head adoringly. Lily was happier than she had been in a long time, she could tell by the look on her face. She enjoyed watching them, the funny thing was, was that they were so oblivious, that they didn’t seem to notice that they’d been dancing three dances straight, one of them a fast song.

Would her and Sirius ever have something like that? Probably not, he doesn’t even like me. She thought bitterly to herself.

She took one last glance at her happy friend, and turned toward the punch bowl. She didn’t even notice the looks most of the boys in the hall were giving her. She just chose not to. She noticed Cindy and Sirius in heated discussion. Her eyes narrowed in puzzlement, and she couldn’t help but walk a bit closer. She heard Sirius say ‘Well you’re going to have a hell of a time, since I have no intention of changing my mind.’ She stepped closer, ‘what was he not going to change his mind?’ She picked up a plastic cup and filled it with the sweet dark pink liquid. She took a sip, and turned to watch them, leaning her hip against the table.

Cindy looked over Sirius’s shoulder, and saw May watching, she grinned evilly. May watched in confusion as she looked back to Sirius, and gave him a sad puppy dog smile, like she was sorry for something. She pulled his face toward hers, and winked at May behind Sirius’s shoulder, before curling her long pink painted fingers around his shoulder. The bastard didn’t even move, didn’t even flinch. This bitch had hurt her! She had hurt her friend, and here he was kissing her. She felt her stomach drop harshly, feeling more betrayed then she ever had before. She had just started to like Sirius, in more than a friend way, she had trusted him, had opened up to him, and this was how he repaid her! By going out with her enemy!

She felt tears form behind her eyes. She flung her cup of punch down on the table, seeing red. The pink liquid splashed the tablecloth and everyone standing near her.

“Hey!” someone shouted at her.

“Bite me,” she growled, turning swiftly away from the horrific scene. If she had stayed just a few more moments, she would have seen Sirius push her away, or hear him yell at her and storm away. Instead she hiked up her skirt, so she could run with out tripping. She had to find Lily. Tears blinded her.

‘Why would he do this to me?’ her brain was screaming.

She saw a flash of green and red in her line of vision, and ran to her, almost tripping over her high heels.

“Lily!” she gasped, tears, and mascara cascading down her pretty face. “I want to leave now! Please, I can’t stay anymore.”

~~~~Before May~~~~

“Lily?” James’s soft voice broke through her thoughts. She lifted her head off of his shoulder, and looked at him. He smiled down at her. She tilted her head to the side to regard him.


“Lily, I….”


He sighed, and reached up to cup her cheek with his hand.

Her eyes widened, as he bent his head, and placed his lips gently on hers. An electric shock shot from his mouth to hers, and traveled down the their toes. His lips were soft and smooth as he gently moved them over hers. She shivered, as she felt James’s hand slide into her hair. She tentatively began to kiss him back. They stayed like that for minute, before Lily pulled back, looking at him nervously.

“James…I…I…I’m…so…sor-” however James rushed on, interrupting her thoughts:

“Lily…I…think…I…Know that …I’m falling…”

“Lily!” May stumbled in front of them, tears were running unchecked down her cheeks, and it was making her mascara run. Lily stepped awkwardly out of James’s embrace, and looked at her seemingly distraught friend, in shock. Whatever James was going to say, was going to have to wait.

“I want to leave now! Please, I can’t stay here anymore!” May shrieked desperately.

Lily turned to James with a sympathetic look, and reached up to place a kiss on his cheek.

“I’ll see you later James. I’m sorry I have to leave so quickly,” she whispered sincerely.

She turned to her friend, and wrapped a comforting arm around her shaking shoulder. “Come on, let’s go to the dorm. Then you can tell me what happened.”

May gave a dry sob, and nodded.

Lily lifted her skirt with her free hand, and maneuvered May toward the entrance doors.

When May and Lily reached the doors, Cindy noticed them, and ran over, her bright pink robes, standing out brightly in the sea of darker colored robes.

“Oh look, the little loser’s distraught because Sirius picked me,” Cindy said coldly. “Just admit it to yourselves, nothing between you and the Marauders would ever work out. They’re far to good for you,” Cindy sneered coldly, before wandering off.

Lily watched her in disgust. But she couldn’t help but wonder if she maybe had a point, nothing would ever work out, they were from different worlds. Was this what May was upset about? She hugged her friend tighter, and made her way to Gryffindor Tower.

They quickly changed, and Lily helped May wash her face, and get ready for bed. The girl could hardly stand up.

When they were finally all settled down, Lily sat down next to May, who was sitting under her covers, still crying. She put her arm around her friend, and let her put her head on her shoulder to cry on.

“She kissed him Lils,” she muttered quietly. Lily rubbed her shoulder.

“Who kissed who?” Lily asked.

“Cindy kissed Sirius, and he didn’t move!” She broke into loud sobs.

“You like him don’t you.” She felt May nod against her shoulders.

“Yes! I liked him a lot! I was even letting him get closer to me, and then he goes, and hurts me! Never again! Never!” Lily patted her friend’s arm.

‘Why did Sirius have to ruin it?’ She thought and frowned.

“And with CINDY! I hate her! I hate him!” She cried some more, until there were no more tears left to cry. “ He didn’t even move,” she whispered, swiping at her red puffy eyes. “He kissed the one girl that is my enemy, she hurt me, she hurt you! I can’t believe him! I knew something like this was going to happen! I should have kept my guards up!” she said ferociously. “I hate him.”