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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 9: Hogsmead, a fight, and opening up


The day of December 19 came quickly, a little too quickly for Lily and May if you asked either of them. Lily woke up at 8:30, and went over to May’s bed to shake her awake.

“Come on sleepy head, we have to go to Hogsmead,” Lily said sweetly.

“Why don’t you just go,” said May groggily, turning over in her bed.

“Oh no you don’t, you promised! Besides we have to get our dress robes for the ball,” Lily said, faking happiness.

May groaned, “do I have too?”

“Yes, now get up and take a shower.” Lily moved away from her bed, and picked up her robe and wand from her desk, and walked to the door.

“MAY, YOU BETTER BE UP WHEN I GET BACK FROM THE SHOWER!” Lily shrieked, swirling around in the doorway to glare at her friend.

“Ok already!” May sat up, and rubbed her eyes. She pushed the covers off her, glaring at Lily standing just outside the doorway. “Happy?”

“Very,” Lily said as she disappeared out the door.

“Sleep Nazi!” May said to the door.

“I heard that!” Lily shouted back.

May just grunted, and got out of bed. She picked up her own robe and wand and walked to the bathroom herself.


After the girls had taken a quick shower, and changed into some warm clothes, nothing flashy, just large sweaters, and a pair of jeans for both, they walked down to the common room. The Marauders seemed to have already left, and they were somewhat grateful, at least now they could have a girls day out. Lily pulled her long red hair back into a high ponytail, as did May. Her dark blue streaks standing out prettily on her shiny black hair. They looked casual; it wasn’t like they wanted to impress anyone.

They quickly left before Cindy and Alicia even woke up, and made their way down to the entrance hall, to wait for the carriages.

The line of students when down quickly, and the two girls climbed onto one of the eight large carriages.

They sat in silence the whole way there. The students that shared the carriage with them kept sending them questioning glances. Their eyes clearly saying ‘why are you going to Hogsmead.’ It made the two girls highly uncomfortable.

“Where do you want to go first, once we get there?” May asked, breaking the awkward silence, the whole carriage hanging on their every word.

“Um…we can get our robes, order the butterbeer, and head back, as quickly as we can,” Lily said nodding.

“Sound’s good to me,” May muttered glaring at the people in the carriage.

Finally the carriage stopped, and everyone got off.

“Gosh, I hate people staring, like we’re some kind of circus folk,” said May angrily.

“I know…it makes me…uncomfortable.”

“Me too. Robes for all occasions is that way,” said May, pointing in the direction of the small white building in the distance.

Lily let out a sigh, and began to walk. “Alright, let’s go, and besides,” she said, “we can get this over with.”

May opened the door to the little shop, and the little bell chimed above their heads. Lily and May looked around overwhelmed by the amount of dress robes on display. They saw a few other Hogwarts students shuffling through the sales racks looking for a robe for themselves.

“Where do we start? What do we do?” May asked Lily in awe.

“I have no idea,” Lily said slowly, looking around.

Suddenly, as if an answer to May’s question, a petite woman appeared in front of them. She looked to be around 18-19 and had short brown hair that just touched her shoulders, and brown eyes, under long eyelashes. There was a small amount of freckles dotting the area around her nose, making her look younger than she was.

“Hello, my aren’t you two lovely! I’ve seen pretty girls enter here before, but you two are simply stunning.” She smiled warmly at them.

Lily and May blushed, they liked this woman. “Thank you,” they said.

“My name is Amy, can I help you with anything? I assume you need dresses for the Christmas dance up at Hogwarts this year?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes, actually we are. Can you help us, we’ve actually never been shopping for dress robes before,” said May sheepishly.

“Never? Well of course I’ll help you.” She looked May up and down.

“Yes, I have the perfect thing for you, it would go well with your hair, and eyes.” She smiled at May, and led her and Lily toward the side of the shop, where dozens of beautiful dress robes hung along the walls. She pulled down a beautiful midnight blue dress. It was spaghetti strap and it flowed to the ground with silver gems across the top, and down the side. The silver gems were randomly placed on the right side of the dress. The hem of the dress was covered in silver gems, and was absolutely gorgeous. Lily sighed happily.

“I like it May, try it on. But does it have a coat or something, It’ll be cold,” Lily put in, looking up at Amy.

“Of course.” Amy got up on a ladder, and reached up above the hangers to pull down a beautiful silver cloak, with fleece lining. It looked light, and beautiful on the outside, and was warm and comfy on the inside. She handed the cloak to May, and stepped down off the ladder. “Now for shoes and jewelry.”

May looked at Amy worriedly. “Um…Amy, I’m not sure that I have enough money for jewelry.” May looked sheepish.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. You guys need jewelry to go with your dresses. I’ll let you borrow some, and you can give it back after the dance.” Amy smiled at them.

“Oh, Amy, you really don’t have to do that,” said May.

“Of course I do. I love to be of help.”

Lily didn’t know what to say. She followed Amy and May to the corner where all colors and styles of shoes were displayed. She picked out midnight blue high heels, just simple midnight blue heels.

“I think these will be perfect,” Amy said looking pleased. “Now let’s go try this on, and we want to see it when you’re done girl!” Amy said warmly. “Then we’ll start with your friend.”

Lily instantly felt bad, she hadn’t introduced herself.

“Oh, Amy I’m so sorry, we didn’t introduce ourselves, I’m Lily Evans, and she is May Delfin.”

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Lily and May, glad to make your acquaintance.”

Lily smiled, she liked Amy.

Amy walked over, and unlocked the door to the changing room, and let May in. “Now, May you come out and show us when you done,” Amy scolded. “I’m going to go find Lily a dress now,” she said shutting the door to the changing room. They heard the bolt on the other side of the door slip into place, and Amy turned back to Lily. She looked her up and down. “Green I think. You have very beautiful eyes, and your hair is lovely, I shall have fun picking out your dress,” Amy said happily, pocketing the ring of keys, and beginning to walk to the other side of store, opposite from where May’s dress was from.

They stopped at the circular rack, full of green dresses, every shade of green imaginable. She ran her finger over the rack, tutting softly. “What to do, what to do.” Her eyes stopped on a forest green dress. She pulled it off the rack, and lifted it up to Lily.

“Perfect, works lovely with your hair, and eyes.”

Lily examined the dress, it was lovely, had a tube top, top, so it had no sleeves. It had a high waist cut, right underneath her chest. The skirt of it was a dark forest green silk, like the rest of the dress and there was a shimmery sheer, lining over the dark silk skirt that formed a small train behind it. It was cut from the waist downward vertically, showing the dark silk skirt underneath. And there was a belt of gems all the way around the high waist. She loved it.

“Oh it’s lovely,” Lily gushed.

“Yes, that’s what I thought, Let’s try it on!” Amy said excitedly. “Wait, we need to find you a dark green cloak. Hmm,” She again stepped on the nearest ladder, and searched the top shelves for a green cloak. She searched for a few minutes before shouting,


Lily grew excited, as she handed down the cloak. It was the same thing as May’s cloak. It had a nice silk outside, with fleece on the inside to keep her warm.

“Ok, now for shoes.” She walked over to the shoe section, and picked out some simple forest green heels. “Perfect, ok lets try it on.”

She walked to the dressing rooms, and opened the door for Lily to enter.

“Thank you,” Lily muttered, as she shut the door closed.

“Oh don’t mention it, dear. I want to see it when you’re done. May, are you done yet?”

“Almost, I’ll wait until Lily’s out so I can see hers too.”

“Whatever floats your boat,” Amy said cheerfully.

A few minutes flew by, and Lily announced that she was done.

“Me too,” May replied.

“Well, come one out then!” Amy shouted happily.

The two doors opened, the two girls stepped out. Amy held her breath.

“You two are absolutely beautiful! You need to get those dresses! Your dates will be beside themselves with joy!”

“Actually, we don’t have dates,” Lily supplied, fixing the top of her dress robe.

Amy’s mouth fell open. “You don’t? How did two girls as pretty as you two not manage to find a date?” Amy asked nicely.

“We didn’t want one,” answered May, examining herself in the full body mirror.

Amy smiled, sitting in silence for a few minutes, examining their ensembles with her trained eye. Her eyes narrowed, and her head tilted to the side, as she watched them. Lily grew paranoid, and smoothed the creases out on the dress in the mirror. Finally, Amy’s eyes grew wide, and she burst into a smile.

“Wait, there’s something missing, with your dresses,” Amy said, “Oh!” She stood up and ran to the back room.

May and Lily shared a bewildered look.

“Lils you look great!” May said smiling.

“As do you!” Lily said, returning the smile.

Just then Amy came pelting back into the room, carrying long silver gloves, and a rectangular silver box.

“Here, put these on.” Amy handed May the gloves, and she took them her eyes shining happily. She slipped them up her arm. They reached just above her elbow. She smiled, as she turned to look at herself.

“Oh and Lily,” Amy walked over to where Lily was standing, “turn around.”

Lily turned, and waited. Amy opened the rectangular silver box, and pulled out a beautiful necklace. It was on a silver chain, and there was an emerald teardrop jewel on it. It was simple yet affective. She placed it around her neck, and clasped it on.

“Beautiful,” Amy said simply, admiring the necklace.

Lily fingered the necklace around her neck. She smiled.

“Thank you, Amy,” Lily said.

“It was nothing.” Amy waved it off.

“We’ll take them!” May said happily, twirling in the mirror. She took the cloak, and wrapped it around herself and sighed happily admiring herself in the mirror.

Amy smiled, “I’ll throw in the gloves, and the necklace for free.”

Lily smiled gratefully, “thanks Amy.”

Amy nodded.

“Now, get changed and come back out.”

May and Lily changed back into their casual wear quickly, and handed their purchases over to Amy.

“Ok, Do you want me to wrap these up for the ride home?”

“Yes please,” May said.

“Ok.” They watched as Amy wrapped, the Cloaks, Dresses, shoes, and accessories in brown paper, and placed them in large separate brown bags.

They paid for their purchases.

“You have to come back and visit me now! I want to know how the ball went.” Amy smiled at them.

May and Lily nodded happily. “Of Course Amy, we’ll see you around.”


The bell chimed shut behind them. It wasn’t snowing out, but it was bitterly cold.

“I liked her,” Lily said.

“Yea, she was cool. I love my new dress.”

“See it wasn’t so bad,” Lily laughed.

“I guess not,” replied May smiling.

“What do you say we go get a butterbeer for ourselves, while we order some for the party tonight. We were in there for two hours, I could use a little relaxation.”

“Ok,” May readily agreed. They made their way to the door of the Three broomsticks and opened the door.

A blast of warm air assaulted them as they stepped into the warm pub. Christmas decorations adorned the walls and ceiling. The singing nutcrackers stopped singing long enough to whistle at them as they walked past them to the bar. May glared at the small figures and situated herself as far away from them as she could.

“What are those things?” she asked, clearly disturbed, and glancing over her shoulder periodically at the catcalling nutcrackers. Lily giggled as she looked at them.

“Christmas cheer, May!”

“If that’s what you call it,” said May with a look of disgust on her face.

Madam Rouge looked over, and smiled at them, before coming over.

“Hello there, I don’t believe I’ve seen you in here ever,” she said smiling at the two girls.

“We don’t normally come down to Hogsmead,” said May.

“Well, then you should have some of this.” She walked away and quickly returned with two tankards of foaming butterbeer.

“Thank you,” Lily said shyly. “Actually, I was wondering, we’re having a party tonight, back at the school, and I have to pick up the butterbeer, do you think I can get some to take back with me?”

“Of course, I’ll get you two containers before you leave.” She smiled, and walked away, her heels clicking on the stone ground over the chattering of Hogwarts students in the pub.

“Well, that was easy,” muttered May, sipping her butterbeer. “Ahh, this stuff is heavenly,” she said, a blissful expression flitting across her face.

Lily smiled, as she took a sip, and felt the warm sweet liquid flow down her throat.

“Lils!” a deep voice shouted from behind her, “what are you doing in here?”

Lily turned around, and was face to face with James Potter. She sighed, and looked up at him.

“I came to get the butterbeer, remember?” She smiled.

James grinned back. “Of course, come and sit with us,” he said hopefully.

She looked at May, who lifted her shoulders in an ‘I don’t care’ shrug.

Lily stood up, keeping a firm grasp on her tankard with one hand, and bending down to grab her brown back with the other, before following James to the table of three more rowdy boys. May walked slowly behind her, sipping her butterbeer.

“May! Lily! What are you doing here?” Remus asked happily.

“Had to get dress robes, and we had to pick up the butterbeer,” Lily said as she situated herself in the seat between Sirius and James. She dropped her bag under the table, and then turned to James. “You did get food didn’t you?”

“Yep,” he answered, smiling at her.


May sat down next to Sirius, and continued to sip her butterbeer.

“So, you bought dress robes? Can I see them?” James asked.

“No, they’re all wrapped up all nicely, and I don’t fell like having to wrap them up again,” Lily said.

James chuckled, “OK.”

“Oh, but you can see this!” Lily said excitedly. She bent over and dove into the big brown bag at her feet. Sirius leaned over curiously. James stretched his arm out, and rested it around her chair. When Lily finally retrieved what she’d been looking for, she came up red faced, and glowing. She held a rectangular silver box in her hands. She opened it, and held it in front of her, so both Sirius and James both could have a look.

“Isn’t it pretty? Amy gave it to me for free because it went well with my robes,” Lily said excitedly.

“Yes, it is,” James said glancing at the necklace, then back at her face. “Who’s Amy?” he asked.

“The nice girl who sold us the dresses,” Lily said happily.

James noticed that she was exceptionally happy today, and he loved it.

She snapped the necklace box shut, and stuffed it back into her bag, and took a long sip from her butterbeer. His arm never left the back of her seat.

“What color are your dresses?” James asked.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Lily teased, her face shining.

James chuckled.

“I’m done,” said May quickly.

Lily looked over at May, and noticed that she was motioning that she wanted to leave. Lily frowned; she was doing it, pushing people away.

“In a minute May, I’m almost done with mine.”

“Where are you guys going?” James asked.

“Um…to pick up the butterbeer, then back to Hogwarts.”

“But it’s only 12:00,” James said glancing at his watch on his free hand.

“Yes, I know that, but someone has to get ready for the party tonight.”

“We have six hours,” James pleaded.

“Yes, I know, but I plan on finishing up some homework, I have to clean the common room, and set up decorations, like the Christmas tree and what not,” Lily said.

Lily took her last sip of butterbeer, and stood up. “I’m going to get the butterbeer now, so, I’ll see you later.” She turned, and began to walk in the direction May was going, but then she turned back. “Oh and James,” he looked up hopeful, “try to be back around 4:30-5 o’clock.” Lily smiled at him, and turned toward the back rooms.


He nodded vaguely, watching her disappear in the back room, her long red ponytail bouncing on her back as she walked. He felt his stomach flip flop, and he couldn’t tare his eyes away from where she had just been.

He remembered what he’d felt when he had noticed her by the bar. He stomach had dropped, and all the voices around him had faded to nothing. He had fought for breath, he wanted to get up and walk to her, but he didn’t know what he was going to say. He had felt his legs stand, and begin to walk toward her.

He put his head into his hands, and shook it. ‘I’m not falling for Lily, I’m not falling for Lily, I don’t need to hear her beautiful voice, or see her gorgeous face. She doesn’t make my heart race or my stomach develop butterflies whenever she walks into a room.’

You’re fighting a losing battle.

“James, James, Prongs!” Sirius waved a hand in front of his friend. “Jaaaaaaaaaaames, Lily’s coming back.”

James instantly came out of his trance and looked around for the redheaded beauty, it had become instinct. Even when he entered a room, that he knew she wasn’t in, he would scan the area, just in case.

Sirius burst into laughter. “Oh Prongsie,” he laughed, “come on, let’s go to Zonkos,” Sirius said laughing.

The boys got up, and walked out the door after paying for their butterbeers. James looked over his shoulder once, before following his friends out into Hogsmead.


“Why did you want to leave so quickly while we were back there?” Lily asked May, as they waited for the butterbeer.

“No reason,” said May nonchalantly.

“Sure,” Lily said with a smirk.

Just then Madam Rouge came in, dragging two huge containers of butterbeer.

“Here you are.”

“Thank you, is there a way to shrink them so we don’t have to drag them all the way back to Hogwarts?” Lily asked.

“Yea, hold on.” She disappeared for a moment, and returned with her wand. She muttered something, and flicked her wrist at the two bottles. They shrank to pocket sized.

Lily and May smiled in relief.

“Thank you so much, um…what’s the spell to enlarge it?” Lily asked.

“Finite incantium,” Madam Rouge said smiling, and left the two girls standing there.

“Ok, let’s go.” Lily picked up one, and May the other, and stuffed them in their pockets.

They went out the back door of the Three Broomsticks, and walked back to the carriages, they were to take students back when they wanted to leave, so Lily and May climbed on one, thankfully, no one else was on it.

They chatted happily about their purchases, and Lily asked May to help her set up. May agreed.

When they finally reached the school, the girls climbed down from the carriage, and ran into the warmth of the castle.

“Back so early?” The two girls were face to face with Professor Dumbledore.

“Yes, we just had some errands to run,” Lily said smiling.

Professor Dumbledore smiled back.

“Yes, of course, for the party I dare say?”

“Yes,” Lily replied.

“Well, I’ll let you to it then,” Professor Dumbledore said as he disappeared around the corner.

The first thing they did when they got back to the common room was evacuate the first and second years.

“I’m sorry to have to do this to all of you, you all have to leave. I’ve got a lot of work to do.” The students, either left scowling, or ran up to their dorms.

Finally when the common room was empty, they enlarged the butterbeer, and dragged it out of the way.

Then they got to decorate.

Finally after red and green streamers, thousands of ornaments, four ponytail holder breaks, five times tripping over the side of the couch. Not to mention five hours of cleaning, and moving tables around, to make room for food, a dance area, and a place to just sit and chat, it was finally 4:45.

Lily and May sank down on the couch near the window now, and sighed. Lily hoped James would show up soon with the food, so she could arrange it, get the music from his room, and be done with the whole thing, and retreat to her dorm.

When they heard the portrait hole open, Lily looked up tiredly from her position on the couch, she noticed that May had fallen asleep next to her, her hair coming out of the ponytail holder, and smudges of dirt lining her face. Lily guessed she must look somewhat like she did right now. She looked up at the Marauders, who had just entered.

“Thank God you’re here,” Lily sighed, pushing May’s head off her shoulder and onto the back of the couch, before standing up.

James stared at her with a smirk on his handsome face. “Someone’s been busy,” he said amused.

She glared at him. He walked over to her, and reached his hand up to whip the dirt from her cheek with his thumb. She stared into his blue eyes.

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry about it,” James smiled, dropping his hand.

“Do you have the food?”

“Yep.” He pulled out five bags of miniature chips, with dip, and six miniature bottles of pop, from his pockets. Then Sirius pulled out seven miniature bags of sweets. They placed all of it on the table, and muttered “finite incantium”, and the chips, pop, and sweets, became normal sized.

“Good, now go get your music player,” Lily said.

“Ok.” James took off up the stairs at top speed.

Lily turned to pour the chips, and sweets into the bowls that she had put out hold them, and put a stack of Styrofoam cups next to the bottles of pop. She sighed tiredly.

Sirius walked over, and sat down next to the sleeping May. Remus helped Lily with the food, and Peter stood around uncomfortable.

James came bounding down the stairs again with a magical music player. It didn’t need electricity, all you had to do was say what you wanted to listen to, and it would instantly play it. If you wanted to change the volume, you’d say louder or softer, but it only responded to James’s voice, since it was his. So only he could change the music.

James placed it on the table next to Sirius and May’s couch.

“Ok done.”

“Thank God,” Lily said, and turned to get May. “Hey Sir, can you wake her up, I’m going to go up and take a shower.”

“I thought you weren’t coming to the party?” James asked, leaning on the table that held the music player with his arms crossed over his chest, and his eyebrows raised in question.

“I’m not, I just don’t want to sit in my own filth, unlike some people I know,” Lily teased.

“What was that?” James asked, coming out of his position, and taking a step toward her.

“Nothing,” Lily said sweetly.

He reached out, and began to tickle her highly sensitive sides.

“Stop!” she laughed, turning away from him, so that her back faced him.

“Never!” James laughed, continuing his attack.

“Remus! Sirius! Help!” she shouted wriggling under his hands.

They just laughed, and watched. James managed to turn her around to face him, and wrestled her to the ground. He pinned her arms above her head, and perching on her stomach, an expression of victory lighting up his eyes.

“Uh huh, see you can’t get up,” he said, holding her down.

Suddenly, with a quick motion, that everyone missed, James was lying on his back, with Lily perched on his stomach.

“Now see who can’t get up?” Lily said laughing.

“Ok, Ok, you win,” James said laughing.

“As always.” She stood up, and handed out her hand to help him up.

When she touched his hand, and electric current shot through her arm to his. They stared at each other, before Lily broke the awkwardness, and took her hand back.

“Ok, well, I’m going to scrape the grim off my body, especially now,” she grinned teasingly, and reached out to squeeze James’s arm.

James smiled, and watched her disappear up the stairs.

When he turned around, he was met with three curious faces, and one scared one.

May had woken up, and was watching him peculiarly. Sirius had an expression of amusement, and Remus smirked knowingly, while Peter stared at James wide-eyed.

“I’m with her, I need to take a shower, I feel gross,” May said, breaking the silence.

Sirius laughed, as she disappeared up the stairs.

Lily and May took long hot showers, letting the warm water soothe them. Lily finished first, and dried off. She ran to her dorm, and pulled out a large sweatshirt with a hood, that was five times too big for her. The sweatshirt reached down to her knees, but she loved it, it was so comfortable. She also put on pair of huge string sweat pants, and dried her wet hair. It flowed down her back, fanning out around the hood. She sat down on her bed, cross-legged, and waited for May to return. She picked up her book from beside her bed, and opened it to the page she was reading.

May came in a few minutes later, her hair already dried.

“Hey, don’t you look comfy?” May said with a smile. She wore blue plaid pj bottoms, and a dark blue sleep shirt.

“Where’s my sweatshirt?” May asked, looking behind her desk. Lily just smiled, and put her book down.

“Try in your bed.”

May’s head lifted from behind the desk with an embarrassed smile. She walked over to her bed, and lifted up the covers. Her hand disappeared beneath the sheets.

“Ahh there it is. I just had the elves clean it, must have forgot to put it away,” May said.

Lily laughed.

They heard voices, and feet come in through the portrait hole.

“And it begins,” May whimpered, throwing herself dramatically down on the bed, her sweatshirt clutched tightly in her hand.

“Yes,” Lily said nodding mournfully, “and I have to keep it in line, because I know James won’t.”

May just smiled, and shook her head. “Come on I want to spy,” said May, sitting up, and tugging the sweatshirt over her head.

Lily got up, and walked over to where May now standing, and trying to pull her hair out of her neck of her sweatshirt. “I have to see what’s going on anyway.”

They left the room, but stayed in the darkened corridor.

The party seemed to be in full swing. May made an annoyed sigh, and looked around the room. First years and up were in clumps around the room, giggling, and staring at members of the opposite sex. Many were fidgeting uncomfortably, and some select few were eating, or dancing. The Marauders occupied the couch. James was staring off into space, while Alicia tried to get him to let her sit on his lap. He kept scowling at her, and pushing her away. While Cindy, situated herself in the space next to Sirius, sitting as close to him as possible, but he was busy talking to Remus and Peter, and was completely ignoring her. Until he finally cracked, he stood up towering above her, and glared down at her.


She frowned and looked up at him, and pouted her red lips.

“I’ll change your mind Sirius Black.” She stood up so her face was inches from his. She ran a finger down the length of his face. “I can be very persuasive.”

“I can’t watch this,” said May quietly from behind her. Lily and May were halfway up the stairs, when they stopped, and heard the next statement.

“So, where is the head girl?” Alicia asked with disgust. “She planned the whole thing, and now she’s too afraid to come?” Cindy and her laughed. “What a loser.”

Lily felt tears rush to her eyes. She didn’t want to hear more, she flew up the stairs past May, and slammed the door before May could get a word in.

May turned angrily on the staircase. She made her way into the common room.

When she entered, she found Alicia on the floor, where she should be. She stood in the doorway for a moment, just seething.

“You bitches! If you so much as lay a finger on her head, I’ll make you wish you’d never came to Hogwarts!” James screamed at them, his face bright red with rage.

May walked over to Alicia, and held a hand out for her. The entire room went silent. They all noticed May, and the Marauders stood up, ready to help May if she needed it. Alicia looked at her hand, before standing up on her own. May swung her fist back and punched Alicia in the face as hard as her fist would let her. She fell to the ground, again, clutching her eye. May stepped back and watched her eye swell.

May felt a sting behind her eye, and her eyes began to well. “You hurt my friend, now I have to hurt you.”

Alicia stood up and charged at May. “You BITCH!” She tackled May to the ground, and started to punch anything she could find, but May kicked her, and bit her arm causing her to shriek in pain.

Suddenly a sad tear filled voice sounded from the stairs.

“May! Stop! I don’t want to have to turn you in.” May felt Alicia be lifted away from her from somebody. She reached up, and touched her swollen lip; there was blood on her hand when she pulled it away.

“Damn it!” shrieked May. She was being lifted up from under her arms, and she noticed that the arms that hauled her up snaked around her waist and across her shoulders tightly, to hold her back from Alicia. She looked behind her and saw it was Sirius.

He looked down at her worriedly, A sixth year held Alicia back from killing May. May just glared at her.

“May.” May looked up, to see Lily standing on the stairs tears running down her cheeks. “I appreciate that you stood up for me, but I’m not worth getting hurt for.”


James stood rooted for a moment, his head spinning, he stared up at the crying Lily, and his heart wrenched unpleasantly. He didn’t want anything to hurt her, while he was in power to stop it. He walked slowly to her side, and looked up into her big, hurt green eyes. Everything around him dimmed into insignificance, as he put his arm around her, and slowly turned her in the direction of her dorm. “I’m sorry you heard her,” he muttered, as he reached up and stroked a silky lock of her hair that was falling into her watery eyes.


“I’m going up,” May spat, and jerked herself out of Sirius’s grasp. She ran up the stairs after Lily. When she opened the door, she poked her head in, and walked cautiously over to where Lily and James were sitting. He was rubbing her back, whispering something to her.


Lily looked up, with red eyes. She gave a weak smile, and held out her arms.

May walked over, and hugged her friend. “I can’t stand when people hurt my best friend.”

“I know, thank you, but don’t do it again.”

May gave a weak chuckle, and stepped back.

Lily brought her wand out, and placed the tip on her fat, bloody lip. She muttered a spell, and the blood was gone, and the cut was cleaned. Her bruises were still visible, and would have to remain so; there was no spell known to cure bruises.

There was a knock on the door, and it opened slowly. Sirius stepped in, and walked over to May.


“I just wanted to tell you that I’m not going to the ball with Cindy. I told her so just now,” Sirius said looking at her. He turned, and headed for the door.

“Hey Sirius?”

He turned. She ran to him, and hugged him tightly burying her head in his chest. “Thanks,” she mumbled.

He was in semi shock for a moment, but wrapped his arms around her waist. He smiled, and pulled her tighter to him. He sighed happily, until he felt May pull away.

He smiled, “no problem.”

He chanced a look over at James, who was watching Lily worriedly. She seemed to have stopped crying, but James continued to rub her back, and whisper in her ear soothingly.

James loved Lily, you could just tell by the way he was treating her.

Maybe he loved May? What he felt when he saw Alicia hit May, was indescribable, he never wanted to hit girl in all his life, but when he saw May getting hurt, Remus almost had to hold him back. Is that love?

He turned reluctantly, and left the room. He wasn’t going back to the party; he didn’t feel much like partying right now.


May watched him leave with a smile on her face. She didn’t want to fall for Sirius Black, but that was getting harder with everyday. She sighed, and turned back to James and Lily. She’d deal with Sirius later.

“Don’t listen to them, they don’t know you. You’re sweet, and pretty, and worth ten thousand of them combined. They have no right to get you down. Don’t let them get to you. I won’t let them destroy you,” James said seriously, as he grabbed her hand, and gave it a squeeze.

May sat down on the other side of Lily, and looked at her.

“James’s right, you’re so much better than them. They have no right to get Lily down!”

May shared a look with James, who wrapped his arm around Lily’s waist, May did the same, and they both hugged Lily tightly.

“Don’t worry about them, James and me combined took care of them.”

Lily gave a laugh, “that’s true. They’re probably worse off than me right now, what with one of them liking James.”

James gave a hard laugh, and her waist a light squeeze.

“Which she won’t ever have,” James said with strong disgust.

“And having a fat lip.”

“Don’t forget black eye,” supplied May.

Lily laughed, “of course.”

May smiled, and stood up.

“Well, I’m going to go finish my homework in the library, since I see that your feeling better, I still need to finish it. I’ll be back later.”

Lily smiled, and nodded to her.

James smiled, as he watched May disappear out into the corridor. He could still hear the party downstairs, but he was perfectly happy with staying up here with Lily. Lily crawled onto the bed, resting her back against the headboard. James also backed up, and joined her on the headboard. He put his arm around her shoulders, and relaxed against it smiling lazily.

James’s head was mixed up with thoughts; something was nagging his brain. He wanted to know if she would tell him about her sister if he asked.

“Lily, do you have any siblings? Tell me about your family,” James started. He watched the top of her head.

“I don’t know if I should tell you,” Lily said quietly.

“Lils, whatever’s bothering you, you need to get it off your chest. I promise you can trust me, aren’t I your friend.”

“My best, besides May,” Lily said quietly.

James felt his heart flutter at being called her other best friend.

“See, you can tell me.” He rubbed her upper arm soothingly.

She began to talk quietly, her voice dripping with sadness.

“Well, to start with, yes, I have a sibling, who hates me.” She paused, and looked up at him cautiously. He hugged her warm body to his side tighter, as she brought up the painful memories. “I love my parents, with all my heart and they love me back, but I can’t live in the same house as my sister.”

For the next hour, Lily talked, quietly retelling the painful memories, sometimes she would cry, and James would hold her tighter. Others she would get angry. James just listened with sympathy. She went from when her best friend in the entire world had turned her back on her when she’d first received her acceptance letter, to the terms her and Petunia parted on when she left for May’s house that summer. She also told about the torture the entire school had put on her, and how hard it made life for her.

Finally, Lily wore herself out, and fell asleep on James’s shoulder, dry tear tracks standing out from the pale on her cheeks.

He looked down at her with worried eyes. He gently stroked her hair, and back. He had no idea that she’d suffered as much as she did, and he was determined to make sure that she’d suffer no more.

“She must trust you,” said May quietly, as she walked into the room. James picked up a strand of Lily’s vibrant hair, and played with it between his thumb and forefinger.

“How long have you been there?” James asked looking up at May.

“I came by about an hour after I left to get my new ink bottle, and I heard her talking. I’m surprised that she opened up to you, she must really trust you to let you know her horrible private life.”

“She’s been through a lot,” James said quietly. “I want to protect her as much as I can,” he said as he looked down at the sleeping girl in his arms.

“But you can’t be there always,” May said sympathetically.

“I can try to be.”

May looked at him, and instantly knew he cared for Lily, if he didn’t he would have stuck around to hear her personal life, and then be comforting her afterwards.

He looked at the clock, and gasped, it was 12:00 A.M.

“I should go to bed.” He gently lifted her up, and had lifted the covers of her bed. He slipped her in gently, and tucked her in. She quietly whimpered, and snuggled into the blankets. He looked down at her face briefly, before pushing a strand of hair away from her eyes, and bending over to kiss her forehead.

“Good night, Lady Lily,” he said quietly, so May wouldn’t hear him. “Sweet dreams.”

May smiled as he stood up straight, and waved goodbye to her, and left their dorm, closing the door behind him.

After he was gone, May crawled into bed, and pulled her covers up to her nose. ‘Today was the longest day of my life.’ She thought before falling off to sleep.


When James returned back to his dorm his head was reeling with thoughts. He couldn’t stop thinking about how much Lily’s sister hurt her. How could anyone hurt someone that innocent, intentionally? He rubbed his tired eyes as he stepped into his dorm.

“Were you with Lily and May all night?” Sirius asked from his bed.

“Lily, yes, May, no, I just saw May about two minutes ago, she went down to do her homework in the library,” James said as he changed into his pjs.

“Oh?” Sirius asked, looking down at his comforter deep in thought. He quickly snapped out of it, and looked at James. “How’s Lily?”

“She’s asleep, she’ll be fine,” James said sadly.

“How was May?”

James gave him an odd look. “Fine.”


James crawled into his warm bed, and found sleep didn’t come easy. He stayed up most of the night, and into the early morning thinking about Lily. He just needed to be with Lily, physically, and emotionally, it was getting worse.