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The Unexpected: A Lily and James Story! by Emms16

Format: Novel
Chapters: 36
Word Count: 168,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Romance
Characters: James
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/13/2002
Last Chapter: 06/19/2003
Last Updated: 08/24/2005


Chapter 4: The Ride back

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Lily stepped through platform 9 ¾ following May, and sighed heavily as she stopped. She stared at the large red steam engine, lost in thought. This was her last year. Her last time coming to school on the Hogwarts Express. The thought somewhat saddened her. Hogwarts had been her home for seven years. It had saved her from facing her sister, but then again, would Petunia have acted different if Lily had never been a witch. Truthfully, she didn’t care, she was happier living as a witch. It was what she was, and would always be. Even if she hadn’t gone to Hogwarts, she would have still had magical blood in her veins, things like that can’t be prevented.

May tugged Lily’s sleeves toward the train. Lily picked up her pace to keep up with her impatient friend.

“So Lils, do I get to sit with you in the head compartment?” May asked grinning hopefully.

Lily smiled and nodded.

“Of course, you don’t think I’d go by myself would you?” Lily asked. “Besides I’m not even sure I’m going to sit there.” May tilted her head and looked at Lily with a frown.

“Why not?” May asked, pouting her bottom lip. “I bet it’s amazing!” May said happily.

Lily regarded her friend as she climbed onto the train. “Well…I suppose we could.” Lily said looking at May with curiosity. “But let’s change into our robes first.”

“Good, ok.” She watched May break into a huge smile.

They quickly found the small bathrooms, and took turns changing into their Hogwarts robes. Lily pinned her Head Girl badge on her robes before they began to make their way toward the head compartments.

Lily sighed, and clicked her tongue nervously on the top of her mouth.

The only reason for Lily’s first hesitation was because she was somewhat frightened of James Potter, and his friends, well, except Remus. They were a very intimidating bunch. She just couldn’t figure out why someone as popular as James Potter would want to be friends with her, she wasn’t sure she trusted him yet. And she was certain that James, and his pals would certainly be there.

The only thing this thought did for Lily was make her nervous. When she thought about talking to James, it was a whole lot worse than it actually was. She looked at her feet, and followed May down the narrow corridors of the train, toward the head compartment.

When they reached the narrow door, that looked more like a cubbyhole then the door to the head compartment, it was used to deceive wandering people. Lily said the password, and the door clicked open. May swung the door open, and took a step into the large room.

There was silence for a moment. Lily fidgeted for a moment, and bit her bottom lip.


P.O.V. switch.

James sat playing chess with Remus on the compartment floor. The head compartment, that James had so graciously let Sirius, Remus, and Peter stay in, was huge. To say the least. It had a wide spacious center room, with a center table, where James and Remus had propped up their game. It had a mini fridge, and a bathroom. There were large, red, squashy couches on either side of the large room. The colors where decidedly Gryffindors colors, since both of the head students were of Gryffindor. Nobody could just walk in either, so it was assured privacy. Only the head people could get in, with the password.

On one of the large squashy couches on the right, lay Sirius. He was facing James and Remus. He was watching Remus beat James, as usual, and making side comments, some appreciated some not so appreciated.

Peter occupied the other couch. He sat there quietly, not saying anything, seemingly deep in thought.

“Prongs! That was crappy move!” Sirius bellowed.

“Well, excuse me Padfoot, but who’s playing here?” James asked beginning to feel annoyed with his friend.

Sirius shook his head, and leant back into his pillows again, obviously too bothered by James’s poor choice of moves.

“Hey guys, are you going to you coming to the shrieking shack next week? I can’t take it alone anymore.” Remus asked quietly.

“Course, we did this for you didn’t we? Why would we have become animagi if we had no intention of transforming?”

Just then, the door to the compartment slid open. The boys immediately shut their mouths, and stared at the opening with wide eyes. They sighed in relief when they all saw a tall girl with long black hair, with dark blue highlights, and stormy gray eyes. They stared for a moment, gaining their train of thought again. Finally, Sirius managed a weak,


May regarded them, before making a quiet reply.

“Oh, hello, I completely forgot that James was head boy, and that you’d probably be here,” she said quietly. “ I’m sorry for interrupting, but I just wanted to see the compartment, and since Lily’s head girl…” She drifted off as her gaze shifted to the mini fridge in the corner.

“OHHH Look at this! LILY!” May said delighted. Sirius raised his eyebrows in amusement. He’d never seen someone get that enthused over a mini fridge. He smiled, thinking it was cute.

Lily rolled her eyes at her friend. May could be so silly sometimes. She was surprised she wasn’t more embarrassed.

James stared at the girl in the entrance to the compartment. The petite redhead stood awkwardly in the entrance. She wore her school robes, and pinned to them was her head girl badge, just like James had on, only his badge read head boy. Her hair had lengthened a bit, just tumbling past her shoulder blades. Her green eyes were sparkling. She seemed happier than she ever was, and it somehow lightened his heart. He smiled warmly at her, trying to ease her tension.

She gave him a smile back, closing the mini door behind her, and took a step into the room.

“Hello,” she said quietly.

“Hello, Lily.” Remus and James said together.

“How was your summer? Come talk to me.” James said patting the empty floor next to him.

She hesitated slightly before deciding that she didn’t want to be rude. She sat down cross-legged next to him. Their knees brushed, causing Lily to move away slowly, so they were no longer in contact.

“It was fine, I guess, normal.” She said, forcing a happy smile.

“Did you go anywhere, besides May’s?” He asked trying to break the ice.

She smiled sadly, pushing a strand of fiery red hair behind her ear. She was so pretty; James smiled, as her emerald eyes met his blue ones.

“Nope, my summer was pretty boring, up until I went to stay at May’s last week.” She seemed uneasy with this topic, and James grew confused, and worried. “What did you do?” she asked him, trying to lighten the talk.

He broke into a huge smile. “Well as I told you in that letter, I went to Remus’s for a week, and then Sirius’s for two, like always. Do you like quidditch?” he asked looking her in the eyes.

She felt uncomfortable with him inspecting her so closely, but she lifted her hands, to make a ‘kinda’ motion. “Somewhat, I love to fly, and brooms fascinate me. I’m not big on trying to catch a quaffle, or snitch, while in mid air, or having huge metal balls pelt at you trying to knock you off your broom.” She scrunched up her nose for effect.

James laughed. “If you love to fly, do you own a broom?” he asked.

Lily looked down. “No, I can’t really afford one by myself, my parents don’t understand what a broom is, and they find it dangerous. Gosh I would love one though!” Lily said with a dreamy expression on her face.

James smiled. She had been unknowingly giving him clues to who she was, from her love of flying, and her desire for a broom, to how fiery her temper can be when she’s being ignored or laughed at, like in Quality Quidditch Supplies. He liked it more and more, and was craving to learn more, so he could somehow be there for her, and understand her. He was so close; he could hardly wait to find out more about the beautiful mystery.

“Hey May! What in the hell are you doing?” Sirius asked. Cutting through their conversation.

May’s head whipped around, and she stared at Sirius with a glare that could cut glass.

“What’s it to you? Go back to not paying attention.” May said, turning her pretty face back into the interior of the fridge.

She was sitting on the floor, in front of the mini fridge. Her legs spread out, stretched straight out in front of her. Her wand poised at the interior of the fridge.

Lily bit back a giggle.

James was watching her. Her eyes widened with amusement when she looked over at May, and he saw her raise a small pale hand to cup her mouth, like she was about to laugh.

May then turned toward Lily.

“Hey Lils, come here, I wanna show you something.”

Lily stood up, and walked toward May, James’ eyes following her as she walked.

Lily crouched down next her on the floor, looked into the fridge.

In the fridge was a small clear ball, filled with whitish fog, the inside fog was swirling.

“What is that?” Lily asked.

“I don’t know what it’s called, but look at this.” She tapped her wand on the ball, and whispered, ‘Malfoy.’

The swirling changed direction, and began to swirl faster and faster, until through the misty swirl, the face of Luciuis Malfoy appeared. He was sitting in a compartment with his best friend Severus Snape, a tall very greasy boy, with shoulder length black hair.

“Ugh…He’s so gross.” Lily whispered, with a slight giggle.

“What do you think this is?” May asked, looking at Lily questioningly.

“Well since we are in the head peoples compartment, it’s probably to show when people are miss behaving.” Lily said smartly.

“Good thinking, I didn’t even think of something like that.” May whispered back.

“Hey you two, what are you whispering about?” Remus asked. The two girls jumped at the unexpected voice.

Lily and May slammed the fridge shut with a bit too much force, making a loud sound that made Lily cringe. They didn’t know why they shut it so quickly; it’s not like they were hiding something.

Lily and May looked at each other, before cracking up. They were laughing so hard, that they were holding their sides, trying to stop laughing. Things ‘like this is so silly!’ and ‘This is so embarrassing!’ raced through Lily’s head, but she couldn’t stop, it felt to good.

She grabbed May’s shirt, and pulled her toward the door to the compartment.

“Going… to find…food.” A red faced Lily managed.

James stared after them in awe, and confusion as the door shut behind them.

“What was that?” Sirius asked.

“No idea.” James replied, not looking at Sirius.

“I’m going to see what’s in the fridge.” Remus got up and practically ran to the mini fridge followed by James and Sirius. What they saw only confused them. There was a small ball, with a white misty fog, swirling fastly within it.

Remus crouched down, and picked it up. He looked at it closely.

“It’s a sight ball, kinda like a remembrall.” Remus said with a smile.

“Right,” Sirius said, as he walked away.

“What does it do?” James asked confused.

“It allows you to see anyone you want. If you touch your wand to it, and say the name of the person you want to see, it will show you what they are doing right at that moment.” Remus explained. “ I assume, since that it’s in the head compartment, it’s for your and Lily’s use, to catch people miss behaving.” Remus said, as he placed the small ball in James hand.

“I wonder who they were looking at to make them laugh.” James muttered smiling. Remus shrugged, and walked back to the couch were Sirius was sitting, and promptly pushed him off.

“Hey Moony, What the hell!” Sirius shrieked, pushing Remus off the couch in an effort to retaliate, they fought for a good five minutes, James didn’t pay any attention to it.

He took his wand from his pocket, and placed the tip of it on the top of the ball.

“Lily,” he whispered so only he could hear. The white mist swirled to form the figure of Lily, she was standing next to May, holding some cauldron cakes, and a glass of pumpkin juice, and there was someone else was there.

His anger shot up.

It was Malfoy!

He dropped the ball into the pocket of his robes, along with his wand, and stormed out of the compartment. ‘He better not say anything to her! Or he’ll pay!’

“Hey James!” Sirius shouted after his friend, but James ignored him.

He ran down the hallway, ‘why was Malfoy constantly picking on Lily? Was it because she was too innocent? James was going to make sure that stopped.

When he arrived though he was too late, and instantly felt guilty. Malfoy was already finished. Lily stood, back straight, next to May, Malfoy in front of her.

“Have a nice day mudblood.” James heard Malfoy say. He walked away toward James, his black robes billowing out around his legs.

“Potter.” He nodded, giving him a cold smirk, while walking past.

James wanted to whip the smirk from his smug, ugly face. James glared at his back. He ripped himself out of his murderous rage reluctantly, and made his way toward Lily and May.

When he reached them, May was hugging Lily, while Lily tried to pull away.

“Honestly I’m fine!” Lily choked.

“Lily, are you ok?” James asked soothingly.

May released her, and looked at her sympathetically.

“Good Lord! I’m fine, I swear. Let’s go back to the compartment.” May frowned, but followed her stubborn friend, leaving James behind to think.

That was the second time Malfoy’s called her mudblood, so she could hear, and she wasn’t saying anything about it, the only thing that pissed her off, was if someone told her, her family didn’t want her. Maybe that’s what’s always bothering her, she feels unloved. If that was the case, James felt horrible. He was determined to find out, and help her, now more then ever.

When he reentered the compartment, he looked right where Lily and May were sitting on the couches by the window. Sirius, Remus, and Peter looked up from their positions across the room. They regarded James with curiosity.

He walked over to where Lily was sitting on the couch Sirius had earlier occupied, and sat down on the couch next to her. The two girls stopped talking, and regarded the boy.

He looked at Lily. “Lily, what just happened in the corridor?”

“Oh that, let’s just forget it.” Lily said with a blush.

“I can’t just forget it, didn’t it bother you that he called you a mudblood?” James asked, looking at her.

“Potter…” May gave him a warning glare, while staring at her friend.

“Of course it bothered me.” Lily said looking at her hands, wringing in her lap. She couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eyes.

“Well, why didn’t you fight back, or get upset?” James asked.

“Potter!” May practically yelled, causing the others to look their way. “It’s none of your damn business!”

“What’s going on over there?” Sirius asked.

“Nothing, go back to whatever you were doing.” James said. He turned back to a flaming Lily, her face could have matched her hair. A word that came to mind was ‘cute’.

“May it’s ok, I’ll tell him.” She kept her eyes trained on her hands.

James watched her, waiting for her to continue.

“Ok, I take it fine because, I’ve had a lot of practice. That isn’t the only time he’s called me a mudblood, James,” she looked at him briefly before hanging her head, and twisting her hands in her lap. “It’s a common occurrence, If I let him get to me everytime he calls me a mudblood, I’d be a disaster. Plus, I know I’m not a mudblood, and that’s all that matters, as long as I’m happy with myself, who else matters? He’s just jealous, or trying to find a way to make himself feel better, so I don’t take it seriously, he’s just letting off steam on the first available person. I was there at the time, so I was his victim.” Lily reasoned, with her head still bent over her lap.

James felt his stomach flop. He stared at her with admiration; no one had ever said something like that. She was the strongest girl he’d ever met. All the other girls would have been tortured by being called a mudblood. And her reasoning made Malfoy’s attempt seem pathetic, and made him look pathetic, something that most people found hard to do.

The train stopped, and Lily jumped up, leaving a preoccupied James sitting in the seat next to her. May stood up, and followed Lily out of the compartment, to gather their things, before exiting the train, saying good bye to Sirius, Remus, and Peter on the way out. Sirius waved, while Remus nodded, and said ‘see ya later’. While Peter, just watched them leave.

Sirius then walked over to his best friend that seemed to be in some type of trance, and waved a hand in front of his face. James snapped quickly out of it, and looked up at the smirking face of Sirius Black.

“Where’s Lily and May?” James asked confused.

“Jamsie, honey the train has stopped, the girls have left.” Sirius said laughingly.

James looked around disappointed, but then stood up, and followed Sirius and Remus out of the train, to find the carriages that would take them back up to the castle.


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