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Seven by loopyluna

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 59,030

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: McGonagall, James (II), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 09/19/2010
Last Chapter: 03/12/2011
Last Updated: 03/12/2011

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Warning: Narrated by a narrow minded and cynical insomniac. 

Dixie doesn't care that Freddy has similar body mass to a bear, or the fact that her breath catches in her throat at the mere sight of him. She is going to detach him from his latest bird even if she has to use the scissors. 

Chapter 4: Good Evening St Barnabas

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Christopher Avery


“He is so…off,” Elle complained as we walked towards the seventh floor. “I can’t explain it.”


“It’s Freddy, it doesn’t need explaining.” Charisma reasoned.


“He’s probably just having a bad day.”


Charisma smirked a little. “Come on Ellie, its Fred Weasley, he doesn’t have bad days.”


“He shouted at James during this morning’s Quidditch Practice,” Ellie stated. “And James is the Captain.”


I rolled my eyes. “In Freddy’s defense, James did book a double today. You have another practice at six.”


“Shit,” Elle muttered. “I’d forgotten about that.”


“I was planning an evening with me and a bar of chocolate,” Charisma said. “It was going to be a fun night.”




“No need for sarcasm, Dix,” I scowled at Elle. “Wait! Dixie! You must know what’s going on with Fred.”


I widened my blue eyes, “Just because I happen to be a little bit in love with him, doesn’t mean that I know what he is feeling at all times of the day.” She pulled a stray hair from her eyes. “For all I know, his ‘pick of the day’ could have turned him down.”


“Now come on, Dixie.” Charisma reasoned. “That’s a little harsh.” I raised a brow. “But kinda true.”


I walked up the stairs with a bounce in my step, bobbing my hair and causing my skirt to ride up a little. I smoothed my hands over the creases before running my fingers over my shirt collar. Charisma shoved a hand roughly in to her back pocket, three textbooks tucked under her arm.


Elle stopped at the top stair, causing us to halt too. I caught on to the wooden banister railing. This corridor was the thinnest in the school. It’s also the only way to the seventh floor without the use of house-elf Apperation. She turned and raises a brow. “Didn’t you accuse his sexuality at breakfast, Dix?”


“Yeah, but I do that everyday.” I readily admitted with a shrug.


Charisma edges me up the stairs before her keenly. “But you know how macho Freddy likes to feel, maybe it hurt him a little.”


“He had his hand up a sixth years skirt as I said it,” I incomprehensibly mumbled, brushing past her on the stairs. “I doubt that it even registered.”


“He must have heard it; it’s you who said it.”


Ellie nodded in neurotic agreement. “He always hears what you have you say.”


“Freddy, would rather listen to another girls screams of undying gratitude and pleasure than he would listen to me.”


“I’m sure that he wants to listen to your screams of undying gratitude and pleas-“ Ellie was cut off by Charisma’s swatting hand as it hit her square in the chest. “Hang on, you two haven’t…”


I took her trailing off as a point. “No.”


“That’s…kinda surprising.”


I crossed my arms and tapped my foot. “What is that supposed to mean?”


“Uhh, I just, kinda thought that-” She looked to Charisma desperately for assistance.


Chris clasped her hand over Ellie’s forearm protectively. “What, dear Elle means to say is that, we all think that you and Freddy would make a good couple. With Fred’s ‘reputation’ shall we say, we didn’t know what might or might not have happened between the two of you.”


I resisted the urge to storm past them, steam screeching from my ears in a cartoon-style rage. Instead, I clasped my Divination text book to my chest and twisted the small necklace that is clasped around my neck, a small blue and white aeroplane at the charm on the end. It’s no bigger that the end section of my thumb, hand painted.


Ellie stood at the end of the stairwell, reading my mind. She knew me all too well. She reached over and blocked my path of rampage. “Especially the way that you two have been flirting,” a first degree warning look was sent her way by the blonde. “I mean, insulting his sexuality,” second degree. “Come on.”


“Ok, point one; I did not accuse his sexuality so much as I told him that he has a sexual attraction to Christopher Avery, point two; it was a point for hilarity.”


Elle snorted. “Yeah, only you would tell your best friend that he fancies your boyfriend and find it funny.”


I smacked her lightly. Charisma failed stifle a laugh. “Aren’t you jealous that Avery might actually go for the bait?”


“What and feel up Fred for a change, yeah, I’ll be gutted.”


Ellie snorted and sent me a glare that read ‘That’s not what we meant, and you know it’. For a reaction I shrugged, pushing past Charisma and following a bouncy Ellie down the seventh floor corridor. We passed Sir Nick, a wave.


Charisma linked her arm through mine and we walked, her textbooks still under her arm. I will celebrate today, for today will be the beginning of a new era. Freddy has been distant today, as if something was plaguing his thoughts. I asked him of his troubles, and he brushed me aside. Today will be the beginning of my new emotional field. Today will be the day that I start to move on.


Boys like me; it’s not like I’m bad looking. Freddy, on the other hand, is a bear.


He is of a similar build, minus the fur. His brown eyes match that of a compassionate being. But Freddy is a Weasley, he inherited the temper. Not only the temper of his father, but his mothers, compassionate-yet-sarcastic streak. If you upset him once, Freddy will never forgive you. Also like a bear, he is very territorial. If Freddy owns something, you can’t even look at it.


Not one quick glance.




But he also dishes out the hugs, the ones that envelop you the ones that bring you in to him. His arms, it was the only place that I felt truly safe, truly me. But he would never understand that. And for this reason, I have to think straight, and grow up.


I sucked up a sigh and pushed my fringe from my eyes. Elle was stood at the end of the corridor, five or so paces in front of us. I was a little puzzled by the bewildered but some what aggrieved look on her face. Her eyes covered that. Charisma was the first to follow her gaze. It lead to Barny.


St Barnabas the Barmy; he’s honestly a complete riot. In the early 17th centaury, he decided that it would be fun to train trolls for the ballet. It didn’t go too well in all honesty. Somebody made a tapestry, and we are mighty thrilled that they did. For without it, our Hogwarts life wouldn’t have been the same.


Consistently, upon approach, Barny is doing something completely different, whether it’s by his option or not. It’s still diverse every time. On this occasion, he happened to be trapped underneath to foot of a mighty troll.


“Good evening St Barnabas.” Charisma said. “Are you in need of assistance?”


“No, no, Miss Price.” He said with a struggle. “I’m perfectly fine.” His last syllable broke.


I giggled. “Barny, are you sure?” I asked. “Because I’m sure that Sir Cadogan will be more than willing to help.” I said, offering the services of the seventh floor knight. He is forever stuck in a painting without the use of his common sense.


He scoffed. “I do not need the help of that incompetent, counterproductive schmuck.”


Barnabas insists that he needs no help; it’s how it’s always been. He brushed he long brown hair from his eyes and sent me a chivalrous look. Barny is stubborn and cynical, Ellie likes to mention this frequently; she also likes to mention how we must have been separated at birth. I find this a little disturbing, not only due to age and dates of death, but also due to his extreme yet small infatuation with me.


His previous actions define the inappropriate nature of his crush. During our later Forth Year, Barny appeared in a painting hanging in our dorm room. He was looking a little disheveled. Little Red Riding Hood was suddenly joined by Barny, closely follwed by a troll. You could imagine what this meant for the wolf, he were turning up in almost every painting for many weeks and trying to blow down the sets. St B stayed in our room for hours chatting away to me like it was completely natural. I locked myself in the bathroom begrudgingly and Ellie had to fetch McGoogles to rid him from out room.


He is a chivalrous man, also very modest. He also happens to have a vendetta against Cadogan. Unfortunately the numerous amount of times that Sir C has saved him from certain tapestry death is rather demeaning.


Awww, well I think that Sir Cadogan will happily help you, after all, he is very generous.” I said smiling, a slow battering of my eyelashes “And ever so strong.”


I resumed flattering, completely oblivious to the fact that Charisma and Ellie weren’t paying attention to my babble and instead observing the trolls in tutu’s prancing around in the background. I had chosen to look at everything but, it was rather disturbing.


He looked up from the floor of the tapestry, where the troll was making him eat dirt, and did a pathetic excuse for a push up, making the trolls foot lift up so he could wiggle out. He stood up instantly and briefly posed to show off his guns as you will. I laughed.


“I need no help.” He stated slowly. “You know, you’re always welcome to visit me in my tapestry!” he announced. I blushed a little and hid my grin.


The three of us ran to the common room, rounding the corner and skidding to a halt. “Do you have no shame?” Charisma snapped, a big grin tugging at her lips.


“I merely gave him the encouragement he needed.”


“I’m sure he was hoping for a little something extra afterwards too.”


“Because that sentence wasn’t suggestive at all Ellie.” Charisma said as she muttered the password to the portrait.


“As long as he doesn’t turn up in our dorm room again.” I said with an eye roll as I slumped down in to the squishy red sofas.


 I relaxed in to the cushy pillow and rested my head against the back of the chair. To think that I was the one from our House to have the most devious mind was a little confusing. I was the one with the obsession over a snoopy shirt; I was the one with the red poka-dot wellies. I was the one with the sprinkling of freckles and the dainty nose. It was Ellie who had the mischievous smile, Charisma with the brains to pull of the pranks and hexes. It was them who had the men to prove it.


I smiled at little Polly Toon, the little blonde third year with the attitude of a Hufflepuff and the ability to swear like a muggle sailor. She was Gryffindor’s keeper, possibly the most deceiving look of appearance that this school has to offer. She grinned back, throwing what looked like a homework piece in to the bin. I knew there was a reason that I worshiped that girl.


“So you are coming to Quidditch tonight, right?”


I listened to Ellie’s words, but didn’t take them in. With an airy wave I muttered. “Detention.”


“Detention?” She echoed. “It’s always detention…when are you getting out?”


“Four more weeks or so,” I shrugged. “McGonagall wanted to extend my sentence for a week; apparently I am not as apologetic about the whole incident as she had hoped.”


“You stabbed your Arithmacy Professor in the leg.” Charisma affirmed. “You should feel some sort of remorse.” I shook my head in disagreement. “It’s astounding.”


“I know,” I agreed. “I didn’t think that he had the brain power to teach Arithmacy either.”


She took a deep breath before opening up her text book and reading over what appeared to be class notes. I looked down at my book, it stared at me hopefully after what was weeks of purposeful neglect. I shuddered and Ellie raised a brow.


“But can you come after?” She asked, brow still raised. “If you’re not dead, I mean.”


I nodded. “I am sure that I can manage that.” She smiled a little and hugged a pillow to he chest. “That is if Avery doesn’t kill me.”


“Avery?” She repeated. “I thought that you two were done serving together…I mean, he’s got that black eye now.”


I cocked a brow of my own. “Really?”


“That tone isn’t convincing,” she said. “I know that you gave it to him.”


“I did no such thing.”


I pulled my glasses from my pocket and put them on. I didn’t like them, they’re big and black framed. They make my eyes look unnecessarily big. Elle shook her head I disbelief. “He was fine before he went in to detention with you, then the next morning, tada…black eye!”


“He probably just got a little too rough with his chosen fan girl.”




I sighed. “Okay, fine. I promise you that he fell on to the scrubbing brush.”


“Your promises mean nothing to me.”


“He was making fun of Freddy,” I broke, admitting the truth.


She smiled triumphantly; I ignored her smirk with a contemptuous eye roll. “And then?”


I sent her a disparaging scowl. “Then…then he told me that he wanted to put his Basilisk in to my Chamber of Secrets.”


She snorted.


There is no other way that it can be described.




Leaning over the arm of the sofa, she snorted, eye’s wider than believable.


“No wonder you attacked him,” she shouted.


“I didn’t attack him!” I rounded. “The brush simply found its way to meet his eye!”


She snorted again, laughing in to a pillow. Charisma hadn’t moved. I looked to her for help. “I have no words for that.”


“Thanks for your support.”


Ellie sat readily on the edge of her cushion. “Then what?”


“Then nothing.”


“Come on Dix,” she begged. “You don’t leave things there – ever.”


I sighed and put my text book on to the table infront of me. “Fine. I walked out; I don’t want more detentions that necessary. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life scrubbing floors and cauldrons. And seriously, the trophies are shiny already, Merlin!” I gave her a detached look. “He ran after me.”




“No!” I scolded. “Not, Awww; he tried to convince me to go back to his Common Room.


Another snort.


“Snort again, and I will chop your nose off.” Charisma said. I smiled a little. Her violence threats were never followed through. Sadly. “You could report him.”


“Nahh,” I shrugged. “Besides, I might need him one day.”


Ellie giggled while Charisma sat, gaping mouthed.


Our snort-fest was interrupted by the opening of the portrait; Charisma’s mouth was still agape. James came through first, diving head first on to the sofa. Kyle and Drew were next, they toppled over each other and nodded a hello before going to the dorms. Freddy was last, he climbed through heavily, books under his arm.


“Freddy!” I cooed, arms in the air for a hug, as always.


He walked straight past.


James looked up from Charisma’s hug; Freddy’s reaction was enough to grasp his attention from that. He shrugged. “Bad day?”


Bad day indeed.


I took the last step to the boys’ dormitory; I had expected many unpleasant surprises to be waiting for me, dirty clothes, piles of unwashed underwear or possibly even a sight that would scar me for life. But there was something else, not only did I have to witness the coverings of the un-seeable floor, but there was no Freddy in sight.


Kyle and Drew looked up as I burst through the door to their room. “Hello, love.” Drew greeted with a smirk, they were playing exploding snap.


“Lads,” I returned. “Any ideas to the whereabouts of my darling Fredrick?”


Kyle ignored me and carried on dealing the cards; he became very intense when there was a possible competitive game arising. Drew jolted his head towards the bathroom. “You try talking to him; he’s impossible today.”


“I’ve noticed,” I muttered picking up a hat that I recognized as Freddy’s, it was white; he only kept this one for special occasions.


Kyle chuckled. “I heard that he and Avery got in to a fight.”


“About?” I demanded.


“Girls, money, house honor?”  Kyle tried, as if he was speaking to an incapable child. “When do Freddy and Avery not get in to a fight?”


“But, what are the details?” I continued. “It had to start with something…he fights with Christopher a lot, yes. But none of their past arguments has ever left him waltzing around like a pillock afterwards.”


I saw Drew smirk. “Dixie, love. If we knew, we would share.”


“Of course,” Kyle drawled. “He’s in the shower.”


I nodded a thank you and walked over to the conjoining door. I knocked quietly and waited for a reply. I looked back to the boys, Drew shrugged. Freddy was usually an optimistic soul, for him to act like this was unusual.


“Freddy?” I tried. “It’s me.”

A few seconds of silence passed, broken by the gleeful cheer of Kyle and the explosion of a card. The water wasn’t running in the bathroom, not yet, there was just silence. I blurted out the question that had been bothering me for hours.


“What is wrong with you?”


Kyle looked up in amusement. “Yep, Dix…you can certainly cheer him up.”


Drew chuckled quietly. “Leave my beater brother alone, we’ll tell you when he’s human again.”


“Will you?” I raised a light brow. “Tell me Andrew, will you really?”


“Probably,” he said cheerfully. “If I don’t forget.”


“Great.” I leered with a sarcastic sigh. “Thank you for your help.”


“Anytime, love.”


I had expected half as much; Freddy and the gang and Quidditch Practice from six until nine. My detention with Avery was from six until half eight. Flint was in charge, I didn’t leave until quarter to ten.


After sneezing the book dust away from my nose, I tried to shiftily cover my oxford shirt over with my arms. Avery and I were on strict orders, separate orders. He was to scrub the cauldrons from the potions room and I was to order and sort out the old textbooks. Christopher shot me a smutty glare and winked with his right eye, his left was still bruised. His eyelid found it difficult to shut and the purple clashed horribly with his emerald robes.


Thank Merlin for wooden scrubbing brushes.


I had sorted out the books with a lightening-speed, each one was perfectly ordered. I knew that Flint would check my work, double check, triple check, just to spite me. But he wouldn’t find anything wrong with it. That was until Avery threw his cauldron water over me, splattering the books behind.


Flint arrived back in time to miss the act, but to catch the repercussions. I had slinged the cauldron over his head and had taken it upon myself to smack the heavy, wielded pot with the first heavy object that I could find, in this case, a book. I could swear on my mothers grave that I had no intentions of that one being Professor Flint’s diary. I swear it!


As I stood guiltily, wet, shirt clinging to my chest and the odd hair sticking to my face. Avery stood, black eye, cauldron-on-head with a lewd smirk on his face. I look the other way with a scoff; I had no intention to have to endear his vulgarity for another moment.


It wasn’t unsuspecting that my demands weren’t met. For another week I shall have to work beside this profanity, and for another week, I shall have to provide suitable comebacks for his unsuitable leers.


I stormed down the corridor, fists clenched and arms slung over my chest. If I were a cartoon character, the thermometer would have blown; the steam screeching from my ears would have surpassed a long while ago. I blew my hair from my eyes and made my way to the Quidditch Pitch, knowing Ellie, she would still be in the Changing Rooms.


I pushed the coarse smirk from my mind and sped up my pace.


How dare Avery even consider for a mere moment that I would like to be splashed with water? He made no suggestion of it before, on that note, neither did I? I chewed my lip in frustration, pulling apart the skin on the bottom lip, chewing through my skin. I walked forward, head down, straight in to something. Somebody.




I looked up shamefully, “Fred?”


“Wha…you’re wet?” I blushed. I never blush. Since when do I blush? I swallowed my folly and sighed. “Why weren’t you at Quidditch Practise?”


“I’m not on the team, Freddy.”


He let out a small breath. “Right…but you weren’t there to cheer me on. You usually are.”


“Well I wasn’t, this time.” I snapped. “Christ.” Still not moving my arms from over my chest, I brushed past him and made towards the Changing Rooms.


Freddy caught my arm. “Dixie?” He questioned warily. “What’s wrong?”


I raised a brow and removed my teeth from their stuck position in my gum. “What’s wrong?” he took my hissed echo as a correct indicator to jump back in surprise. “You ignore me all day, treat every body like they’re some sort of disease, but now you’re fine.” He blinked and looked to the floor. “You ignored me today in he Common Room, Freddy, why?”


“I didn’t see you.”


“Don’t give me that.” I sneered.


He nodded. “You’re right, you don’t deserve that.”


I waited for his answer. He gave me none.


Foolishly, I pulled his hat back up from over his eyes; he still didn’t look at me. “Fred?” I whispered. “Is it a girl? You know I don’t care abo-“


“What happened between you and Avery?”


I blinked. “I’m sorry?” His bluntness startled me. I tore my gaze away from his brown eyes and tried to concentrate on the ceiling tiles above him.


“Avery,” he repeated. “What happened between the two of you?”


“Nothing,” I shrugged. “He was being a dick, so I punished him.”




I ignored the briskness of his tone. “Because he was being a dick – I just said that.”


“No,” he shook his head. “Why did you feel that you had to do something about it?”


“Because he was being horrid about you.” I spat. “I wasn’t going to let him say those things.”


Freddy’s hands rushed to his head and he gripped it quickly in frustration before his hands fell limp back to his sides. “No, Dix.” He breathed, grabbing hold of my arms. “When he says something about me, I don’t want you to do anything. You just get yourself hurt. I don’t need you to fight my battles.”


I pulled away regrettably from his grasp. “Well, I don’t need you to fight mine either.” Lie.








I scrunched my forehead together and turned my nose up at him. “If that’s all…?”


“So nothing happened?”




“Between you and Avery?”


I scoffed. “Between me and Christopher Avery?” he gave one nod, short and sweet. To the point. “Never, will I ever touch that scum willingly.”


He noticeably relaxed. “Good.”


I wished for that I had brought my school sweater vest with me.


“Did you think that something had?” I derided. I didn’t know whether to be happy that he cared or insulted that he thought I would ever stoop that low. “Do you honestly think that I am that slutty?”


“No, Dixie, no!”


“Because if that’s what you think of me, then you don’t know me at all.”


“I do know you,” he said through gritted teeth. “I know you better than anyone else!” I stopped. Literally. Not just my outer expression, but the inner workings of my anatomy. “Avery was gloating around about how he got the black eye, his stories involved you and-“


“You thought that you would believe him over me?” I gave him no time to answer. “Thanks Fred.” I spat. “Thanks a lot.”


I picking up the rest of my pride I stormed away. I didn’t want to see Ellie, I didn’t want to see James and I certainly didn’t want to see him. Go fall from the Astronomy Tower Frederick Weasley.


The shameful thing is, we all know that he will be forgiven tomorrow.


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Gabe could always make me smile; it drove me mad. “Do I need to shove my telescope up his arse?” he asked.


“Please don’t put that terror upon the telescope.” I begged, taking his silver ornament from his stack of scruffy papers and unused, dusty textbooks.

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