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Seven by loopyluna

Format: Novella
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 59,030

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: McGonagall, James (II), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 09/19/2010
Last Chapter: 03/12/2011
Last Updated: 03/12/2011

Banner by Marit @ tda // Freddy/Oc
Warning: Narrated by a narrow minded and cynical insomniac. 

Dixie doesn't care that Freddy has similar body mass to a bear, or the fact that her breath catches in her throat at the mere sight of him. She is going to detach him from his latest bird even if she has to use the scissors. 

Chapter 2: Miss Goody Goody Two Shoes, I Promise Never to Get in to Trouble Again


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Freddy Weasley





 Professor McGonagall sat back in her chair and looked at me in what I gathered was a firm approach. “Dixie, I don’t know what possessed you to attack a Professor in such a violent manner-“


“Not attack,” I interjected. I decided to ignore the fact she had thought that I was possessed and focus on one thing at a time. “If it helps my case at all, I meant to hit a fellow student and not a teacher.”


McGonagall’s eyes widened hysterically. “Miss Pruitt, that doesn’t help you at all infact, it makes it worse.”


“How much worse?”


She swallowed and leant forward on to her desk, I looked away a little hoping to Merlin that she wasn’t trying to show me her cleavage and looked out of the large windows that stood instead of a wall, thin black lines made smaller squares of the glass. “A lot worse.”


“So like, a week’s more detention?”


She sighed and closed her eyes briefly. “Try a month.”


“A month!”


“A month,” she echoed. “And a letter to your Guardian.” My lips twitched in to a small smile. My brother, Josiah, would react to this situation differently than other guardians. He’d probably just laugh. “Miss Pruitt, do you care to explain what exactly is so funny about this situation?”


I chewed on the inside of my gums, a terrible habit that I need to quit. I looked up to the portrait of Albus Dumbledore, the greatest Wizard of all time. It looked like he was…smirking. “Nada,” I bit my lip. “But, to be honest,” I tried. “Do you really care for Flint? I mean he was a Slytherin…and a Death Eater.” Her features took on a desperate gape. “Isn’t about time that he got stabbed?”


She looked desolate. “No.” She whinnied. “It may shock you, but here at Hogwarts we don’t condone violence in any shape or form, whether you use your fists, or in your case, an item of stationary.”


“I thought that it was pretty imaginative.”


My decision to go at it from a different direction wasn’t having the desirable affect. McGonagall made a small throaty sound before beginning a speech. “Never before in my rein as Headmistress have I seen a student act so carelessl-“ I shifted in my chair a few times, it happened to be unreasonably hard for a wooden chair. I will have bruises on my butt cheeks. To prevent this said disaster, I shifted in my chair and grabbed the seat so I didn’t shift off. I bent down to look underneath. “Pruitt!” She screeched. “Are you even listening to me?”


My eye twitched a little and I shot back up to sit straight. “Yeah,” she raised a perceptive brow, I did the same.


“What did I just say?”


I refrained from repeating what she did actually just say and blinked sparingly. “That I am a very bad person.”


“That wasn’t my exact words,” she twisted her thumbs, “But I’m glad that you managed to reach that conclusion on your own.” I bit back a confused expression and raised my eyebrows with acceptance instead. “May I just ask do you even feel the slightest bit sorry?” she shook her head with disapproval.


I took a thoughtful breath. “Now, I know what you want to hear-“


“Just answer the question.”


I shook my head. “No, not really.”


“A months worth of detention and a letter home will hopefully change that.” She tried. I nodded in an apologetic manner and she pulled a strip of parchment from underneath a pile of papers. I refrained from asked if they were death warrants. “I will also expect you to apologize to Professor Flint.”


“Really?” I whinnied before noticing her glare. The ‘really’ quickly turned in to an ‘ok’ and then to an ‘of course’. “I’ll do it now.”


She sighed. “I believe that you have Arithmacy with him this period.” I nodded. “Well, run along. I don’t want to see you in my office for the rest of this year do you understand me?”


“Yes, Professor.” I gave her a brownie guide promise. “I promise on the fate of the brownies.”


She hid a smile. “I suddenly feel remorse for the poor creatures.”


My brows furrowed in confusion. I think the Headmistress just called me dangerous. I shook off the disturbance and skipped out the door. My intention of going to class was at a high, that was until I ran headfirst in to a very amused looking Freddy.


He stood a head height taller than me and had a similar body mass to an upright bear. His mother, Angelina, assured me that her father was of a similar build and left it at that. He didn’t look anything like this father – but he had the wit. George Weasley was tall and earless. While he made constant jokes about him ‘hearing a draft’, the rest of us spent our childhood trying to poke the aged hole in his head.


Freddy shook his head, looking thoroughly entertained by my situation. While I stood in a black school dress over a thin white oxford shirt and he wore a sweater vest over the top of his. The rest of the school tucked in their shirts, Freddy did anything but.


He pulled down his beanie hat, making sure it didn’t slip off his head before folding his arms over his chest. Since third year, Drew has worn a grey beanie; he has only been known to take it off once, when he leant it to Charisma last year, until the moment, I hadn’t realised that he was a little blonde. In our fifth year, Freddy decided he liked the idea too, he purchased a similar hat – they have since been hat-twins.


Charisma and James have something that they like to refer to as ‘The Sixth Year Theory’, it’s the idea that the people in the Potter family get together with the people that they love in their sixth year. For most it has been true. I’m in my seventh year.


I flicked my hair and clicked my tongue, looking him in the eye. “Hi Freddy.”


“I hear that you attacked a teacher?” he said. “Good one.”


I blinked. “Are you taking the piss?”


“A little,” I opened my mouth to respond but he beat me to it. “Dix, take it as a joke, love.” I swallowed my pride and shrunk my shoulders. “Dare I ask why Flint is limping?”


I pouted a little and Fred laughed. I have foolishly landed myself in to many similar situations like this, with Freddy being the reason for my naivety; I have therefore had many theories and excuses on the ‘real reason’ why I have acted unwisely. They usually always involve my blaming Drew.


I fell in to his step as he threw his arm around my shoulders and sighed. “Drew wound me up.”


He shook his head. “When will he learn not to mess with my girl?” Freddy asked, mainly to himself. “And you’re not off the hook, Dixie-Pix; you can’t stab people with stationary, willy nilly.” I pretended to intake his comment. “You see, people have bad feelings and when you hurt them, they tend not to like you.”


“Well it’s a good thing that I have you then, isn’t it?” I said, applying my long fingers to his tie and yanking on it.


He smacked my hand away with an eye roll. “Who says that I like you?”


“James,” I said. It sounded more like a question.


He nodded with an articulate sigh. “That boy really needs to keep his mouth shut.” I laughed unexpectedly and stifled a gasp. “What will you do if I leave you?”


“I’ll be all alone and buy many cats.”


“Then I guess that I can never leave you,” he commented perceptively. I ignored the little flip that my heart seemed to take as he spoke. His voice was so deep it shook my thin frame. “But there’s nothing wrong with being a cat lady.”


“I never said that there was.” I rounded on him. “Infact, I was rather looking forward to obtaining many cats.”


He looked at me sternly. “You can’t have that.” He pushed me in to the shadows of the corridor. “I can’t have you preferring a helpless cat to me.”


“I am suddenly feeling an undying love for all things feline.”


He snorted irritably. “I’ll be sure to pick you up some cat-nip, love.” I smiled like a child and he prodded my nose with his finger. “It could be worse, you could like dogs.”


Freddy was afraid of dogs. He found them unbearably grating.


James mentioned to me back in forth year that at the age of seven, Freddy was chased up a tree by a Jack Russell. Since that moment, his tolerance of Alsatians shot so low it could rival his tolerance of relationships. My stomach sank a little at the thought.


I batted my eyelashes and looked to my shoes. “Freddy, speaking of dogs and all things bitchy…how is my cousin?”


“Your cousin?” His head dipped as he echoed.


“My cousin,” I repeated. “Abby, you were with her this morning.”


He scratched his head for a moment before laughing. “Oh yeah, Abby, she was nice. It’s not going to work out.”


“Does it ever?” I continued and he looked at me firmly. “I’m just saying.”


I recognised his familiar chuckle. “Only with you Dixie-Pixie.”


“I’m not pixie!” I exclaimed, stamping my foot and stopping our stroll. I decided to ignore his mention of the fateful night last Christmas and focus on this instead. The one thing that could ruffle my feathers more than anything else; call me a pixie. “Just because it rhymes with my name, doesn’t mean that I am a … fluttery, happy little bubbly fairy wannabe!”


He bit back a laugh. “Oh but my love, you have the dainty nose,” he assisted this with a little poke to it. “The pretty lips,” another poke, “The big eyes,” luckily this one wasn’t aided with a jab, instead a gesture. “Plus you’re tiny.”


“Five foot four.” I hissed.


“Yeah,” he whispered. “Tiny.”


“I’m not small,” I snapped. “You’re like; six foot…you’re the giant! Go talk to Hagrid.”


He rolled his eyes. “You’ve got this wit thing down Dix.”




“Remind me why I took Arithmacy?” I complained as James took the quill from my hands. “Oh very funny.”


“Just a precaution,” he said, opening his textbook and placing my quill on to the table infront of me. “Flint’s walking past.”


I blew out a sigh and pathetically threw my hands down on to the table infront of me. Apologizing to Professor Flint hadn’t been as easy as I had assumed. Being the insignificant oaf that he is, I said my apology and waited for him to take it. I admit, it could have been a little more heart felled, but when someone is glaring at you with a gaping gap between his two front teeth, it’s a little hard to concentrate on anything but this glaring flaw.


He had accepted it begrudgingly but the expression that consumed his features told me that I was anything but forgiven. I can predict a heck of a lot of glaring and punishment in my future.


Freddy had walked me to my lesson before walking off to his. We stopped at the door and he jabbed me in the stomach before running away. I avow, if I hadn’t personally witnessed him growing up, I would immediately jump to the age of five for his mental capabilities. Freddy had counter acted my irritable snarls and smacked a smile back on to my face. I had ambled in to class, muttered an apology and slid in to my seat next to James in the back row.


I picked up my book and turned it upside down in a vein attempt to make sense of the equation. “This makes my intellect look shameful.”


“What intellect?”


I ignored him and tore a corner off of my parchment, folding it in to a white dove I pulled out my wand and gave it the ability to fly. I shut my book and blew the dove from my hands. “Fly my pretty,” I murmured. “Fly.”


“Where is it going to go?” James questioned. “All of the windows are shut!”


“It can fly down Flint’s throat and kill him,” I sneered.


“Now, Dixie, I wouldn’t wish that one anybody, even a piece of paper.” James murmured. “Go and open a window.”


I took a deep breath and quickly looked up to our Professor surreptitiously and calculated the chances of being caught. They were in my favor; he was absorbed under a tower of papers. He appeared to be having a merciless time attending to homework with his quill, drowning his chosen paper in green ink.


I slid out from my chair and ran to the window; hurdling over a small stack of books I caught my balance by landing my palms on to the wall. James snorted loud enough for me to overhear through the quiet chatter of our class. I looked up from the wall and noticed Drew’s confused face. He was staring directly at me.


I took two steps sideways and pulled up the chain on the window. Pushing the glass forward I stood on my tiptoes and leant out of the window, pushing it further. I leant back in but was caught by the silence. My upper body stood stock still as I turned around. Professor Flint, who had apparently resurfaced from teacher-land, was stood up, his wand out and my dove had fallen to the floor, burning.


“You just killed an innocent-“


“Piece of paper.” He finished, sneering. “Pruitt, not only have you stabbed me today, you are also managing to get on to my last nerve.” I felt a present need to congratulate him on making me sound like a psychopath, but I bit it back. Freddy was right, I do need to work on what I say. “Sit down.”


I walked back over to my desk and sat down, only vaguely aware of James’s amused smile. “I was only trying to get some air.”


“Air?” He echoed. “Isn’t there enough of it in this classroom? I’m sure that you’re not going to run out to the point that you specifically will suffocate alone.”


“Is that even possible?” I asked.


James shrugged. “Not sure. Probably not.”


“Who asked you to get involve Mr Potter?” Flint questioned. James shut his text book and leant forward over the desk lazily. Proff F had a strange appreciation for James, probably because he did well in lessons and I did not. “Detention tonight Miss Pruitt. My office at seven.”


“Oh but I can’t,” I explained, using dramatic hand movements to accompany my explanation. “For you see, I already have detention every night at seven for the next months for stabbing you with my quill.”


Professor Flint strolled over to our table, stepping over the flaming paper bird and shutting my textbook. “Correction Pruitt, you now have detention every night for a month and one day.”


I shrugged. “Okay.”


Flint looked despairing. “Are you proud of your self?” I pouted a little in thought. “It’s November the third and you’ve already bagged yourself over a months straight detentions.”


“Is it bad to say, ‘a little’?” His eyes widened at my comment. “You see, James did it last year, but it took him until February to do it.”


“I wasn’t trying to accomplish it, Dix.” James exclaimed. “I didn’t expect it to be a competition.”


I blinked. “Yes, but it was quite an achievement.”


“And of course you have to match it?”


I smiled. “Quite obviously, I couldn’t just let you have all the glory…again. Now could I?”


“Of course not.” He deadpanned. “Because I set the bar so high for you all.”


I sighed and crossed my arms, shrinking down in to my chair. Flint began to shout, I am sure that everything from his marital problems to his obsessive compulsive disorders were mentioned in this hopeless rant of his. By the time he was finished my nose was almost level with the table infront of me.


The faint smell of polished wood lingered around me; it was followed by the scent of parchment and the dust particles from the windows. I daren’t cough and interrupt his speech; I was afraid his eyes would pierce through me and corrupt my soul. November sunlight streamed in through the old windows.


I realized, with sincerity and complete reluctantly, that I have no reason to act the way that I do. It’s my blatant disregard for the rules that make me who I am. I would never intentionally hurt another. I still want good marks, I still want a good life – but there are something’s that I want more, and if my want for them results in my being punished for stabbing another being then so be it.


I also knew that sooner or later, I will have to grow up. I couldn’t be a Lost Boy, I couldn’t go to Neverland. But at this precise moment, I attend Hogwarts. I have no obligations, nor any particular reason for me to behave. I live at the most magical place in the world! Stuff Disneyland.


Flint finished his rant and looked me in the eye eagerly. It was a little disconcerting, to be started at by a Professor in that manner. I swallowed and he brushed his hair from his eyes. “And you think that behaviour will be tolerated in my classroom then you are wrong. There will be a practice paper tomorrow, it will replicate what you final exam will consist of. If any of you in this room don’t achieve higher than sixty percent in it, you will be entered for the lower paper; the lower paper is for-“


“Losers!” James exclaimed. “Yeah, we know, you only remind us every three seconds! We’re all pathetic, bla bla bla.”


Flint’s eyes widened to the size of saucepans as he spluttered, “Potter! Detention, tonight, seven!” he turned swiftly on his heel, narrowly missed smacking another student with the back of his hand and marched back down the isle of his classroom and back to his desk.


I looked to James curiously ho seemed to be rather content with his detention. “Why did you say that?”


“Oh sorry, Miss Goody Goody Two Shoes, I promise never to get in to trouble again.”


I prodded him with my finger and grinned. “That’s not what I mean and you know it.”


“Fine.” He said, wiping the apologetic smirk off of his face and replacing it with his usual one. “I thought that I would join you for detention tonight. It can get pretty boring and I don’t want you to suffer on your own. I thought that you could use some company.”


I smiled gratefully, “James, that’s really sweet.”


“I know.” His modesty astounded me. “But don’t think that you’re getting more detentions than me this year,” I snorted; I knew that he had ulterior motives. “It’s on, Pruitt.”




“Remind me why I took Charms?” Charisma complained, kicking off her shoes and putting her feet on to my knees. It was odd that she echoed my earlier words.


“Because you’re smarticle?” I offered, turning my Astronomy text book upside down, attempting to make something of the constellation that our Professor had asked us to configure.


“Is that even a word?” she asked, tapping her quill repeatedly against the table, much to the annoyance of surrounding Ravenclaws. 


I shut my book. “I don’t know look it up.” I smiled. “I’ll go and get the dictionary.”


Charisma looked up from her text book. “You can’t be serious.” She asked astonished. “Smarticle, is not a real word. It is one of the many that has originated from Dixie’s mind.”


My brunette roommate, Elle, smiled. “Along with you’re the cooliest.”


“The Prince of Prickish-ness.” Charisma added.


“And dear lord her name is Daphne Greengrass not Daphne Fatass.” Elle and I looked up at Charisma and burst into quiet snorts of laughter, Ellie’s northen accent made all the difference to that sentence.  We hid our faces in to our chosen books and attempted to avoid the gaze of the crazed librarian.


Her name is Madame Pince or something. She has a lazy eye and I’m pretty sure that she also has a moustache. I tend to look in the other direction you see. Her library rules; no eating, no laughing and no smiling, I am sure that she would enforce no breathing if she could. Ellie heard her say to Filch once that she thought that we were going to damage the books with food. What on earth am I going to do, smear chocolate all over the front page of Hogwarts; a History? Merlin this woman is paranoid. I actually swear that her and Filch are shagging or something, seriously, you should see the looks in their eyes. It’s bloody creepy. I don’t want to know how the cat would be involved in the equation. Elle gave one final snort before sucking up her laughter and resurfacing from her book.


Ellie Jones was flawless. The fact that she’s the resident Miss England infinity has nothing to do with her actual personality. She is quiet, intelligent and fights only for anything but world peace. She flicked through the pages of my Arithmacy textbook and picked up my glasses.


“Quite a show you put on last lesson,” she commented, handing the black frames to me. “I’m sure that Flint actually wet himself at one point.”


Charisma’s shoulder deflated. “Dixie, you didn’t get yourself in to trouble again did you?”


I put my glasses on and pulled my hair over my shoulder. “Not really,” I shook my head. “It was more of the aftermath of this morning’s breakfast.”


Her moth formed an unsuspecting ‘O’ as she understood. “Well I hope that you didn’t cause too much trouble.”


“It’s me.” I chuckled.


“That’s what I’m worried about.”


Elle grinned slyly. “Well, it wouldn’t be Dixie without her unique point of view on life.”


“Cynical, more like.” I gasped melodramatically and threw a screwed up paper ball in my blonde roommates direction.


“Her unique point of view?” I Kyle repeated slowly, taking a seat next to Ellie. Kyle Sanford, tall, brooding and all push over. “Do you remember last year when she brought a Magic Eight Ball to Divination?”


“Oh yeah,” Charisma said. “It was real cool when you threw it out of the window, Kyle.”


He snorted and picked up a text book, flicking through it. “Well, I could have thrown it at you, but then your boyfriend might have beaten me up.”


Ellie punched his arm and shot him a glare of abhorrence. It was no secret that Charisma and Kyle have their differences, although it was also no secret that James doesn’t stand for a second of it. One step out of line on Kyle’s behalf and down the stairs he goes.


I blinked and pulled my textbooks in to a small pile. “Well, as fun as this is…I’m going to go.”


“Wait I have a question!” Ellie whisper shouted. The silence in the library was a little sinister. I sent her an eerie gesture and sat back down, setting my books in to my lap. “What’s happened between you and Freddy?”


Charisma looked up from her book; that was actually now a copy of Witch Weekly inside a text book. I’m sure that she knows. I know that she does. But I didn’t tell her. I think that Freddy’ might have. He does like to confide in the little blonde fairy.


“What do you mean?” I asked suspiciously. “There’s nothing going on between me and Freddy.”


“Exactly,” Ellie hissed. “You two were so close last year, then after Christmas last year you just stopped talking.”


Kyle put his book down. “We thought that you two would be back to normal this year, after the summer break and everything, but you didn’t. I mean, don’t get us wrong, you guys are close, real close. But just not as close as you used to be.” He raised a brow. “We thought that you would be shagging by now.”


“Well, that had about as much tact as Flint doing the conga with an army of Hippogriffs.” Elle snapped irately.


He coolly shrugged his shoulders. “I’m just saying.”


I slid down in to my chair a little and caught my books as they went to slip off of my knees. “And it took you this long to ask me?”


“Well, we were afraid how you would react,” Ellie admitted. “Plus, if we asked Freddy, he would probably just slaughter us all. It was just this morning, Drew was talking about shagging a Hufflepuff, and Freddy got all annoyed when Kyle made a joke about the two of you being next. We thought we would tell you this in public so that you can’t shout.”


“There’s nothing different between us.” I denied, batting my eyelashes.


“One of you used to leave when the other entered a room.” Kyle acknowledged. I wanted to slap that smug smirk right off his face. “Not anymore, but last January it used to happen. There would be times when you were fine, but most of the time…”


“Nothings going on!” I cried out. An intolerable glower enveloped the librarian’s features and I tried desperately to look anywhere but her direction, Charisma seemed to be doing the same. Their no shouting plan had failed. “Look, Freddy and I had a little fall out over the Christmas holiday, that’s it. We’re not arguing anymore!”


Kyle’s lips twitched at the corners. “Yeah we know that you had a fall out; you did a duck and run army manoeuvre last March in the corridor to get away from him,” he smiled a little. “Sweetie, you were friends pretty quickly after that incident and we didn’t see you at all over the summer, all just thought that you two would be…well, you know.”


Charisma stared for a moment before laughing. “Leave the poor girl alone,” Ellie smiled too, her eyes found a silent gleam.


I just stared blankly. Freddy and I were two incredibly blunt people; I have been giving off obvious signals. Fred has been radiating nothing of the sort. He wouldn’t step foot in a library; he’s ‘allergic’ to the books.


In our third year, he was pushed over the doorway boundary pestering by James. He had a panic attack and had to be escorted to the Hospital Wing. It’s an unspeakable incident; the first one to talk about it receives a bludger up their arse.


“Freddy doesn’t like me anymore than a friend,” I pointed out, slamming my hands on to the table infront of me. “I will have to fall for someone else next time.”


“Why do you have to fall for someone?” Ellie asked presumptuously.


I opened my mouth and began to splutter in protest, “Because….because I want what you have.” I said desperately. “I want what you and James have, Charisma, he would do anything for you, and Kyle – would you, or would you not kiss Elle right now if she smiles at you.”


He did it to demonstrate my point.


Charisma looked a little taken back. “You can’t demand love, Dixie. It just comes.”


“You followed James around like a helpless puppy for a year,” I stated. “No pun intended.” She threw her hands up to surrender and sat back in her chair in defeat. “We’re not children, boys don’t run up to us while we are playing in the sandpit and tell us that we smell like poo, push us over, kick our delicate sandcastles and then run away. They just ask us out.”


“Well I like a little mystery,” Elle defended.


Kyle put his arm around her shoulders. “Yeah, some boys have a little dignity, Dix.” I threw a paper ball at him. By this time I had a little pile resting in my lap.


“Oh yeah, how did you and Elle get together?” I argued.


He blinked guiltily. “I asked her out.”


“I like the Sandcastle theory.” I stated, “It gives us girlies the opportunity to show the boys that we aren’t delicate.”


“Yeah especially you Dixie,” Charisma said tantalizingly.


Ellie leant back and put her feet up on the table jadedly. “If any boy pushed you over you’d get right back up and sucker punch him.”


I shrugged. “What else are you supposed to do?” Kyle smiled while Charisma and Ellie took it in turns to smack each other with books.


“Headed back to the subject of Freddy,” Kyle said quietly, attempting to lower our tones. “Why don’t you just talk to him? You’ve liked him for ages.” I shrugged and ran my finger along the hem of my dress sheepishly. “I’ll tell you what? I’ll have a word!”


“NO! Do anything of the sort and I will lop your ears off while you sleep!” I bellowed, standing up as a natural reaction. I knocked my chair back fortuitously and my books fell to the floor. They seemed to land one by one, each one getting a little louder. To say that we received a few stares would be a little ostentatious “Don’t talk to him. It’s just a silly school girl crush…I’ll get over it.”


Ellie leant over the table in a concerned fashion. “But, you said that to me last year.”



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He simply laughed. “No need to be vicious. Besides, I was about to pay you a compliment.”


My eyes widened in surprise. “I like compliments.”


“Don’t we all.” Drew huffed. “If Dixie-Pixie gets a compliment, then I want one too.” My shot gaze to Drew with resentment. My rueful fury burnt through his skin; he had referred to me as a Pixie.


James rolled his eyes. “Fine. Drew, you’re a babe.”


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