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1 Weasley, 2 Weasley, Draco? by dramione_ftw_4ever

Format: Novella
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,860
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Hermione, Draco, Fred, George
Pairings: Hermione/FredOrGeorge, Draco/Hermione

First Published: 07/09/2010
Last Chapter: 07/13/2010
Last Updated: 07/13/2010

Hermione's life needs something. And Hermione thinks she knows what it is. Some Fun. But add in two Weasleys that are falling for her, and then a Draco Malfoy, and she might get more than she bargained for.

Chapter 1: operation Fun

Operation Fun


In Diagon Alley, somewhere in London, Hermione Granger was walking determinedly towards a certain shop. She knew the shop owners, but she was looking for something to fill a void within her. She didn’t know what might fill that empty hole within her, but she had decided to go in search of it.


Hermione’s POV


Walking into Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, I had no clue what exactly I was looking for. I just knew that I wanted something fun, and that this was where to find it. Wizards from all over came here for that purpose. As I walked in, it seemed to be a slow day, for only a few customers milled about, looking at things. So that left some free time to the two shop owners – Fred and George. So of course, seeing a new customer, they came to greet me.

“Hermione! What brings you here?” Fred asked excitedly.

“We don’t see you around here too often, so what’s the occasion?” George asked, not giving me time to answer Fred’s question first.

“I’m looking for some fun…” I trailed off, looking around.

“Well you’ve come to the right place!” Fred said, as he and George took my arms and half lifted, half dragged me around the shop.

“We’ve got everything from blasting bowties, to canary creams. So what did you have in mind ‘Mione?” George asked.

“No clue what I’m looking for really. I just knew that I needed some fun in my usually dull life.  Also, I knew you two could help. And if you guys can’t, help, then I’m stuck to a super boring life forever.” I explained to the twins, who broke into huge grins, looking at each other, over my head. It never helped that I was tiny compared to the pair. I only came up to their shoulders.

“Okay then. Do you want to make everyone around you a bit happier at work? Because if so, we have just the thing, ‘Popping Pencils!’ Isn’t that a good idea. Hand them out to everyone in your department, and while they are writing, the eraser pops onto their foreheads, leaving whatever sign you want. The buyer chooses. You can choose an assorted pack of course.” Fred explained.

“And If you want, you can set a pre-determined time for them all to go off. So you get a lot of ‘ow’s.’ What do you say?” George inquired.

“I say let’s go for it! The department of Magical Law Enforcement could lighten up some. So lets go see these Popping Pencils.” I answered. I truthfully wanted to lighten up some, and being the head to my department meant I wouldn’t be fired easily. Though I decided it best to run it past Kinsley, so that if people complained, I WOULDN’T be fired.

“Okay then! Let’s go Hermione!” George exclaimed as he put me onto his back.

“Wait – what’s going on? This wasn’t part of the deal!” I practically screamed, because of shock. Not to mention I was wearing a skirt that day.

“Oh calm down, we’re going up a few flights of stairs. We don’t like tiring out our customers, especially such pretty ones like you.” George stated, making me blush. Because Fred wasn’t holding me on his back, he was already up ahead of the two of us, leaving the two of us alone.

“Thanks George…” I murmured, going ever redder.

“You’re welcome. And here we are. So what do you want? Smiley’s, star’s, red dot’s, or a countdown to freak them out?” George questioned me.

“Hmm…. I think I’ll go with the smileys. That should be an interesting thing to see. All those shocked faces contrasting with the smiley’s on their foreheads.” I stated, making my decision.

“You think too much Hermione.” Fred claimed. “Now let’s ring you up. Just hop on Georges back.”

“No way! I’m walking down with you guys.” I said as I began to descend the stairs. But as I was walking, two pairs of hands came out of no where and lifted me up.

            “You are not walking up or down these stairs Hermione. We simply won’t allow it to happen. Now just cooperate with us, and you won’t have to worry.” Fred explained simply.

            “If need be. At least we’re at the bottom of the stairs, so can you two let me down now?” I asked.

            “Sure thing.” The said at the same time, and then dropped me. I landed with an audible ‘oof’ on the floor.

            “Sorry.” They said, as they led me up to the cash. “That’ll be 1 knut.” They said.

            “But, it says here on the package, 4 sickles.” I wondered.

            “Special sale.” Fred said.

            “For pretty ladies.” George said.

            “Meaning you.” Fred said.

            “And you alone.” George concluded.

            I handed over the one knut hesitantly, wondering what they were on about, but I went along anyways. Though once out of the shop, and Fred and Georges watchful eyes, I felt lighter, as if my void just may be filled.

I was humming quietly to myself, and reading the Daily Prophet which I had picked up on my way back, when I bumped into someone walking backwards, while talking to someone.

“Sorry, sorry.” I apologized. I looked up to see Malfoy, completely surprised to see me at all.

“Yeah, it’s okay Granger. Just watch where you’re going next time.” Malfoy said and walked past me, seemingly distracted.

It was odd no matter how you looked at it. Malfoy had been civil and kind to Harry, Ron, and I for years now, ever since the war ended, which was 4 years. But it was still odd. Some feelings never changed, and walking back to my flat in London, I was continually distracted.




Granger bumping into me was odd- Definitely different. But nothing too strange. People bumped into others at least twice a day, so I figured it was expected. Though what wasn’t expected was the electrical current that ran though me when we touched.

Shrugging it off as shock, I continued to do my daily shopping.




While Fred and I were closing the shop, he kept giving me strange looks, as if expecting something. Then finally he said what must have been on his mind all day.

“You like her!” Fred blurted out.

“Who?” I asked, playing dumb, of course I knew who.

“You like Hermione, don’t you?”

“As a sister, nothing more.”

“Yeah, suuuuuuuuure.” Fred said, rolling his eyes dramatically.

“You like her then. Don’t you?” I said, taunting him.

“Well of course! That’s why I know YOU like her! And if you don’t ask her out you one-eared freak, I will.” My twin said.

“Go for it. Best of luck dude.” I said, pushing his playfully.

“Then I will. See you soon.” Fred said, before dissaparating.




George was being a chicken, and I knew it. So just to push him, possibly making him angry and jealous, I apparated to outside Hermione’s apartment. Being 22 and without a girlfriend was kind of sad, so I gathered my courage, and knocked on her door.




While making myself some dinner I heard a knock at the door. I checked to make sure, nothing was going to burn, or boil over, and went to get the door. Even more surprises today. Fred decided to show up.

“Hey Fred. Come in, I’m just making dinner.” I got my wand from my apron, and flicked it at the table, which instantly was clean. “Sorry for the mess.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. I just came over to ask you something.” Fred said.

“Okay, do you mind joining my in the kitchen? I’m afraid the pasta may burn if you want, you can join me for dinner.” I offered, know I was making way too much for one person, and having Fred there would help.

“Oh, fine. But, um, my question… is… er, would you like to go to dinner with me tomorrow night?” Fred asked, shyly.

“As in a date?” Fred nodded, “Sure, why not. I need to get out anyways.” I said this trying to be calm, but I’d always like the twins a bit, and it wasn’t like Harry, where I was as close to them as brothers. And besides, they were hot.

“So, tomorrow, I’ll pick you up at 8?”

“No. Who eats dinner that late? How about 5? We can go to a club afterwards in you want.” I suggested.

“Okay. Well, see you.” Fred said turning, but I got my want out and blocked him, for I was too busy with the pasta.

“You said you’d stay for dinner, I don’t really like liars, or people who go back on their word, so take a seat, enjoy.” I said.

“Er, okay.” Fred said as he took a seat.



The next day I was extremely giddy with excitement. Kinsley had thought my idea of the Popping Pencils was great. And so, he told everyone in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, that today, as an “act of unity” they were to all use these new pencils.

Then, at precisely 3 pm, an hour before going home, the erasers of every pencil popped off, and hit everyone square in the forehead. A chorus of screams of shock, and anger, and a lot of people claiming it hurt broke out. I sat there, laughing at it all, eventually people figured out that I had done it, and were quite angry at me for pulling such a prank, but they couldn’t do anything, because The Minister for Magic already knew what was happening.

Kinsley allowed everyone leisurely time until 4pm when they had to go home. And it did end up working for a unity thing, because some people were talking that I had never guessed.

Harry came town to our department to ask about all the noise, and upon seeing all the smiley faces on people’s foreheads, he began to laugh.

“Hermione! To think you did this! So unlike you!” Harry exclaimed while laughing.

“And why do you say I did it?” I asked.

“Because you are the only one without one of Fred and Georges stamps on your forehead.”

“Oh. By the way, speaking about Fred. I’m going on a date with him tonight.” I said simply, and Harry’s laughter turned to coughing.

“What?” Harry asked once his coughing subsided.

“I told you, I’m going on a date with Fred tonight.”

“One of the twins? I must say, I never thought that would happen. It’s definitely… different. Are you trying to change yourself or something ‘Mione, because with the Popping Pencils, and now going on a date with Fred… It makes a person wonder.” Harry said.

“Well, Harry, I’m just trying to be a bit spontaneous for once. I don’t feel like being boring for the rest of my life. Compared to our Hogwarts days, this is so boring, and uneventful.”

“Well, good luck with your date with Fred, wait till Ginny hears this…” harry trailed off, then hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, like an older brother would. Even though he’s younger than me.