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Curiosity by AC_rules

Format: Novel
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 88,749
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, General, Mystery
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 04/19/2010
Last Chapter: 08/07/2013
Last Updated: 08/07/2013

 Dobby Nominee 2012: best mystery 

It was probably my curiosity which would be the ruin of me. It was my curiosity which led to me falling into the Potter's back yard. My curiosity that led me to experiment with my ‘ability’ and it was curiosity that led me to ignore the one piece of advice my mother ever gave me - never look into your future.

Chapter 3: Beginnings.

A/N - Chapter three! I amaze myself! Don't worry though taof chapter 32 will be up soon but by beta's been really busy and I figured I might as well put this one up first. I haven't forgotten about it though. Thanks for all the reviews so far and keep them comming :)

It was one of those days when I really didn’t want to get up out of bed. Given I had found it so hard to get to sleep last night I had definitely lost hours of sleep despite my lie in. I buried myself further into my pillows and pulled my duvet around me. Why had I woken up again?

I was so warm and comfy... there had to be a reason why I had woken up when clearly I could have slept for a new hours...

Ding dong.

The noise seemed far away and remarkably distant and it took a minute or two to register the fact that the noise was a door bell. Ding dong. Ding dong.

Obviously whoever it was who was at the door was inpatient. Oh.

James Potter


I pulled myself up as quickly as I could, tumbling out of bed and feeling disorientated in my new room. I glanced around to find the door (feeling really stupid) before heading off down the corridor and sprinting down the stairs as quickly as I could in my half dead state (which wasn’t particularly fast). The front door was in a stupid place if you asked me, off the main corridor and to down another smaller one. I fumbled with the key in the lock and pushed open the door to reveal... James Potter. Exactly as expected, apart from the fact that he was alone.

“Did you get lost?” James asked stepping through the threshold without being invited. “The others slept in, but Dad dragged me out of bed and made me come.”

“I slept in too.” I said although that much was pretty obvious. I was in my pyjamas and I was sure that my hair was going to be everywhere due to my tossing and turning in the night. I sighed. If I was going to pick out a situation when I’d run into James Potter (which I probably wouldn’t) I wouldn’t have picked one where I’d just rolled out of bed.

“You should know I’m only here because Dad made me.” James said with his arms crossed in classic moody teenage style.  I’d never realised James was so moody before. I nodded and felt myself blushing slightly. I knew full well that he wouldn’t be here if he had the choice, but was it necessary to tell me that?

“You should know I’m only here because my dad’s making me.” I returned quietly but obviously he could still hear me given how quiet the house was.  I felt a little bit proud to be actually answering back to one of his comments but at the same time it made my stomach flutter nervously and it made me want to have something to ground myself with.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” James retorted moodily, leaning on one of the walls with no regard to how dirty he could be making them. Not that I cared either, but I felt he should pay a little respect considering this was my house.

“Okay.” I said unable to think of anything to come back at him with. Instead I walked down the small corridor and letting James follow me. He didn’t seem interested in the house’s high walls and vast spaces of white. Instead he stared at the floor grumpily.

“What do you mean?” He asked after he couldn’t handle the silence any longer (have I mentioned how quiet the house is? Triple glazing or something which means that the whole place is completely and utterly silent).

“I mean that if I had any say in that matter I wouldn’t be living here. I wouldn’t need help with making this place habitable and I definitely wouldn’t need help off you. So don’t think that I’m enjoying this anymore than you are, because believe me I’m not.”

James seemed slightly taken aback about the number of words I’d said in one sentence and nodded dumbly for a second as we carried on walking (I was taking him to the kitchen).

“Where would you be? If you had the option?”

“In our old house with Leanne. As it stands, she’s in Florida and I’m living here.”

“Why did you move?  Did your parents get divorced?” James asked not seeming to care if this was a sensitive topic for me in the slightest. I suppose a disregard of my feelings from James was hardly something unexpected. I’d been putting up with him for five years.

“About ten years ago, yes.” I answered. I took a moment to think about how long ago ten years ago was – absolutely ages – and wondered why exactly they had got divorced... As far as I knew they were fine until one day she just moved out and I never saw her again. “I couldn’t sleep last night, so I made a floor plan of the house.” I said pulling the sheet that I’d stuck to one of the cupboards off and handing it to James. There were three sheets in total – one for each floor. “You can show yourself around whilst I have a shower and get dressed.” I told him and before he could protest I was marching up the stairs and towards the bathroom with the locket in. I doubted very much that James was going to be any help at all.


I stepped out of my room twenty minutes later feeling much much better. I no longer felt so grimy and half dead and even I had to admit that there were certain advantages in having expensive power showers rather than plumbing that dated back to the Stone Age.

Plus I was now wearing real clothes rather than my pyjamas and felt much better for it. All in all I was a much better mood and ready to face James Potter.

I liked doing up the houses – honest – it was pretty fun to have free reign to do whatever I liked. No expenses spared. I’d work out a specific purpose of each room then go out and buy a ton of furniture. James could help me move the stuff around – he was strong (he played Quidditch) and I wasn’t exactly the person with the biggest muscles in the world.

Actually, where was James?
“James?” I called loudly, realising he could be anyway on the three floors and it could take hours to find him in this place. How many rooms had I counted? Twenty five? There had been six bathrooms once I’d gone through and counted all the ensuites. Most of the rooms could have been bedrooms although I suspected we’d only keep around four – anymore more than that would be depressing.

“James?” I called out hopefully.

Then he opened the door of the biggest bedroom on the second floor (and the one my dad had claimed) and stood in the corridor. “That’s my room.” I said pointing the room opposite my dad’s. I expected him to nod and move on to the next room (which was empty apart from a magically conjured chair which reeked of magic and was usually kept in my bedroom).  Instead he pushed open the white door of my bedroom and walked right in.

The only people I’d ever really had in one of my bedrooms were Leanne and her twin brother, (swoon) Luke. Leanne had made some dry comment about me being a forty year old in disguise but we’d just laughed that off – we were used to insulting each other. Luke hadn’t really given a toss either way and hadn’t said anything at all. At the time I’d been a little self conscious but it was nothing to what I felt now.

I was well aware that my room didn’t look teenage girlish in the slightest and if I was asked to say who it belonged to I would have probable said an eighty year old spinster who was overly attached to her great grandmothers furniture and couldn’t see properly... Every piece of furniture was old, tattered and had some elaborate mismatching pattern on it (as most wizarding furniture did) it would have been grand when in its former glory but as it stood it was all faded and a little battered (not helped by moving it from house to house ever year). I loved my room. I loved the furniture and the deep magical feel of it but...

It did make me look very strange.

I watched as James’s eyes took in an old embroidered rug and my oak bed warily and wondered what was going through his head. He was probably just saying Crazy-Cassie over and over again. Surprisingly that thought didn’t make me feel any better.

He wondered through the room, stepping over my suitcase (I hadn’t quite finished unpacking) and walking towards an old rocking chair which I’d brought before I started Hogwarts.

“Careful. It’s a little broken.” I said warily as he sat down. Nothing cracked which made me breathe a sigh of relief. He leaned backwards in the seat and looked out over my room for the second time.

I glanced over it again and realised something so astronomically bad that I could have died of embarrassment right there. One of my bras – a very plain non-padded white bra – was lying on the floor fairly close to my feet. I think I’d have preferred for him to have seen my one slightly exciting bra, complete with a sparse amount of lace... at least that way he wouldn’t be sitting here thinking about how boring I was.

“All I need is a pipe.” James said reclining back in the rocking char. “Is this all your mum’s furniture then?” He asked and for the first time I thought he’d actually made an astute observation.

“It’s her style of furniture. She took all hers.” I said and James nodded as if he was thinking about something of great importance. It made me feel a little frustrated that I didn’t know what he was thinking – when it came to Leanne I could pretty much guess as we spent so much time together.  Dad was as predictable as anything but James... not so much.

“You are crazy.” He said after a few minutes of silence. I sighed in annoyance and grabbed my plans from his hands. “What’s the problem Cassie?” He asked. Maybe I’d done it a little violently.

“Has it crossed your mind that I didn’t expect to have to put up with being called crazy in the summer too?” I asked.

“I was just saying.” James shrugged carelessly. “Because you are.”

“Why,” I asked tiredly knowing that he wouldn’t stop until I asked him. “Why am I crazy?”

“I’m glad you asked that.” James said standing up importantly. “Because I spent ages trying to find your room and which room did you chose? This one.” He said gesturing around. “The one upstairs has one of those baths with water jets, a balcony and a walk in wardrobe. If you want to keep the antiques that’s fine, but you should at least take that room.”

“What’s wrong with this one?”

“It’s small, there’s no bathroom and the view is rubbish. You should have the whole floor to yourself!” James said pointing at the top floor plan. It was the smallest floor complete with balcony and the idea did sound nice, but... ridiculous.

“No thanks. This one’s good enough for me.” I said glancing at my watch. It was like... half twelve already. “We should go; I’ll cook us some dinner.”

“Haven’t you got a house elf?” James asked and I found myself blushing as I shook my head. “I would have thought with a house this size...”

“We have a cleaner.” I told him and walked to the door to try and subtlety hint at him to get out of my room.

“Ooo!” James said standing up slowly. “I’m sorry; I didn’t know you were too rich for house elves.” I ignored his remark. “Oh and Cassie?” James began. “Nice bra.” I blushed furiously. “I forgot how fun it was to embarrass you.”

“I forgot how fun it was too.” I said under my breath as James finally took the hint and swaggered out of the door.


“So, what you cooking?” James asked from where he was sat on the other side of the hatch. I rolled my eyes in frustration and resisted the urge to do something stupid.

“Stir fry.” I answered through gritted teeth as I chopped up carrot into thin slices – the thinner the better just like the cook book said. My cook books hadn’t been unpacked yet but I knew the basics off by heart now and barely used them.

“Why??” James asked and I wondered if he knew he sounded like a needy five year old.

“Because we don’t really have that much food in at the minute.” I told him in annoyance.  “So there’s not much choice.”

I heard his footsteps on the kitchen floor and he walked into the main kitchen area where I was cooking.

“I’m bored.” James complained and I kept my back turned away from him and rolled my eyes.

“Put some music on.” I said pointing to the wall. As this house was ultra modern and expensive it had a built in docking station for the muggle ‘iPod’ of course this was compatible with my wizarding music player (W.M.P.).

“You won’t have any music I like.”

“Download some then!” I exclaimed. I sighed. “Watch the pan, I’ll be two seconds.” I told him before walking across to the next door sitting room (the one in use) and grabbing my laptop, W.M.P and my phone for good measure. I placed them down on the table in the centre of the kitchen. “Do whatever ever you like. Well, don’t watch porn or anything.” I clarified. “Just be quite and let me cook.”

“I can download whatever I like?” James asked excitedly. I nodded and turned back to my stir fry which was looking a little... over cooked.  I turned the heat down and grabbed a pack of straight-to-Wok noodles before emptying them in too. “You have the Singing Banshees’ new album already?” He asked and I nodded. “Wow!” He muttered and went over to plug my W.M.P. into the wall. He turned it up and the heavy beat of the Singing Banshee’s filled the kitchen. It was a welcome break from the silence.

“Just to kick it down... kick it down...” I sang along and James was staring me as if I’d just become a human (in his eyes I probably just had).

“You build me up, you build me, you build me UP!” James sang at the top of his voice (which was awful).

“Just to kick it down.” I finished not half as loudly.

“I love that song.” James gushed excitedly and I raised an eyebrow, I could have guessed that.

“Okay dinner’s up.” I said pulling out some antique-style plates and serving up the stir fry. “And that reminds me, I need to order more food. Can you pass me the laptop?” I asked and James pushed it over to my side of the table.

“Not as good as Hogwarts.” James said as he started my stir fry. I ignored him and instead started working out meals for the rest of the week and what exactly we could eat...

“Get some rice.” James suggested so I added to big packets to my basket. “And some biscuits.” James added coming to stand behind me and watching me over my shoulder. I wanted to tell him how much it annoyed me when people did that, but I knew he’d only do it more. 

“That’s enough.” I counted and proceeded to the virtual checkout. I’d added in the new shipping address last night but it still took me a few seconds to scroll down the list to find the address we were currently living at.

“Bloody hell, how many places have you lived in?” He asked and I decided it wasn’t worthy of a reply.

“It’s late and we haven’t done anything.” I said glancing at my watch. “We need to decide what we’re going to do with each room. As you’ve ruined my floor plan I’ll print off another.” I said looking at the creased up copy James had been holding.

“Where’s the printer?” James asked as I opened up the document and clicked print.

“Integrated.” I said in satisfaction as I watched his amazement as the sheets flew out the back of my laptop.

At least I could impress him with the advanced technology I had.


“Was James helpful?” Harry asked as he led me into his study thing where I was going to practice using my ability.

“Yes.” I lied and he seemed to find this funny and laughed to himself.

“I’m glad there are still some teenagers who understand manners.” He said. “Take a seat.”

“Okay.” I said taking a seat. The house was so full of magic that I did actually feel relatively comfortable but at the same time I was a little nervous about practicing my whole ‘ability’ thing.

“Do you want a drink?” He asked and I shook my head. “Okay.” Harry said brushing his fingers through his hair. He was slightly nervous too. He probably had no idea what we were going to do in this little session thing and was probably regretting inviting me here. I shifted in my seat awkwardly. “Well, could you tell me a little more about your... power?” Harry suggested and I decided to talk as much as possible to eradicate the awkward nervousness.

“I’ve had it for as long as I remember but I never really thought that it was useful for anything. Magic is the easiest thing to sense, then emotions, then like... memories...” He looked a little confused. “I guess it’s almost an instinct and I just know.”

“Okay, tell me about the magic you can sense in here.” He said.

“Well your house is so full of magic it’s hard to get anything specific.” I said blinking twice. “In this room the strongest magical power is, well, you.” I said trying not to blush too much. “Then...” I closed my eyes and placed my hands on the desk to concentrate. “There’s something in the draw.” I said and Harry looked slightly surprised. He opened up the draw and emptied it onto the desk. 

There was an assortment of junk: a muggle stapler, some pieces of parchment, a broken locket, an old mug and some nail varnish. I wasn’t about to ask what any of this stuff was doing (although even Harry Potter looked a little confused about the nail varnish).

I closed my eyes again to concentrated and reached out my hand above it. I could feel traces of magic on some of the objects but nothing particularly special until I held my hand over one particular object.

A shiver of excitement and fear flooded through my veins and I felt my heart beating in my chest at twice the speed. It had been strong magic and it had been dark magic. I opened my eyes and picked up the locket before running my fingers over it.

“This.” I said as I ran my fingers over the whole in it. It looked as if it had been stabbed...

“Are you sure?” He asked worriedly.

“Yeah, dark magic.” I said again. “It’s gone now but... it’s left a tiny trace of what it was before. It used to be... bad.” Was all I could say. I turned it over in my hands and felt my heart beating quickly in my chest. Was it bad that I was more pulled to this locket, dark magic, than I was to any of the other magical objects? “It’s okay now though.” I said dropping it before I did something stupid.

Harry looked slightly amazed and took the locket of the table and ran his own fingers over it. I wondered if he could feel it too.

“That’s incredible.” Harry said slowly. He walked over to the door and started yelling “Ginny!” I bit my lip and sat at the table awkwardly. Now he was excited and a little bit amazed and I felt like I hadn’t really done anything...

“Ginny!” Harry exclaimed when she finally came into view.  Harry held the locket in her face and began whispering something to Ginny excitedly. I blushed awkwardly.

“Honestly.” Ginny said rolling her eyes. “You’re embarrassing the poor girl – I thought you would have known better. Hello Cassie, dear.” Ginny said. “I suppose he hasn’t explained the significance of finding the locket?” She asked and I shook my head. She gave him a look. “It used to belong to Voldermort.” I gaped at her in shock.

“She can sense people to.” Harry said. “I bet she could even tell us where everyone in the house is.” He said and I blushed again. This was really making me uncomfortable. “Try it.” Harry implored.

I closed my eyes and tired to ignore the magic of the walls and all the little bits and pieces they had and instead search for big balls of magic. I turned my lack of vision into a picture and turned the balls of magic into balls of light in my vision. I could feel Harry to one side of me and Ginny behind me surprisingly, to me at least, their magic seemed to be the same size. I extended my vision and looked up to the ceiling. It would make sense if the others were upstairs. I pushed it outwards again and saw several more balls of like... four more.

“James is up there.” I said pointing in the direction of where his ball was glowing. I could tell it was his because I had been in his presence all day. The other three were harder. Lily and Albus were here... but who else? I tried to think about it clearly and I vaguely remembered how close Albus was with Rose and decided that it had to be her. “Lily is there.” I said pointing at the room directly above us. “Rose and Albus are there, but I don’t know which is which.” I said opening my eyes again. I dropped my arm feeling foolish and found myself blushing again (when am I not blushing?).

“That is impressive.” Ginny admitted. “Would certainly make hide and seek easier.” She said, smiling at me.

“How did you do that?” Harry asked. “Explain exactly.”

So I did. 

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