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Contours by GryffindorGirl153

Format: Novel
Chapters: 27
Word Count: 161,660

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/11/2009
Last Chapter: 09/08/2011
Last Updated: 09/08/2011

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Hermione glanced at him, then back to the reporter. “Yes.” She finally said. “It is true.” Despite her words, she was glaring at Draco as she spoke. “I am engaged to Draco Malfoy.”

Chapter 16: Chapter Fifteen

By: Gryffindorgirl153


She didn’t know why all she could think about at that moment was Draco. She didn’t realize where all the hatred she had held for him had gone. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Wesley and his mother had all left her mind, and she had no idea why.

“Draco.” Hermione breathed as she was pushed back against the bed.

She didn’t know why she had done what she did. She didn’t know why she kissed him.


Slowly, Draco pushed Hermione back against the bed, his hands trailing down her sides. “Draco.” Hermione breathed. She smelled his scent as her head hit his pillow, allowing herself to drown in it. His mouth tasted bittersweet, with the hint of alcohol and lime.

His breathing turned ragged, and soon, Hermione felt cold. She felt the weight on her body leave her, and as she opened her eyes- she realized that Draco had fallen beside her on the bed. A bitter scoff escaped her lips when she heard him snoring. “And he falls asleep.” Hermione said, rolling her eyes. “Way to leave a girl hanging, Malfoy.”

Laughing softly, she rolled off the bed- forcing all her thoughts of Draco to stay on the bed behind her. She turned the light off as she left the room and entered her bedroom, not even bothering to change out of her clothes before she climbed under the covers and fell asleep.


The sun streamed through the curtains of Draco’s room, moving towards his bed and over his eyes. As he opened his eyes, he realized he had a pounding headache that just wouldn’t go away no matter how much times he closed and opened his eyes. Groaning, he rolled over to his back and draped his arm over his eyes. He suddenly smelled something he hasn’t smelled in years- the aroma of an amazing breakfast.

“So is this how you treat a bloke’s hangover?” Draco asked upon entering the kitchen. “By cooking pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausages?”

Hermione laughed, and placed a tower of pancakes in front of Draco. After seeing the look on his face, she spoke. “Trust me, after how much you threw up last night you’ll be devouring this in a matter of minutes.”

He chuckled. “I could get used to this, you know.” He said, looking down at his plate full of food. “Waking up to this kind of food.” Draco sunk his knife into his pancakes covered with syrup and butter. “I never knew you could cook Granger.”

“I can only cook breakfast.” Hermione said, sitting next to him and digging into her own food. “I’ve never really had to cook myself lunch or dinner before – I always went out for that.”

“I could live with this breakfast every morning.” Draco replied happily, his mouth full of food. “Maybe being married to you won’t be so bad after all, Granger.”

She stared at him and laughed. The sound of her high-pitched laugh rang through his ears, sending a strange feeling throughout his body. He wasn’t quite sure about anything, since his mind was still clouded by the alcohol, but he knew he wanted to hear her laugh again. “It sounds like what everyone says is true- the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.”

Shoving some eggs into his mouth, he spoke, “Well I don’t know for all the other blokes out there in the world but I’d fall in love with any woman that can cook me an amazing meal.”

Hermione poked her fork through her teeth- tasting the metallic tip. “Couldn’t Astoria cook well?”

Draco looked up from his plate and thought for a while. “She’s,” he took a moment to think of the proper word. “Adequate.”

“Just Adequate?” she wondered.

He nodded. “Adequate. She’s never made me breakfast- so I wouldn’t know.” Draco responded. “Personally- breakfast is all that matters for me.” Draco lifted his head and watched Hermione nod. “Why? What does it matter if Astoria can cook or not?” he questioned.

Shrugging, Hermione began pushing food around on her plate. “Well you left her for me…” she trailed off.

“Because I didn’t like her person.” He replied, knowing the next few questions Hermione was going to ask him. “I prefer living with you for a year or two rather than her. Haven’t I told you this before already?”

She looked at him. “I always wondered why you felt that way.” Hermione said. “Astoria’s- beautiful, rich and she’s a blue blood.”

“If I thought any of those attributes were important in a woman, do you think I would’ve settled with you and not her?” Draco asked. “She’s vile, she’s self centered and she’s a brat. She expects too much of me than a fake wife should expect from a fake husband.”

Sighing, she looked up and smiled in attempt to lighten up the mood. “So do you have to go to work today?” Hermione asked.

Draco nodded, finished with his breakfast. “I haven’t gone in a while, so I think I should go in today.” He answered. “How about you? You have training today, don’t you?”

She nodded as well. “I really, really don’t want to go – but I guess I have to.” Hermione stood up and placed her empty plate in the sink, along with Draco’s. She walked over to the furthest right cupboard, and pulled out a vile filled with a red liquid. “You must have a pounding headache right now.” Hermione said, placing the potion in front of him. “You threw up your stomach last night.

Draco frowned, looking at the potion. “I threw up last night?” he asked. He pulled the cork out of the vile and brought it up to his lips. Before he was able to touch the tip of the vile with his lips, Hermione pulled his hand away. Draco gave her a curious look.

“You’re allergic to figs aren’t you?” she asked him. Without waiting for an answer, Hermione walked over to the sink and filled a tall glass with water and poured the potion inside. “I personally like figs, so I made these potions with figs in them. It’s more diluted this way- so it’s fine if you drink it like this.”

He looked at her, but drank the potion anyway. “How did you know I was allergic to figs?” Draco asked.

Hermione shrugged, grabbing his plates and placing them in the sink. “I remember back in Hogwarts- you accidentally ate a fig and almost had a seizure in the middle of the great hall.”

Draco looked down, remembering the incident very clearly in his mind. “I didn’t know you remembered that.” He said quietly.

“I have an amazing memory, Malfoy.” She said. “Maybe that’s the outcome from reading all those books.”

He laughed. “Of cou-.” A knock coming from the door interrupted Draco in mid-sentence. “I’ll get it.” He said to Hermione, who was washing the dishes by hand. Draco quickly walked to the front door and unlocked the bolts, only to find his mother standing in the doorway with a trunk floating behind her. “Mother.” He said, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Draco, darling- good morning.” Narcissa Malfoy greeted.

“Mother, your trunk.” Draco said. “This is a muggle apartment building. You can’t just walk around with trunks floating behind you!”

Narcissa sighed and sent her trunk inside Draco’s apartment. “Oh hush up Draco. It’s not like the muggles saw me use magic.” She said- sticking her nose back into the air and stepping right into their apartment.

He closed the door behind her and locked the bolts once more. “Mother, what are you doing here?” Draco asked. “And with your trunk, I might add.”

“Mrs. Malfoy, hello!” Hermione exclaimed, rushing towards Draco and his mother.

“Good morning Hermione.” Narcissa said, nodding her way and turning back to Draco. “Draco, your father has gone away for business- and insists that I shouldn’t stay in the manor all by myself. So I’ve come to stay with you two.” She finished, clasping her hands together.

Draco and Hermione quickly glanced at each other and back to Narcissa. “You’re going to be staying here? With us?” he asked slowly. “In this apartment?”

Narcissa nodded. “Is that a problem?” she asked. “You two do have an extra bedroom, am I correct? With the purpose of a guest room?”

“Uh- yes we do.” Hermione replied. “It’s quite alright Mrs. Malfoy. We’d love to have you here. I’ll just take your trunk to the guest room then.” She smiled kindly at the old woman and looked back at Draco once she had reached the trunk. He was staring at her with wide eyes. She quickly mouthed the words ‘DISTRACT HER. KEEP HER AWAY FROM THE BEDROOM.’

“Er- mum, lets go into the living room. We’ll let Hermione get the guest room ready for you.” Draco said leading her into the living room. “I’ll show you how to use the television.”

Narcissa gave her son a strange look. “The tely what?” she asked, sitting down on the couch. “And what is there to get ready for the guest room – It should be perfectly fine and ready for anyone to sleep in. Unless someone has been sleeping there.” She turned to look at Draco.

“Pansy stayed over two nights ago.” Draco responded quickly before his mother could assume any further. “Theo and her had a fight, so she came over here to spend the night.”

After about ten minutes of explaining to his mother what the remote was for and how it was used, Hermione came strolling into the living room with a nervous look on her face. “Well Narcissa- the guest room is ready for you.” She said. “I’m sorry, it’s just that - .” Draco’s arms flailing around behind his mother caught her attention.

‘PANSY STAYED OVER TWO NIGHTS AGO!’ he mouthed, putting two fingers up in the air.

“It’s just that we had Pansy over about two nights ago.” Hermione finished nervously. “But I’ve changed all the sheets for you and cleared out the drawers. We had a few old clothes piled there, but it was all moved into boxes.”

Narcissa pursed her lips. “Wonderful.” She said. “Well, I’ll just go in and put my things away. Draco, I simply just can’t understand this ridiculous invention.” Narcissa said, throwing the remote on the table. “I won’t ever need to know how to use that telly thing, or what ever it’s called.”

Hermione let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding and dropped down on the couch next to Draco. “So what’d you do to the room?” he asked her, leaning back.

“I completely moved every single one of my possessions into yours. I changed the sheets, cleaned everything so there is not a single sign that I have been living there for god knows how long.” She replied. “You do know what this means right?” Hermione asked.

“What?” Draco asked fearfully.

“We’re going to have to sleep on the same bed for about a week. And act like we’re just head over heels in love.” She replied fearfully. “This should be.. easy.”

He nodded. “Easy- of course.”

“Piece of cake, right?” she asked, turning to him.

“Actually, I think this will be one of the worst weeks of my life.” Draco groaned. “It may just be the worst week of my life.”


After a long day at the office, Draco stood in front of his front door, searching his trousers for his house keys. “Damnit.” Draco muttered, realizing that he didn’t take it with his morning. He pulled his wand from his pocket and whispered “Alohomora”.

“Draco, is that you?” he heard Hermione call loudly.

“Yeah.” Draco responded loudly, taking his cloak off and setting it on the couch. “Mum.” He said, surprised, completely forgetting this morning’s events.

Narcissa placed the thick book she was reading on her lap and smiled slightly. “Good evening, Draco.” She said. “How was work?”

“It was great.” He replied slowly, turning his head towards the kitchen. “Where’s Hermione?”

Narcissa turned her head back towards her book and motioned towards the kitchen. “She’s making us some dinner.” She replied.

As if on cue, Hermione came running from the kitchen. Draco turned, only to be surprised for the second time that night as Hermione planted a kiss on his lips. “Evening honey, how was work?” she asked sweetly, a large smile on her face. She was wearing a pink apron over her clothes, and her hair was tied into a messy bun- several strands falling into her face.

“Great.” He replied, smiling slightly. Slowly, he leaned down to Hermione’s face and she felt his lips on her left ear. “You’re a fantastic actress, have I ever told you that?” he asked playfully.

Hermione rolled her eyes when she felt him smirk against her face. Draco kissed her softly on her cheek and proceeded to walk into the kitchen. “Your mother insisted that I cook dinner for the rest of the week.” She said, sounding tired and worn out. “She wanted to see what I would be feeding you for the rest of our lives.”

Draco laughed, and looked at the stove to see what she was cooking. “What ever this is, it smells amazing.” He said. “I thought you didn’t know how to cook.”

She pulled her wand from her back pocket and pointed it to the large pot. “I don’t know how to cook with my hands.” Hermione replied. “But I can do anything with a wand. I just don’t like using my wand at home.”

“So how was your day with my mother?” he asked as he pulled a bottle of firewhiskey from the refrigerator.

Hermione sighed. “She made me clean the whole flat, wash everything that was dirty and rearrange your bookshelf.” She replied. “Your mother is insane, Draco.”

Draco laughed. “Well, you only have to deal with her for only six more days.” He said, taking a drink of his whiskey.

“Only?” Hermione asked incredulously, turning towards him. “Draco, you cannot leave me alone in this house with her. I’m going to go mad!” she began pulling plates from the cupboard and set them on them on the dining table. “You CAN’T leave me here alone with her.” She waved her wand at the food on the stove and an even portion of food appeared on each plate on the table.

He grinned, and stepped behind Hermione as she poured a glass of wine for each of them. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he leaned forward and placed his lips close to her ear. “You do realize that if I don’t go to work this week, we need to flawlessly act like a happily engaged couple?” He whispered. “But then again, I wouldn’t mind doing this a few more times.” Draco said, smirking. “We’d have to act like we were- in love.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, fighting the urge to smile. She elbowed his stomach, causing him to reel his arms back to his own body. “Don’t make me laugh, Malfoy.” She said, placing the wine glasses on the table. “I would rather pretend that I was in love with you than stay at home alone with your mother for six more days.” The thought of what more his mother could make her do was almost painful to think about.

“Mum, dinner’s ready.” Draco shouted from the kitchen, taking his place at the middle of the rectangular table.

Narcissa Malfoy walked in with a disapproving look on her face. “Draco, next time you invite a guest to dinner, do not shout for them three rooms away.” She scolded. “How many times must I tell you this?” she asked, sitting down in the left side of Draco.

“Yes, I’m sorry mother.” Draco said, unfolding his napkin and setting it on his lap. “Just eat your dinner.”

Hermione took her place on the other side of Draco, and quickly pocketed her wand after pointing it at an uncooked cake on the counter. “I apologize for Draco’s behavior, Narcissa.” Hermione said, giving Draco a look that practically screamed ‘don’t leave me alone with her please’.

Dinner went by painfully slow. It was a never-ending chain of criticism towards Hermione’s cooking and their developing lifestyle. However each time Hermione turned to Draco for help, he seemed completely unfazed by his mother’s complaints and attitude. He ate his meal quietly, ignoring the rude remarks that left Narcissa’s mouth each time she swallowed a portion of her food.

Groaning inwardly, Hermione lost her appetite at the idea of spending the next few years tied to this woman.


Hermione stepped out of the shower with her hair-dripping wet. Hermione found Draco lying on the bed, slumped against the wall with a magazine on his naked chest. “Don’t you look ravishing.” Draco remarked sarcastically, taking a good look at Hermione’s attire. She wore flannel pajama pants and a large t-shirt that extended all the way to her knees. “You know, most women wear lingerie to bed, not oversized clothing.”

“I’m sorry to tell you, Malfoy- that I am not like those women.” She spat. “I actually prefer wearing comfortable clothes to bed.”

He stared at her as she climbed into her temporary side of the bed. “Shouldn’t you dry your hair?” Draco asked her once the smell of her shampoo flooded his nostrils. Clearing his throat, he continued. “You’re going to get my pillow all wet.”

Draco grunted when a mop of wet hair suddenly made contact with his face. “Gah!” he exclaimed, looking at Hermione who was laughing as she pulled her head back. “You are such a child, Granger.” He said angrily, wiping the water off his face. “The last time someone did that to me was when I was eight.”

“Oh don’t get your knickers in a twist.” Hermione said exasperatedly. “I was only having some fun.”

Leaning over slowly, Draco whispered, “I can think of other ways to have fun.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively, causing him to earn a light slap on the face with the back of her hand.

“Don’t be silly dear- we’re not even married yet.” She replied mockingly, putting on an appalled face. “Now, just stay on your side of the bed and I’ll stay on mine. Maybe that way we’ll be able to survive sleeping with each other for the rest of the week.”

Draco closed his magazine and placed it on his bedside table before he turned off the lampshade on his side. “Hey, remember I’m the mature one?” He asked her, recalling the last time they had slept on the same bed. “You were the one that colored my entire head with all the colors of the blasted rainbow!”

She rolled her eyes and turned the light off on her side. “I think you’re hallucinating, Malfoy.” Hermione said, pulling the covers over her body. “I did no such thing. Now go to sleep before you start imagining more silly, ridiculous things.”

He did not retaliate with smart, whimsical comebacks. Instead, Draco stayed quiet, staring at the ceiling, his hands folded on his stomach. He lost track of how long he laid on his back, staring at the ceiling. “Granger?” he croaked quietly, instantly regretting even making a sound. “Granger?” he repeated, suddenly curious if she was still awake.

“What is it Malfoy?” she asked sleepily, shifting her legs around under the covers.

Draco paused, thinking of what he wanted to say. “Do you regret it?” he asked her.

Hermione sighed and turned around to face him. “Regret what?” she questioned with her eyes half opened.

“Saying yes.”

He didn’t receive an answer for several moments, and for a second- he began to think that she had fallen asleep. “No.” Hermione answered finally, pushing her body deeper into the bed. “I don’t regret it. Not one bit.”

Allowing her answer to sink in deeper into his brain, Draco turned his head the other way and closed his eyes. “Thank you.” He whispered, before he finally drifted off to sleep.

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