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Mission Malfoy by dramionefan_Rilla

Format: Novel
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 34,113
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Shacklebolt, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), Skeeter, Teddy, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/25/2009
Last Chapter: 04/19/2013
Last Updated: 04/19/2013

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Hermione Granger is an under-cover Auror and betrothed to Draco Malfoy. Her mission: “To look for small clues that could prove to be of importance.”  

The question “What” is Draco Malfoy up too?

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

A/N - Hey Everyone! Sorry it took awhile to update, I had to finish writing this Chapter, it might be a bit rusty around the edges. I think I’m losing my touch. Haha :) Thanks so much for reviewing they made me smile. 

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~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~Chapter 4~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~

Meanwhile, as Harry and Hermione were going to Kingsly’s office. 24-year-old Draco Malfoy and his 4-year-old son Adrian had just walked into the Ministry, for their meeting with the Minister- well Draco’s meeting with the Minister.

Unfortunately, at this moment Draco was mad, the reason he was in such a mood was, that ever since he had announced his proposal to marry a muggle- born witch. The Daily Prophet reporters had been following him and Adrian all day, asking him non-stop questions and snapping photographs.

So in order to avoid the reporters he had told Adrian to be really quite. He sighed wearily as he walked down the corridors clutching Adrian’s hand. Adrian on the other hand seemed perfectly at ease he was extremely excited to meet his new mummy. [As Draco had called his future bethroed, not knowing what else to call this mysteries Muggle- born.]

Adrian’s eyes widened in excitement, taking in the hustle of people around him and laughing as a swarm of owls with parcels, memos, and letters swooped over his head, they were so close that he could feel the rush of cool wind on his neck.

Draco however was too preoccupied in searching for the quickest way to Kingsly’s office without being seen. He nearly ran to the nearest corridor, as he neared Kingsly’s office he heard voices. Oh Great the blasted reporters were after him again! He cursed under his breath.

He gently picked up Adrian and hid behind the big tall plant near the help-desk;thanking Merlin that the secretary was on coffee break. The voices came closer to Draco and he could pick up a man’s voice as well as a woman’s. They seemed to be discussing something, their voices rose higher.

“Harry everything will work out, relax.” The women said soothingly.

Draco groaned inaudibly, “It was “Saint Potter” and some girl, damn doesn’t he have Weaslette (Ginny) how many more women does this idiot need! Merlin he hoped it wasn’t weaslette or else they would be snogging like there was no tomorrow. AND he certainly didn’t need Adrian seeingthat or worse hear anything, It would probably mentally scar his son for the rest of his life and he couldn’t have that. He was just thinking on how to get out of there when…

FLASH! FLASH! Reporters came running through the corridors flashing pictures and shouting questions at Potter and in the midst of the commotion, Draco grabbed his son, slipped through the crowd and burst through the first door he saw and straight into Kingsly’s Office.

Draco swore under his breath, great he just barged into the Minister of Magic’s office. He quickly sprang into action; turning around, shut the door and sat in one of the leather chair with Adrian on his lap, waiting for Shacklebolt to arrive. Might as well get on with the meeting.

After a few minutes the door opened and in walked Shacklebolt with his secretary Sophie McClintoff. Kingsly’s eyes widened when he saw Draco and Adrian in his office.

Draco gently put Adrian down and stood up from his chair with his hand outstretched, “Hello Minister, I hope you don't mind that we made ourselves comfortable."

Kingsly shook his hand, “Not at all, the media can be rather intrusive, ah and this must be your son Adrian,” he gestured towards Adrian.

Draco nodded “Yes this is my son Adrian”

“Hello Adrian how are you on this fine day,” Kingsly asked smiling at him.

“Hi,” Adrian mumbled bashfully.

Kingsly chuckled and turned towards his secretary,"Sophie please take Adrian outside, while Mr. Malfoy and I are disusing the matter."

Sophie smiled,” Alright sir, come with me Adrian.”

Sophie held out her hand. Adrian was clutching Draco’s hand, looking at Sophie shyly. Kingsly noticing, smiled and said, “It’s ok Adrian, Sophie will just keep you company for a while.”

Draco shook his head encouragingly. Sophie smiled at him and Draco glared at her, her smile disappeared and she glared right back at Draco, who was now smiling at Adrian oblivious to her angry mood.

“Come on!” She said to Adrian, who was waving goodbye to his father and Kingsly.

After the door closed behind them. Kingsly turned towards Draco and gestured for him to sit down. Draco sat. “Well Draco, I guess you’re pretty excited to meet your bethored.” Kingsly beamed happily.

“Yes sir,” Draco answered through clenched teeth.

“That’s good and I’m sure you’ll find this candidate worthy of you, and your family name.” Kingsly continued.

“I hope so Kingsly,” Draco said looking at Kingsly suspiciously, after all he was a member of Dumbledore secret society (The Order).

“She is an Auror here at the Ministry.” Kingsley said looking down at the documents on his head.

“I presume you’d like to meet her now?” Kingsly asked. Draco nodded stiffly.

“Right, I’ll just send her a memo then.” He quickly wrote a note that zipped out of his office in search of Hermione.

“Does she have a name?” Draco finally asked after several minutes of listening to Kingsly’s quill scratching on parchment.

“Yes, I believe-”

A knock on Kingsly’s door interrupted him and he stood to answer it, revealing a young man with untidy black hair and green eyes, and accompanying him was a young petite woman with straight golden-brown hair and honey colored eyes. Draco groaned loudly.

“Mr. Malfoy, I assume you remember Mr. Potter,” Kingsly said as he shut the door.

“How could I ever forget,” he said as he stood, with his hand outstretched

“How are you Potter?” he said sneering.

“I’m fine Malfoy and you?” Harry replied.

“I’m well thanks” Draco replied shaking his hand.

Draco had to admit, he was surprised at how calm Potter was, and he had to give him credit, so for Potter’s sake he attempted to be civil.

“Well Draco, I’m sure you want to meet your bethored by now. So without further ado please allow me to introduce you to Miss. Granger,” Kingsley said with a sly smile as Hermione stepped in.

Draco’s mouth dropped, standing next to Potter was a gorgeous brunette with killer looks, she had smooth straight hair, and eyes that burned with a sense of ferocity; that he he gasped and were those black stilettos?! It took him a moment to regain composure. Once he had, his trademark smirk spread across his face.

“Granger long time no see, how are you?” Draco questioned attempting to be polite. If Hermione was surprised by his politeness, she hid it well.

“It’s nice to see you too, Malfoy. How has life after Hogwarts been treating you?” she asked him smiling timidly.”

“It’s been treating me alright, and you?” He replied and motioned her to take his seat, thinking, Two can play that game.

“It’s been okay,” she said as she sat.

Draco nodded absentmindedly, turning towards Kingsly, who had been watching the exchanges in amusement.

“Right, well, I guess we should go over the contracts then,” Kingsley said. His eyes meeting briefly with the three occupants in the room. He began reading through the documents. He made perfectly clear to what Draco’s duties, as a husband and what he could and could not do, thus if any harm came to Hermione, He would immediately be sent to Azkaban.

Draco was nodding to every word, barley-paying attention, as he was thinking of Adrian. He noticed that Hermione too had lost focus to whatever Kingsly was saying and was playing with her long thin sliver necklace. Finally, after 10 minutes, though it seemed like eternity to Draco and Hermione, The agreement was finalized. Hermione’s fate was sealed and, she was stuck with Draco for life (that was if he didn’t harm her in anyway).

Harry sighed heavily and stood first to congratulate his friend on her betrothal, just because her betrothed was Malfoy, that didn’t mean he still wouldn’t support or congratulate her.
Kingsley looked expectantly at Hermione who seemed lost in her own thoughts. Finally, he cleared his throat to get her attention.

“Sorry, Kingsley, I was just…thinking,” she said with a blush. The minister only chuckled at her.

Draco scoffed at that and Harry glared at him before turing around and smiled at Hermione “ Congrulations Hermione... and you too Malfoy”

“Thanks Potter” Draco sneered.

Hermione walked up to Harry and wrapped her arms around him, She fought hard to hold back her tears but her eyes defied her and misted anyway. “I love you, Harry. Tell Ginny I love her too,” she whispered in his ear with a sniffle.

“Of course. You know we love you too, Hermione,” Harry replied as he rubbed her back softly.

“I’ll write you often, ok? You must write back and Ginny too, she whispered again looking at him.

“You know we will. Just…be careful,” he said. “Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything, anything at all.”

Hermione nodded, her tears falling on Harry’s shirt. Draco who had been watching them with an amused expression on his face, finally spoke, “You do know that you can visit them Granger?”

Hermione looked at Draco for a minute then smiled, “But I’ll still miss them.”

“We’ll miss you too Hermione,” Harry said softly

“You know, I really hate to interrupt but I have to get Adrian,” Malfoy said looking bored and anxious at the same time. Hermione pulled away from Harry.

“Oh! Does he know about… me” she asked Draco.

Draco shook his head, “Yes he does, and he’s pretty excited to meet you”

Harry chuckled, “well we can’t have Adrian waiting, Kingsly please send a memo to Sophie to bring Adrian.”

Kingsly smiled, “Harry… I actually needed to talk to Draco privately for a couple of minutes.”

Harry smiled at Kingsly and narrowed his eyes at Draco as they walked out of his office.

Meanwhile, Adrian and Sophie were looking at the goldfish in a fish tank. “Hey Adrian, isn’t this goldfish so cool?” Sophie asked pointing to a multicolored goldfish.

Adrian merely looked at her and replied dryly “Yeah it’s really cool”

Sophie smiled at him not noticing his sarcasm and kept on going on about how cool the goldfish was. Adrian was board, He was smart for a four year old, and he knew that his daddy was in a meeting with the ruler of the wizard world, and they were looking for his “new” mummy.

He was about to ask Sophie if he could go see his daddy now, when she looked at him and smiled “Hey Adrian I think your dad is done with the meeting let’s go see him”. Adrian beamed and followed Sophie towards Kingsly’s office, he couldn’t wait to meet his new mummy.

Harry and Hermione were standing outside of Kingsly’s office with their ears pressed against the door, trying to listen to the conversation. Hermione was looking frustrated and was saying “Harry we are not going to be able to hear anything, Kingsly soundproofed the room, remember?”

Harry was about to respond, when they both heard the sound of people walking, and as the people came into view, Hermione realized that Sophie was holding the hand of a little boy.

She looked at Harry confusedly, he however was grinning at her expression and said “So that’s little Adrian”

Hermione gasped, the boy did look a lot like Draco. There was no mistaking the soft blonde hair and the mischievous sliver-blue eyes though Draco’s were a bit sad.

Hermione smiled softly at the small boy,” Hello my name is Hermione, what’s your name?” She asked.

Adrian smiled shyly back, he really liked this lady she was nice and even though daddy said not to talk to strangers he felt as if he could trust her, and didn’t daddy always say to trust yourself? “My name is Adrian Malfoy and I’m four years old, he said smiling proudly while holding out four fingers.

Hermione chuckled, “Wow you’re a big boy aren’t you Adrian”

Adrian smiled bashfully, “Thank you-“he paused, unsure on how to pronounce her name.

“You can call me Mione, that’s what my godson Teddy does and he’s around your age,” she said kindly.

Adrian was about to ask her if he could play with Teddy sometime; when Draco walked out of the office with Kingsly in toe. Draco did a double take when he saw Adrian and Hermione chattering happily, and Harry watching them with an amused expression.

“I really like you-“Adrian broke of as Draco walked towards them.

"Daddy!” he yelled and flew into Draco’s outstretched arms.

Draco smiled softly at his son, “Did you behave while I was gone.”

Adrian nodded vigorously and Draco chuckled, “I’m glad to hear it.”

Adrian grinned, “I really like ‘Mione”

He looked at Hermione and raised his eyebrows and mouthed, “’Mione”

She blushed under his gaze. “I thought Adrian would want to call me ‘Mione because my name is too long.”

Draco just sighed and turned towards Adrian, as he asked, “Daddy where’s my mummy?”

Draco glanced at him awkwardly, “Um Adrian buddy this is your new mummy.” He pointed towards Hermione, who was clearly nervous and biting her lower lip.

Adrian grinned, “Yay ‘Mione’s my Mummy,” he rushed over and gave Hermione a big hug, which she returned sighing in relief.

Draco groaned, Great my son loves Granger.

Hermione was smiling and when she felt Draco eyes on her, she flushed and turned away.

“Great now that’s settled you may all leave now.” Kingsly said.

Draco nodded and they began walking towards the fireplace as they prepared to floo to the manor. He told Adrian to hold his hand, and was about tell Hermione to keep up, when he saw her sniffle and hug Harry, one last time and fallowed him into the fireplace. He sighed, gripped her waist tightly, and nodded to Kingsly and Harry. Hermione whimpered slightly at the sudden grip around her waist but nevertheless held herself high, well as high as she could since her head only came up to Draco’s shoulder. She gave a small wave to Harry and he waved back before the flames engulfed them.


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