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Return To Me by hp1fan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 13,114
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Crossover, Humor, Romance
Characters: Hermione, OtherCanon
Pairings: Hermione/OC

First Published: 04/20/2009
Last Chapter: 11/26/2009
Last Updated: 11/26/2009

He finally found love, only for her to leave him.  He remembers their past, as he dreams of her return.    Jack Sparrow/Hermione Granger

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Chapter 6: Chapter 5

Hermione leaned against the door of the cabin, listening to the yells and explosions that issued from above her. She felt frightened and didn’t like not knowing what was going on. For a moment her mind drifted to the war. She shook her head and forced the bad memories away. She had to be able to think clearly.


She searched Jack’s cabin in hopes of finding something she could use to pick the lock on the door. She hated being locked up, and worst of all; she hated being locked up and wandless.


She opened a few drawers in his desk and came up empty handed. She slammed the last drawer closed and rushed toward the door when she heard voices just outside it.


She started banging and screaming for help.


“Step back,” she heard a muffled voice utter, jumping back in time as the door was kicked open.


She stood stock still, her eyes wide as a British military Commodore stepped into the room. He glanced in her direction and the fierce glower he wore faded as he caught the glint of fear that flashed in her eyes.


He tried to step closer, but stopped suddenly as Hermione backed away.


“I’m sorry if I’ve frightened you. I won’t hurt you, I promise,” he said gently as he took one step closer. She didn’t cower away, so he felt confident enough to take another step. “Are you hurt?” he asked softly as he glanced over her form. She seemed fine, but he couldn’t be sure.


She nodded mutely.


He felt the need to help her, protect her. She looked so small and fragile as she glanced up at him with frightened, misty eyes. He felt he could drown in their depths. He concluded it was the fact that she was a captive aboard a pirate ship and so obviously innocent of nature that he felt drawn to her.


He took another step forward and reached out a hand. “Let me help you. Come with me,”


Hermione found her voice at this point. “No, I should stay here. Jack wants me to stay here.”


“It’s okay,” he said softly, keeping his voice calm lest he frighten her even more. “I can take you someplace you will be safe.”


She shook her head and walked past him, making to sit on the bed. “No, really. I will be okay if I stay here.”


“I am sorry, but I have to insist you come with me,” he said a bit more firmly.


“And I say, I should remain here.”


She was going to be stubborn, he could tell that already. He walked over and stood in front of her. “What is your name, miss?” he asked, his voice going back to his soft, gentle tone.


“Hermione,” she answered.


“Well, Hermione. I have to insist again that you come with me. We have commandeered this pirate ship and have taken all aboard as prisoners. You are no longer a captive.”


“But I’m not a captive. I am here of my own free will,” she answered.


He looked into her eyes and still saw a slight flicker of fear in their depths. He would have to take her by force, and the idea made his stomach tense. “I’m sorry to have to do this, but please understand that it is for your own good,” Norrington apologized as he bent down and picked her up.


Hermione began to struggle. She knew he was a member of the military and therefore most likely trustworthy, but she had a bad feeling. She twisted and kicked, but he held her fast. She had no choice but to go along with him.




The British soldiers flooded the Pearl, Jack and his crew coming to the defensive. The clanging of swords and the explosions of gunfire could be heard. Screams echoing amongst the fighting as soldiers and pirates alike were wounded


Jack fought with everything in him. He cut down one soldier after another on his way toward the stairs that led down to below deck and his cabin. He had to make sure no one found her.


He made it to the doorway, taking on three soldiers who were determined to get past him. He beat down the first and he fiercely tried to do away with the other two. He was able to defeat one more before he felt his sword leave his hand and fly to the side, far out of his reach.


He put his hands up when he felt a sword poke him in his side.


“Jack Sparrow,” the male voice of the person attached to the sword uttered with contempt.


Jack smirked in the other man’s direction and corrected, “Captain Jack Sparrow, if ye please.”


“Well, Captain. I suppose it really matters little since you and your ship are now under the custody of the British Royal Navy.”


Jack looked around him to see his entire crew in custody. He closed his eyes and prayed they would not find the woman below deck.


“We will not stay in custody for long, Gov, as you should know that, seeing as I have escaped you before,” Jack said with a smirk. He loved to rile the man beside him and he was pleased to see it worked, yet another time.


“Yes, well, we will just see about that.” Commodore James Norrington scowled as he nodded to another officer to take Sparrow to the British ship.


Jack gave Norrington another smirk as he was led away. He was not afraid in the least. Jack knew that he would find a way to escape, and if he didn’t, well…luck would just have to find him again as it always did.



Hermione paced the cabin she had been placed in. She had been locked in again and felt very agitated. She had a feeling that something bad was about to happen, and she needed to get out so she could find out what that something was.


She paused in her pacing and realized that the something bad probably had to do with Jack.  She had to get out and find him!


She went to the door, but before she could begin to pound on it and demand release, she heard a jangle of keys as someone began to unlock the door.


She waited and only felt mild relief when she spied the soldier who had brought her from the Pearl.


“Are you alright?” he asked gently.


“I am, but I would be better if you would release me and let me wander the ship.”


Norrington shook his head and sighed. “As I told you when I brought you here, it is not safe for you to wander. We have pirates aboard. I should think you would feel grateful that I have taken measures to keep you safe.”


“And I have told you, I am safe around them. Not one of those men has laid a finger on me. Not even Jack himself.”


He wanted to believe her, and he prayed that she was right. The idea that any one of those pirates could have touched her enraged him. Again he thought about how drawn he was to her and wondered again if it was simply her plight that had caused the attachment.

“Well, I am sorry, but I am taking no chances with your safety.”


Hermione released a frustrated sigh. “I will be safe. Aren’t your men watching them?”


“Yes they are, but you do not know the pirates as I do. They are sneaky and cannot be trusted, Jack Sparrow especially. I will not risk him getting to you again. I will keep you safe from him.”


“Out of all of them, I feel the most safe with Jack, I…”


“He took you as a captive and you feel safe with him?” Norrington yelled, making her flinch, and then she got angry.


“I will ask you not to raise your voice at me like that. As I have told you since you brought me here, Jack did not take me captive. I was on the Pearl of my own free will.”


“Right, and that is why you were locked in his cabin.”


“Did it ever occur to you that maybe he was trying to keep me safe?”


“If you yourself believed that, then why were you screaming for help?”


Hermione opened her mouth only to close it again. She frowned before starting again. “I just wanted someone to let me out, so I could find out what the bloody hell was going on. I don’t like being in the dark about things.”


“And I am sure the gunfire did not clue you in,” Norrington answered with a smirk.


“Yes, it did, but…”


“And the clanging of swords?” he cut her off.


She was getting angrier by the minute.


“You have no right to hold me here in this room. You want to talk about keeping someone captive, well now it is the truth. You are keeping me captive, Commodore Norrington.”


His cheeks flushed as anger took over. “I am doing this for your safety, so do not presume to tell me that I am anything like that pirate,” he snarled.


“Well, Jack did it for the same reason, so you are alike in that respect,” she snapped before trying to get by him.


Norrington grabbed her arm and pulled her close so that they were nose to nose.  “You will bite your tongue,” he growled out. He released her with a slight shove and stood up to his full height, towering over her. “You will remain here until I feel it is safe for you,” he said a little more calmly. He walked to the door and turned to face her before exiting. “I do not want to hear another sound from you until that time. Am I understood?”


Hermione fumed, but chose to remain silent. She simply nodded her assent before he left and locked her back inside his cabin.




Jack was placed under heavy guard once he was on the other ship. Norrington obviously thought about what Jack had said, and knew the pirate was right. Jack had even been separated from his crew this time.


He paced the cabin he had been placed in and looked around for something to get the shackles off his wrists. He had just gotten a drawer open when Norrington made an appearance.


“Oh, you won’t find anything to help you escape in there, Sparrow,” Norrington said with a smirk to rival Jack’s own. “I made sure when we spotted the Pearl to ready a room just for you, Jack. I know most of your tricks and planned accordingly.”


Jack bowed slightly and fixed Norrington with a mischievious gaze. “I bow to your transcendent acumen, Gov. You have outsmarted the great Captain Jack Sparrow. However am I to find my way out of this fix, eh?”


Norrington felt his jaw pop as he gritted his teeth in an effort to rein in his anger. He knew Sparrow was trying to get a rise out of him and he would be damned if he was to give in.


Jack could feel the Commodore's anger rolling off the man in waves. He was getting to him and it gave him great pleasure. It was a game he was very good at playing.


“Your wit astounds me, Sparrow. Really, I am very amused. I have but one question though,” Norrington paused a moment in his pacing before the infamous pirate and fixed him with an evil smirk. Jack simply smiled. “Do you think you will be able to escape before your execution commences?”


For the first time in many years, Jack felt the crushing weight of fear settling in his chest, driving the air from his lungs and smothering his cocky, courageous heart.



Hermione's anger increased the more she paced the small cabin. Her hands began to tingle and sparks crackled around her fingertips. She stopped and took a deep breath to calm her fierce ire. It would not do to free her frustration in the form of exploding glass or levitating unsuspecting soldiers. However, She did have every right to be angry despite the Commodore's good intentions.


Hermione’s pacing resumed and she tried to calm her racing thoughts by reciting the names of well-known witches and wizards of the time, and what they were famous for. This in turn gave her another idea for finding ways to return to her own time. Besides Jack taking her to England and…She shook her head and tried not to think about him and what was possibly happening to him. If she thought about Jack, her anger increased ten fold and she had to start the calming process all over again.


Jack would get out of this, he had to! She had not known him long but she could sense how truly clever he was, despite his penchant for acting inane and being mischievious. There went her thoughts again, drifting on their own to settle on a man that was all at once charming as he was difficult. What was it about Jack Sparrow that left her feeling frustrated as well as enamored?


She began to tire of the relentless movement back and forth and climbed onto the bed. She had just begun to doze when she heard the familiar sound of a key turning in the lock. Jumping up, she raced to the door, intent on continuing the argument with the obstinate officer who had imprisoned her. The door opened and she was surprised to find a young soldier stepping into the room. He looked to be only seventeen years of age at the oldest, but he had a commanding air about him as he ordered her to follow him. Hermione stepped back from him and crossed her arms over her chest, taking on a defiant expression.


"I will not argue with you, Miss. The Commodore wishes you to come to the bridge immediately." His glowering face seemed to deter any more arguments she wished to make. That and the fact that she was rather bored with her cramped surroundings.





Jack paced the tiny cabin that was his prison, going over his options. Well, actually, he tried to come up with some options, and was having a very hard time of it.


Nothing came to him and, for the first time in his life, he felt his luck had run out.


The most treacherous thoughts he had had all day, though, was not his impending execution. No, his thoughts of a certain curly headed woman and the idea that he had failed to keep her safe haunted him the most.


What was it about her that changed the way he viewed things?


He was a very selfish bastard; no one could deny that. So, why did he care so much what happened to her?


Jack paced some more and tried to come up with a plan, but her face kept coming to the forefront of his mind, distracting him… taunting him. He shook his head, trying to clear her from his thoughts, but she wouldn’t leave. He sighed and paused in his pacing.


It was no use. There was no way he could escape the situation. Not without a miracle.





Hermione was led to the top deck by an armed soldier sworn to protect her. What she was being led here to witness, she hadn’t a clue.


The soldier led her over to the railing and stood behind her as she waited to see what was going on.


She had tried to ask her guard about the occurrences, but he kept silent, staring straight ahead.


She glanced around and noticed some of the pirates from the Pearl, but where was Jack?


She waited some more, than gasped when she saw Jack Sparrow led out in front of his crew, his hands shackled in front of him. What was going on?


She watched as Commodore Norrington spoke to Jack and he pulled out his sword. The Commodore continued to speak as he pushed Jack until he fell to his knees. . “NO!” Hermione screamed and tried to run to Jack, but the soldier grabbed her arm and refused to let her go to him. 


 “Let me go,” she yelled as she fought him, but his grip only got tighter. She tried to twist away and only got angrier as she fought. How dare they! Jack had not harmed her and she would be damned if she let them harm Jack.


Rage flooded her as she fought her guard. Her wand hand began to tingle and she felt her magic build. She didn’t fight it, she simply focused it until she heard the blast and felt the ship lurch violently.




Jack’s arms were stretched most uncomfortably as the soldiers dragged him up the narrow stairs to the top deck of the British ship. Looking around, he saw he’d been brought before the Pearl’s captive crew and Commodore Norrington. He could tell Norrington was having a grand time with the situation, if the man’s smile was any indication. To be truthful, Jack would have to say the Commodore was giddy with excitement. 


Jack kept his signature smirk in place. There was no way in Davy Jones’ locker he was going to show the fear that was eating away at him.


“Where is your grand escape, Sparrow?” Norrington asked with a smug air. The man was having far too much fun at his expense.


“Oh, I am not too worried, Gov. You know me, eh?”


“Ah yes, the miracles you have pulled out of your hat in the past. I am afraid though, that…” and here Norrington paused to pull out his sword, “your miracles have run out.”


He pushed Jack till the pirate fell to his knees.


Jack closed his eyes and waited for the Captain’s sword to strike him dead. His last thought was of a beautiful pair of whiskey-colored eyes. As a blast rocked the ship, he knew only darkness.