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I am Alexandra Jane by FunkyLlama

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 9,134
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 09/21/2009
Last Chapter: 11/12/2009
Last Updated: 11/12/2009


It's a pity I'm not normal, according to the others I could be so much more if I tried.
Who am I kidding, I quite enjoy talking to myself, I'm quite a fascinating person.
Nothing that exciting happend in my life...Untill him.

I am Alexandra Jane.
And he..
Why he's Sirius Black.

Chapter 2: Cherries and Crushed nuts!

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 Chapter two.
Cherries and crushed nuts on top!?

Cassie Underwood

To be honest I don't quite know what compelled me to ruffle Remus Lupin's hair.
I guess it just seemed like the appropriate thing to do at that point in time.
Of course nothing I do is appropriate these days though is it now !
No i can't even ruffle a fellow students hair without receiving 'Is she insane!' stares.

Oh well it can't be helped now can it!

"Ah hello Alex, Cassie!" Remus smiled brightly to us. He gestured to the empty seats on either side of him and then took a large bite of the chicken he had in his hand. I watched him eat with interest, counting how many times he chewed before swallowing his food. You could learn quite a bit about a person by the way that they chose to eat their food.

Remus for example chewed a total of eight times before swallowing. Eight, and even number. Sturdy, reliable guy, simple but if you halved him far enough you would find he had some self esteem issues, and that he liked plum pudding every so often..although it seemed he got rather bad gas from the stuff!

I snapped out of my own thoughts and tried to tune in on the conversation that seemed to be flowing quite comfortably between Cassie and Remus.

"I heard they call them Radios, funny name really!" Cassie said laughing lightly.

" Yes, it is! How muggles cope I have no idea!" Remus said back, his voice almost cracking with enthusiasm.

"Well I suppose they don't know any different, it's easier to cope if you don't know what your coping without" She said to him, leaning forward a pinch, I could almost see the hormones rushing about, I laughed loudly at the thought.

"What's so hilarious ? " Remus asked, eye brow raised curiously.

"Oh, nothing Remus. I was simply laughing for the fun of it!" I said humorously, tapping my fingers on my empty plate.

"Oh well ok then?". I was such a fool, my cheeks burned crimson and I hid behind my hair.

"Remus!Where h..." awkward pause. " Hi there, I'm James, don't believe we've met" Potter's voice said to my left.

"Oh hi, no I'm Cassie an-"

"Jamie! Remie We..."

Well this was fun, it seemed that Potter and Black were rather surprised when they strode over to their usual places on the table, only to find Remus hadn't bothered to save them. Instead he sat with two odd girls they hadn't spoken too before.
To be honest I don't think they noticed me at all, they were far more interested in Cassie. I decided then and there I didn't really fancy the situation, so with all the elegance I could muster I slipped from my seat.

"Um, Alex. Hello! Where are you going?"


"Uh, youknowumfibbleiwantedtoumseehim?" Fail.

"Sit down Alex, your making no sense!" Cassie exclaimed, the boys looked on quite amused by my stupidity.

"Oh, um ok" And with that I was forced to sit once again. I said nothing for the entire lunch hour, instead I sat absorbed
in my thoughts while the other four talked with ease.

It had always been like this with Cassie and I. She was the pretty one, the social one. Everyone liked Cassie, she wasn't the most popular girl in the school, but everyone liked her. I on the other hand, had three friends. Cassie, Lilly Evans, and
I'd like to think Mitchel as well. Mitchel, the name that sent my heart galloping like a horse, my stomach spinning like a ballerina..and a longer list of corny similes continues here. I did not consider myself attractive at all really, in the past six years I had dated only two boys.

One, a Ravenclaw called Joshua, a narcissistic prat who I swear suffered from disgusting narcissistic fantasies. The other, a quiet Hufflepuff lad who went by the name of Aaron. He was lovely, but I couldn't get within ten metres of the guy without him turning a bright scarlet and quickly walking in the other direction.
All in all I could honestly say I had never gained much experience in 'that' area. Joshua and I had snogged a few times, but apart from that. Nothing. Zilch. Zippity Zip! Cassie and Lilly on the other hand were quiet popular among the boys. Cassie had, in the last six years, dated numerous Ravenclaws, a few Gryffindors and a hufflepuff or two. Her
longest relationship so far being with Daniel Jenkins, of Gryffindor. That, unfortunately had ended in tears.

Lilly, the firecracker she was, had dated three or four Ravenclaws seriously. I couldn't help but wonder when her and Potter were going to get together. Every one knew it was going to happen..everyone except Lilly that is.

I lifted my eyes to gaze at the faces that sat around me. I had t admit, no matter how much I despised Black and Potter I had to admit, they were nothing but sex on legs. I had found hope in Remus, and I knew right then and there he and Cassie had chemistry. Now, all I had to do was fix them up. I watched them intently. They were leaning closer to each to each other, almost subconsciously. I also noticed, they seemed set on avoiding direct eye contact, and settled with stolen glances. Well I definitely had to do something about that didn't I.

"Remus!" I said, over the chatter that flowed between them.

"What's up?" he asked, a kind smile set on his handsome features.

"I just wanted to ask if you would like to, urm.." Oh crap..

"Yes?" he asked, raising his eyebrows up curiously.

"Join Cassie and I in the Library tonight!" I blurted out, not forgetting to stress Cassie's name ever so subtly.

"Oh" he grinned, "Sure, I'd love to!" He glanced over at Cassie smiling warmly.

I beamed, work well done, work well done! I noticed what seemed to be death glares boring into the side of my head, I turned and came face to face with a livid Black and a furious Potter. I smiled angelically, "Oh! I'd invite you too, I just
assumed studying would bore you!" My face sickly sweet with lies. To be honest I would rather spend a night with the whomping willow than with those two idiots.

They simply glared, then turned back to their food. I stabbed a carrot with my fork and popped it into my mouth.

It was almost the end of lunch and I had a glorious double free period to enjoy, so I gathered my things and stood up.

"Cassie, I'm going to go. You coming?" I asked, my face expectant.

"Oh, I think I'll stay a little longer. I'll catch you later!" She said, giving a subtle nod toward Remus.

"Alright then" I smiled and made my way toward the great wooden doors of the great hall. The corridors were still empty, not many people had finished their lunches. I made my way toward the lake, it was a brilliant day outside and I was desperate
to soak up as much of the sun as possible. The corridor made a sharp left turn, and as I turned it I felt myself grasped at the arm and pulled behind a tapestry. "What the fuc-" I started. A hand was clamped over my mouth and I was spun around to
face the culprit. I rolled my eyes. The hand was removed from my mouth.

"Lilly, what the bloody hell was that for" I exclaimed, hands on hips.

"Sorry, I've been trying to avoid Potter all day, and every time I take a step out of the shadows, HE'S THERE!" Lilly explained, her face annoyed. I laughed aloud. This was so typical of Lilly, going out of her way to avoid Potter. I don't think she realised
that if she just ignored him, he would leave her alone...ok maybe not, but it wouldn't encourage him as much as all this!

"This is ridiculous!You need to stop it!Just ignore him!" I said, grabbing her by the shoulders and giving her a rough shake.

"CUT IT OUT!", she yelled, "Don't you think I've tried that?, he's just so persistent!" Lilly whined, pushing her scarlet locks from her eyes and pouting dramatically. Oh please, she made it sound like a bad thing! Having one of the most desirable guys in the school infatuated with you was hardly painful. I shook my head at her and patted her hair.

"You need to face your issues my dear, now I'm going. You can either hide in here, or come sunbathe." I tempted, a slight smile on my face.

"Argh..Ok, Ok I'll come!" She huffed, pushing past me into the corridor. I grinned and followed her.

The midday sun was warm on my back. Lilly and I lay on our stomachs not more than five metres from the cool water of the black lake. She was picking at the delicate daisies that had appeared in the past few weeks,over the lush grass. I flipped over onto my back, letting my hair fan over the green blades. It was so comfortable lying there, surrounded by nature that I almost dozed off.

"Keen for a swim?" I heard Lilly ask. I opened one eye and stared at her.

"Not particularly." I said, a bemused smile settling on my face.

"Oh come on! Don't be so boring!" Lilly said, also flopping onto her back, she reached over and pinched my arm.

"Firstly. Ouch" I glared " And secondly, I am not boring!".

"Yes you are, you always spoil the fun in everything!" Lilly snapped, her face settled into a frown.

"Don't frown, you'll end up looking like an old hag." I snapped back. She grinned at me.

"Hah! Funny. Please Alex!" She begged. "Pretty please, with cherries and crushed nuts on top!" She propped herself up on her elbow and stuck out her bottom lip.

"What kind of nuts." I asked, an eyebrow raised.

"I don't know! Almonds?" She asked, her eyes gleaming.

"Ok. Done. Let's go then." I said, pushing myself to my feet.

I would like to say it was the cherries and almonds that convinced me to go swimming with Lilly, but in all honesty..When Lilly called me boring, something inside of me snapped. I had always considered myself different, but never boring.
So I got up, and like Lilly, stripped down to the tank top and shorts I wore under my school robes. Lilly grabbed my hand, and after her count of three I found myself submerged in the cool water of the lake. I opened my eyes, and found myself
looking into the eyes of the redhead whose hand I still held. She grinned at me, releasing bubbles as she did so. After what seemed like eternity we rose to the surface and sucked in air.

"It's lovely!" Lilly beamed at me.

"It is isn't it" I said returning the smile.

I floated onto my back, enjoying the gentle lapping of the water at my toes and fingers. It was cool and refreshing. The sounds of the school were muffled by the liquid that filled my ears. I closed my eyes and smiled.

Lilly pulled at my shorts and I was brought back to reality.

" Shit! Oh Alex, he's coming!"  Lilly whispered frantically to me, glancing up toward the castle I noticed four familiar faces. Cassie,Remus,Sirius and James were making their way down to us.

"Oh calm down Lilly!" I hopped out of the water, feeling rather exposed as my clothes clung to me.

The four reached me, and Cassie smiled. I glanced back at Lilly, who was ducking down as low as possible in the water. Potter had already seen her so there wasn't much point really. I grinned at Remus knowingly as he snuck another glance
at Cassie.

"Hi guys, join us?" I said, a sudden burst of confidence rushing through me.

"Definitely" James said, still staring in what seemed to be a passionate manner, at Lilly. She in return glared.

I smiled apologetically and turned around, hopping back into the water. I noticed Sirius's eyes lingered a tad longer than I was comfortable with. He turned to Remus.

"Coming in Moony? " He asked with a devilish grin.

"No thanks, but I'm sure you are." Remus shot back, and with one quick push Sirius was sent flailing.
I let out a shriek as I realised he was coming straight for me, I ducked under the water. Sirius just missed me, and from under the water I watched him hit the bottom of the shallow bank softly. He opened his eyes, and gazed around him, squinting slightly to focus. My eyes caught his. We floated under there, eyes connected until I felt my lungs scream for air. So I burst to the surface, and Sirius followed suit. No one had noticed, Remus and Cassie were sitting on the grassy bank and James was attempting to engage in a splash fight with Lilly. I hauled myself up onto the grass and lay there. I stole a quick peak toward the lake, Sirius was treading water not too far from me, an unreadable expression on his face. I returned my face to the grass, breathing in the earthy scent. What had just happened was beyond me.

I lay face down blushing secretly into the grass.

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