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I am Alexandra Jane by FunkyLlama

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 9,134
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 09/21/2009
Last Chapter: 11/12/2009
Last Updated: 11/12/2009


It's a pity I'm not normal, according to the others I could be so much more if I tried.
Who am I kidding, I quite enjoy talking to myself, I'm quite a fascinating person.
Nothing that exciting happend in my life...Untill him.

I am Alexandra Jane.
And he..
Why he's Sirius Black.

Chapter 1: Slugs have 4 noses.

Did you know that Honeybees have a type of hair on their eyes?
I wonder if they ever suffer from severe cases of conjunctivitis, it wouldn't surprise me really. Constantly buzzing from flower to flower the way they did must mean they picked up some sort of bacteria now and again.

I wonder, maybe the bees here had some amazing magical abilities I didn't know about, something quite unique, that no other bee possessed.
They would have to be quite careful though, I don't believe the ordinary bees would be too pleased, they might become dangerously jealous and do something rash.
Like begin a bee war, then where would we be. After all the bees had fought each other, the bee population would be severely lessened, and slowly the bees left, traumatised by the horrible battle would certainly begin to commit horrible bee suicide.

No that wouldn't be good at all, I really do hope the bees here weren't extraordinary in any way, the outcome would be undoubtedly tragic.

"To bee or not to bee, that is the question" I giggled at my own humour.

Of course this attracted the normal amount of worried glances and snickers from my peers, I had grown accustomed to the way people looked at me, as if I myself was from another plant, as if I were off-the-wall.

I couldn't say I disagreed, I wasn't what you would call a mainstream kind of girl, but I didn't view myself as odd. Singular maybe, and whimsical I liked to think.

I smiled to myself, it was rather amusing the way the social ladder worked. If anyone higher than myself acted the way I did, it would be accepted in no time.
Me being who I am however was not.

I glanced around the great hall, watching the students carefully, I received a few odd stares from the ones I'd observed for a second too long, I smiled and glanced toward the great wooden doors. Hoping to see a friendly face.
I was sadly disappointed when Jacinta Hornbury's golden head appeared, followed by a trail of pathetic drooling males. With their tongues out they way they were a strong image of Jacinta and a posse of skinks presented itself in my mind, I chuckled
to myself quietly.

"What's so funny?" a familiar voice whispered in my ear.

I jumped slightly, smiling I put a hand to my heart.

"Honestly Cassie, your going to kill me one day!" I said , reaching for a buttered scone.

"Queen of the melodramatic, how lovely it is to see you, may I be of service?" Cassie said, attempting to curtsy but failing miserably.

I grinned "Yes actually, you can tell me when you started to fancy Remus Lupin."

Cassie's face went an assortment of colours in the next few seconds, finally ending on a delightful pomegranate, delicious.

"You say a word and I will curse you into oblivion, are we clear?" She said, surprisingly calmly.

"Crystal" I smiled knowingly.

"It doesnt even matter, he barley knows I exist"

"That's bull-rubbish Cassie! You've spoken before I've seen you!" I exclaimed, trying hard to brighten her mood.

"Twice Alex, twice in six years." Cassie said digging her fingernails into the aged wooden table and sighing dramatically.

"Yes but it's the conversation quality that counts Cas!"

"He asked me if my name was Amber, and the second time asked me for a spare quill, combined that doesn't even equal a quarter of a conversation Alex!" She exclaimed loudly, causing a few people to turn, when realising it was us they promptly continued their own conversations.

"Give it time, you've got plenty to offer him, your pretty, intelligent, funny.."

"Rubbish, don't give me that Alex, you know as well as I do I'm nothing special" she turned abruptly and began to fill her empty plate.

It always annoyed me how difficult Cassie could be, she was constantly putting herself down. I tried time and time again to convince her she was brilliant but every attempt either ended up in her in a raging mood or her simply choosing not to talk to me for a good hour or two. Quite juvenile really.

The most annoying part was how obviously wrong she was about her self, she was Intelligent. Excellent in every subject, perhaps not care of magical creatures, but who was! Cassie was constantly making me laugh, she seemed to be the only one who ever tried. Last but not least she was pretty, gorgeous in fact! She just tended to be more modest and hid her figure under extra large school robes, her hair was to die for, falling below her shoulders in sandy blonde waves. She tied her gorgeous locks back in messy braids, and hid her cornfield blue eyes and perfect skin behind a book.

I envied her good looks, so you can imagine how pissed off she made me when she denied it.

I rested my chin on my palm and picked up a stray spoon, spinning it around until I could just see my reflection, I was so bland it almost brought me to tears sometimes. I grinned, the spoon enlarged my nose and mouth, and bended them in the most hilarious way I had to laugh.

My very ordinary appearance brought me back from my happy place, brown shoulder length and unfortunately out of control today. Blue eyes, ordinary again. I guess I had rather clear skin, not that great of an achievement. Lips, too big for my face.  What I would give for Cassie's golden waves.
I was suddenly brought out of my sulking by a light tap on the shoulder, I looked to my left.
Oh lord, not now, not now. Of course this would happen to me, I looked a mess!

"Hey Alex, mind if I sit? "  said the most angelic voice I'd ever heard.

"Urm, well I u-um, yea" I managed to say somehow.

Mitchel Underwood, Cassie's older brother. Seventh year, Hufflepuff keeper and extremely undeniably gorgeous.

"Have a good break?" he asked, a bit delayed considering school had begun again a week and a half ago.

"Yea average, you?" I said, drooling ever so subtly.

"Awesome thanks, didn't see you around much" He looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and I almost melted right then and there.

"Oh, my family and I were vacationing in Italy" I said, quickly glancing over at Cassie. She caught my eye and then noticed her brother sitting, oh so close to me. Her eyes rolled and she turned back to her conversation with Fetina Hopson a kind Latino girl also in Gryffindor.

"Ah, that will be why then, well we missed you" He smiled looking at me through his gorgeous eyelashes.

I let out the most horrific noise, something between a giggle and a snort and turned a bright shade of red.

"Your such a character Alex, I've gotta run, see you later" and with that he was gone.

"Your so pathetic." Cassie laughed through a mouthful of cornflakes.

"Shut Up!" I rose to my feet, grabbed my bag and gave Cassie a well deserved punch on the arm.

"Bfitch!" She spluttered through her food.

Her face became even more enraged when I pulled the finger and walked out.
Cassie was soon to follow me, I suspect she didn't want to walk to Potions alone.
The corridors were becoming increasingly noisy as students finished breakfast and  made their way unhappily to classes. A few, who seemed to be on the same route as us, looked very unimpressed by the lack of light as we came closer to the dungeons, it was after all beautiful weather out.

"Maybe I'll swallow something foul and you'll have to escort me to the hospital wing, this is ridiculous! Double potions, and first thing on a Monday too !" She complained loudly.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself, honestly Cassie it's not that bad, we've got a double free straight after lunch!" I frowned, feeling rather fed up with her whining.

"I know, jeez, sorry then" Cassie snapped, folding her arms in a huff.

I wasn't really mad with her, there was simply nothing better to do that wind her up.
We entered potions a few minutes earlier than the rest of the class, Cassie choose the table at the back of the class, near the storage cupboards. I plonked down beside her and buried my head in my arms. I must have dozed off, I lifted my head to find class had already begun and every one was already well under way with the assigned potion. Cassie, being the brilliant friend she was, was working effortlessly over both her own potion and mine.

"I love you" I said gazing at her with awe filled eyes.

"Ew, don't go all gaga on me Alex, it makes me nauseous."

"Sorry won't happen again" I grinned, sitting up I helped Cassie add the required amount of ground bat fangs to the potions, Which soon after bubbled softly and changed from a murky red to a light pink. I began to stir, gazing deep into the cauldrons frothing contents. It was quite mind numbing.

"Hey can you go grab some more eye of newt?" Cassie said looking up " I've run out".

"Sure thing" I hopped to my feet, and took a few steps toward the table that was stocked with ingredients. Finding the Eye of Newt I spun around on my heel, only to be smacked right in the face by someones out stretched hand, this sudden jolt caused me spill the ingredients I was clutching all over me. I finished all this off with a less than elegant tumble to the very hard, very cold floor.

This so far had been the most exciting day all term. I was not surprised when I heard the class erupt in maniacal laughter, neither when I heard soon after the taunts I had grown accustomed to. The next bit however I did not expect, was the feeling of the two rather large hands that grasped me by the arms and heaved me onto my feet.

"Are you ok ? " asked the concerned voice of Remus Lupin.

"You haven't any peanut butter cups have you? " I murmured through slightly parted lips.

"Urm. No I don't think I do sorry?" He replied, his eye brows raised in a confused fashion.

"Oh well, that's no good then is it? " I said, still rather dizzy from my encounter with a stray hand and then the floor.

"Yes, um here let me help you, Amber right? " He asked, supporting my weight and helping me to my seat.

"Alex, and thanks" I muttered.

"Alex, sorry I really am terrible with names" He said smiling apologetically.

"What in the bloody hell.." Cassie trailed off, her eyes full of envy and Remus sat me down.

"I didn't mean to hit her, she popped up out of no where" he explained, ruffling his sandy blonde locks.

Cassie nodded, and smiled appreciatively
"Thanks Remus" she said, examining me closely.

"No problem Cas" He smiled, dimples and all.

Cassie glanced at me as soon as he returned his seat and mouthed, " He called me Cas!"

I beamed " Told you to give it time!"

Potions flew by, Cassie ecstatic the whole way through. I stood and gathered my things together, packing my books into by already bursting bag and tucking my quill behind my ear. Cassie was out the door so quickly I didn't notice until the door had almost closed. I rushed after her, in my haste, bumping into two rather tall classmates.

"Watch where your going freak!"

James Potter and Sirius Black pushed past me, knocking my bag to the floor and sending the contents flying. I bit my lip and knelt to gather my belongings. If it wasn't for their good looks there would be nothing remotely good about Black and Potter at all. I honestly couldn't fathom how they became so popular among the girls at Hogwarts, who wanted someone who was sure to treat you like dirt? Then again, I wasn't really like any of the other girls at Hogwarts was I? Though I wished it all the time it seemed no matter how hard I tried to fit in I just couldn't.

I jumped as someone knelt down beside me, looking up I saw the face of my saviour, it seemed he'd come out late. How pathetic I must look to him right now, I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole. Unfortunately the universe hated me so that wish was left unanswered.

"Need a hand? " he asked, reaching for some loose parchment.

"Thanks. Again. " I said, blushing at my own pathetic existence.

"No worries, listen about Sirius and James, they're not really like that trust me." He said.

"Now isn't the best time Remus" I said standing up with my belongings now in order.

"I know, It's jus-"

"I really have to go, sorry." I said bluntly, why I was being so rude to him I had no idea, probably just because my day had been shitty so far, to say the least.

"Hold up!" he said " I'm sorry, look come to lunch with me, and bring Cassie too" he said, his cheeks slightly pink as he said Cassie's name.

She would love me for ever if I accepted. I had Charms homework that needed doing.

"You know what..Yes, count us in" I said smiling at his relieved face.

"Cool, I'll catch you then" He said grinning. He waved and ran down the corridor to catch up with his friends.

A/N: Hey I know this wasn't anything special, I just wanted to introduce you to some of the OC, this is a Sirius/OC. Do not panic it will develop further!
I will also start to bring in the Original characters in the next chapter eg. Lilly, James, Sirius, Peter and others. Awesome, so thanks for reading and leave me a review, add to favourites, whatever floats your boat.