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My Knight, My Salvation by Pale Rose

Format: Short story
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 10,575
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Draco/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/05/2009
Last Chapter: 12/07/2009
Last Updated: 12/07/2009

My name was Hermione Jane Granger and I now go by Mya Rose Snape, yes you heard me, Severus Snape is my birth father. And right now there are two confusing things going on in my life.
First, Ron is acting different, he's hurting me.
Second, Draco Malfoy has taken a liking to being my protector. And what's up with his eyes?

Story is in Hermione's/Mya's Point Of View.
The way the Vampires are comes from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight!

Chapter 5: Whoever said that playing games will get you know where? Continuation.

I moved my hair back in place and gave a small smile. "I believe that its my turn. Blaise Truth. Or. Dare.?"

I could see Blaise swallow, and inwardly I smirked. I have to admit I'm pretty shocked that he'd be afraid of me and whatever dare I could give him. But on the other hand, I understood, I was once the HERMIONE GRANGER. Pretty dang creative, if I do say so myself.


I stared him straight in the eye and grinned. " I dare you to sneak into Snape's bedroom and steal all of his possessions in his nightside table."

Pansy started laughing, and I mean hysterically laughing. Blaise stared at me in shock.

"B-but, y-y-ou. M--me. Uncle--S-ev. No.. No.. no no no no. I won't do it. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!"

"You said dare, sweetie. You have to do it!" Pansy burst into another round of laughter.

"FINE! I'll do it!" He sent a glare towards me and raced out of the room. Pansy's laughter slowed into giggles and eventually ceased. We sat in silence for minutes, some part of me wondered what was taking Blaise so long, surely Severus didn't have that much stuff in his beside table.

Then something else clicked, Pansy called Blaise sweetie, what was that about?

"Pansy? Can I ask you a personal question?"

She looked towards me slowly and nodded her head.

"Are you and Blaise... umm.. Are you and Blaise an item?"

Pansy smiled, "We're people, Mya, I think that we are a little bit above the term item."

Something was definitely up, they were for sure hiding things from me, avoiding my questions and coming up with excuses to my questions. I'll remember to look into that later.

"I meant are you an item as in dating, as in a couple?"

"Oh.. umm..why would you ask that?"

I looked at her blankly. "You called him sweetie, you're always sitting beside him and I'm positive that you are either in physical contact with each other at all times or stealing glances at each other. All signs point to dating or something more."

Pansy stared at me, her mouth slightly open. The strange thing was that she wasn't moving, period. She wasn't breathing, shifting her weight, blinking. Nothing. There wasn't any sign that she was even alive. I slowly stood up from my spot, and walked towards her, her eyes stayed focused on the vaccant spot I just came from, not moving or even registering my movements. Slowly I moved my hand towards her throat, trying to see if she had a pulse. Trying being the keyword. As soon as my hand started towards her throat her hand was wrapped around my wrist.

I froze at the contact, her hand was cold, extremely cold. I didn't even see her move, heck I don't think anything could've seen her move, not even a camera meant to catch high-speed movements. I went to pull my hand from her grasp. I expected her to be stronger then me, I mean she was about 5 foot 9 inches, tall for a woman, meanwhile I was 5 feet tall give or take a few inches. But I should've been able to get out of her hold with a few tugs, heck I should've been able to even move her arm with all the tugging I was doing. It seemed like pulling out of her grasp was like ripping open cement with my bare hands and then eating it.


I stared at her in alarm and her eyes were panicked as they bore into mine. Whatever they were hiding she just gave me a crucial piece of evidence. I was trying to take in everything, her cold hand, the complete stillness, not letting me look for her pulse. She was practically dead. Her extremely fast movements and her golden eyes. I swear that her eyes were moving, not in the obvious sense, but as in the colour. It seemed as though the gold was swirling around her eyes and hardening, the parts that hardened were slowly turning black. I never ever ever, saw anything like that in my life, not even magical contacts could do that; the change was happening becase of her emotions, that much was obvious. There were no items that did that in the muggle or magical world.

What in Merlins name were they hiding from me?

"You guys, I did - PANSY?"(A/N: HeHe) He screamed. His eyes darted back and forth between the two of us. His golden eyes, I noted.

As soon as he spoke Pansy dropped my arm and appeared beside him instantly. Her lips moving at an extremely fast pace, she looked as though she was just breathing, heavily, but I could spot the slight movements that signified she was actually talking, too fast and too quite for me to hear.

Blasie was staring at me the entire time, listening to whatever Pansy was telling him intently. I saw him nod slowly and then turn back to Pansy, talking just as fast and quite. Then they both turned towards me and smiled.

"Mya, I finished what you asked me to do." He grinned looking proud of his accomplishment. I stared at him, what the heck his he talking about? He finished what I asked him to do? Oh, right, the dare.

"Prove it."

He took a pile of things out of his pocket and brought them back to their regular size.

In the pile I saw Severus's wand case, a pair of socks, some school papers and a book titled Potions Ingriedents and Their Properties. All in all a regular nightstand. Just out of curiousity I grabbed his wand case and tried to open it. Heck, he must have a ton of spells and locking charms on this things. Did that mean that his wand was with him or he had something secret in here?

Blaise looked from the wand case towards me and then grinned. I gulped, whatever he crazy idea he had was going to be harmful towards me.

"Mya truth of dare?"

I didn't want to seem like a chicken, or like I couldn't take what I could give. "Dare."

"I dare you to open Uncle Sev's wand case and put the shocking spell on whatever you find in it, the strongest shocking spell you know."

"I-I you? Your serious?"

He nodded and smirked, Pansy once again was laughing hysterically.

I sighed. Grabbing my wand I set the wand case on the table and began the impossible case of opening his case.

"Alohormora." Nothing happened. "You do realize that opening this case will be almost impossible, because Severus Snape is the one who puts lord knows what on it to keep it locked."

"You were Hermione Granger once, right?" I nodded. "The smartest witch of our age, just because your name changed doesn't mean that you've become stupid."

I glared at him and then thought through the list of spells he may have put on it. Ahah! I know what to do. The ultimate unlocking spell in the history of unlocking spells.


Much to my amazement the wandcase popped open with a groan. I grabbed the top and opened it all the way. Inside lay his wand perfectly straight and newly polished.

"There. Dare finished and I barely broke a sweat."

Blaise chuckeled "Dare not finished, you're supposed to put the strongest shocking spell you know on the item inside the wandcase. Remember?"

"You're seriously going to make me put a shocking spell on Severus's wand?"

"Dares a dare. Mya." Pansy giggled.


I made a circular motion with my wand and then jabbed Severus's wand.

"Done, everytime anyone touches it, it will shock them until they drop it. I'm the only one who can undo the spell. Happy?"

"How do I know you're just not lying? You didn't say anything out loud."

"Blaise, it's called Non-verbal spell, and for your proof why don't you pick it up?" I challenged him, seeing him picking up this wand would be hilarious.

Stupidly, he accepted my challenge and picked up the wand.

Pansy and I both burst out laughing as the muscles in his arm spasmed and his hand twitched a couple seconds after dropping the wand. His face was hilarious. I quickly flashed a picture with my wand and showed it to Pansy. That set us both off again. Merlin his eyes were open as much as wide as they could be, his mouth open in shock. HAHA shock. I can't believe he wast moronic enough to pick up the wand. He called me the smartest witch of our age.

"So- so Blaise, did the spell work?" Pansy burst into another round of laughter and I had tears running down my face.

"I- I think that its safe to say it does. Uncle Sev, will surely be shocked when he touches that." And his lame teacher joke put us all into another bout of laughter.

"Holy flying refrigerators, it's already 2 am. I don't know about you guys but I'm heading off to bed." I yawned and stretched my arms over my head.

Pansy grinned, "You probably should, we have to pack for Hogwarts tomorrow and Draco is going to catch the train with us, meaning he's spending the night."

"WHAT? Malfoy is going to spend the night here?"

"Umm.. Yeah, Mya, Draco is our best friend. He spends the last day of summer with us every year, it's like tradition."


Pansy looked at me a smiled, I noticed her eyes slowly turn a deep blue. "You're tired Mya, you should go to sleep."

It was weird, one second I was borderline sleepy and the next I was full on tired, I could fall asleep right here and now. I rubbed my eyes and slowly started to walk out of the door. "Night guys."

"Night Mya." They called in unison.

I don't think I made it to the stairs, the next thing I knew I was falling asleep, sheesh I must've been really tired.

My eyes closed invountarily and my body succumed to sleep. The last thing I heard was Blaise's voice as a pair of arms lifted me off the ground. "Pansy, did you have to put her to sleep? You could have at least just convinced her she was tired. Honestly, why don't you just parade around her naked and sing at the top of you lungs - Mya I'm a -"

Pansy cut him off, "Shut up Blaise, she's still awake."

Why did she have to do that? What were they hidding from me? The arms that were carrying me gently put me down on a bed and left. Blaise's words rung through my head just before sleep shut down my concious thoughts.

Mya I'm a - A what?

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