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Caught In The Fire by DeathCabForCutie

Format: Novel
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 82,143

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Narcissa, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Other Pairing

First Published: 03/25/2009
Last Chapter: 09/18/2010
Last Updated: 09/18/2010

Everyone in the world who has ever dared to love has had that person.


This is the one person who meant more than all the others and made more of an impact than any of the rest. Juliette Paxton, Auror, disowned Pureblood and former Slythern was thought to never have such a person. That was until Sirius Black strutted back into her life.

Chapter 7: There Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

I laughed and snorted as Parker and I roamed around the castle drunkly. It was way past curfew and we were too far gone to care. I would still be table dancing with Taylor and Angie if Parker didn’t convince me to come down. I didn’t listen to him at first. In that state I didn’t give a rat’s ass if we had a potions test in seven hours. All I cared about was dancing and having fun. It wasn’t even like I could fail the test. I’d studied for it for five minutes and memorized it. So there wasn’t even a hint of concern in my mind as I stumbled and crashed into every wall around me.


“Shhhhsushhhh!” I giggled at Parker as we fell to the floor laughing.

He was practically crying as he fell on top of me hysterically. “Jay!...Jay…!”


“…” He never finished or even started his answer. Parker simply busted into a fit of laughter.



After a few minutes we rose off the ground and made it back to the dorms. It was absurdly quiet when we came bashing in. He fell asleep on the couch the minute he hit it while I attempted to make it to the girl’s staircase. Even then I knew I wouldn’t want to fall asleep on the loveseat. Because then along with my inevitable hangover would be a painfully stiff neck to make me feel even worse. That would be the exact definition of hell. So I trudged to the stairs only to be stopped by Regulus.



“Whhhho…” He breathed waving a hand at my breath. “How hard have you been hitting it? You look totaled…”

“AH HUH!” I mumbled sleepily falling on him.

He wrapped his arms around me and laughed softly. “Juliette, you’re crazy. You know that?”

“No!” I protested weakly, “You are!”

“Okay Juliette…maybe we should get you up to bed…”

I frowned and put all my weight on him. “But I caaaaaaaan’t!...I’m simply toooooo drunkkkk and even if you could lift me up those stairs. You couldn’t walk on them.”

“Here why don’t we try this-“ He paused to lean down and pick me up bridal style. “-I’ll let you sleep in my bed.”

I was too out of it to care. “Okay…”

Halfway up the stairs I heard him chuckling. “You sure do know have a good time Juliette.”

“What makes you say that Black?” I yawned dreamily.

“When I lifted you I got a flash…nice thong Paxton.'"


“Lorenzo…Explain to me why you were here in the first place.”

He smirked sheepishly as he scratched the back of his neck. “Come on Paxton not everybody goes home and knits after work.”

“I don’t knit.” I scoffed darkly giving him a dirty look as I sat on the bar stool.

“Wow…” He shot back sarcastically, “Something you actually can’t do.”

“… I can knit. I just don’t.”

“Damn…I thought I had actually found something you couldn’t do.”

I shook my head at him disapprovingly. “Lorenzo. Focus. What did this guy look like?”

“I dunno actually…”

“Are you serious?” I questioned him incredulously, “Why did we come all the way down here-?!”

He turned away from me and leaned forward. “Hey Mike? Can I get I Butterbeer?”

“Yeah sure DeMarko.” A gruff tall robust man with yellowing teeth.

I gave Lorenzo a look of confusion as he took off his jacket. “What are you doing?!”

“I’m taking off my jacket Paxton. What does it look like?”



I didn’t even bother arguing with him. I leaned over the counter and called Mike. “Hey, were you working last night?”

“I own the joint little girl.” He replied in a low grunt.

I flashed my badge at him automatically, “Did you see what guy hit him?”

He scratched his beard thoughtfully, “Yeah…He was six foot something…dark hair, black leather jacket …drunk as a skunk.”

“Black leather…” I stopped mid-sentence but shook my head. It couldn’t have been…”You didn’t catch his name?”

“Bloke bought a coppa’ drinks, hit DeMarko and left. He comes in here from time to time.”

“About how old was he?”

“Twenty something…”

I nodded and had a very vivid idea who it was that had hit Lorenzo, “Thank you.”

“Can I get you something?”

“She doesn’t drink.” Lorenzo sulked from next to me as he watched a couple across the way.

I gave him a look a turned to face him as Mike left. “Okay, what are you doing?”


“Let me rephrase that,” My face displayed my irritation perfectly. “What are we doing here?”

He gave me a shifty glance, “What do you mean?”

“You don’t care who hit you. So why are we here?”

He sighed, “Truth?”


“…I was just trying to get you to loosen up….Get out of your apartment with your endless stacks of novels and newspapers and crosswords and just…loosen up.”



I wanted to be mad but I wasn’t. He was just trying to …Well to be nice. Lorenzo wasn’t the direct type when he showed honest concern. Growing up with five sisters and no brothers somehow made him socially dysfunctional with showing affection. You would think it would have had the exact opposite effect but with Lorenzo nothing is ever what it’s supposed to be. With his good looks, brains and charm he could be crawling with girls but yet I have yet to see him with a girl. Sure he occasionally knocks me for the way I look or pretends to shoot me a cheesy come on but he’s the most harmless guy ever. I’m just about the least trusting person ever but from the moment I met him I trusted him. So I decided to trust him then.



“I know how to loosen up...” I saw him tense at the slight hurt in my voice.

“Paxton…I’ve never seen you loosen up…Ever and I’ve known you long enough to see if you do.”

I gave him a blunt stare. “Lorenzo…You don’t know me.”

Don’t I?



I stared at him for a few minutes before I considered what my response would be. Was he right? Was I lifeless? I didn’t even have to finish the thought before I knew it was true. I used to be completely different. When I was seventeen I was full of life. I would dance, drink and do what I pleased. I was in love and happy. Now what am I? Once everything was said and done I was beaten, weak and utterly alone. I swore at that moment that I would never let myself be that person again. I would never be helpless. I would never be defeated. I would never depend on anyone or expect anything from anyone again. So I became this. Which was worse? Being a vibrant naïve girl with no consideration for her actions or a tough emotionless girl who forms no attachments to nobody.



He nudged me with his elbow roughly. “You there?”

“Yeah…I’m here.”

“Good..cause I see two suspects about to rob this place.”

I glanced up suddenly alerted and immediately pushed my insecurities aside. “The two goons with their hoods covering their faces?”

He took a sip of his drink, “A huh.”




We did nothing at first. The worst thing we could have done was flash our badges and try to arrest them. The best option was to act like we were just like everyone else. Lorenzo raised his arm and scratched his nose as I turned to face the bar.



“What do we got?”

“So far it’s…wait.”

I turned slowly and listened intently.

Lorenzo scoffed evidently amused, “Now there are four of them.”

“Well,” I smiled to myself half heartedly, “You always love a challenge.”

“This is true.”

“So …while we’re waiting…” I started happy my face was hidden from his eyes. “Is that really how you see me?”

Lorenzo sighed, “Honestly?”

“When do I ever ask for anything else?”

“Fine,” He gave in slightly, “I don’t think you don’t know how to loosen up. I think you’re just too…guarded to let yourself go.”



I didn’t answer. It kind of freaked me out that he noticed that. Then again he’s my partner so he should know some things about me that no one else does….It still freaked me out though…


“Status?” I questioned in a monotone.

“Taking over the exits. I didn’t mean to …” His voice got soft.

I shook my head, “Let’s just forget it and stay focused.”

One of the hooded men growled menacingly under his breath sending shivers up my spine.

I groaned, “Drunkie go over there and take at least two of them….Play it up too because there’s a rare chance someone could get drunk before four o’clock.”

“Eye Eye Paxton.”



Lorenzo is nothing but a good actor. I used his left over Butterbeer to see the situation behind me. He staggered over to them pretending to fleeing for the bathroom with a mouthful of vomit before ‘accidently’ knocking over two of the guys over. He started laughing hysterically. One of the guards rushed over to lift him up to his feet.



“Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaadsa,” Lorenzo snorted delightedly.



I glanced around and my eyes widened when I noticed that Edgar Bones was with his wife towards the back of the bar.  Of course…He was the brother of the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Amelia Bones and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. This was brilliant. Double murder in the middle of the day. No one was suspecting anything and therefore no one would be able to stop them in time. Except for well…Lorenzo and me. The question in my mind was how high level the Death Eaters were. Were they interns sent on a simple mission or was this a professional hit? Interns we could take down up front but professionals were trickier. They knew how to avoid us and how to take civilians down with them if they couldn’t accomplish that.



It took me a few seconds before I heard them knock Lorenzo to the ground. He took their wands the minute they got their hands on him. Now I just had to figure out how to take out the other two…I glanced over and saw Lorenzo’s Butterbeer glass gleaming at me. I took a sip and did what any Auror would do. I swiftly turned and chucked it at base of one of their skulls. At which he gave a terrifying cry of pain before falling to the floor. The adrenaline kick was all I needed. I bolted over to Edgar threw him and his wife into the bathroom and locked them in there.  Within three seconds I was back. Lorenzo already had the two he disarmed immobilized but he was fighting with the last remaining Death Eater. I created a barrier and fully intended to let Lorenzo fight his own battle but the instant I saw who he was fighting.



Rodolphus Lestrange. Notorious right hand man to Voldemort, married to Bellatrix Black and slimy git. I did the cowardice thing about handling him. Lorenzo was an excellent fighter but he fought fair which would -in the next five minutes time- lead to his down fall. So I walked over, got out my wand and immobilized him from behind. Sure I may not get brownie points for it but I think the overall good of stopping a mass murdered will make up the difference. Lorenzo called for backup while I watched over the four Death Eaters. The one I hit with the glass of Butterbeer –who I later discovered was Wilkes- was dead while the rest remained paralyzed. Backup came within seconds and I unlocked the bathroom door. Edgar gave me the dirtiest look until he saw why I had shoved him in there.



“What the bloody hell is going on here Paxton?” He demanded gruffly as he wrapped his arm protectively around his shaking wife.

I fixed him a stare before explaining myself. “Four Death Eaters just tried to assassinate you.”


“I will explain everything later.” I told him quietly, “But it’s more important that you both go somewhere safe.”

He nodded briskly understand my meaning perfectly before walking out of the shop and apparating his wife home.


Lorenzo walked over with a minor bandaged hand and a weary sigh, “We can’t even get a drink anymore can we?”

I shook my head, “Nope.”

“I’ll go write up the report.” He promised regretfully.

“Good. I’ll be in, in a couple of hours. I’m going to get cleaned up and stop to by Mim’s.”

A smirk crept onto his masculine features. “Tell her I say hi.”

“That would make her day.” I laughed dryly before apparating back home.



Renee wasn’t home. I was glad. I cleaned out the one scratch on my shoulder before changing into jeans and a faded grey t-shirt. First I had to go to the Order, then Mim’s and after that I wanted to have dinner with Parker. So before leaving I sent him an Owl saying the time and place he could find me if he was able to meet up. Then had a glass of water, took a deep breath, put on my shades and apparated to the Order’s Headquarters.



Rick, Emmeline, Dorcas, Lily, Lupin, Benji and Dumbledore were all there already. I let out a sigh of relief when I didn’t see Sirius. I knew I would have to get used to seeing him but the thought of seeing his face time and time again was unbearable. How could I sit there and pretend nothing happened? How could I sit there and pretend that he meant nothing to me? Shaking the thought from my head I awkwardly sat in between Benji and Rick. This time around I left my shades on.



“Paxton is it?” Rick Vance asked me quietly. “It must be awkward for you.”

I hesitated in answering unsure which of my circumstances he was referring to.

“Working with all of us,” He explained barely above a whisper, “I mean you grew up as one of them.”

“Yeah…It’s a little uncomfortable.” I muttered back with a nod.

“Congratulations on catching Lestrange.”

I smiled at him and took off my sunglasses, “Thank you.”



We talked for a little bit longer. He was a Healer at St. Mungos with a wife –Isolde Barrett- and two kids –five year old Emma and two year old Claire. Rick seemed like a very nice man. As we were talking the rest of the Order came in. Most of them kept a safe distance from me. Only Rick was talking to me and I had a sneaking suspicion that the reason he was was because he felt sorry for me. I hated pity.  I’d rather someone beat the living shit out of me and spit on me then pity me. If it were anyone else I would have said something but Rick was genuinely nice so I said nothing.  Mid conversation I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Turning I looked up and saw Dumbledore’s warm and worn grandfather face and… Sirius.



I felt everything inside me harden as I looked up at him. His eyes were so …tortured…it nearly killed me. I sucked it up and forced myself to stand. Dumbledore moved back an inch and put Sirius and I slightly closer together.  Self consciously I subtly gulped at the prospect of our proximity.


“Juliette this is Sirius Black. Sirius this is Juliette Paxton.”


 Touch him? I wanted to die. Just for a second I let down my guard. Just for a mere second I tried to remember what it felt like the last time he touched my hand.

I glanced down at him confusedly, “Sirius? What the hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” He shot back rhetorically as he scaled the side of the bridge to the rocks where I stood.

“You could have used a broom!” I exclaimed as he jumped next to me.

“I’m here now so what does it matter?” He replied back flippantly.

I shook my head and grumbled, “So reckless…” under my breath.

“Hey…” He smiled cupping my face. “That’s what you love about me.”

“Keep telling yourself that!”

He picked me up and pressed me against the old wall. “Excuse me?”

“Like I’m scared of you...You big goon.”


He set me down and took my hand to sit underneath the bridge. The darkness enveloped our face as he pressed his forehead to my and interlocked our fingers. I could feel the heat from his breath despite the wind breezing by.


“I love you Jules.” He whispered so softly that if I hadn’t been holding my breath I wouldn’t have heard it.

I took a breath and smiled, “I love you too.”

“No matter what happens…” He started in the most serious voice I’d ever heard him use, “I’ll always come for you.”


I released his hand the same instant his jerked away from mine. He avoided my glance and told his feet, “Nice to meet you,” before walking over to sit in the empty seat next to Remus.

Emptily I muttered, “Nice to meet you too.” Before sitting down, putting my glasses back on and staring at the table the rest of the meeting.

Authors Note:

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