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Nothing Lasts Forever by Rebitt

Format: Short story
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 3,973
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 05/22/2009
Last Chapter: 07/07/2009
Last Updated: 07/07/2009

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It's funny how one girl pushed him farther into the darkness than he'd ever imagined and yet that very same girl was his only downfall.
Many people thought Voldemort could feel no remorse, but those people have never heard this story.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Okay, so this story is sort of experimental, meaning that I am not quite sure where it is headed, but I am going to try and keep going with it till the end. It would be most helpful if all you readers could post a couple reviews with some suggestions in them, at least in later chapters.

Thanks for reading!

Here goes:


Lord Voldemort stood directly across from Harry Potter. A smirk grew at his lips. Finally, he thought, the chosen one would be forever gone and he would have no opposition to his rule and laws. Finally, this long awaited day had arrived. It was the peak of the final battle and the two men stood aligned in the center of a circle of death eaters and order members alike. There wasn’t a pair of eyes in the great hall that wasn’t transfixed on him, The Dark Lord.

Wands raised, they stared at each other, circling like vultures. No one in the surrounding crowd dared make a sound. Complete and utter silence engulfed the two men only barely penetrated by their light footsteps on the cold stone floor.

Harry began to speak, tauntingly towards the dark wizard across from him.
"Try for some remorse, Riddle, come on, just try."

"How dare you speak that name!" Voldemort screamed, his eyes burned with a fire so fierce that with one glare he could have set the whole of Hogwarts on fire.

The Potter boy continued his remorse speech, thinking maybe, that if he could stall the Dark Lord from firing a spell, that he could catch him off guard, that maybe, his speech would indeed affect him. Voldemort was only half listening, seeing as it was quite tiresome to listen to pubescent teenage boys.

Harry just kept chattering away, until The Dark Lord decided to raise his voice again. He cut Harry off, mid sentence, rage boiling inside of him.

"I have NO remorse, NO regrets, nothing!!" The feared voice echoed around the silent hall, the sound bouncing off of the high ceiling and walls.

"That is right," Harry continued, "you have nothing and you are nothing, because you don't have love."

At this, The Great Tom Marvolo Riddle paused circling, memories flashed before his eyes. He felt as if someone was performing Legiligmency on him, but that was impossible, he was Lord Voldemort, and besides, the Potter boy hadn’t fired a spell.

Images blended into one another, colors splashed across his eyes. Colors from another time, another world.

There it was, the castle that he knew so well, the same one he was standing in this very moment. He saw the lake as it changed into the deepest corners of the forbidden forest.

He had no control over what was happening to him. He felt weak. Maybe it was the two words Remorse and Love used in close proximity that had brought this upon him. He watched faint glimpses of a girl spin past his peripherals. He was falling, falling backwards, into his memories.

The images were clearer now, he could make out the pattern of her dress as she swam past. He could see her face now, her eyes, and he remembered how beautiful she really was.

He watched the memories pass him and he knew he was almost at the beginning of his time with her. Time spun faster and faster, January, December, November, and then with a sudden jolt, he felt his memories come to a stop.

Ah yes, he remembered this day clearly.

Alright, hope you like the story so far!
It might be a little bit confusing though. Basically, here's what happened. Harry used the words Remorse and Love in the same sentence which caused Lord Voldemort to sort of spin backwards into his head and revisit his only Remorse and Love.

xoxo, Rebitt