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Brilliant Creatures by durotar

Format: Novel
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 41,904
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, General, Romance
Characters: Harry, Draco, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 09/29/2007
Last Chapter: 06/23/2009
Last Updated: 06/30/2009

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The new generation always seems wilder than the previous one. The rule applies to Hogwarts; this new generation seems to live for parties, vulgarity, illegal substances and immorality. But such freedom and freshness never lasts for long, just like the innocence they once held so dear. When you live on the wild side and risk everything, you always crash harder.

Chapter 8: Love Is Blind

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns any characters and places you recognise. No profit is being made & no infringement is intended.

Summary: Albus begins to realise that he and Scorpius are not inseperable and tension rises between two sixth year girls, whilst romance blossoms between two seventh years.

Song: Title of this chapter and lyrics used are from the song Love Is Blind by Pulp.

Author Notes: ... So, after over a year ... guess who's back?

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[Ava Bodley, ready for a fight]
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Chapter Seven - Love Is BlindOh and I used to think that maybe one day
I'd find the love of my life
Oh but it's so far away
Oh I don't know why
Oh but I, I want it all tonight

It soon turned out that Scorpius wasn't lying about being in love.

Albus sat next to him in Potions, resting his chin upon his hand, staring out across the classroom. The room was full of steam and it stank kind of like burnt rubber thanks to the disasterous liquid in Dexter's cauldron, and Professor Sears was yelling, her usually pale face flushed and her hair standing on end because of the vapour. The Gryffindors seemed to be doing much better; Albus could see Rose's potion from here, and it was the exact shade of turquoise it should be.

Scorpius and Albus's potion, on the other hand, was an odd shade of murky yellow. Usually the two of them can keep up with the instructions well, but things were a bit different today. To Albus's increasing annoyance, his best friend just wouldn't shut up about his new girlfriend and their astounding sex life.

It had been three days since they started dating and Albus was already sick of her, even though they'd barely spoken. The moment it was break or lunchtime, or lessons were over, Sandra was there and Scorpius was grinning. She practically lived in the Slytherin boys' room, her hands possessive and constantly touching him. They would lie on the bed making out - or more - leaving the other boys feeling awkward and intrusive, driving them out of the dormitory.

"-- so, like, Sandra says this really cool new shop has opened in Hogsmeade and it sells loads of Quidditch memrobillia, and I know we're not really into supporting teams and all that, but she said it's really good and there are some nice robes, so I think we should go and --"

Albus tuned out again. He never thought he'd ever think anything like this, but ... Scorpius was really beginning to piss him off, and he wished he'd decided to partner with Ava or Rose this lesson instead. He glanced at his cousin to see that she was even further with her potion, no thanks to her partner - Edward didn't look focused at all, but instead kept looking over at Scorpius with a hurt expression. Albus sighed.

"-- and then she said that in the holidays I can go and visit her and she has a really huge house 'cause her parents are so rich, and I'm trying to convince her to have a party - that'd be good, wouldn't it? I don't know if my parents will let me stay with her but I'm not sure I could go all that time without seeing her, so --"

"Scorpius," Albus interrupted, irritably, "can you at least try to help me make this potion? We're really behind."

Scorpius blinked, and looked around, seeming surprised they were even in a class. "Oh. Right, sorry. What d'you want me to do?"

Shut up, Albus thought, but he couldn't bring himself to say it and so he just muttered, "I dunno. Concentrate?"

"Sorry," Scorpius replied, cheerfully. "I was just kind of thinking of ... her. I can't help it."

"I noticed," Albus sighed, but Scorpius doesn't get the hint.

"I really wish this lesson would end, I'm starving and I invited Sandra over to eat with us 'cause I'd like her to get to know my friends a bit more, then like ... Ava and you, and me and Sandra, we can go on a double date, can't we, so you get to know her better?"

"Double date?" Albus repeated, despairingly.

"Yeah! It'll be fun."

"No, it won't."

"Won't what?"

"Be fun."

"Why? It'll --"

"You know Ava and Sandra hate each other," Albus said, after racking his brains for an excuse. "It'd never work. They'd end up hexing each other."

"Oh, yeah." Scorpius looked thoughtful, before smiling brightly once more. "Well, leave Ava, and me, you and Sandra will go out."

"Um. I-I don't ... no, I'd ruin your fun. You two go alone!" Albus smiled back, hopefully. He really, really did not want to be the third wheel and have to witness those two slobbering all over each other. Scorpius gave him a weird look but Albus just kept on smiling, praying that his friend would get the hint and realise that Sandra Terry was not the sort of girl Albus wanted to spend time with. Ever.
"If you're sure," Scorpius replied, slowly and somewhat doubtfully, and it was kind of alarming to see such an expression of confusion on the fact of such a self-assured boy. "I mean, I just thought it'd be ... nice, for my girlfriend and best friend to get to know each other."
"Nice is one word for it," Albus agreed, now feeling a little guilty. "I just ... wouldn't I make it awkward?"
"Of course not, you're --"
"So, how is your potion coming along, boys?"
Professor Sears was suddenly in front of them, looking harrassed and wild-eyed, evidently having had enough nonesense for one day. Albus looked at the Potion and then at Scorpius, and finally at Professor Sears, wincing. She stared at it for a minute before her eyes narrowed dangerously and she pointed at the blackboard, upon which the instructions were written.
"Tell me, Potter, why is your Potion barely past the second instruction?"
"Um, well, we were --"
"Not paying attention," she finished for him, shaking her head. "Five points from Slytherin apiece. Your cousin is already finished, and whilst I'm sure your social lives are much more important than a silly old Potions lesson, I really must request that in my next class you pay attention, or there'll be more serious consequences. Is that understood, Malfoy?"
"Yes, Professor," Scorpius smiled, sweetly. "It won't happen again."
"I hope not," she snapped in reply, before bustling off to see how Ava and Rebecca were getting on. Once she was out of earshot, Albus took the opportunity to steer the conversation safely away from the topic of Sandra and the double date. "So," he said, casting his mind around for a subject, "what d'you want to do in Hogsmeade on Saturday?"
Scorpius blinked. "Er. I'm going with Sandra, actually."
"Oh." There was a strange sinking in Albus's gut, one that he couldn't entirely credit to disappointment. It was too painful for that. "Right. Of course."
"You can go with Ava, can't you?"
"Yeah, I guess," Albus muttered, choosing not to mention that Ava already had plans with Rebecca. He didn't want to make this an issue; it wasn't an issue, of course not. It was just kind of ... weird. Ever since third year, they'd gone to Hogsmeade together and girls never got in the way. He was beginning to wonder just how long this little infatuation of his friend's was going to last.
Saturday arrived and Albus found himself sulking in the corner of the common room, wondering whether or not he should actually resort to reading to cure his boredom. The place was practically empty aside from first and second years, thanks to everybody else being in the village of Hogsmeade. But, no, here Albus was; totally alone, friendless, and imagining just how great some Butterbeer would taste right now.
Scorpius had left half an hour later, a smirking Sandra in tow, leaving Albus to ponder the workings of the female mind. If Sandra was at all nice, this might be more tolerable. The thing was - she seemed to know exactly what effect she was having on Scorpius, and therefore what effect she was having on his and Albus's friendship. Whenever Scorpius chose her over his best friend, she would look as though she was the happiest person on earth. It made Albus feel sick to think of it.
"Hey," came a soft voice, from his side. He looked up from his armchair and raised his eyebrows, somewhat startled. Kaito was stood next to him, which is surprising in itself. Kaito was always different to the other Slytherin boys; he never did drugs, he never slept around and he most certainly didn't make conversation. He kept himself to himself and chose to surround himself with books rather than friends.
"Um. Hi," Albus replied, sitting up straighter. He was grateful for company, however unusual it was. He motioned to the chair opposite him. "Sit down, if you like."
"Thanks," Kaito smiled, looking a bit on edge. "You looked pretty bored and I'm not doing anything, so - so I thought you could do with some company."
"You're right," Albus laughed, fiddling with the hem of his robes.
"You're not going to Hogsmeade today? Where's Scorpius?"
"Oh, um. He's going with his girlfriend."
"Yeah, I've seen them together in ... well, in the dormitory."
"It's annoying, isn't it?" Albus asked, sighing heavily at the thought. Kaito nods. "So yeah, he went with her, and Ava is with Rebecca, and I have no idea where anybody else is, so I'm left here."
Kaito continued to nod, looking thoughful, before quietly asking, "Well, we could go? I'm not doing anything today."
"Yeah, sure!" Albus smiled, jumping to his feet. He was eager to get out of this damn common room and get some fresh air, and maybe run into Scorpius along the way. "I'll just go get my bag from the dormitory."
His fellow sixth year looked pleased, standing up and walking across the common room to retrieve his own bag from the table. Albus rushed upstairs, running his fingers through his hair to smooth it a bit, and grabbed his bag from the bed. He looked across at Scorpius's to see the covers thoroughly wrinkled thanks to all of the action that had been taking place on and inside it. He sighed again, shook his head, and went down the stairs to meet Kaito.
Ten minutes later and they were leaving the gates of Hogwarts, walking up towards the village of Hogsmeade. The autumn had smothered the road with leaves which Albus took care to grumpily kick out of the way, and the weather was slightly chilly. They were both wrapped up in scarves of their house colours, and on the way they passed a couple of third year Ravenclaws who looked downright scared of Albus. He smirked.
"Anything in particular you want to buy?" Kaito asked, stirring Albus from his smugness.
"Oh, er, not really. Might go and get a Butterbeer from Mellors' though. How about you?"
"It's my older brother's birthday next week, I should get him something," Kaito shrugged, wrinkling his nose in distaste. Albus grinned.
"Don't get on with your older brother, I take it?"
"He's really arrogant and likes to remind me how good his grades were compared to mine," Kaito lamented, before fixing Albus with an odd look. "How about you? I hear that you and James aren't always the, er, best of friends."
"You could say that," he muttered darkly in reply, thinking of how James likes to lecture him on his lifestyle choices. "He like - I don't know. He's so proud to be a Potter and he thinks that I should be too. It all started when I got sorted into Slytherin; he nearly went into cardiac arrest. I mean, we get on well most of the time but sometimes, just. Ugh. He absolutely loathes Scorpius, too, so that causes loads of arguments."
"It must be really weird to be a Potter," Kaito frowned, politely stepping out of the way of an oncoming seventh year Hufflepuff. "Like ... you have a really large family, and your dad is pretty much the hero of the whole wizarding world." He brushed his dark hair from his eyes and gave Albus a small smile. "Sorry. I don't mean to rub it in."
"It's alright. It's nice to talk to somebody who gets it, instead of someone who expects me to start hunting dark wizards or whatever," Albus shrugged, rolling his eyes. "I mean ... I'm proud of who I am, and I'm proud of my dad, too, but that's the past and I'm definitely not him. Luckily," he grinned, wickedly, "I think people have realised that thanks to all this bad press I'm getting."
James was absolutely terrified.
Conor was sat opposite him, sipping a glass of Butterbeer and smiling politely. She'd bumped into him that morning in the common room and he'd invited her to the village before he had time to think about what he was doing. She'd looked taken aback and her friends had giggled humiliatingly, but she'd actually said yes. Now, here they were in Hogsmeade, and James and no idea what to say.
"So," she said, placing her glass down, "what's new in the life of James Potter?"
"Um. Nothing. Just, you know, nervous about the match tomorrow. It's my first as Captain and I don't want to let the house down."
"You won't," she reassured him, wrinkling her lightly freckled nose. "Seriously, we've been training so hard - I don't think I've ever exercised so much in my life, as I have these past few weeks. Everyone is fantastic."
"We are a great team," James admitted, playing nervously with the salt shaker. "Supposedly, the Slytherin team is supposed to be awesome this year. Even Albus has been training."
"Albus? Your little brother?" When James nodded, Conor bit her lower lip and asked, "Are the rumours true?"
"What rumours?" James shifts uneasily in his seat.
"Well ... the rumours that him and that Malfoy boy are drug addicts."
"Oh. Those rumours. I, um. They're ... they're not addicts."
"So they do drugs?" Conor asked. Her eyebrows were raised and James sank lower in his seat. He knew his brother did, but hardly wanted to admit it. At the same time, he didn't want to lie to her.
"Sometimes," he nodded, voice quiet.
"I see." She sighed, frowning heavily. "That's ... I'm sorry. You must be very stressed about it."
"I guess. I'm worried about him but he has a good head on his shoulders. It's that idiot friend of his, Scorpius, that worries me more. It's all his fault." He realised he was getting a bit off-topic and probably sounded savage, and so he cleared his throat and averted his eyes. "So. Um. What - What's new in your life?"
She shrugged, not meeting his eyes either. "I've just been trying not to mess up in Quidditch, I guess. Oh, and I've met somebody new."
James choked on his Buttereer. "Um - what?"
She laughed, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "I've met somebody new, and I'm really enjoying getting to know him."
Trying not to look too crestfallen, James puts a strained smile on his face. "Wow. Cool. I'm, er, happy for you. I mean, well, you're -- oh! There's Albus!"
Sure enough, his younger brother and some random sixth year Slytherin boy were entering Mellors' bar, laughing at something. James waved, and Albus grinned, leading his friend over. Conor looked a little anxious and James realised that he'd just told her his brother was a drug user, but there was nothing he could do about it now. Albus finally reached the table and smiled at his brother, with a glance at Conor.
"Hey," he said, taking James's Butterbeer and having a sip. "How're you?"
"Good, thanks," James replied, and then motioned to Conor. "Erm. Conor, Albus. Albus, Conor."
"Conor?" Albus repeated, blinking. "But ... you're a girl."
She laughed awkwardly, and James frowned. Great impression, his little brother was leaving. "Um. So. Where's Scorpius?"
Albus's expression instantly darkened. "I don't know. Off with his new girlfriend, I expect."
"New ... girlfriend? I thought he just fucked around and didn't get involved."
"So did I," Albus muttered, before shaking his head and relaxing a little. "Never mind. This is Kaito. Kaito, this is my brother, James."
"I've heard about you," Kaito smiled, surprisingly politely for a Slytherin. James instantly warmed to him. It was such a relief to see Albus with anybody but Scorpius. "So, you all ready for the Quidditch match tomorrow?"
"Of course," James snorted. "We're going to kick Slytherinss arses."
"Don't speak so soon," Albus warns him, haughtily. "We're better than ever, and we won the cup last year."
"Doesn't mean you're unbeatable!"
"Whatever you say," Albus teased, glancing at Conor again. "You're on the team, aren't you?"
Conor nods. "Yeah. Chaser."
"I'm a beater," Albus told her, proudly. "Sorry in advance if i knock you off your broom."
"Oh, um. That's okay," she replied, uncertainly, and James wondered just how subtley he could hex Albus from here. "So, um. Did you want to sit down? You're free to have some drinks with us, if you want."
"No, no, don't worry. I don't want to interrupt your date," Albus grinned lecherously, with a wink at James. James silently contemplated murder. "See you both later."
Before James could kill his brother, he walked off, Kaito following him. James immediately turned to Conor, colour rising in his cheeks. "I'm really sorry about him. He can be a childish little twat when he wants to be."
"It's okay," she told him, though she looked slightly uncomfortable. "Little brothers tend to be annoying, don't they?"
"Definitely," James murmured, watching his brother ordering drinks.
"Anyway," she said brightly, as though to turn the conversation to something lighter, "the match tomorrow. Tactics?"
He smiled gratefully at the subject change, and began to explain just how they'd destroy the Slytherins and, consquentially, win the eagerly anticipated match.
Ava felt pretty happy with herself, her arm linked loosely with Rebecca's. They'd spent the day clothes shopping and though she was by no means the richest of girls, thanks to a lot of saving over the summer she had bought herself a new set of makeup. She'd opted for dark colours - red lipsticks, black eyeshadows - and she hoped Albus would be happy with the results.
"You're looking unusually happy," Rebecca smiled at her, cigarette dangling from her other hand. They were in the Hogwarts' grounds now and so she was smoking faster than she normally would, not wanting to bump into a teacher. "It's a nice look. You should smile more often."
Ava rolled her eyes. "I'm always happy. Don't be a bitch."
"Whatever," Rebecca retorted, without malice. She took a large drag on her cigarette and exhaled smoothly. "Is there a party on tonight?"
"No," Ava replied, somewhat sadly. "Albus cancelled it because he's got a Quidditch match tomorrow, and if we held one without him he'd be too tempted."
"Oh. Fancy getting drunk in the dormitory or something? I can't stand being sober on a Saturday night."
"Sounds good," Ava smiled, before noticing who they were passing on the grounds and coming to a halt, eyes narrowing. "Oh my God. Can you two please get a room?"
Scorpius and Sandra pulled apart, red lipstick smeared all over the boy's grinning lips. He barely noticed the two newcomers, instead staring at Sandra in awe. Ava felt a bit sick, seeing it. It wasn't right. Sandra, on the other hand, noticed the two of them at once, and she turned to Ava with a haughty expression. "Excuse me?"
"You heard me," Ava snapped, pulling her arm from Rebecca's and crossing it with the other firmly across her chest. "You and Scorpius need to get some privacy. It's disgusting, the way you're all over each other all the time."
Sandra raised a well-plucked eyebrow. "It's absolutely none of your business and, besides, you're not one to talk."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
Sandra laughed, sending a shiver down Ava's spine. She glanced at her side to see Rebecca glaring at the Ravenclaw girl. Sandra, however, ignored her. "What do you think it means? You're the whore of Slytherin."
Blood pumped in Ava's ears as she bristled, angrily. Scorpius was most certainly paying attention now but kept silent, wide grey eyes flickering between the two of them. She stepped forward. Sandra didn't flinch. In little more than a whisper, Ava murmurs, "Say that again."
Sandra smirked. "You're the whore of Slytherin."
In all of her years of living where she lived, Ava had learned how to fight, and how to fight well. She went straight for the hair, hands twisting in the brown tesses, and she pulled. Sandra screamed, struggling with her, one of her elbows sinking painfully into Ava's stomach. Before anybody knew what was happening, they were in a full blown fight, and they both were fighting as dirtily as possible.
Scorpius and Rebecca stared at them both in shock, and then looked at each other, before rushing forward and intervening. Rebecca hooked her arms around Ava's, dragging her backwards, whilst Scorpius grabbed Sandra around the waist and pulled her back and away from the yelling Ava. The two girls struggled but their captors were strong, and soon they ceased, breathless and flushed, glaring at each other.
"What," Scorpius began, spinning around the face Ava, "the hell is your problem?"
"My problem?" Ava repeated shrilly. "My problem? Your psycho of a girlfriend is my problem!"
"You're the one who just attacked her!"
"I can't believe you! You're actually taking her side over mine? We've known each other for years and she's just --"
"What's going on?" came a shocked, breathless voice. They all turned to see Albus and Kaito standing there, evidently having run over. "I thought I saw a fight going on."
"You saw right!" Ava said loudly, walking over to him and glaring over at Scorpius and Sandra. "That - that bitch just called me the whore of Slytherin."
"She what?" Albus asked, staring at the girl in question.
"Well, it's the truth," Sandra hissed, her hair all in her eyes. "Then your freak of a girlfriend attacked me! She needs to be locked up."
Rebecca spoke up for the first time, stepping towards the Ravenclaw, "Don't you start again, you --"
"Everybody calm down," Albus interrupted, loudly, and he looked at Scorpius pleadingly. "Mate, please, tell me what the hell is going on?"
Scorpius went slightly red, but quickly replied with, "Sandra's right."
Ava blinked. "Seriously, Scorpius? Seriously? You're taking the side of a girl who just called me a whore for absolutely no reason?"
"Scorpius," Albus began, warningly, "from the way I hear it, Sandra started this whole thing off."
"Ava was having a go at us, saying that we should get a room!"
"Well, you should!" Albus snapped, and Ava sighed in relief. "I'm sorry but you've been completely embarrassing this week. Always all over each other and making everybody else feel awkward. Ava speaking the truth was no reason for your girlfriend to call her a whore."
Scorpius's cheeks were positively crimson now. Ava could barely believe this was happening - Albus was having a go at Scorpius, his best and most treasured friend. She tugged on his arm. "Look. No, you two don't need to fight, it's just --"
"Trust you to take the side of crazy Ava," Scorpius muttered, staring at Albus as though he'd never seen him before. "You're both being stupid."
"We're being stupid?" Albus repeated, disbelievingly. "Wake up! You've been a different person this week all because of some random girl who's good in bed, and we're being stupid?"
Sandra's fingers dug into Scorpius's arm. "We don't need this," she told him, in a dark voice, "come on. Let's leave this - this scum and get some privacy."
Ava moved forward. "Don't call us --"
"Yeah," Scorpius said, suddenly, his eyes pinned on Albus. "Let's go."
With that, he turned sharply on his heel and stormed towards the castle, Sandra by his side, leaving four very confused and pissed off Slytherins. Ava took Albus's hand and squeezed, and wasn't surprised when her boyfriend didn't squeeze back.
Walking out of the Great Hall after eating dinner, Albus felt rather shell shocked. He had spent the meal in a stunned silence, glancing down the table every so often to see Scorpius and Sandra sat together, laughing and seeming perfectly at ease. His stomach lurched and he suddenly didn't feel hungry anymore.
Him and Scorpius are in a fight. A fight. They don't get into fights. They were best friends, inseperable, always content with each others' company and perfectly understanding of the others' quirks and flaws. But now? Because of one random girl, Scorpius seemed to be throwing all of that away. Albus's fingers clenched and unclenched in his pockets, as he walked into the Entrance Hall.
Stirring him into his thoughts, he heard a voice behind him, calling his name. He turned, curious, to see Rose staring there, her red hair tied into a loose ponytail and her face almost stern. He sighed, internally. He was in no mood to deal with his cousin's lectures.
"Albus," she said, gravely, "I need to talk to you."
"Can't it wait?" he pleaded, running a hand tiredly through his hair. "I'm really, really not in the mood at the moment."
"No, it can't," she replied firmly, taking his arm and leading him into the corner of the Hall, out of earshot of a gang of Hufflepuffs. He went with her, however reluctantly. Once they were in the corner, she fixed him with a solemn look. "It's about Edward."
"Edward?" he repeated in surprise, thinking of the quiet Gryffindor boy. "What about him?"
"I don't know what's wrong with him," she whispered, biting her lower lip worriedly. "Ever since Saturday, he's been a wreck. I think - I think it's something to do with Scorpius and his new girlfriend. He's really, really upset about it."
"He's not the only one," Albus said, without thinking, causing Rose to raise her eyebrows. "I mean, just. She's absolutely horrible and everybody but Scorpius can see that."
"You don't think ..." she swallowed heavily, uncomfortably, "you don't think Edward ... Edward likes Scorpius? Like, romantically?"
Albus stared at her. Evidently, her best friend had not told her that he'd been making out with Scorpius for a few days before the boy had started dating Sandra. "I, um. Well. Yeah."
"Ugh!" she exlaimed, pulling a face. "What is it with everybody and your stupid friend? I just don't understand why everybody is in love with him!"
"At the moment," Albus groaned, leaning against the wall and letting his eyes slip closed to rest them, "I couldn't agree with you more, Rose, I really couldn't."
"Oh," she said, in surprise. He opened his eyes to see her looking rather startled. "Oh ... have you two fallen out?"
"Yes," he said, shortly, before pushing himself off the wall and shaking the hair from her eyes. "Listen. I really just need to get some rest; I've got that match tomorrow and I don't want to mess it up. Am I okay to go? I have no idea what to do about Edward."
"You're a lot of help," she sighed, but fondly. "Go get some sleep. You look like you need it."
"Thanks," he smiled, tiredly, and left her, walking in the direction of the dungeons. He needed sleep, definitely. Maybe when he woke, all would be restored to normality, and he'd have Scorpius back. Maybe.



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