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Return To Me by hp1fan

Format: Novel
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 13,114
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Crossover, Humor, Romance
Characters: Hermione, OtherCanon
Pairings: Hermione/OC

First Published: 04/20/2009
Last Chapter: 11/26/2009
Last Updated: 11/26/2009

He finally found love, only for her to leave him.  He remembers their past, as he dreams of her return.    Jack Sparrow/Hermione Granger

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Chapter 2: Chapter 1

A/N: Now the fun begins. I originally started this story as a gift for one of my best mates VeraSabe and then it took on a life of its own. I have come to love the character of Jack Sparrow and he has become a joy to write for, even if he does dictate everything. Hope you enjoy this next chapter. Please leave a review and let me know what you think. My muse loves reviews as they make her work harder.

Disclaimer: As usual I do not own Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean and I make no money from writing this fanfiction.


Hermione Granger left the Ministry in a huff and made her way home. She couldn’t believe the nerve of some people. Accusing her of stealing a Time Turner. She had never, in her life, heard such drivel.


She was an Unspeakable and had been trying to devise a new way to manipulate time. There were only two Time Turners left and she had been using one to aid in her experiment. She had replaced it days ago, but it had come up missing and she had been blamed for it.


Why would she need to steal one? It was ridiculous, really.


She had decided to walk home to try and calm some of her anger, but the more she walked, the angrier she got.


She passed a pub and backtracked, entering in hopes of calming her rage with ale. She wasn’t normally a drinker, but she thought it was worth a try.


After having a few too many, she stumbled home and upon entering her flat she promptly fell on her face. With a giggle, she jerked off her cloak and threw it across the room. Something gold in color flashed as it flew out of a pocket and landed near her bookcase.


On hands and knees, she crawled toward it unsteadily, her brow furrowed in a frown. How in Merlin’s name did it wind up in her pocket? She knew instantly what it was. The very idea that someone planted it on her made her so angry that she sobered up immediately.


She reached out and grabbed onto the chain. When she touched the turner itself it started to spin. She gasped and tried to get it to stop, but it was futile.


The room started to change in rapid-fire time and she began to feel sick to her stomach. She began to sway as dots flashed before her eyes and she fell back upon the ground in a dead faint.



Jack Sparrow stood on the deck of his ship, The Black Pearl, barking orders. The crew hopped to and executed said orders in a quick manner.


He watched, a critical eye on all movement around him. He had to bark a few more commands before everything was going the way he wanted.


They were all too set sail for Tortuga and he wanted to reach their destination in record time. He had a plan and he needed the help of a special someone who would only be there for a short time.


As he walked about, he heard a loud thump behind him that had him spinning in place.


There on the deck behind him was a young woman who he knew was not suppose to be there. A few of the crew had seen her fall through the air and land behind their Captain. They all crowded around her with frowns upon their dirty, sweaty faces.


“What manner of sorcery is this, Cap’n?” Jack’s first mate Gibbs asked in a gruff tone. The man was overly superstitious and what had just happened reinforced his belief. This was a sign of something bad coming their way.


“If I could answer that question, Mr. Gibbs, I would, but obviously I know as much as you know and since you know nothing, I am no more ahead of you than I was before.”


The crew’s eyebrows rose so high they disappeared in their hair. Jack had a way with words that baffled most.


“Well, I say it’s an ill wind that blows no good. It’s bad luck to have a woman aboard, but for one to fall from the sky….”


“I’m sure, Mr. Gibbs, that said wind must have blown the lass on board or it is more logical to assume that the lass simply is a stow-away and fell from the crow’s nest. Savvy?”


“Aye, Cap’n,” Gibbs said as he walked away, following the other crewmembers as they got back to their duties.


Jack looked down upon the young woman and frowned. Where did she come from? He knelt down beside her and studied her face. He had to admit she was quite lovely. Her complexion was pale and smooth and he couldn’t help but run a finger down her cheek. Her pert nose was dusted with a few freckles and the sight made him grin. Her eyelids were rimmed with the longest lashes he had ever seen. He wished her eyes would open so he could see what color they were. He wild mane of messy curls fanned out behind her and he ran a few tendrils through his fingers, testing the softness. She was small in stature and would most likely be at least six inches shorter than him.


He jumped back a bit when she started to stir and as her eyes slowly began to open, he felt like someone had punched him in the gut. He had never felt that around another woman and the feeling frightened him at what it could mean.




Hermione felt a presence hovering over her and the face was hazy as her eyes slowly opened.  She groaned softly as she willed her eyes to focus.


“That’s it, luv,” a male voice spoke from the blurry face.


She blinked a few more times and the face slowly came into focus. She gasped and sat up quickly, only to groan again and grab at her head.


“Not so fast, luv. Ye need to take it a bit more easy,” he smiled, a flash of gold glinting off a tooth. Why the bloody hell was he dressed as a pirate?


“Why, in the name of Merlin and Circe, are you dressed like that,” she asked as she waved a hand over his form.


The man cocked a brow in question before standing. He reached down and lifted her up into his arms. She tried to squirm away from him, but he held on that much tighter. “Easy, luv. Ye’ll come to no harm from me,” he smiled again at her.


Her frown deepened and she wished she could reach her wand. At that thought, her face went pale and she gasped. Her wand was in her cloak and her cloak was on her living room floor.


She started to fight again, thrashing about to try and loosen his grip. The man cursed under his breath and promptly dropped her on her arse. It wasn’t his fault, really. If she had just stayed still, he would have carried her to his cabin and placed her on a soft bed.


Hermione climbed to her feet and began to sway. Before she could fall, however, he picked her up again. “If you would just calm yerself, luv, I could get you to a place where you can be more comfortable. Savvy?”


Her brow rose and she felt fear grip her chest. She tried to hide it, but he caught the flash in her eyes.


“I do not take what is not given to me, luv. So calm that pretty head of yours.”


He shifted her so she was more comfortable in his arms and began to make his way to his cabin.


For the first time, Hermione realized that she could hear waves crashing and the cry of a gull. Was she…? “Am I on a boat?”


The man frowned. “It’s called a ship, luv.”


“How did I get on this ship,” she whispered to herself, but not soft enough that he didn’t hear it.


“I wish I knew the answer, luv. It’s a wonder how you wound up in the middle of the deck of me Pearl. My crew say witchcraft, but I don’t believe in such rot.”


Hermione stiffened in his arms. If he only knew.