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Open Windows by harrypotterhugefanforever

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 26,340
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/22/2008
Last Chapter: 06/28/2009
Last Updated: 07/01/2009


BANNER // NevillesSoulmate
A heart was never made to be broken. No one was meant to lose the one they love. Years apart – torn by new romances, betrayal and children – have brought them back together. Harry and Ginny might just have their last chance at happiness. Some windows were made to always remain open…

Chapter 7: Destiny Decides

Destiny Decides

Beta'd by tomfeltonisdeadsexy

Tears slid down Harry’s face as he held it in his hands. His back was rested against a white hospital wall, aching slightly from sitting for too long. The fiery red head clan sat opposite him, talking quietly. None knew what had happened to Ginny, or what she and Harry had lost. They had tried asking, but Harry hadn’t said a word.

It was still trying to sink in. He would have been a father…he knew he would have been a great father. Yet, how could he have been a great father if he hadn’t even known; if he had been stuck in his own world, living a lie with another woman. It was too hard to speak – to acknowledge the fact that he had lost his child. If he hadn’t, would he have returned to Ginny, as if nothing had happened? He knew he would have, not because it was the right thing to do, but because he did truly love her. No matter how much Evelyn meant to him, Ginny would always mean more. After spending some of the night with his assistant, he would always, always, return to Ginny.

It hadn’t been his plan to start a family yet; he had wanted to wait until after they were married for a couple of years. It also hadn’t been his plan to start an affair with his assistant. Destiny had a strange way of working, and after all, you can’t fight destiny, but destiny can fight you.

Groaning, Harry lifted his head from his hands. Tears swelled in his eyes as he looked at each member of his adoptive family. He had not only betrayed Ginny, but them as well. He didn’t know how he could have done it…why it had seemed so easy at the time. Truly, he hadn’t wanted to hurt anyone, especially Ginny. Yet, Evelyn made Harry feel they way he use to feel back in sixth year, when he had dated Ginny. She made it seem so daring…so exciting.

The dark door, shielding Ginny from her family, opened slightly. Harry was able to catch a glimpse of Ginny’s body, lying so lifeless in the white sheets. It pained Harry to look, to watch the woman he loved, in such a state. The doctor approached Harry, her face full of concern.

Harry jumped up, his voice cracking as he spoke for the first time in three hours. “Is she alright?”

The doctor pulled Harry away from Ginny’s family. She tried to keep her voice calm and professional, although it was hard. She had, of course, seen still born babies and miscarriages all the time, but for some reason this one touched her the most. “We are unsure. Medically, she seems to be fine. But mentally, it seems as if she doesn’t want to get better. We think she may be losing the will to live.”

Harry pulled back, as if he had been slapped across the face. He ran past the doctor and into Ginny’s room. Mrs. Weasley attempted to follow, but was stopped by a nurse. Harry could hear her screaming through the closed door as he took a seat next to Ginny. He gave her a peck on the lips, before grabbing one of her still hands. Harry gasped as he felt Ginny’s cold hands touch his warm ones. Using his other hand, he pushed back the red hair from his fiancé. Sweat drops formed on her brow, as she lay motionless. “Please baby…please wake up,” he begged her, his voice cracking again.

Mrs. Weasley’s protests could still be heard from inside. She was becoming more and more frantic, trying to reach her only daughter. Turning his head slightly, Harry could see Bill and Mr. Weasley trying to pull her back to her seat.

New tears formed in Harry’s eyes as he turned his attention back to Ginny. All the guilt he had stored away deep within him finally came flooding out. He told her lifeless form everything, never caring if she heard or not. “Ginny, I am so, so, so sorry. I never meant for any of it to happen. I never wanted to have an affair; it just happened. You make me complete, but it didn’t seem like it when we slowly drifted apart. You headed in a different direction than me…I had work and you had Quidditch. I would work late, and when I didn’t, you were never there. You always had a tournament and never had time for me anymore. We drifted apart and I blame myself. Perhaps if I hadn’t become an Auror, I could have gone with you. I chose work and someone else over us. But I won’t make that same mistake again…I love you, Ginerva Molly Weasley. I always have.”

Ginny’s hand shifted in his without him noticing it. Her eyes had opened halfway through his confession, growing wide with everything he revealed. As soon as he was finished, Ginny snatched her hand out of his. Her eyes were ablaze with a new found fire. She didn’t care about anything, except what Harry told her.

Harry’s head snapped up at her sudden movement. His eyes filled with new tears and jumped up to press his lips against her. He was near her, when she pushed him away. “Leave me alone! I know everything you did! You betrayed me!”

All thoughts of her own affair went out of her mind. Hers had only just happened and was usually just after a nasty mix of alcohol. Tears fell upon the white cotton sheets. Harry tried to calm her down, but she continued to cry. She felt a sharp pain in her chest, right where her heart was. It wasn’t because of the betrayal, or of the months of lies, it was because she realized, not only did she not love Harry anymore, but she felt nothing for him. They had drifted so far apart.

She curled up into a ball, bringing her knees to her chest. Harry attempted to hug her, but she pushed him away. “No…You have no right, Harry. You destroyed that right when you slept with that tramp. You knew when you hired her how I felt. I saw how she looked at you, but obviously, I missed the way you looked at her. Just leave. I don’t want to see you again.”

“Ginny…please you have to understand….”

“No, Harry. I don’t,” she cried from inside her shell. “Just leave, please.”

Harry stood up and reluctantly left the room.

Ginny cried into her pillow. Her own guilt mixed with Harry’s confession. She shouldn’t have yelled at him, or asked him to leave. He hadn’t been the only one to be unfaithful, yet he would never know of hers. Soft arms curled around Ginny, making her face them. Ginny smiled up at her father, before slipping into his embrace. “Tell me what’s happened, baby girl. Why did Harry leave so quickly?”

Ginny sniffed. “I asked him to. Oh, daddy. I’ve been such a fool and so has Harry. It’s gone too far to repair; I just don’t love him anymore. We drifted too far apart over the last few months to be able to waltz back into each other’s arms. I am so confused. Daddy, why is destiny so screwed up? Why can’t everything seem as simple as it did only a couple of days ago, when Harry asked me to marry him? Why can’t I rewind to that day, before everything started to fall apart?”

Arthur pulled away. “Ginny, do you mean to tell me that you have been engaged to Harry, and you never told us?”

“I’m so sorry, daddy…I wanted to wait. Harry wanted to wait. We decided that Ron should have his day.”

“Then why can’t the damaged be repaired, baby girl.? I know you love him, but because of the separation, you drifted. He stopped telling you and you started to believe that he didn’t love you anymore. I’ve seen him look at you; he loves you.”

Ginny pulled out of her father’s embrace. She curled herself into a ball again, resting her head on her pillow. Tears fell gracefully from her chocolate eyes. “It can’t be repaired, daddy…it’s gone too far for that. Didn’t Harry tell you? When I was hit by that car, it didn’t just affect me. I had a miscarriage, daddy. I was two months pregnant, and when that car hit me, the impact killed the baby. The doctors don’t think I will ever be able to have kids…there is only a slight chance that I might be able to.”

Arthur sat quietly throughout the entire confession. “Is that why you told him to go…to protect him?”

Ginny nodded slightly. It was partly the truth. “He wanted a family so badly, daddy. He never had one growing up, and I wanted to give him one. But there was also other factors involved… he had an affair, daddy. He confessed while he thought I was unconscious. It hurt so badly to hear him say it. Yet I’ve been such a fool too.”

Arthur turned red. Harry Potter had an affair? He hurt his baby daughter. He stood up quickly and was about to leave the room when Ginny tugged on his hand. “Don’t, daddy. I was unfaithful too. Yet mine was worse! Because mine wasn’t with another man. It was with a woman. With Hermione.”

“You and Hermione?” asked Arthur, as he sat down quickly. He could see new tears forming in his daughters eyes as the confession of what she had done also spilled from her lips. “For how long?”

“A couple of days. She wasn’t the reason I stopped loving Harry…it just happened. I see now that it was a mistake, just like I saw yesterday. But I let all those feelings of abandonment from Harry pour into those feelings I felt for Hermione. I didn’t love her, but I knew she loved me. And it felt so right to be loved. Oh daddy…I don’t know what to do. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Ginny… , I could never be mad at you. You should tell Hermione what you just told me; she has a right to know. If you really are the person I know you to be, you’ll follow your heart. Destiny is a pain, but it does know what it is doing. Trust me, baby girl, it will hurt a lot less afterwards.”

Ginny flung her arms around her father’s neck. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock. Hermione was in the doorway, a layer of tears running down her cheeks. “Hermione, listen.”

“I understand now. I should have realized it. But I tried to block it out, to pretend that perhaps you would come to me. I was a fool…but I don’t hate you, Ginny. I could never hate you; you are and always will be my best friend.”

Ginny released herself from her father’s neck and walked over to Hermione. She gave her a hug and a shoulder to cry on. “I am so sorry, ‘Mione. I never meant to hurt you like I did.”

“I know. I’m sorry too, for making everything so confusing.”

They two former lovers held onto each other, each being a life support. Arthur sat on Ginny’s bed, watching the women crying. He held tears in his own eyes. It was true what he had said: he wasn’t mad at her. She made a mistake…which she now saw was a stupid one. He still felt anger towards Harry, but he wouldn’t act on it. Harry hadn’t been the only one at fault. Slowly, he rose from his thoughts and walked past the two women. He smiled softly before exiting the room.

As soon as he was gone, Ginny let go of Hermione. Tears still flowed slowly down her face, falling gracefully to the hospital floor. Hermione helped Ginny to her bed and tucked her in. As soon as her head hit the pillow, Ginny eyes snapped shut. Sighing, Hermione turned to leave, but Ginny caught hold of her friend’s hand. “No, please stay. I want you to stay.”

Ginny tried to smile, but the emotional strain of the past few hours were overwhelming. Even if she finally ended the affair for good, she was still going to have Hermione as her friend. Her eyes slowly drifted shut and she fell into unconsciousness. Hermione brushed the hair out of the younger girl’s face, showing the some affection Harry showed earlier. Closing her eyes to prevent the tears escaping, Hermione pressed her lips upon Ginny’s, savoring the last kiss she would ever have with Ginny. Quietly, she left the room with one last glance at Ginny. It was killing her to leave, but it had to be done.

The door closed with a snap, and turning her back on the Weasley’s, she headed off in the opposite directions. With each step, her body ached to turn around and run back into Ginny’s room. Yet, her will was strong, and she didn’t turn around until she was at the other end of the corridor. The Weasley’s were all entering Ginny’s room, only one knowing the whole story. Arthur looked back at Hermione and nodded his head. Hermione tried to smile, but found she couldn’t. With one last glance at Mr. Weasley, she continued on her way through the hospital.

Hermione closed the door to her apartment with a slight snap. She rested her head against the wood, the tears finally falling from her eyes. She raised her hand and held it against her heart. The pain was unbearable. It was like she was drowning on land, the air escaping from her lungs.

She felt light-headed, almost as if she was floating. It felt as if she wasn’t there, but was also there at the same time. Nothing seemed to make sense as she slid down the door. Her apartment seemed to spin, making her dizzy. She tried to push herself up, but found she couldn’t. Her other hand wove into her tangled curls. Her breathing began to become shallower as she felt the world spinning to black. Everything she built up inside her for years came to the surface. The relationship with Cho, all the hidden feelings for Ron during the first six years of Hogwarts, guilt over her parent’s death in the war, and finally ending with the affair with Ginny.

It became too much, and Hermione found herself leaning against the wall, the tears still flowing freely. She brought her knees to her chest and cried into them. The wall she built up around her heart after losing her parents finally fell with Ginny…but the rubble caused damaged. Her heart was damaged, and the one person, who could have fixed it, didn’t want to.