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Open Windows by harrypotterhugefanforever

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 26,340
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/22/2008
Last Chapter: 06/28/2009
Last Updated: 07/01/2009


BANNER // NevillesSoulmate
A heart was never made to be broken. No one was meant to lose the one they love. Years apart – torn by new romances, betrayal and children – have brought them back together. Harry and Ginny might just have their last chance at happiness. Some windows were made to always remain open…

Chapter 5: Working Past Lust

Working Past Lust

Beta'd by tomfeltonisdeadsexy

Hermione walked slowly down the narrow corridor, her heart beating against her rib cage. Every part of her body was urging her to turn back, to leave while she could. As she approached the door, everything she thought she had conquered returned.

Once at the door, Hermione didn’t know if she wanted to go through with the day. She wasn’t ready to enter; instead, she leaned against the opposite wall and looked up at the ceiling, the very ceiling she had kissed Ginny goodnight under a year ago. It happened before all the confusion, an innocent kiss upon the cheek to say goodnight, a kiss between two good friends. Back then neither of them thought of each other in any way but friends; this was before all the craving companionship, broken hearts, and tears.

Hermione continued to stare at the door as images flooded back. She and Ginny were walking down the very same hallway, late Christmas Eve. They were holding hands, innocent as children, talking about the night’s events. At the door, they turned to face each other. Ginny’s voice echoed around: “Do you want to come in; I’m sure Harry is back already. He keeps saying he needs to catch up with you.”

Staring blankly at Ginny, Hermione shook her head. “It’s alright. I’m really tired. Maybe I’ll come around for Christmas lunch tomorrow.”
Ginny leaned in and brushed her lips over Hermione’s cheek. Hermione’s head moved slightly as she felt Ginny’s lips connect with her ruby cheeks. “Good night, Hermione.”

Hermione snapped her head away from the ghosts of her memory; she knew what had happened next. They had both been a little bit drunk, not knowing what they were doing. As Ginny leaned forward to open the door, Hermione had grabbed her by the hand. Ginny had eyed her suspiciously, her eyes glazed over. Hermione had pushed Ginny up against the wall and had kissed her tenderly; Ginny had responded, her lips moving on their own accord. Their bodies moved in a rhythm, Hermione grinding her hips against Ginny’s.

Every touch was remembered as Hermione tried to block it out; she had been with someone else when this had happened. From that night, Hermione had craved to be near other women. She had craved for their companionship. Although the kiss had been childish, Hermione still felt something missing. She had felt nothing for Ginny except friendship before that.

Her golden, untamed tresses cascaded down her back. Ginny had one hand on her bum, while the other wove through Hermione’s hair.

Suddenly, the door opened across the hall, breaking Hermione out of her memory. Ginny stuck her head out, her eyes shining in delight as she noticed Hermione. She wrapped her arms around Hermione’s neck and placed a kiss upon her cheek. Hermione placed her hands on Ginny’s hips, bringing the young woman closer to her. Ginny stared at Hermione uncomfortably, before stepping back a couple of feet. “Thanks for coming, ‘Mione. I really need your help looking for a dress. Come in.”

Ginny stepped away from the door, signalling for Hermione to come in. Hermione walked slowly into the hallway of Harry and Ginny’s large penthouse. Her eyes automatically went to the photos on the wall. Staring back at her was herself and Ginny, arms around each other and smiling at the camera. The photo-Hermione kept glancing at the photo-Ginny. Ginny kept placing kisses upon her cheek, while continuing to smile at the photographer. It had been taken mere months after Harry and Ginny had become a couple. Next to the photo was another, this time of herself and Ron. Ron was tickling her on the waist, while planting a kiss on her lips every couple of seconds. Looking at the picture Hermione wondered when everything had changed, when she had become so distant from everyone.

Following behind her, with her eyes also darting to the photos, Ginny entwined her fingers with Hermione, giving her a reassuring squeeze. “I love these photos. They tell of our past and also our future. Come further in, ‘Mione; Harry wants to say hello before he heads off to work.”

Hermione, with her hand still in Ginny’s, followed the younger girl into the lounge room. Her feet dragged along the floorboards, regretting her decision to come. When Harry had owled her earlier that day, he said he wouldn’t be there; he was going to be away on a mission. Sitting in the far corner of the room, Harry was looking through some folders on his desk. Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry, before giving him a kiss on the lips. She whispered something into his ear. Harry looked up and smiled at Hermione. He closed the large gap between them and wrapped his arms around Hermione, pulling her into a brotherly hug. “It is so good to see you, Hermione. I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Thanks, Harry.”

Harry let go of Hermione. He headed back to Ginny and gave her a tender kiss on the lips, before picking up his briefcase and bidding them goodbye. Ginny stared after him, a sad smile on her face.

Once the front door closed, Ginny looked up at Hermione. She gave her a half smile. “I am so glad you came. I thought that...well that after what happened between us you wouldn’t want to see me. I’m not going to leave Harry, Hermione. I love him too much to do that to him.”

Hermione tried to smile. She knew all along that nothing could happen between them; Harry wasn’t the sort of person you let go of unless you had to.

“Hermione,” asked Ginny, as Hermione drifted into her thoughts. “That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our time together. Maybe we could teach each other something, maybe have a bit of fun. You're my best friend; I just hope that hasn’t changed since that night we nearly had sex. I know I said it didn’t mean anything, but I was confused at the time. It happened and we can move on.”

“I can’t do that, Ginny. I...I love you so much. Much more than I should. And feelings like these just don’t go away. They have and always will be there.” Hermione slowly made her way towards the door, completely forgetting about the shopping.

“Hermione, wait!” Ginny quickly grabbed her friend and pushed her up against the wall. She brought her lips fiercely upon Hermione’s, enjoying once again the sensation it gave her. Hermione responded by placing her hands upon Ginny’s waist. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want you, ‘Mione,” purred Ginny, as she nipped at Hermione’s earlobe, while also placing her hand firmly on Hermione’s bottom.

Suddenly, Ginny stepped away and grabbed Hermione’s hand. She stroked it lovingly, before picking up her bag on her way to the front door.

Harry walked briskly through the familiar hallway towards his office. He was late after his meeting had run overtime. He still had reports to look over, before attending another two meetings and interviewing a potential Auror. While passing his assistant, he shot her a small smile, before entering his office.

Sitting down at his desk, he pulled a couple of pages towards him. He sighed before beginning to read. There was a soft knock at his office door. Harry sighed again, before getting up and heading towards the door. He opened the door attentively, wondering who would be bothering him when they knew he had work. As soon as the door was opened, he smiled. He pulled her inside by the hand, almost seductively.

As soon as his office door was closed, a pair of lips crashed upon his own. Harry responded by picking up his companion and carrying her over to his large, wooden desk. Long, slender legs wrapped themselves around his waist, drawing him into their open thighs.
Harry broke the kiss to play with his her neck. She pushed Harry’s wizard robes off his shoulders, while he did the same to her. He moved his hand under her blouse, rubbing his hand higher over her naked skin. With each stroke, as he rose higher, he pulled her blouse out of her designer skirt. After this, one of Harry’s hands stoked their thigh, while the other took hold of his companion’s bottom, pulling her more into his crotch. She moaned out his name, while Harry pulled down her panties, discarding them onto the floor. His companion had already unbuckled his belt and had pulled down his pants. Harry pulled her closer to him, while kissing her semi-exposed shoulder.

Kissing her neck lovingly, Harry hovered over her. As he pulled away, she whimpered slightly, wanting to have more. Harry stared down at her unclothed body, licking his lips. He smiled as he noticed all her features. The black hair and the tall, slender figure, curved in all the right places. She was unlike Ginny in every way. He closed the gap between them, continuing to kiss her neck.

Slowly, Harry entered her, earning a gasp of pleasure. He curled his fingers through her long, black hair. His companion leaned back onto the desk, leaving Harry standing alone, slightly distressed. She seductively opened her legs for him, her head resting on her hand. She shot him a seductive smile. Harry quickly crawled on top of them (her), kissing his way over her body. With each kiss he moaned out her name. As he hovered over her, he kissed her on the lips tenderly. “I love you, Evelyn.”

The now-known woman bucked up her hips, causing Harry to enter her again. She moaned loudly, sweat pearls appearing on her forehead. She dragged her nails down Harry’s back, before bucking her hips again, causing him to enter deeper.

She caught Harry’s lips, forcing them to open for her. Her hands wove through Harry’s mess of black hair, pulling him closer. He slid his tongue into her mouth, dancing around with hers. Slowly, he dismounted her. He pulled on his clothes and robes, before looking at her. She sat on the desk, one leg crossed over the other watching him. She wore only her blouse, which was opened to reveal a bit of breast. Once Harry was dressed, she shot him a smile. He walked over and stood in front of her.

Harry stared at her again, both his hands on her thighs. He had met her just over three months ago, when she came to his office for a job. It had been a hard day, and he was thinking about going out to get a drink after he had finished looking over reports. She had walked into his office, quietly and shyly. Her head had been bowed, embarrassed about meeting the famous Harry Potter. As soon as the interview started, Harry knew she had the job. He let her talk, wanting to watch her closely for some reason. Throughout the interview, she grew more confident and sure of herself. Harry continued to stare until the interview was over. Once he told her she had the job, she screamed and flung herself into his arms, pressing her body into his.

Once realising what she had done, she unwrapped her arms from around Harry. Harry felt slightly empty as they un-wrapped from around his neck. As she walked backwards, red in the face, towards her bag, she tripped. Harry caught hold of her arm as she fell to steady her. Once their hands made contact, Harry felt chills go up his spine.

Harry soon asked her to go out to a dance club with him, to celebrate her new appointment. They had left work together, the reports lying forgotten on the desk. They dropped their bags off at a table, before heading to the dance floor. They had been forced to dance close. Although Harry was unsure of where to place his hands, he decided to place them on Evelyn’s waist. He drew her nearer to him, saying it was too crowded and they could get separated. Together they moved in rhythm, until someone pushed Evelyn into Harry, capturing him in a kiss. She quickly pulled away, uncertain about what happened. Harry touched his lips with one hand while Evelyn continued to dance with Harry still having a firm hold on her waist. Slowly, Harry pulled her closer, resting one of his legs in-between hers. He put one hand behind her head and drew her head to his. He caught her lips in a passionate kiss, his hand on her waist moving down to her bottom.

As Harry pulled himself out of the memory, he caught sight of Evelyn on the desk. She let a tear drop from her eye. She tried to hide it, but Harry noticed.

He walked briskly towards her and wrapped his arms around her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, crying into his shoulder. “I know it doesn’t mean anything to you, Harry. I love you, but I can’t have you,” she cried, allowing her barrier to fall around her heart. Harry continued to stroke her hair, guilt washing over him. For two months he had been sleeping with his assistant Evelyn, while also sleeping with Ginny. He felt terrible for leading Evelyn on; she deserved to have someone that would love her completely. He brought her closer into his larger frame, rubbing her back. She suddenly lifted her head and caught his lips in a kiss. Harry pulled away, before placing a kiss on her forehead. “I’m sorry, Evelyn. I must continue with my work. Are you still coming to the meeting tonight?”

Evelyn got off the desk, grabbing her panties off the floor. She nodded her head, indicating that they would still be going out. She put her pencil skirt on, before running a hand through her hair to smooth it down. As she headed towards the door, Harry chased after her. He pushed her up against the door, placing his hands on either side of her head. He kissed her lovingly on the lips. “You do mean something to me; you always will. I’ll see you tonight.”

Once Evelyn was out of the room, Harry placed his head in his hands, groaning slightly. “Damn it!” he shouted, as he kicked the chair by the door. He walked quickly over to his desk and knocked off all the attendants. One of his hands hit the photo of himself and Ginny. Falling to the ground, he picked up the shattered frame. He looked down upon the photo, one single tear falling from his eyes as he looked at the moving photo. He and Ginny were happy. He hadn’t been unfaithful. He hadn’t told a lie. “Why the hell did I start this?!”
There was a knock on his door. It opened slightly, to reveal the face of Edgar Bloonbottle, a shy, young man that had joined the training group to become an Auror. “Is everything alright sir? I heard a crash in here.”

He stopped suddenly as he noticed Harry sitting on the floor, holding a photo frame. Harry stood up quickly, one hand brushing away the tears. “Everything is alright, Edgar. Shouldn’t you be at training?”
“I’m on my way, sir.”

As Edgar left the room, Harry sighed and sat down behind his desk. Grabbing his red pen, he pulled the reports towards him. Already he was behind, so that meant another night of working late. Not to mention the major meeting he was having tonight. “No wonder Ginny hates me. I’m always working late. I never have any time for her anymore.”

Ginny pulled Hermione in through the front door of Hermione’s apartment, laughing. As soon as they were in the door, their lips met, tugging at each other. They dropped their bags by the door, their hands busily groping at each other to hold other things. Ginny pulled away, looking into Hermione’s eyes. “I didn’t mean what I said. I mean today, before we went out. I’m so sorry.”

Hermione kissed her, murmuring a quick okay, before walking them towards her bedroom, never breaking the kiss. They fell upon the bed, Ginny landing on top. Hermione moaned against her mouth. “No fair, you’re always on top.”

Ginny giggled as she straddled Hermione’s hips and roamed her hand up Hermione’s thigh. Ginny moved completely on top of her, removing the clothing separating them. Suddenly, she stopped. “Do you really love me, ‘Mione,” moaned Ginny, her lips close to Hermione’s ear.
Smiling, Hermione turned her head and captured Ginny’s lips with her own. “I will always love you, Gin; forever and always.”

Ginny moaned as the words fell from Hermione’s lips. She smiled, before kissing her way down Hermione’s body and disappearing under the bed sheet, causing Hermione to cry out in pleasure.

Harry made his way towards a table at the far side of the restaurant. He smiled as Evelyn came into view, sitting at the very table he had been looking for. Restraining himself from kissing her, he sat down next to her in the booth.

Ten minutes passed with both shooting quick glances at each other, before turning away, slightly red in the face. After another five minutes, a tall man in an expensive suit walked over to their table. Harry stood up and shook his hand, introducing Evelyn while he did. The man acknowledged Evelyn, before taking a seat across from Harry and Evelyn. Never once did he smile.

“Arnold, there was something you wanted to discuss with me?” asked Harry to the other man. The man nodded his head before opening his brief case and pulling out some papers. He handed them to Harry, before placing the brief case back by his chair.

“Mr Potter, this is all the information we have on the remaining suspects. As you know, Wizard World Security has been looking into anything suspicious for the last few years. It’s all in there; everything we know.”

Harry quickly scanned over the first page. His mouth opened slightly, before he closed it. Evelyn looked over his shoulder, a look of shock etched upon her face. As Harry began to shake, she placed a delicate hand on his knee, rubbing it slightly. Harry jumped at the sudden touch, but ignored it. He placed the papers on the desk before looking back at the other man. “Are you sure that’s all, Arnold? There isn’t much there. We all expected them to continue with their ways. I expected there to be something more.”

Arnold nodded his head. “I’m sorry, Mr. Potter; we wish we could have been of more service. I can assure you, sir, that we will continue to look.” Arnold got quickly off his chair, grabbing his brief case as he went. He acknowledged Evelyn again, before shaking Harry’s hand.

Evelyn squeezed Harry’s knee again, making him look at her. Her green eyes, so like his, told him it would be okay. “I’m sorry, Evelyn. I really thought he could help.”

“I never expected there to be much evidence, although, I did let myself get my hopes up. I thought that maybe this time they would be caught. They didn’t only hurt me, they hurt you too, Harry. They helped to kill many of your friends.”

Harry shifted closer to her, pulling her into his arms. Slowly, he pulled her away from the table and held her hand as they walked out the front door. Together they headed towards the night club down the road. This was their usual routine after meeting with people of the wizardry community. Once inside, Harry led them to the dance floor. He hooked his arms around her waist, drawing her nearer. Evelyn placed her hands around Harry’s neck. They danced in time with each other, their bodies grinding against each other.

After a couple of songs, they headed towards a table not far from the dance floor. A young waitress appeared, asking for their order. While Evelyn ordered water, Harry ordered a Firewhiskey. Harry pulled Evelyn into his lap, not caring about anyone noticing them. They looked out onto the dance floor, taking in the couples. Two girls were dancing not far away, causing a great disturbance among the crowd. The taller one of the two, with wavy red hair and wearing a short cut dress, was swimming her bottom against the other girl behind her. The other girl was brunette, with medium curly hair and was wearing a mini skirt with a short, skimpy top. Her hands were moving up and down the girl’s body in front of her.

The brunette swung the red head around to face her. The taller smiled seductively at the smaller, intertwining their hands as she did. She leaned her forehead against the brunette, her thighs resting between the other’s legs.

Many of the men on the side of the dance floor wolf-whistled, calling out names to the two. They smacked each other behind the back and hooted. “Get it on!”

“Take her down, sister!”

The two girls danced move vivid and intense, before the red head grabbed the shorter girl’s bum, pulling her into a kiss. She smirked against her partner’s lips, teasing the audience as she roamed up the other girl’s inner thigh. The shorter girl had a firm hold on the taller girl’s butt, drawing her nearer to her.

Evelyn pulled Harry out of the action with an insult. “That is gross. You think the two of them could get a room.”

Harry smiled before kissing Evelyn’s neck, causing her to turn into Harry. “That’s an idea isn’t it. Care to join me?”

Evelyn turned her head completely, smashing her lips against Harry’s. Harry turned her around so that her legs were straddling him. He smiled before feeling the sensation of being pulled through a tube. When Evelyn opened her eyes, she smiled against Harry’s lips. She was pushed up against a door, Harry’s hands searching in her bag for the keys to her apartment.