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Murder, She Wrote by bookworm27

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,338
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Skeeter, Teddy, Scorpius, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 03/15/2009
Last Chapter: 04/18/2009
Last Updated: 04/18/2009


They looked at the motionless body lying on the street, a girl no merely sixteen years old.The very girl she had met one year previous to this incident, laid on her back.Her eyes opened as if she was watching what her death had done to the world. 
"I knew her," the redhead whispered.
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Chapter 1: Little Miss Detective Herself

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She ran as fast as her long legs could take her. Step, Step, Step, Step. Deep breaths, just run, running away. Leave them, leave them to be. Those liars, liars who lied and loved lying to me. Why, why?

She kept running, her messy hair swishing by her side, multiple times getting stuck in her plum lips. She stopped for a deep breath. Turned her head around and saw her.

"CUT IT NOW!" she shrieked swinging the scissors at her chest.

Before she could answer in the same shriek voice. She lost her breath.

A gasp.

Metal making its way through her, seeing the eyes of the person in front of her holding them.

"Ah," she barely whispered before looking into her eyes.

Full of fear, regret, anger. The emotions running wild. Her frail body falls gracefully into the hard concrete street. The last thing her hazel eyes see is the speechless face of the woman.


Just around the same time.

Ministry Detectives solves another homicide

June 8th~ Rose Weasley, daughter of legendary Second War hero, Ronald Weasley….


Bugger can’t they recognized me as more than his daughter?

The red head walked down the hall towards her office. Dimly lit, she opened the door to find the small room unlit, dark, and what she thought to be empty. Before trying to find the light switch, five figures appeared by candle light. Five smiling figures.

"Happy Birthday Rose!" the five figures exclaimed together.

A birthday cake, small enough just to feed them all sat on her desk. Surrounded by all the paperwork she had set to work by her boss on the case they had just recently solved, Rose smiled; they were only doing this to relax her. She’d been spending twenty-four hours shifts at the office several times a week. Working for the Ministry’s new department was certainly tiring. The twenty-year-old couldn’t remember the last time she had had more than 6 hours to sleep straight.

"Chocolate on chocolate," mentioned her best friend and colleague Hollie White, dipping her finger Rose savoring the frosting.

She sat down on her chair as the rest of her colleagues had done; Scorpius Malfoy, her incredibly delicious ex-boyfriend, too bad he cheated on her with that slut of a Dolly, his loss. Ana Marie Climbs; beautiful blonde from down south, met her on their first detective job, been best friend since. Kyle Lewis sitting next to her, arm around her shoulders, Kyle’s father had been recruited from the American force during the war time and he followed his dad’s footsteps once the old veteran had died. Finally there was Ethan Ward, her older more mature boss. He was the one who had offered her the job, other wise she would have never considered taken a job as a Ministry Detective, solving crimes and catching the bad guys. Oh the joy of saying ‘sorry Hun you’re arrested’.

"Here, from all of us," Ana Marie gave her a navy blue box, "hope it fits." She says before Rose starts opening the mysterious present they had given her. Tearing the tissue paper apart she heard the distant ringing of a two-way mirror. Looking around she found Scorpius answering his mirror.

"Okay, we’ll be right there, thanks." Scorpius spoke to the mirror before hanging up.

"Looks like we have a 419," he told our curious faces.

"Where?" Ethan asks, getting up looking aimlessly for his coat.

"The old wizard motel, down in Cromwell, something Lounge, I believe he said," Scorpius replied completely calm and cool. Merlin knows how he keeps his adrenaline under control; Rose simply couldn’t when t came to new cases.

"I got this one," Rose smirked before getting up from her desk chair. Rushing through her office to find her coat, hat, and kit. Finally reaching the doorway she heard Hollie’s voice.

"What about your cake?!" she asked astonished that her redhead friend would leave in the middle of present opening, someone was a little obsessed with work.

"Save me a piece, will yah?" she smirked before leaving her five friends in a tiny cubicle, appalled that she would do this to them.

Walking through the office she turned many heads, heels clicking.

She could almost hear the whispers, "There goes Rose Weasley, only reason she got in was because of her father, you know, the Ron Weasley!"

Bugger off, jealous slimy creatures.

Rose walked towards the apparition terminal.

"Wotcher Isaac!" she greeted the old night guard.

"Good evening Rose, off to a case?" he asked, yawning do to the late night hour.

"Yes, Code 419, down in Cromwell," she told him smiling that someone actually thought she could take this job seriously.

"Well, good luck Rosie, I’m sure you’ll find those unlucky bastards," he smiled before she apparated away.

 Rose appeared into the back alley of the run down motel. The awful smell stunk up her nostrils, of dirty old garbage and dead rats. Disgusting. She started walking not bothering to light her wand. Be brave Rose, she mentally thought.

As she was about to turn the corner, she heard a loud bang as if something had been greatly disturbed.

"Who’s there?" she asked instantly as she rose up her wand and whispered "Lumos."

Arms and wand in front for protection, Rose looked around a bit and found the start of the commotion. Name of suspect? Scorpius Malfoy.

"I’m innocent, I swear!" the blonde git chuckled, hands up in the air as if he was arrested. I wish.

"Stop playing git Malfoy, we haven’t got the time." She told him, gently smacking him hard on the back of the head.

He cringed.

Well deserved.

They walked a block before finding the crime scene, Muggles completely oblivious of the fact that about 30 wizards were hovering around a dead body, thank Merlin for the new invisibility charms.

"Next time wait for me okay? You’re not the only one working on this case." Her very secretive blonde friend grumbled to her ear.

"Walk faster Malfoy, it’ll do you some good," she answered looking into his grey eyes, for a second she thought she saw regret in his eyes. Remember Rose, his loss, she thought to herself.

"Okay you two stop staring, we’ve got some work to do," Ethan broke them apart. For some odd reason these two seem to hate each other. Odd.

"We have one victim, stab wound to the chest, bled out pretty quickly." Ethan informed them.

"Healers said she was dead when they arrived, approximate time of death 11:46 pm," he finished.

Super Detective Browns entered the scene walking towards both Scorpius and Rose.

"Nasty isn’t it?" he said before looking at all of us. Nodding for as an answer, they looked at the witnesses, a couple in their 50’s or so.

"The parents?" he asked looking at the couple with sympathy, pity really.

"Yes, the Jones’, owners of the motel, their daughter was the victim," Ethan replied them before they looked at the motionless body lying on the street, a girl no merely sixteen years old.

Rose and Scorpius walked towards the body. And then it hit Rose.

"Rebecca," she whispered softly. The very girl she had met one year previous to this incident lay on her back.

They inched forward, kneeled over to inspect her more. The same girl, just a different sense to her, different hair, new piercing, a tattoo, and overly done eyeliner smudged.

Rose looked at Rebecca’s chest which was covered with dried blood; her flower print shirt was the same too. Her eyes opened as if she was watching what her death had done to the world.

"Rose, you okay?" Scorpius

"I knew her," the redhead whispered.

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