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We Couldn't Bring the Columns Down by ladyspirit

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 59,752
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/OC

First Published: 05/21/2007
Last Chapter: 06/23/2011
Last Updated: 06/23/2011


“STOP THE MADNESS!” James was screaming, his face glowing with mirth. Apparently his groin was recovering. Sirius rolled onto his back,  he had his wand out and it was pointed at Lily.
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Chapter 17: Control

It was almost midnight when Delilah finally decided to leave the Quiddich stands. The rain had stopped a few hours before but she was beyond hopes of drying naturally, she was slick with water, heavy with her soaked robes and yet she didn’t care. She was oblivious to her constant shivers and her chattering teeth and despite everything, despite the fact that she’d probably be in a whole world of trouble when she finally handed herself over to McGonagal, she was vaguely happy. She now knew what she was going to do to get her life back. She’d spent so long sitting thinking about all the awful things in her life that she’d finally figured out the root cause and she was going to simply fix it and then... well then she’d feel fine, wouldn’t she? 

She got to her feet and felt relief flood down her legs, they’d been idle too long and had become stressed and sore. Yes, she now had her plan and she would put it into practise immediately. 

So what were her problems? Well her weight, obviously. But there was nothing she could really do about that apart from what she was doing and she had barely eaten all day so, that was an upside really. Then there was Lucius; oh Lucius. He was an awful problem, the kind that made her insides feel funny almost constantly. Everything reminded her of him and recently even the good memories weren’t so good. So there was nothing she could do about Lucius except for what she was doing; moving on. Then there was Lily. The Lily problem; she and Lily had definitely been clashing more than usual lately and it didn’t bode well, she shouldn’t have snapped at her friend like she had but now, now she had the black letter and... Well Lily certainly would stop being mad at her when she handed that over and swore not to tell. So what was left? Well Jessica, Jessica and her family in general, but you can’t choose who you’re related to and heck, that’s something that everyone has to deal with. 

A feeling of utter control swept through her as she glided into the entrance hall. She hadn’t felt like this before, it was almost as if she was watching herself do exactly what she wanted to do and consequence no longer mattered. No point worrying now, no point thinking things through or worrying about what would happen later. She was sick of reigning herself in for the sake of others, other people didn’t do it for her! Narcissa Black certainly didn’t, little Narcissa Black did whatever the fuck she felt like and why shouldn’t Delilah? 

The corridors seemed to melt away around her and soon she was where she wanted to be. The prefect’s bathroom she and Lily had changed in for the ball. Although this was only a stop on the road; a lot more had to be done. 

Inside the bathroom she quickly shed her soaked clothes and threw them haphazardly on the huge iron heaters along the walls (magically enhanced for speedy drying, of course). The bath took a mere moment to fill and then she dove in. Her goose pimpled flesh welcomed the hot water like an old friend and she felt suddenly, impossibly, more invigorated. She didn’t dilly dally though, she just needed to spend enough time to wash away the drowned rat look that had recently become almost her trademark. 

Soon she left the bathroom and continued through the hallways. She hadn’t bothered completely drying her hair; just enough so that it wasn’t dripping everywhere but perfection wasn’t what mattered right now. What she wanted was all that mattered tonight. 

Gryffindor tower was sleeping, just as she’d suspected it would be, when Delilah crawled through the portrait hole. Perfect. 

She practically strutted up the boy’s staircase and without even a moment of hesitation she quickly slipped into the Marauders dormitory. 

Sirius wasn’t hard to spot snoring in the bed nearest the window with his drapes undrawn. He looked almost beautiful in the darkened room with nothing but the moonlight spilling over his chest turning it grey. She surveyed him for a moment, he looked so peaceful. Oh well. 

Careful not to wake the other boys Delilah slipped through the room and with more grace than she knew she possessed slid onto Sirius’ bed. He didn’t wake until she was straddling him with a finger on his lips. Then he stared at her for a long moment, shock evident and then a bizarre look crossed his face. She smiled at him, a smile that promised she wasn’t there to break his neck. Then, very slowly, she lent forwards and replaced her finger with her lips. 

Her damp hair fell around his face and the scent of lavender from her bath engulfed them. Seconds passed and Sirius remained dormant, disorientated and then, as if a switch had been flicked, he began kissing her back. That was it; exactly what she needed. 

Complicated, but not in an awful way. Complicated the way teen affairs should be, not the way tragic plays should be, tender yet hormonal. A rush of emotion that time could definitely fade. She didn’t want Sirius forever and he didn’t want her but for right now, right now this was what she wanted. Too long she’d been trapped by Lucius and her feelings for him but now they were over and so were her days of pretending she didn’t want this man who was grabbing her just the way she needed to be grabbed.
Sirius’ strong arms wrapped around her and he rolled them so that he lay on top. The kiss broke and they stared at each other both searching the others face although neither sure what they were looking for. 

Suddenly a huge grin broke out on Sirius’ face, “You are Delilah this time, right?” He whispered and she had to stifle a snort. 


“Well thank Merlin for that.” 

And without worrying about tomorrow, or the fact that the drapes were open, or that three boys dozed only feet from them, Delilah kissed him again. 

Lily stirred her potion and watched Delilah out of the corner of her eye. Something was definitely afoot. The all but suicidal girl from the day before had been replaced with this (dare she say it?) bubbly creature who couldn’t seem to stop smiling despite the fact that she’d very nearly been suspended. Delilah was even making her potion with what could be, if you didn’t know her well enough to dispute it, enthusiasm. 

“Are you contemplating suicide?” Lily asked finally and Delilah snorted. 


“Well it’s just that I’ve read when people finally make the decision to you know... kill themselves... they can get really cheery because they’ve made the decision... so are you?” She was only half joking. 

Delilah looked thoughtful, “Maybe I already have.” She grinned again then a funny looked crossed her face, “Oh here, you dropped this.” She dug a hand into pocket and passed Lily the, now slightly crumpled, black letter. Lily stared at it in horror, she hadn’t even realised it was missing. “Don’t worry,” The scarily happy Delilah told her with, dear god, a wink, “Our secret.” 

“Delilah I-,” 

“Honestly. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. But I also want to point out that Jazz Gibney wants you and it is your duty as a woman-,” 

“You’ve given me that speech before.” 

“Yeah well I’m just saying sometimes doing something that you never realised you wanted to do feels good.” She looked all flushed and pleased again. 

“OK, what is up with you? What have you done?” 

Mischievous pleasure pulled Delilah’s lips up, “Try who.” 

“Who?” Lily cocked an eyebrow then realisation dawned, “Who you’ve done?” She whispered in awe, “Who?” But before Delilah could say anything Lily’s jaw dropped along with the penny, “Sirius? Really? How? I don’t- What?” She began giggling, “Oh my God! Tell me everything!” 

Delilah stuck her tongue out as she threw a handful of frogs’ eyes into her bubbling potion, “Well I won’t bore you with the gory details but my goodness Lily I’m surprised we didn’t wake the whole tower.” 

“You slapper!” 

“Uh huh!” 

“I love it!” 

“Me too!” 

“Out of ten?” 




“James is a solid nine.” 

Delilah burst into giggles, “A solid nine?” 

“Yeah,” Lily looked jokingly solemn, “Which I was pleased with up until now, now I’m wondering if I got the wrong Marauder.” 

“Well if all you want is mind blowing pleasure then yep, yep you did.” 

Lily’s cheeks flushed despite herself, “Mind blowing?” 

“You best believe it. Best thing ever. Well almost.” 


“Well then there was the shower this morning while everyone was at breakfast...” 




“Oh yes.” Sirius was suddenly there wiggling his eyebrows like an old time Casanova. Both girls flushed scarlet, “Do keep your voices down ladies, I have my virtue to protect.” 

“Oh you were just eavesdropping.” Delilah retorted stirring her potion a little too vigorously to combat her blushes. 

“Of course I was.” 

“Mister Black back to your own desk if you don’t mind!” Professor Slughorn shouted from his desk and Sirius gave the girls a devilish smile. 

“On my way sir!” He called back before swiftly kissing Delilah’s cheek and whispering something in her ear. 

When Sirius was safely back in his desk and she had managed to control her giggling Lily couldn’t help but ask, “What did he say?” 


“You’ll tell me later?” 

“No that’s what he said!” 

“Oh. My. God.” And that was it. The giggles would never stop, of that she was sure. 

Across the room Andromeda was finding it hard to cover her smile, “That was hard to watch, wasn’t it?” She whispered to Lucius who scowled at her. “Oh go on, punch him. I’d die laughing.” 

“Be careful, you have a mudblood baby to think of.” His words had the right affect, Andromeda stopped smiling. 

“Shut up Lucius.” 

“Likewise Black.”

A/N So there’s an update. A fluffy update but an update nonetheless because you guys certainly deserve one and I am feeling increasingly guilty. I swear I’ve not abandoned this story I’m just suffering a slight bout of writers block that isn’t going away! So this is kind of a gateway chapter and I’m really glad it happened because it seems to have got my juices flowing again. That and the fact I went to Kings Cross the other day with some chums and did that real touristy thing of taking pictures by platform 9 ¾... Simply fabulous. So tell me what you think? Do you hate it? I wouldn’t blame you but honestly this chapter made me happy. Delilah has had too much sad. Well for now... DUM DUM DUM (ps if you're tragically bored and waiting on tenderhooks for the next chapter- hahaha- you can check out what i'm doing instead of writing at