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Vraiment by LadyRedRoka

Format: Novel
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 31,349

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, General
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/17/2008
Last Chapter: 12/20/2008
Last Updated: 12/20/2008


Banner created by piper_weasley!!  Seda Zabini is surrounded by the perfect people. Her best friends Scorpius, Malachy Nott, and Monalisa Greengrass would do anything for her. But in sixth year the Dream Team is split up for a transfiguration project, and Seda is stuck with a bunch of famous Gryffindors. Seda has a tough exterior and has great reason to be the way she is...but can one Gryffindor break down her barrier? Perhaps someone like...Albus Potter? 1000+ reads

Chapter 10: Baby It's Fact



Seda, Scorpius, Malachy and Monalisa turned to see Albus approaching them. Seda's stomach did a backflip and she gave him a dazzling smile.

Albus did a double-take and gazed at me. "You -are- related," he said.

"Don't remind me," Seda grumbled.

"'Course not," he said immediately. "Hey, remember that time that Hufflepuff kid turned himself into a pumpkin on the fifth floor?"

Seda tried to cast her mind to remember. It was more difficult than usual, because Albus simply being there was distracting. Eventually she did remember. "Yes."

"Well, that's just it," said Albus simply.

Seda stared at him. "What are you talking about?"

"Just wanted to remind you." He stared into her eyes intensely. Suddenly Seda caught on. He wanted to meet her on the fifth floor, where that boy had transfigured himself.

"Okay," she said, nodding to show him she understood. He nodded curtly then hurried off.

"Was that a secret message?" Scorpius demanded immediately.

"Yes," said Seda sarcastically, "Because pumpkin boys are really a codeword for 'secret message' between Albus Potter and I."

However, when the four friends took their seats at the Slytherin table, Seda's friends did not seem satisfied.

"You always talk about things like you and only you two know what's going on," said Malachy suspiciously.

"We've had some run-ins," Seda said calmly. "Either way all we do mostly is fight."

The three friends badgered Seda all day. Their harrassing and the face of Albus always in Seda's mind, made the day very stressful. During classes, Seda and Albus didn't dare to glance in each others' direction. The day crept by incredibly slowly for everyone.

"Time for Quidditch practice," said Seda that evening.

"Have fun," grumbled Malachy and Monalisa. Scorpius insisted upon sucking a kiss from Seda before she left the commonroom. She felt uneasy, as if she was blatantly cheating on Scorpius. Of course that was what she was doing, but to her it felt the other way around: she felt as if Albus was her first boyfriend and Scorpius her meaningless other man.

She wiped her lips and dug a mint out of her pocket. She didn't know what exactly was going to go down on the fifth floor, but she decided to be on the safe side.

"Hi," she said as she approached him on the fifth floor. He smiled at her in his weary way and nodded to his right. Seda's jaw dropped; there was a shiny brass door where the wall usually was.

"What's this?" she gasped.

"Just come on in," said Albus. He opened the door and they both walked in; he closed the door and locked it with a loud click. Inside the room was a miniature commonroom, with an armchair, sofa, fireplace, and a couple desks. It was very warm and comfortable. Albus threw his bag on one of the tables.

"How was your day?" he asked, and his voice was laced with amusemet.

Seda ignored the question. "What is this place? How do you always manage to pull secret passageways from nowhere?"

Albus grinned. "The secret passsageways are always there, Seda. This is most commonly known as the Room of Requirement, for the people who know of it. Not many do."

A soft smile played Seda's lips. "It's very impressive."

"Thanks." Albus walked over and plonked down into the couch. "Let's have a little chat."

Seda approached and sat next to him. Her heart was nervous. "Do you mean chat or...-chat-?" She threw him a meaningful look.

Albus laughed. "We can get to -chatting- later, maybe. We'll see. I just want to talk to you though."

"Okay." Seda felt quite touched. Albus took her hand; it was warm and soft.

"Why'd you break up with Chey-Lin?" Seda asked.

"You're the only person who I'll tell the truth to," said Albus. "Honestly, I began to see that...well, you were right. She's kind of useless. I mean she's cute and nice and we have a lot of fun...but we don't talk about anything interesting. She's quite shallow and also just too emotional for me."

"I knew it wouldn't last," said Seda smugly. "You're too smart and sophisticated."

"You mean you -hoped- it wouldn't last," Albus smirked. Seda rolled her eyes. "You never told me. What do you want to do?"

Seda sighed. "First I'm going to go to Salem University. After that...I've no idea."

"Well there must be something you're passionate about," Albus said sincerely.

Seda had never considered her passions. What did she enjoy? She loved Quidditch and magic. She found herself deeply contemplating herself. Finally she answered, "If I was passionate about anything it would be Arithmancy."

"So you should do Arithmancy with the people who know it best," said Albus.

"Who?" Seda frowned.

"Muggles," said Albus simply.

Seda laughed. "You're joking, right?"

"No," Albus blinked. "They're the ones who invented Arithmancy and mathetmatics. In that world the subject goes to infinity. Then you could come back and be a kick-ass curse breaker for Gringotts."

Seda was amazed. He had actually listened to her, he'd given her sound advice- as ridiculous as it was. He wasn't Scorpius, who listened from desperation; he listened because he was sincere and honest. They continued talking for what ended up being two hours. The conversation never got repetetive. Seda learned that Albus desired to become a Healer or Minister of Magic. The combination made Seda almost scoff, but she remembered that Albus had been patient with her wishes.

Finally silence fell between them. The fire was roaring and the couch was incredibly comfortable.

"What do we do now?" Albus mused idly.

Seda put her hand on his cheek and turned his head to face her. "Kiss me, you twit."

Albus grinned dangerously. He cupped her face and kissed her. A shiver shot up Seda's spine. His lips were pressed firmly against hers and slowly he began to tilt his head, deepening the kiss. One hand was resting on the side of her neck, the other was in her hair. Seda wrapped her arms around Albus's neck and buried her hands in his impossibly messy hair. It was complete bliss. He was a fantastic kisser, he nearly blew Seda away.

Albus licked her bottom lip gently and Seda admitted his entry. Seda's brain was in a daze as he pulled her closer, gently. His hands began to travel- to her lower back, to her waist. Seda couldn't believe how much better he was at this than Scorpius. They moved together rhythmically. Albus's mouth left Seda's and moved to her neck. Seda let out an involuntary moan as he bit her skin lightly and kissed her. In returned she moved on to his ear; he laughed in to the nape of her neck, his breath tickling her. It was sensual and completely blissful. Her own hands went to his muscular, sexy chest. He skillfully captured her lips again and now his hands did other things. He pressed into her back but he didn't have to do that to make her arch into him. His other hand found her thigh. Seda pulled him as close as physically possible and leaned back, pulling him on top of her. He laughed slightly again and deepened his kiss.


"Where is Seda?!" Scorpius demanded of no one.

"There's Tommy," said Monalisa suddenly as the Quidditch captain entered the commonroom. "Tommy, is Seda on her way?"

"What are you talking about?" Tommy asked vaguely.

"Is she coming back from Quidditch?" Malachy inquired.

"What?" Tommy repeated. "There was no practice tonight."

Scorpius's eyes widened dramatically. He whipped around to face his friends, who both looked alarmed. "Where is she?" he demanded.

"I think she's on the fifth floor," said Monalisa.

"What makes you say that?" the boys asked, confused.

Monalisa sighed. "This morning, all that bullock about the boy exploding into a pumpkin or something, on the fifth floor. Potter doesn't seem the type to waltz up and randomly talk about exploding pumpkins, does he? The important thing was that it happened on the fifth floor."

"Do you think she's meeting Potter?" Scorpius squeaked. Both Malachy and Monalisa stared at him. He cleared his throat and blushed.

"Well, we should go to the fifth floor and see," said Malachy. With Scorpius in the lead, the Slytherins made their way up to the fifth floor. It was eight thirty, almost curfew, so they had to hurry up the million staircases. They walked down the fifth floor corridor and ran into three people.

"What're you doing here?" Scorpius, Malachy, Monalisa, Rose Weasley, Skyla Jamin, and Ben Thomas chimed at the same time.

"Looking for Al," said Rose.

"We're looking for Seda," said Malachy. "What're you doing on the fifth floor?"

"Our commonroom is on the sixth floor," said Thomas. "We have to come through here to get downstairs. What're you doing up here? A little out of your way, isn't it?"

Monalisa glared at him. "We told you, we're looking for Seda. We have reason to believe she's around the fifth floor."

"Why would she come up here?" Rose asked.

"We think Potter gave her a message to come up here," snorted Scorpius. Jealousy dripped from every aspect of his demeanor.

"Malfoy," said Skyla, "I don't think you have anything to worry about. Al's into those Ravenclaw girls, not girls like Zabini."

"Oh goodness," said Rose softly. Everybody looked at her; she was gazing at the blank stretch of wall before which they were standing. She looked at the opposite tapestry of the trolls doing ballet and pulled a grim face. "They're in there. Or at least Albus is."

"In where?" said Scorpius sharply.

But Rose began to pace, walking the length of the hallway. She seemed to be concentrating very hard. She stopped pacing; nothing.

"Al's in there," she said quietly.


There was a loud buzzing sound. Seda and Albus detatched themselves and gazed at each other breathlessly with glazed eyes. The buzzing sound came again.

"What is that?" Seda mumbled, deeply annoyed.

"Someone's trying to get in," groaned Albus. He got off her; he stumbled slightly. The buzzing sound came again. "Rose," he growled.

"Will they be able to come in?" Seda asked. She reached for her shirt nervously.

"They shouldn't be able to," said Albus thoughtfully. As he pondered the door for a moment, Seda had a rushing realization. She sprung to her feet. Her sudden movement alarmed Albus. "What's up?"

"I just did all that," Seda whispered, "with a Gryffindor. You're my enemy, Albus, I can't be with you!"

She walked away and Albus hurried after her. He caught her by the elbow. "What are you talking about?! I thought we'd put the House stuff aside!"

"It's not just House stuff, Al," sighed Seda. "What about our parents and our friends? What will they think? We can't live in secret forever. I'm sorry, but it's too risky."

Albus screwed up his face and put his head in his hands. Seda picked up her robes as he struggled to make up his mind. "Seda, wait."

It was a mark of how much Seda liked the boy that she stopped and listened to him.

"I've never told anyone but my dad this," said Albus in a low voice. He took a breath and held her gaze. "The Sorting Hat only put me in Gryffindor only because I asked it to."

Seda frowned at him. "What do you mean?"

Albus took another breath. "The Sorting Hat tried to put me into Slytherin my first year. It did for my dad, but that was a different situation. This, this was all me. Also, the Hat and I battled hard for it. It said I had all the qualities..." He shuddered. "But I was determined to get into anything but Slytherin. It's our decisions that truly matter, as they saying somehow goes."

Seda stared at him unabashedly, half because he was still without a shirt and half because of this news. "For serious? A Potter, a Slytherin?"

"I know, mad thought," said Albus. "See why I didn't want to be there?"

Seda nodded vaguely. This changed things somewhat....

"Seda, you're thinking with your head," said Albus. "I know you, you always consider and analyze everything. This was one of those rare occasions that you rushed into something, and you're afraid of it. You don't like your emotions 'cause you're afraid you'll get hurt. Well, let go of your heart and let go of your head and feel it now."

Seda bit her lip. Suddenly Albus grinned almost wickedly. He took her hand and placed it over his heart firmly, keeping his hand over hers. Seda's heart fluttered for a hundredth time that day and she promptly melted into a puddle. She closed the space between them, resting her head on his bare chest. His warm skin was pressed against her cheek...she could hear his heart beating double-time with her own. Her fingers wandered lazily down to his wonderful abdomen. Albus was rubbing her back gently, kissing the top of her head. His hands changed direction and ran the tips of his fingers up and down her waist slowly; another tingling sensation crept through Seda and she groaned into his neck. He pinched her waist and Seda's body forced itself tighter to his immediately.

"You've obviously had way too much experience with this," Seda whispered as she looked up into his dreamy eyes and latched her arms around his bare shoulders.

"I've never done this in my life," Albus whispered truthfully. "Snogging, sure, but not this." He put his lips to her shoulder and nibbled at her neck a bit, making Seda go completely weak.


"Are you sure?" said Monalisa evenly.

"I'm sure," said Rose grimly. "Al comes here a lot...and yet he still thinks it's some sort of hiding place. The idiot."

"But is Seda in there?" Scorpius asked, his voice panicked.

"I doubt it," Skyla frowned. "Can you get us in there, Rose?"

"Hang on," replied Rose. She thought for a moment, then began to pace again. After a few laps, a door, a shiny brass door, appeared. The Slytherins gaped at it.

"Ready?" whispered Rose. The others nodded nervously. She turned the handle and pushed the door open. Everyone peered through nervously. For a moment nobody could react.

Albus Potter stood shirtless with his arms wrapped around Seda Zabini, who was also shirtless. Both Albus's and Seda's hair was messy and both wore dreamy, punch-drunk expressions that were marred slightly by shock.

"YOU!" Scorpius roared.

The six students charged into the room, most of them still struggling to process the image. Skyla slammed the door behind them with more force than intended.

"What're you going to do?" Albus laughed at him. He was extremely calm; Seda looked petrified.

"She's scared out of her bloody mind," snarled Scorpius. He was shaking and his face was white. "Let go of her, Potter."

"She's scared of -you-, Malfoy," said Albus flatly.

"How long has this been going on?!" demanded Rose. She was glaring at her cousin.

"Since yesterday?" Albus shrugged.

"Seda," said Malachy weakly. He and Monalisa were the only ones who were not frenzied and angry; they were simply weak and in distant disbelief.

"This is my choice," said Seda firmly. Feeling self-conscious, she searched around for her shirt vaguely.

"Really, now?" Albus seemed surprised and amused. "I'm not a Muggle-loving son-of-an-Auror Gryffindor idiot anymore?" He grinned in that wicked way of his and Seda's eyes gleamed.

"No, you're still all of those things," Seda assured him.

"Good, I'd never want to be referred to as something positive," Albus chuckled.

"Excuse us," said Scorpius. "I am not finished with you yet."

Albus withdrew his arms from around Seda. A cold draft hit Seda and she shivered; she felt suddenly alone. However, she managed to put her shirt on fairly quickly and arranged her face to impassive.

"You want to go, Potter?" said Scorpius, drawing himself to full height.

"Yeah, maybe I do," snapped Albus. He wrenched on his own shirt.

"The prize is Seda," growled Scorpius.

"What?!" Both Seda and Albus exclaimed. They both glared angrily at the blonde boy.

"Scorpius!" Seda snarled. "I am not some trinket to be won in some petty contest! How dare you?!"

"Well, you -are- a hell of a prize," conceded Albus. Seda glared at him too, and he cleared his throat. "Did I say prize? I meant surprise. You're always a right old surprise, Seda."

Seda couldn't help it. She burst out into raucus peals of laughter.

"I won that one," grinned Albus.

Seda's laughter stopped and her smile vanished. Everyone in the room vaguely mused at how quickly she could change her emotions.

"Sorry, Potter," said Scorpius. He was smirking, covering up his hurt inside. "I've known this girl six years now. You're thick if you think you can win anything."

Albus's mouth strained for a moment and he looked from Scorpius to Seda. "I've known her for a year and I know how to win. I know how to make her furious until her head almost comes off, but-"

"You also know how to make me happiest," Seda finished for him.

"Gross!" exclaimed Monalisa finally. "Seda, who are you now? You're some desperate romantic like Scorp."

"Thanks," Scorpius snorted darkly.

"There's nothing wrong with being in love," said Rose quietly.

"Love is what makes a person weak," Malachy pointed out. "I mean, look at Scorpius." Scorpius glowered menacingly. "Just kidding, mate," he added.

"That's what I thought too," said Seda to Malachy. "I really thought that emotion could be the death of me. But's so much stronger, you know. A lot stronger."

"You know," said Albus, "My dad only beat Voldemort because Voldemort couldn't love and he could. Love was the reason my dad ever survived, and the lack of it was Voldemort's downfall."

The Slytherins, including Seda, all hissed at the name automatically, but also considered this information.

"Al," said Skyla. "Have you perhaps, y'know, gone mad? You love Chey-Lin, and if not then your Bonnie Blue. You and Zabini can't go five minutes without having a row."

Albus shrugged. "I'm over Chey. I like Bonnie Blue, but only as a friend. She's my best friend, I could never date my best friend."

"But you're a Gryffindor," said Scorpius. "You, you're a Slytherin!"

Seda sighed. She closed her eyes and seemed to be plucking up courage. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at nobody but Albus, even though everyone was looking at her.

"It was the same for me," she said.

"Same of what?" Albus asked patiently.

"The Sorting Hat, I completely forgot, it considered putting me in Gryffindor," said Seda. Everyone gazed at her, amazed. Seda put her mind into gear firmly as usual and ignored them. "It said, my deepest nature was that of a Gryffindor, but my exterior and my mind was of Slytherin. I didn't have to -ask- for it to put me in Slytherin, but it did debate with itself for a time." She took a breath. Her eyes glinted from speaking the truth.

Albus was watching her with a soft smile on his face. "I knew you were a Gryffindor at heart the moment you didn't run away and save yourself when your father's business was under seige. But still, you're so brave and...thick."

Seda gave him a look, but Albus was unphased.

"That was the first time you told anyone that, wasn't it?" he said. His smile widened. "You're brave to tell a whole room full of people, when you're basically mortally ashamed of the situation. I couldn't say my story in front of all these people, even Rose."

"What?" said Rose sharply.

"That -he- was almost put in Slyth-" Seda stopped in time. Her eyes widened nervously at Albus.

"I remember you were afraid you'd be put in Slytherin before we came here," said Rose slowly. "First James teased you, then you seriously considered it. Was it because of your middle name?"

"What's your middle name?" Seda asked Albus quickly. He hesitated, then said: "Severus."

"As in Severus Snape?" said Seda, Scorpius, and Ben Thomas together. Albus nodded.

"He was our traitor," said Scorpius darkly.

"I don't care who he was," said Albus fiercely.

"Neither do I," said Seda and she put her hand on his arm gently. Her hand came down and she took his hand; she squeezed it comfortingly.

"Well, well," sighed Rose. "Al Potter has won yet another girl's heart."

"What are you talking about?" Scorpius yelped at her.

"Scorp," said Monalisa and Malachy together. Something extraordinary was happening: they were glaring at the blond boy. "Let it go."

"Seda can make her own decisions," said Malachy. "While her decision makes me sick to my stomach...well, actually don't think Potter's such a Gryffindor anymore."

"The Sorting Hat messes a lot up, doesn't it," mused Skyla.

"What 'bout your father?" said Scorpius. He still had an ugly look on his face.

"Honestly," said Seda, "Harry Potter was more of a father than mine ever was. I barely know either men." She felt Albus squeeze her hand quickly. He leaned down and his nose brushed against her cheek.

"Do you trust me?" he whispered in Seda's ear. He closed her eyes, relishing in the feel of his hot breath tickling her neck.

"Yes," Seda breathed. She was nearly trembling. Albus kissed her on the cheek slowly and seductively.

One would have thought everything had been settled, but Seda and Albus were going to have to face much worse confrontations considering Albus's popularity. As Scorpius burst out of the room and everybody else made noises of protests, Seda and Albus kissed each other again, both feeling freer than any time before. They would get through any difficulties thrown in their way.

The feeling was strange and foreign to Seda but she was no longer afraid of her feelings. As Albus wrapped his arms around her and picked her up off her feet, she squeaked, "I love you."

Albus froze and placed her back on the ground.

"Really?" He was smiling.

It was the first time Seda had uttered the words to any one.

"Well, I love you too," said Albus calmly.

It was the first time Seda had been the receiver of the words. But it wouldn't be the last.



Just in case they're wondering
They've got us pinned terribly,
They don't believe our love is real
'Cause they don't know how real love feels

You should know it's true, just now,
The part about my love for you
And now my heart's about to burst into
A thousand pieces so it must be true
And they'll believe us too soon

Baby, it's fact that our love is true
The way black is black and blue is just blue
Our love is true, it's a matter of fact
Oh and you love me too, it's as simple as that
Baby our love is true...

They may say some awful things
But there's no point in listening
Your words are the only words
That I'll believe in afterwards

You should know it's true, just now,
The part about my love for you
And now my heart's about to burst into
A thousand pieces so it must be true
And they'll believe us too soon

Baby, it's fact that our love is true
The way black is black and blue is just blue
Our love is true, it's a matter of fact
Oh and you love me too, it's as simple as that
Baby our love is true...

The End!!

Ending song Baby, It's Fact by Hellogoodbye.

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